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Mandy and I are no strangers to sexual experimentation. We are both very open to almost anything in our shared sex life. Mandy is roughly 5 foot 4, a petite 115 lbs. with beautiful C cup breasts. I stand 6 foot 1 about 190 with a fairly athletic build and about a 7 and a half to 8 inch dick. My wife has a very fit body herself and loves to wear revealing outfits when we get to go out. She always manages to draw the eyes of almost every guy, which is great, because we love to bring extra people into our sex life. Usually we just hooked up with a random couple, or a single guy or three. Mandy had never been paid for sex before, but that would change soon.
We flew up to New Orleans for the final weekend of Mardi Gras. Our plane landed Friday morning and we headed downtown to meet up with friends that we had split a Bourbon St. loft with for the weekend. Friday and Saturday we did some day parades and partied on Bourbon St. in the evening. Both nights were a blast, but generally tame. Mandy loaded up on beads by flashing her wonderful tits, but finding acceptable people to go any further with just didn’t happen. Sunday we took a break from the parades and drinking and lounged around the loft. Monday we were back at the parades and partying, but again, we did not find anyone to play with. We hit the parades and alcohol early on Fat Tuesday. By the time evening was starting, we were all feeling pretty good. We followed the last of the parades to Bourbon St. and started hitting the bars.
Around midnight we found ourselves at a place called the Beach Bar. I left Mandy near the dance floor and headed to the bar to get some more drinks. When I came back, she and the three other wives we were sharing the loft with ad drawn a small crowd of guys watching them dance. The girls saw me and came over to drink. While they were drinking one of the guys that had been watching them started a conversation with me. It was the usual stuff, complimenting me on how great she looked, telling me how lucky I was, etc. Then, I could tell that he started to try to feel me out to see if I was ok with him admiring her. When the girls came over to say they wanted to move on, I introduced my wife to the guy I’d been talking to. After a few minutes of conversation, I could tell Mandy was at least intrigued by the guy. He was a fairly good looking guy, maybe 6 foot 3, well built. His name was Chris. After a bit he asked if it would be ok to dance with her and I agreed it would be fine. I could see he made several attempt to cop a feel of her breasts and pussy while they were dancing, but Mandy blocked him every time. After a few songs they came back over and Chris suggested we go to the beer garden and meet up with the friends he came with.
Once in the beer garden we met Chris’ three friends. John was an average guy, maybe 6 feet tall. Not muscular, but not fat either. Nate was pretty similar in build to me except he was probably about 10 lbs. lighter. Derik was my height as well, but he reminded me of Terry Cruise. He was a straight up, steroid jacked, black guy with a swagger that only comes from being the biggest guy in a room. His sense of humor reminded me of Terry Cruise as well. Chris wasted no time talking up how sexy my wife was, how great her body was, how he really wanted to see more of it. His three friends quickly joined him in trying to talk Mandy into showing them some of her body. Mandy asked them what they wanted to see, and of course they all wanted to see her tits. When she asked what she got out of it the four guys couldn’t come up with anything. She told them that they wouldn’t show them anything unless she got something first. John offered her $50 dollars for Mandy to take her top off. When she hesitated, the other three said they would each chip in $50 of their own, but she couldn’t just take her top off, she had to go back to the dance floor that way. Of course she agreed, it was an easy $200.
Things really took a turn after we all left the dance floor. Chris and his friends wanted to see Mandy strip nude. She was game of course, but she told them it would cost more than $50 piece this time. They offered her $100 a piece, but she had to do it as a strip tease, and she had to finger herself once she was naked. Mandy agreed on the money but said she wouldn’t do it at the club in front of everyone. They said that that could be fixed. They were actually renting the loft above the bar we were in with some of their friends (who they said had gone to a different club and were not expecting back anytime soon) and that she could do it up there. We agreed and headed up to their loft. The loft had a couch and two seats that sat on opposite sides of a coffee table. Chris and I took the two seats while the other three sat on the couch. Derik turned on the stereo and everyone eagerly waited for Mandy to put on her show. She climbed onto the coffee table and gave one of her best strip teases I’ve had the pleasure to watch. Once she was naked she went to each of us and gave us each a lap dance starting with Chris. Derik, John, and Nate pulled their cocks out and started stroking them while they watched her grind on Chris’ lap. Once she went to the couch, she made them put them away before she gave them a lap dance, telling them they hadn’t paid for her to touch their cocks. After she had given each of us a lap dance she lay on the table and slowly worked two fingers into her pussy. She pleasured herself until orgasming in front of us.
She didn’t get dressed after her show was over. Instead she sat on the couch between John and Derik. After chatting for a few minutes, John worked up the nerve to ask Mandy how much it would cost to have her touch their cock. She responded by asking him what he meant by touching. Did he mean just stroking them and sucking them, or did they want to fuck her? Derik asked if she would fuck everyone in the loft if they paid her enough. She asked me to come to the restroom with her so she could see what I thought. She wasn’t sure about fucking for money. I asked her if she was going to fuck them anyway? She replied, “Well Duh, I had decided that when we met the other three in the beer garden.” I said why not make a little money while you get fucked, kinda like icing on a cake. We went back to the guys and Mandy said she would do it for $1000 for each guy who fucked her. Nate said how about $800…and do we get to all fuck you at once, or is this one at a time. She agreed on $800 and said she would fuck them however many of them at a time as they wanted, but only one dick per hole and absolutely no cumming inside her. We all agreed on that. Mandy asked for a glass of water to wet her mouth before starting so Nate went to get ice from downstairs. After he returned and Mandy had downed her water Chris, Derik, Nate, and John surrounded my wife and started caressing her breasts, messaging her clit, kissing her, and rubbing her ass. I decided to stay in my seat and watch for a bit. After a few minutes Mandy got down on her knees and grabbed John’s cock and pulled it into her mouth. She swallowed it down to its base and began bobbing up and down on it rapidly. Chris and Nate each directed a hand to their cocks and she began stroking them while deep throating John. Derik lay on his back between her knees and started licking her glistening, wet pussy. After watching her swap back in forth between sucking and stroking all their cocks for a few minutes, I got up and grabbed her hair and gently guided her mouth to my cock. Derik also stood up and put his cock in front of her. Derik’s cock was maybe half an inch shorter than mine, but the damn thing had to be the same width as a coke can. It was while Mandy was trying to fit Derik’s insanely fat prick into her mouth that Chris’ other friends quietly entered the loft. All of them quickly undressed and added their cocks to the ring of meat surrounding my wife’s now stunned face. Before she could gather herself to say anything, Nate said she had agreed fuck anyone who paid $800. All four of the new comers placed a stack of cash on top the stack that the rest of them had already made on the counter. This behemoth dude grabbed Mandy behind her head and shoved his cock as far as he could though my wife still hadn’t said a word. She reached out and grabbed two of the new cocks and started stroking them with her hands while swallowing the big guy’s cock. It was an easy task for her since he was only about 6 inches long. The last guy to present his cock to my wife was a short white guy, about 5 foot 6 and fit. His cock was enormous. She had to bend real low to start sucking him because he was still soft. Despite not having an erection, it was longer than any other erect dick there. By the time my wife had sucked his cock to its fully erect size, it had to be more than 10 inches long. No matter how hard she pushed and gagged she could only get about 2/3 of the way down his cock. After almost 20 minutes of stroking and sucking cock, Behemoth picked my wife up turned her upside down facing him to suck his cock. He handed her legs and ass to Derik who gently arched her back and then he inserted his cock into her pussy. The two of them had my wife spit roasted between them with her back arched up away from the ground. After a few minutes, the behemoth lowered Mandy back to her feet. Mandy lowered herself down onto the short guy with the huge cock reverse cowgirl and grabbed the two closest cocks to her and began stroking. I positioned myself directly in front of her and she swallowed my cock. Short and hung cupped Mandy’s ass and began lifting her up and down on his cock. Soon she was moaning with pleasure. He then lifted my wife completely off his cock, and pushed her just forward enough that when he dropped her on his massive cock it unceremoniously impaled her tiny ass. She tried to let out a scream from the shock, but my cock was buried in her throat. He continued to lift her up and down and soon she was again moaning with pleasure. In a matter of minutes he went rigid and let out a load moan as he shot his seed deep into Mandy’s ass. As he lifted her off his softening cock, cum poured out of her ass. She lowered her ass onto one of the other latecomer’s cocks and began bouncing up and down. I lay her back against the guy impaling her tight little asshole and worked myself into her pussy. Soon we were fucking both her holes in perfect rhythm. We all took turns assaulting all of her holes every position imaginable. About 20 minutes in, I had her on top of me while Derik was behind her fucking her ass. He pulled out of her ass and began to try to work his cock in to double penetrate her tight cunt. At first she protested, but it only took a few seconds before she was moaning with pleasure begging us to fuck her harder. When I pulled out to make room for Chris, Derik pulled her on over on top of him reverse cowgirl and began to rapidly pound his fat cock into her wet pussy. After about a minute her grabbed her breast really tight and pulled her body into him as he began to let out a loud moan. Mandy cried not in me, but it was too late, he had made the first of three hard thrust each shooting large streams of semen into her pussy. When she stood up and his cock popped free from her pussy, it was like a dam breaking and twin rivers of cum ran down each leg. Two of the new comers pulled her back to her knees and each coated her face and tits with their own streams of jizz. The last of the guys to come late pulled my wife’s ass down onto his cock reverse cowgirl and Nate climbed between her legs and inserted his cock into her pussy. Mandy begged for us to fill her cunt with a second dick so Nate picked my wife’s legs up in the air as straight together as he cold and tried to move over as far as he could while John come in next to him and worked his cock into my wife’s already very full pussy. After some work my wife was being triple penetrated for the first time in her life. It took only a few minutes for her to scream with orgasm, begging them to fill her with their cum as well. All three granted her wish as they all shot loads into her in unison. Mandy’s pussy and ass were now sloppy with copious amounts of semen that ran in rivulets from her ass over her swollen pussy lips and down both legs. Chris bent my Wife over the arm of the couch and started fucking her now well used ass. I grabbed her hair and started thrusting my cock as deep as I could get it into her throat. Each thrust from Chris pushed my wife towards my thrust forcing my cock deeper and deeper down her throat making her gag and her eyes water. Chris pulled out just far enough to coat my Mandy’s ass hole with a large fresh stream of jizz. As the stream ran from her ass over her pussy, Chris used the head of his cock to rub it into her clit and shove it deep into her pussy. Just as he had begun to cum, I pulled my cock out and covered her face with five massive streams of cum that she smeared over her tits as it ran down her chin to her chest.
Chris stopped Mandy on her way to the bathroom to clean up. He had the huge wad of cash they had all chipped in in his hand. With a cocky smirk on his face, he said he would give her money, but only if she left the loft just as she was, sans clothing. Mandy grabbed the stack of cash and we walked back to our loft. Mandy walking through the bar, down six blocks coated in 9 men’s cum.

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