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Jake and Tara were in their mid thirties. They’d been married for about 8 years. Lately they’d been getting more serious about their health. Tying to eat better meals and snacks that where more healthy and cut out a lot of the junk food and take out.

Tara suggested they join the fitness Club.

“We could do that I suppose.” Jake replied.

“Although it’s been so long since I’ve been in the gym I wouldn’t even know where to start.” He continued.

“Yes, I know, I feel the same way…” Tara sighed.

“I know, how about we get a personal trainer and have him work with both of us as a couple at the same time?” Tara suggested.

On Saturday, the couple got signed up, and got lots of information about the different trainers they had. There were four or five to choose from.

“So what do you think, should it be a girl?” Jake asked.

“Not if I want you to actually accomplish anything…” Tara taunted and giggled.

Out of the guys on the list there was one who specialized in older people, one that specialized in training for athletes, and then…there was Blaine. He specialized in couples. Although Jake and Tara never guessed to what degree his specialization ran.

Blaine was good looking of course your typical built personal trainer with a fantastic tan, great muscles, longish dirty blonde hair and sea blue eyes.

Tara and Jake both agreed that they liked Blaine and wanted to continue using him as their trainer. So they set up appointments on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the following week.

After their workout on Friday, Tricia and Jake hit the spa for a few minutes, wanting to lessen the sore muscles from their first full week of training.

“I sure hope this will help…” Jake said.

“I just don’t want to feel sore and achy all weekend.” He continued his complaint.

“How about the sauna next…a good sweat can be great for sore muscles…and your health…releases a lot of the bad toxins…ya know…” Tara reassured her husband.

“I can think of one kind of healthy sweat I enjoy breaking with you…” Jake teased with a wink.

“Stop. You are so bad! Although, I have to say that after I work out I have all get this extra burst of energy that needs to be disbursed.” Tara admitted.

“Well, if we can’t take care of that extra energy right here right now…then we’ll definitely take care of it when we get back home.” Jake promised.

Blaine had always to be with a couple, but he never seemed to find the right people. Until he met Tara and Jake he was sure his ship had come in…and today he was going to see if they would play…so in the sauna…he waited.

When the couple arrived at the sauna Tara leaned down to spread her towel across the wooden bench before sitting.

“Damn baby…you’re killing us over here with that great ass of yours.” Jake said.

“Oops, sorry, didn’t mean to stick it in your face or anything…” Tara replied.

“Mmm, you could stick that in my face anytime.” Blaine teased.

“Oh, you two are full of it. Must be something about working out that raises guys testosterone levels or something, all I know is you all seem like horn dogs after working out.” Tara taunted.

“Oh, come on. You have to admit that you feel extra sexy after you work out…when your muscles are all tight and bulging. Guys are no different…we feel good because we did something good for our bodies.” Jake confessed.

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“I can think of one muscle that’s so tight and bulging at the moment that it’s gonna explode if it doesn’t get some attention soon.” Blaine said as he shifted his towel to reveal his erection.

“My god, he has a beautiful cock.” Tara thought to herself.

“Thick and long, and smoothly shaven…it looks so hot and needy—so suckable and delicious.”

As Blaine sat there with all his glory revealed, his cock stood straight up from his lap. Tara hoped he’d stand up…she couldn’t wait to see it’s true length and see if it had a good curve to it. Tara wondered how she could be thinking these things. Jake had talked about wanting to see her with another man many times…but that’s all it was…talk. Now she might actually have a chance for much more than that with this beautiful specimen of a man. Her heartbeat quickened and her pulse began to race. Could she even do this she wondered?

“So, I guess you know my thoughts.” Blaine admitted. “I’ve always wanted to be with a couple but until you two came along I hadn’t found the right pair.” He continued.

“So what do ya think…you guys wanna play?”

Tara looked to her husband for his response…he winked and smiled at her. And Tara knew what he wanted her to do. He wanted a show…and she was going to give him one.

Tara crossed the sauna and sat next to the buff young Blaine. They began to kiss. Not a tender type of kiss, but a needy—deep—lusty type of kiss. The kiss of people kissing for the first time ever. Blaine reached for Tara’s ample breast as she reached for his raging shaft. And each began to rub and tease.

Blaine stood, he looked over at Jake to see if he was enjoying the show, and saw that indeed he must be,

“Hey Jake, your wife is so hot man, how do you stand it?” Blaine asked.

“You like seeing her like this don’t you, well…watch this—watch as I feed her my hot fat cock. I bet you’re gonna love seeing her sucking another guy’s dick the way she does yours.” Blaine Continued.

“Yeah, feed it to her, just serve it right up and let’s see her in action.” Jake replied.

Blaine did as he was told and slowly he placed one foot up on the bench beside Tara giving her complete full on access to his cock without her even having to move. Then as she opened her mouth for him he fed it deep into her mouth. Grasping both her arms he pinned them to the wall behind her by the wrists. Not in an aggressive way, but to intensify things for both of them. And then he began to slide his long dripping cock in and out of her throat.

She took him in deep, as deeply as she could until her nose was resting on his crotch and she swallowed up a quarter of his balls as well.

“Holy shit man…how does she do that…I’ve never had anyone give me head like this before…” Blaine Exclaimed.

“Tara, babe, you are something…you are amazing.” He continued.

“She is unbelievable isn’t she, Absolutely incredible.” Her husband said as he crossed the room to where she sat on the sauna bench.

Throwing his towel down on the floor by his wife’s feet, Jake sat. Sliding in-between her thighs he began to lick her sticky lips. He wanted her to see how good it could feel for her to have the full attention of two men at once. He wanted her to feel pampered and special—because she was—she was the love of his life. And he wanted to please her in any and every way he could.