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tagIncest/TabooWIFE, SIL, MIL Pt. 01

I met my wife from the company I work as a project engineer in San Francisco. The company is own by her parents. My wife has two siblings Adya is the eldest and Bera is the youngest. Bera is married to Teo a very successful businessman. My wife has her own Accounting Firm.
After dating her for 5 years we got married in July of 1999. After two years both her parents decided to retire and her parents decided that I will now run the company.
Didi's parents asked us to move to their house in San Francisco since they will be moving back to Hawaii where both of them grew up. They are leaving in a week.
Her eldest sister Adya is still single and will also be living with us. She coming back to California, after living & working in New York for five years because her fiance Gerry was sent by the company he works to London.
Since Didi is married, Both her parents decided to offer us the master bedroom, which Adya agrees, but I said since she's the eldest, she should have the master bedroom. My wife is giving me a look, that's means I need to shut the fuck up.
Adya move-in a week ahead of us. We are moving in today and holy shit, I can't believe what I am seeing, the Master Bedroom is so huge.
The bed is super king-sized, the bathroom is divided into a jacuzzi area, a huge bathtub, a separate shower room, it has a ceiling & side showers, there is a massage table made of marble and a lounge chair also made of marble. Now I know why my wife gave me that look when I told her parents that Adya should have it.
On our first night in our new bedroom, we went to take a bath inside the shower room together. This shower room is so cozy. The ceiling shower is amazing.
We soap each other, I started to apply soap on her huge firm & perky breast, her nipple starts to get hard and pointy. Then my other hand applies the soap to her pussy. She moans while I am doing this to her.
She applies the soap to my body but she concentrated on cleaning my penis, balls & asshole.
Didi: Babe sits down on the marble lounge chair. Let see what this lounge chair does.
I sit down on the marble lounge chair, my wife kneels and started licking my balls while she slowly stroke my penis, the water sprinkling to our body coming down from the ceiling shower is not too hot not too cold.
Didi started giving me a very sensual penis sucking, it feels so good, it wakes up every vein in my body. My penis is starting to get hard.
When my wife feels that my penis starting to get hard, she stop sucking it and she stand up and she squat in between my legs. She slowly sits on my lap so she can insert my penis inside her wet vagina.
Didi: Babe, suck my hard nipples, while I am fucking your penis. Massage my big firm & perky breast. Shit your penis is so fucking hard & it is so hot inside. UGHHHHH!! AHHHH!! Bite my nipples, BITCH!! I am coming. UGghhhhh!!
Her body tweak, After she calms down. I have her gets up and turn around facing the other way, she bends over so I can insert my penis, I started thrusting my penis in and out her vagina. While I am massaging her breast & pinching her nipples.
Me: Babe your vagina is so wet, I can't stand it anymore, UGHHHHH!!AHHHHH!!
I just fired a big load of my sperm inside her vagina. We wash are body & went to our bed, which we make love or fuck what ever you guys want call it,
. We have no issue with Adya, we all getting along very well.
One weekend, my wife needs to work. both days. I always wake up late at the weekend. A knock-on our bedroom door woke me up. It is Adya.
Adya: Good morning, Orly, are you already awake. I need your help, to arrange my office room/massage parlor.
Me: Ok, let me just brush my teeth and change.
The area is using one of the rooms for her business. A therapeutic massage clinic.
When I got there, Area is just wearing a robe.
Adya: Help me move my office table to that corner and help me set up my computer & printer. Then help me assemble the massage table.
Me: Ok let me get my tools.
I told her that we assemble the massage table first since all we need is to move her office table. She gives me a hand by handing me the parts. I can see her breast every time she will lean in front of me.
Her breast is the same as my wife, big, firm & perky. About an hour or two, the massage table was assembled.
Then we put out a folding wooden privacy wall. After that, we move her office table where she wants it.
Now I am setting up her computer & printer, I can't stop noticing her breast, she was leaning forward in front of me. Then…
Adya: You like what you see, let me remove my robe so you can fully see it. My sister told me you have a small penis but when it gets hard, it hard like a steel rod. Also, she said you are excellent in eating & licking vagina.
That's all she wrote and Adya unbuttoned & unzipped my shorts, She removed them along with my boxer shorts.
She kneels in front of me and slowly licks my penis, when it is almost alive, she put it inside her mouth, then her lips wrap my penis and she slowly moves her head up and down in motion. It will go all the way up until it reaches the rim of my penis head and goes back down to have my whole penis is inside her mouth.
Adya: Your fucking penis is so hard, I never had a penis this hard inside my mouth.
Me: Lie down on your massage table.
I look at her vagina, it also shaves like my wife but the lips don't look that tight.
I started licking the lips of her vagina, it smells good & tastes clean. That's why I like Asian women they pampered their vagina.
The tip of my tongue is touching her vagina lips, slowly moving going to the clitoris of her vagina. As I lick the clitoris of her vagina, her buttocks slightly move up.
Adya: YES!! My sister is right your so good licking & eating womens vagina. Fuck don't stop, SHIT!! HOLY MOLLY, THAT WAS TERRIFIC!!
Adya's both legs are squeezing my head as she squirt in my face, her vagina nectar juice taste so sweet, freshly squeezed, Her body starts to shiver, I tap her butt, because. I can't breath my head is being squeeze in the middle of her legs.
We went to her bedroom, she pushes me on top of her bed, then she went on top of me and she straddles on a squat sitting position.
She holds my penis and inserted it inside her vagina and she slowly starts thrusting her vagina in & out my penis.
Adya: Shit your penis is small but it is fat. But I never had a penis this hard inside my vagina. Let me use my vagina lips muscle to feel how hard your penis.
When she starts to tighten up her vagina lips around my penis shaft, my penis gets much harder. And I started to moan.
When she hears me moaning:
Adya: Do you like the way I fuck your small dick.
Me: Yes, UGHHHH!! AHHHH!! I am coming, SHIT!!
Area: Let it go, I want your warm sperm inside my vagina. I never had it for months.
My penis exploded my sperm inside her vagina.
Adya: Let's go have a brunch, my treat.
Me: Sounds good and after that let's do our groceries.
My wife is already home when we got back. She said there's a pizza she bought from Woodstock brick oven pizza, our favorite pizza place.
Didi: Babe, give me a hug & good night, I am just going to take a hot shower and go to sleep, I need to be early in my office tomorrow.
Me: Ummmm!!' I want to…
Didi: Tomorrow night Babe, Monday is a holiday.
Because she is working, I forgot it is a three day weekend.
to be continued…

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