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tagIncest/TabooWIFE, SIL, MIL Pt. 02

After Adya & I have dinner, I went upstairs to our bedroom, my wife is deeply at sleep, when she snores like that.
I took a shower and went down to watch TV, I don't want to disturb my sleeping wife.
While I am watching TV:
Adya: I can't sleep, want to join me for a drink? I have a Hennessy X.O.
Me: Sure, who will say no to a very excellent cognac. I will just heat up the left over chicken liver adobo, that's a good munchie for this kind of drink.
Adya: Your sperm is the best munchie for any kind of drink.
Adya started rubbing my penis while we both sipped this very expensive cognac.
While she's rubbing my penis, I massage her breast, so firm & perky.
Adya: Gerry my fiancee, his penis is much bigger and longer than yours, but it doesn't get hard like yours, Also he seldom licks my vagina and when he does, he doesn't do it the right way. Not like you, there is excitement, I can't explain the sensation, you bring me to climax as nobody did. Shit! your penis is so fuckung hard, I want it inside my mouth, I what you shoot your sperm inside my mouth.
Adya starts licking my balls, then she moves the tip of her tongue, slowly to my penis rod. Then the tip of her tongue circle the head of my penis, my penis gets harder, my buttocks are moving upward motion.
I starts to moan, my penis started to get bigger inside Adya's mouth. My breathing becomes deeper and faster:
Adya: Cum Baby, shoot your sperm inside my mouth.
. l let go my sperm, Adya almost choke, she swallows all of it and she places her palm underneath her mouth to catch my sperm that overflows from the inside of her mouth.
She went up to the couch and straddled me in a squat position between my legs. She slowly sit down on my lap and inserted my penis inside her vagina.
Adya: Suck my nipples, bite it, UGHhhh!! yes suck my nipples as hard as you can, AHHHH!!
All I felt was there's a liquid flowing at my balls, in between my legs all the way the crack of my ass
Sunday, when I woke up my wife already gone, I am just wearing pajama, I got up from the bed and went down to the kitchen. The smell of the freshly brewed coffee is so good.
Adya is already there at the kitchen bar having coffee and wearing a satin fabric Victoria Secret chemise and robe.
Me: What's for breakfast?
Adya: You, I want your eggs & hotdog for breakfast.
Adya kneels down in front of me and unbuttoned the fly of my pajama. When she inserted my penis inside her mouth. We hear.
Bera;'Hello! Anybody home?
It's Sunday, Bera, their youngest sister always come to visit us every Sunday. Bera have her own copy of the house key.
Adya, quickly take out my penis inside her mouth and stand up. I went to the coffee maker and pour my cup.
Adys: We are here in the kitchen.
Bera: It's seem like you guys seen a ghost.
Me: What
Bera: Orly your fly is open.
After we finish breakfast, I went to my bedroom. My wife asked me to do some housekeeping.
Done with my chores time to relax. I poured myself a cup of coffee, then I went to join my two sisters-in-law(SIL) at our backyard gazebo.
Adya: Who invited you here?
Bera: Orly, Area is lazy and doesn't want to give me a massage. Can you message me, please?
Me: I don't know how to massage.
Bera: Your wife says, your good
Me: That's for intimate moments. massage
Bera: Too many excuses, just give me a message, I don't care how you do it.
Me; Ok,
Adya: Can you give me one too.
Bera: Me first, I will take quick hot shower and I will meet you at Area's massage room.
In the massage room, Bera is already lying on her stomach, on top of the massage table, naked. I noticed that her breast is overlapping on the side, as her chest lies flat on top of the massage table, it means she also have a big breast. Bera turn her head;
Bera: Good your here, what's wrong first to see another naked woman besides your wife.
Me: Where you want me to start
Bera: Start on my feet going up to my shoulder, then turn me over, massage my breast,
I rub the oil in the palm of my hands to make it warm. Then started rubbing her feet, I can see that her ass is also round like her other two sisters.
After I am done with her feet, I massage her calf muscle, I went up to the back of her kegs and when I am massaging her butt cheeks, I can't avoid that my fingers go under her ass crack and touching the cheeks of her vagina.
She also shaved her vagina. Every time my fingers touch the cheeks of her vagina, I can hear her moaning and her buttocks go up a bit. I know she likes it.
My penis is starting to get hard, I put more oil in my palms and rub it together to warm the oil.
I went back massaging her butt cheeks, but this time I reached and touch the lips of her vagina, this time her moaning is a little bit louder and her buttocks go up much higher, and it went back down in a slow motion.
She is did not say anything, but she turned over and lay down on her back. Shit!
Her breast is also firm and perky. She pretends that she is sleeping her eyes are closed.
I left the room to go on a coffee & smoke break. I went to the kitchen to brew a fresh pot of coffee, but when I got there, Adya is already started brewing.
Adya: It seems like you enjoy it. Your penis is bulging. Can I suck it?
Me: No, she might go down & catch us.
After my break, Area went with me back to the massage room. We hear Beta's snoring. Adya, pour oil on her palms, then rub her palms, She started to massage Bera's breast and finger fuck Bera's vagina.
Adya: Baby stands beside me, right here by Bera's face.
When I am already standing beside Adya by Bera's face, she pulls my short pants down to my feet. My penis when up pointing straightforward. She grabs my pens and rubs it to Bera's lips,
Adya: You like it, is my sister's lips soft like your wife & mine. It seems like you been controlling your self for a while, you already have a pre-cum.
Adya continues finger fucking Bera's vagina, Bera is no longer snoring she is moaning. She opens her mouth and her tongue starts to lick the tip of my penis head. Then her eyes opens.
Bera: Shit your penis is small but it is fat.
Adya: I know, used it as my toothpick yesterday:
Bera: What, you lied to me, you told me, we will have a threesome with him, so that we can find out if Didi is telling the truth, that her husband good in licking & eating vagina and his penis gets hard like a steel rod.
Adya: I am. sorry little sister of mine. I will leave this room so that you can fuck him, I will come back later and let's do our threesomes.
Bera: Apology accepted!
to be continued…

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