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tagIncest/TabooWIFE, SIL, MIL Pt. 05

I receive a text from Bera, she wants me to have lunch at her home, her husband is on a business trip. I asked my secretary what my schedule, my afternoon is open., so I replied to Bera's text, that I will. I know it's not lunch.
When I got to Beta's home, she opens the driveway gate. The house is approximately 50 to 70 yards from the gate.
Bera is waiting by the main entrance door. She is wearing a satin fabric, Victoria's Secret nightgown. Because her breast is firm, you will say she wearing a tin bra, but she not wearing one.
She hugs me and kisses me on my lips, she grabs my hands and places them on her breast. Don't worry our maids are not here. I told them don't be back until I am home.
Bera: Did you missed them. Let's go to my bedroom so you can eat your lunch. What's this thing bulging inside your pants, let me see. Oh! my little penis is mad.
Bear pulled down my pants zipper and grabs my penis and she holds it instead of my hand to guide me to the master bedroom.
Bera help me undress on my office suit I am wearing. She hung it nicely. I am naked, She told me to have a quick shower.
But she followed me, she washes my penis, balls, and my butthole with soap and water.
I did the same on her vagina.
We went and lie down on their bed. Bera went on top of me and starts kissing me, then she reverses her body, her vagina is now on top of my face & my penis in her face.
I lick the lips of her vagina very gently, the tip of her tongue is gently circling the rim and head of my penis.
I inserted my two fingers inside her vagina and gently licks her clitoris while my two fingers are exploring inside her vagina. Bera moans as she sucks my penis.
My finger hit some kind of a gland inside her vagina and every time the tip of my fingers touches or hits it her body buttocks upward or jerks and her moaning gets loud. I think that's what they call "G-spot". I concentrate on that spot and licks her clitoris.
Her breathing is getting faster and deeper, I am driving her crazy, she can't control her body movement, her body gets stiff.
Bera squirted on my face, I feel like drowning, that's a lot of vagina juice, it's like I am facing a waterfall.
Just let go of her vagina covering my nose & lips. I think she passed out. I need to push her body to lift it so that I can grasp for air. Then she regained consciousness.
Bera: What happens, why the bed is that wet.
Me: That's how much juice came out of your vagina.
Then, she grabs my penis and massages it gently & sensually so it will come to life again. When starts to gets hard, she inserted it inside her mouth and sucks it. Now that's my penis is hard & alive, she straddled in a squats position between my legs facing me, and slowly sits down so she can insert my erect penis into her vagina.
Her vagina lips grab the shafts of my penis. It feels so good. I started to massage her breast and sucks her nipples. I am morning my penis is getting fatter inside her vagina.
Bera: Yes, let it go, make me pregnant too, I want you to father my baby.
Me: UGH!! Ahhhh!! YES!!
My sperm just flows out of my penis. We kiss with our lips passionately and then we both went to take a shower.
Me: Your husband might notice that the bed is so wet.
Bera: Don't worry, about it, please stay, call your office.
Me: I have a meeting in two hours.
Bera: I will just sleep at your house so I can fuck you.
As I drive going back to my office, I called my wife. She said it's only 1:30 pm, she asked me if I want to have a lunch date, she is not busy. I said yes, call my secretary to go home and have her assistant take over and see her tomorrow.
The following week. My wife & I pick up her parents at the. airport, tomorrow is Adya & Gerry's wedding. They're staying at Bera's house because tonight there is a bachelorette party for Adya. Gerry has no bachelor party because his not arriving from London until the early morning of the wedding day.
At home I need to stay in our bedroom, I am not allowed to join the party. So my wife told me to bring all I need.
Adya, whisper to me not to get drunk, in case she can have a chance to fuck me.
I went to light up a joint on the balcony of our room while sipping brandy. After emptying the glass of brandy, I decided to go to lay down on our bed.
A knock-on our bedroom door wakes me up. I opened the door, it is Adya & Bera, my wife is so drunk, we lay her down on the bed.
Adya: Bera go back to the party, I will fuck Orly in my room, his mine tonight, tonight's my night.
When we got inside her room, she removed my boxer shorts right away and starts sucks my penis until it gets hard, really hard. Then she rubs my penis with KY Jelly warming lubricant.
Adya: I want to fuck you in my ass, but blow your sperm inside my vagina.
Her butthole is tighter than her vagina's hole. One of my hand massages her breast, my other hand fingertips is massaging her clitoris.
Adya: Yes! massage my breast and clitoris, your penis feels so good inside my ass.
Because her butthole is too tight and the warmness of the lubricant made the flow of the blood in my penis vein faster than normal.
Me: Adya, I need to insert my penis inside your vagina, my penis is ready to explode
Adya: I am ready too, let's us cum at the same time, I want you to make me pregnant.
UGH!!AHHHH!! We both exploded at the same time.
Adya: Please don't make your penis out of my vagina, I feel that your sperm reached my ovary.
It's only midnight, we still have four hours to rest, Gerry flight is not arriving until 4 am. We are not that far from the airport.
. Bera is with me to pick up Gerry at the airport, by tradition the groom can't see the bride until the wedding ceremony.
After the wedding reception, Adya & Gerry went to our home, to prepare for their flight to Bora-Bora for their honeymoon.
I went to our room to change into comfortable clothes, I have been wearing a tuxedo for almost 8 hours now,
Inside my walk-in closet, while I am looking for clothes to wear, someone hugs me from my behind, I thought it is my wife.
She turns me around and sucks my penis right away. It is Adya. Seeing her still wearing the wedding gown turns me on, my penis gets hard so quickly. She lay me on my back on the floor and she quickly inserted my penis inside her vagina.
She knows how to make me cum right away. She muscle control her vagina lips, made me cum right away.
Adya: I want the inside of my vagina already lubricated by your sperm before my husband fuck me.
That night at Adya's room. They spend their first night as a married couple.
inside our room, I can't believe that my wife hides a bug in Adya's room. Using Bluetooth is connected to my wife's phone.
This what we are hearing from Adya's room.
Adya: Sweetheart I can wait until Bora-Bora if you're tired or as usual I will be doing it.
Gerry: You know I am not that good, do what you always do.
Adya: No problem, you know I married you not only for sex, but I married you because I love you.
Gerry: That's why I work hard to give you a good life. Wow! just seeing you naked make my penis gets hard.
Adya: Always, that's why I gave you a naked photo of me, I know you like jerking off while looking at it.
Gerry: Ahhh!! Yes, you're right, fuck me now honey.
Adya: lay down on your back so I can go on top of you and insert your penis on my already lubricated vagina. There your penis is inside my vagina now.
Gerry: UGH!! AHHHH!!
Adya: How was that?
Gerry: Your the best honey, you always make me cum inside your vagina.
Adya: Yes, sweetheart good night now.
My wife turned off the Bluetooth connection. There are tears in her eyes:
Didi: I am so lucky to be married to you, is not only that you loved me but you satisfy me sexually.
Then my wife starts rubbing my penis and kisses me on the lips. I start to massage her breast underneath her nightgown chemise. She removed her nightgown and my boxer shorts.
She sucks my penis and I gently lick her vagina lips.
Didi: Fuck me in the ass, yes like that, it feels so good.
UGHHH!AHHH!! We cum at the same time.
to be continued…

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