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tagIncest/TabooWIFE, SIL, MIL Pt. 06

At work, my cell phone rings, Adya is calling. She wants me to work half a day so she can fucked me, she will be leaving soon to London. I just finished talking to Adya, when my cell phone rings, it is my wife. She is not feeling well, wants me to pick her up. I called Adys that I am on my way to pick up her sister at her work because she is not feeling well.
I told my secretary to cancel all my meetings & appointments, I have a family emergency.
At my wife's office building lobby, the receptionist as for my ID and called my wife's office to verify. The receptionist told me that my wife is on her way to meet me.
She told the receptionist that she will leave her car in her designated parking space. Then we went home.
When we arrived home, Adya helps me to bring my wife to our bedroom.
Adya: I soaked a face towel in cold water, I will place it on her forehead, it will help bring her body temperature to go down.
Me: Thank you, later I might bring her to urgent care. I asked her on the way home, but she prefers to go home.
Adya: Let's go have lunch, I will make a sub-sandwich to share. Let het rest I will check her in an hour.
Me: I will just change into my home clothes, be down there.
We went to the kitchen, Adya made a ham turkey, with a lot of vegetables and top with provolone cheese, mustard & mayonnaise.
After we ate lunch, we have a freshly brewed coffee and smoke in our backyard gazebo. Adya sits beside me and she slides her hand in the front hem of my basketball shorts.
She circles her fingers on the rim of my penis head. Her sisters are also terrific at doing this, very irresistible. She stopped and went inside the house. She probably checks on my wife's conditions. After about 15 minutes or less, Area, gets back with a smile on her face.
Adya: I checked your wife, still have a slight fever, also asleep. Look what I have a KY Jelly warming lubricants. I want to fuck you using my asshole.
I remove my shorts, Adya did not waste time, she sucks my penis right away. When my penis gets hard, she massages it with KY Jelly warming lubricant, it started to warm the blood that flows through the veins of my pens.
Adya bends over in front of me and slowly inserted my penis inside her asshole.
Adya: I love it, the size of your penis is perfect inside my ass, now I know why Didi married a man with a small penis, it doesn't hurt, it feels good and it is so fucking hard.
I massage her breast and pinch her nipples. She is getting wild, her butthole thrusting up & down my penis.
I can't take it anymore, I grab her hips so I can move my penis in & out of her butthole harder & faster,
Adya: Yes, you're driving me crazy, move your penis faster, harder. OHHH!! UGhhhh
Me: UGHH!!'
We cum at the same time, she squirted like she is urinating and my sperm is overflowing from her butthole, running down her legs.
My cell phone rings it is my wife. She wants me to pick up a chicken soup. When I got back home, my wife and Adya are sitting by the kitchen bar.
Me: Oh! hi Babe, how you feel?
Didi: I feel a little better,
Adya: That chicken soup will help you recover, I almost forgot, I call Dr. Curry clinic, I made you an appointment tomorrow at 9 am.
Didi: Thank you, Adya. I am done with this chicken soup. Let's go to our bedroom Babe, you can watch TV in our room, I just want you to be by my side on our bed.
My wife falls asleep right away, I went to take a quick hot shower and went to the kitchen, Adya is there, she is cooking a burger on the George Foreman grill.
Adya: You want a jalapeno burger?
Me: Yes please, what you want to drink
Adya: Whatever you're having. Here is your hamburger sandwich.
Me: Here's your beer,
Before I eat my dinner, I call my secretary told her to cancel all my schedule tomorrow I will bring my wife to the doctor.
After we are done with dinner, Adya, volunteer to clean up the kitchen. She gave me a dirty look after I said my goodnight.
Adya went with us to Dr. Curry's clinic at Seaton Hospital. Adya & Me are sitting at Dr. Curry's clinic reception area, while my wife is being examined by Dr. Curry.
After 30 minutes, the nurse calls me. Dr. Curry wants me to hear what he will tell my wife.
Dr: Curry; I am not 100% sure yet, maybe 99.99% that you are pregnant Didi. We still need to wait for the lab results.
Didi: When we will find out?
Dr. Curry: If not this afternoon, for sure before noon tomorrow. For now don't take any fever meds, your body temperature & mood will change abruptly your hormones is not normal during pregnancy.
Me: Wow! I am excited & nervous
Dr. Curry: Orly, it's just normal to feel that way.
Dr: Curry: Once I found out, I will refer Didi to my wife she's an OB-GYN, but you guys can choose whoever you prefer. That's all I have, any more questions or concerns.
Didi: There's none right now
Dr. Curry: Then we are done.
When we told Adya at the clinic receptions area, she shouted, we apologize to the Nurse, she understands.
Didi: Calm down sister, is it still not confirm.
Adya: I know you are pregnant, Orly's sperm taste good, I mean tested good.
Didi: What!
Adya: I mean "tested" not "taste", tested for fertility?
Didi: Whatever Adya
Didi is giving Adya & me a suspicious look. But we are all happy leaving Dr. Curry's office.
Didi: Adya, please don't tell anybody yet until I receive confirmation from Dr. Curry.,
Adya: Yes, sister
Me: Let's pick up your car Babe
Didi: I don't feel good driving.
Me: Adya can drive my car and I follow you guys.
Didi: Ok, after we eat, I am hungry, let's go to IHOP near our home,
Adya's cell phone rings, its Bera, she is there in our house, Adya told her to meet us at IHOP.
When we got to IHOP, Beta already. at the table waiting for us. She is so concerned about Didi. So Didi, told her about the news. Bera started shouting for joy. I apologize to the other customers.
Didi: Bera, calm down, is not confirmed yet.
Bera: I am sure you are pregnant, Orly's sperm is thick & viscous.
Didi: What?
Bera: That's what you told me
Didi is now giving all three of us a suspicious look. But, Adya is so quick to change the topic of the conversation.
We just went home after we're done at IHOP, My wife is not feeling well.
Late afternoon, My wife received a call from Dr. Curry. She is pregnant. We both hug & cry for joy.
Didi: I love you, Bsbe
Me: I love you too.
Then we made love, she sucks my penis like she never sucks it before and I lick & eat her vagina like it was my first time. It is so intense, it the same feelings we both had the first time we made love to each other.
After that we went to tell her two sister and to their parents on the phone.
Didi; So no more smoking inside the house and around me.
Adya, Bera & Me: YES MOM!!
Didi: I am craving for Lechon de Leche & chicken bbq.
Bera: My treat, anything else
Me: No it's my treat
Bera: My husband doesn't fuck me, he pays for it.
All of us laugh.
to be continued…

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