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tagIncest/TabooWIFE, SIL, MIL Pt. 07

Adya is leaving in two days to follow her husband in London, he got extended there for another two years. And my wife is four-month pregnant.
I received a text from Bera. "Meet me at Red Lobster near your work at 11 am today, I need to tell you something very important".
When I arrived at Red Lobster, the receptionist escorts me to Bera's table.
Bera: I already ordered for both of us, I also ordered you a brandy single plain. Congratulations daddy, I am pregnant. I lied to the doctor the last time I have my menstrual cycle, for my husband not to be suspicious.
Me: Wow! I am flattered & humble
Bera: Thank you. Don't worry I will have a paternity test. But using my honest calculation, I know it's you.
We had steak & lobster for lunch and after that, we went to a very expensive hotel. I call my secretary to cancel all my afternoon schedule.
We take a shower at the same time, caress each other while taking a shower, then dried ourselves and lie down on the bed.
There are tears in her eyes, sobbing:
Bera: I am so happy, thank you for making me pregnant, I have been wanting to, but not from my husband, but to the one I love, that's you. I married Teo for financial security and be his wife trophy.
We kiss, then she massages my penis, while my fingertips are circling her nipples.
Bear: I just want to ride your penis slowly, I want to feel it.
Me: Ohhhh!! I love it, it feels so good.l
Bera: Suck my nipples daddy. Adya told me to use this, KY Jelly warming lubricant.
Me: Yes, I like that, Didi was telling you guys all.
She pulls out my penis inside her vagina and she rubs KY Jelly warming lubricant all over my penis, then she slowly inserted it inside her asshole.
Bera: Oh! wow! It's warm and it seems that your penis is getting much harder. Oh! the more my butthole lips stroke your penis, your penis gets warmer & warmer,
Me: Baby, my penis is ready to explode
Bera: Wait, let me transfer it inside my vagina
She pulls out my penis from inside her ass and she slowly inserts it inside her vagina. She
Bera: Now, daddy let it go, I want you to explode your sperm inside my vagina, let your penis celebrate with joy, that because of the sperm that came from it made me a complete woman.
I let it go, then, Beta continue riding my penis until she releases her vaginal juice. We clean our self, then I left her, she told me that she might spend the night there.
At home, Adya made us dinner, my wife is setting up the plates.
Didi: Babe dinner is ready, Adya made a seafood paella.
Adya: I will miss this when I move to London.
My wife hugs her sister, then Adya hugs & whispers" I will fuck you tonight".
Bera: Did I miss the dinner.
Adya: Perfect timing my baby sister.
Bera: I have good news, I am pregnant!!
Adya & Didi: Are you fucking serious?
They did their sisters hug.
Bera: I brought us a live lobster.
Me: I will boil the water, it will not take that long to make, let's me place the paella back to the casserole to keep it warm.
Didi: I need to make this call,
My wife went to the living room:
Adya: Bera, who is the father?
Bera: Him, who else?
Adya: I knew it, he was not even surprised earlier.
Didi: Are we ready to have dinner, what's going on?
Me: Nothing they are helping me. Adya please help me serve, these two future moms.
Didi: Bera, congratulations again, I need to sleep early, let's go, Babe.
Me: I'll be there let me just finish loading the dishwasher.
Didi gave Adya & Bera good night hugs, then she went to our bedroom.
Adya: Bera, he is mine tonight.
Bera: We already celebrate earlier. Besides, I am not sleeping here tonight,
I went to our bedroom, my wife is watching TV, then she told me that take a quick shower.
When I am done taking a shower, she was outside the shower room, she dried my body
Didi: I am so fucking horny, let me suck your penis before I insert it inside my vagina. Let's lay down on our bed.
I lay on my back on our bed, my wife starts licking the head of my penis. My penis slowly comes alive. Then she inserts it inside her mouth, her mouth moves up & down my penis until it gets so hard.
She squats in between my legs, she slowly sits down so that she can insert my now hard penis inside her vagina,
Her vagina is thrusting up & down my hard penis, while right-hand fingertips massage her clitoris.
Didi: Suck my nipples, bite it. Ahhh!! your penis is so fucking hard.
Me: Faster, thrust your vagina faster on my penis, Shit!!
Didi: Here you GO!!
We both cum at the same time, Didi lay flat on her stomach on top of me. My penis is still inside her vagina.
We both fell asleep, then Adya wakes me up and whispers in my ear.
Adya: I need you to go to my bedroom, right now.
Then, she left our bedroom, I slowly and gently get up from the bed and went to Adya's bedroom.
Adya: Please take a shower, you smell like your wife's vagina. What the fuck, let me bath you. First here's mouthwash and toothbrush, clean your vaginal mouth.
After I clean the inside of my mouth, Adya kisses me on my lips.
Adya: The much better Baby, now let me bathe you so I can fuck you.
She cleans me thoroughly, she smells my penis, balls, and butthole makes sure it doesn't smell my wife's vagina. Then she dried my body.
We lay down on our back on top of her bed, then she starts rubbing my penis, running her fingertips all over it.
Adya: I don't want to go to London, my husband will never satisfy me as you do. I envy my sister being your wife.
Then I lay down on top of her, kiss her gently on the lips, while I caress her breast, then I run down the tip of my tongue from her neck to her nipples, down to her navel and her vagina lips.
Her vagina taste so good, I have my thumb gently rubbing her clitoris, my other hand are pinching her nipples. Her buttocks start to slowly move up and down motion.
Then I inserted two fingers inside her vagina and let them explore inside. It seems like I am hitting her G-spot, every time I hit this kind of gland inside her vagina, her whole ass will go up and her moaning gets louder.
Adya: Whatever your fingers touching inside my vagina, keep touching it, I never feel this kind of sensation. FUCK!!SHIT!!
Her breathing is getting faster & heavier, I can hear her heartbeat beating so fast. Suddenly she squirted, my face gets flooded by her vagina's nectar juice, she is pulling my hair, both her legs get stiff and sandwich my head. I am trying to catch my breath, then her body shakes.
After a couple of seconds she finally starts to regain her consciousness.
Adya: What the fuck was that? My juice doesn't want to stop flowing out of my vagina. Grurrrrrr!! I feel so good. Let me suck your penis so that I can ride it.
She went on top of me and thrust her vagina on my penis until we both cum at the same time.
Then I went back to our bedroom and my wife still deep asleep.
New day, the day Adya is flying to London and live there with her husband for two years. We all just hang out at home the whole day. Adya's flight is not until midnight.
At 6 pm we are having dinner at Harri's Steakhouse, Adya's favorite steakhouse. When we got done we drop my wife at home before we go to the airport.
I accompany my wife to our bedroom, change into my sweatpants & sweatshirts, then went back outside to drop Adya at the airport. When I got to the car.
Bear: I drive, seat at the back seat with Adya.
Adya: Come here baby, let me fuck you, it will be along time until I fuck you again. Take off your sweatpants before you go inside the car.
Adya did not waste time, she sucks my penis right away. She is wearing a loose skirt and she doesn't wear a panty.
Why penis is already hard, she stops sucking my penis and she sits on my lap. Then she holds on the driver & front seat.
Adya: Please insert your hard penis in my vagina. Oh! that feels good, your penis is so alive, hard & warm. I will miss this, SHIT!! I envy your wife & also you Bera.
She did not thrust my penis by her vagina, but, she tightens her vaginal lips while it wraps on my penis shaft. She just wants to feel my penis, until I let my penis explode and semen on the inside of her vagina.

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