tagIncest/TabooWIFE, SIL, MIL Pt. 08

It's been a week now since Adya moves to London…Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday Bera & Me have a lunch fuck at Marriot.
Every weekend Bera spend time with us, while we are having dinner Beta's cell phone rings, it is Adya. They spoke for about five minutes.
Beta: You guys will never believe this, she is coming home next Saturday because it is a long-distance call she will just tell the reason why when she gets here.
Didi: You think they are getting a divorce?
Bera: Maybe, but she doesn't sound worried, more off excited.
My cell phone vibrates, there's a text "Hi Baby, thanks for making me pregnant, love mommy ".
The day has come, Bera & Didi went to the airport to pick up Adya, I did not join them because I need to cook our dinner, My cell phone rings it is my wife, she told them on the way home now, they will just pick up the Lechon de Leche, Adya requested it.
While we are having dinner:
Didi: Adya, you never told us yet why you went home.
Adya: Oh! I am pregnant, Gerry is worried about my condition because I am by myself during the day. So, he is more comfortable for me here.
Bera: That means you & I will give birth in the same month. Yeheyyy!!
Didi: Maybe At the same time. Anyway did you guys told mom & dad
Adya & Bera: Yes we told them
Then Bera & Adya a glimpse at me, I know what it means, I am also the father of Adya's baby… This will be tough, pregnant women are always horny. I need to change my schedule with Bera.
Didi: Why are you so quiet Babe, are you not happy for Adya & Gerry?
Me: I am happy of course, I am just kind of a shock, they got pregnant at the same time.
Bera: Maybe we have a foursome, ha!ha!ha!
That's what a good dinner. I am the only one that can smoke now, so I am at the gazebo by myself, smoking. I received a text from Adya, "Hey Baby, I need a welcome fuck" after I am finished smoking I went back inside.
Didi: I am getting tired, Babe let's go to our bedroom.
When we arrived in our bedroom, Didi pushes me into the bed and she pulled my basketball shorts down my feet and removed it, then she sucks my penis right away. She is very aggressive.
Me: Why are you so aggressive, don't you want to take a shower first.
Didi, continue what she's doing and when my penis hard enough to penetrate her vagina, she stops sucking my penis and she straddles me in a kneeling position and inserted my penis inside her vagina,
She wraps her vagina lips on my penis shaft, it's getting tighter, it feels so good. We're both moaning and it is getting louder, then we both reach our ecstasy.
Didi: I love you, Babe.
Me: I love you too,
We take a shower and after we get done we went to bed.
At work, my phone rings, Mitch my secretary:
Mitch: Your Mother-in-law, you want to talk.
Me: Please tell her to call me on my cell phone. Thank you, Mitch.
My cell phone rings:
Me: Hello, mom, yes everything is good.
MIL: I am mad at you, you did not take time to fuck me, when I was there at Adya's wedding.
Me: I thought what happens to us is a one time deal.
MiL; Is that so! You know you're the only one who licks & ate my vagina. So make sure you find a way for me to fuck you when I get there.
Me: Hello
She hung up the phone. Then I remember the night my MiL fucked me. Her name is Deliah. It was two years ago. That was before Didi & I got married.
I brought Didi home from a birthday party for her best friend. She got drunk when we got to their home, Delia helps me carry Didi to her bedroom.
As I am saying goodbye to Delia
She told me that sleep in the guest room. Since it already late at night. She escorted me to the guest room, when we got inside, she locks the door.
Delia: I never did this before, but I can feel that I can trust you. I have never been sexually happy since the first time I experienced it. My husband never satisfied me.
Me: What you mean.
Delia: My husband will just put his penis inside my vagina, he will thrust it inside & out as fast as he can, my vagina is not even lubricated yet, it hurts, after he cum, he's done. I need to use a vibrator or finger fuck myself to be satisfied.
Then she starts rubbing my penis, kiss me torridly on my lips, I responded by placing my hand on her breast, I can't believe that she is not wearing a bra.
Me: Can we turn on the lights, I want to see your breast.
Delia: Of course, I know you're surprised. let me undress. Turn on the light.
Me: SHIT! I can't believe your breast is big, firm & perky, is the same as your daughter.
Delia: I am flattered, you know it is in our genes, not bad for a 65 years old woman.
Me: You're much better, the women in their twenties.
Every room in this house has a shower but is not as big as the master bedroom & my three daughters' room.
Let me take a quick shower, then you too after me. After she's done, I take mine right away.
When I got done taking a shower, I lie down beside Delia on the bed. I start kissing her lips at the same time my hands massages her breast.
Then the tip of my tongue stars exploring her neck, down to her nipples, to her belly, her navel, now on her vagina lips, to her clitoris.
Delia: Yes, now I know how it feels to have my vagina gets to lick and be eaten. Wow, please I beg you don't stop, especially on my clitoris.
Me: Your vagina looks good & tastes good.
Delia: My husband's penis is smaller than yours. Yes, I'm, UgH!!
She squirts on my face, her vagina nectar juice is flowing like a waterfall, her body is getting stiff, she seems unconscious.
Delia: WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? Now I understand why my mother fuck her brother-in-law because my dad doesn't want to lick or eat her vagina. Now I want to suck your penis. This is my first time doing this because my husband said only a prostitute sucks penis.
She inserts my pens inside her mouth and she starts sucking my penis. My pens start to get hard but I am not comfortable, it keeps hitting her teeth, she is not using her lips. She did this before.
Me: Stop, just use your lips & tongue, it is comfortable & satisfying when my penis keep hiring your teeth and don't use your front teeth to clamp the shaft of my penis, just use your lips as you thrust your mouth in & out of my penis
Delia: Here I will remove my full denture.
It did not take that long my penis explode, she almost gets chokes by my sperm inside her mouth, she has her palm catch the sperm overflowing from her mouth.
She swallowed all of it and sipped & lick the sperm on her palm and wires some on her vagina.
My penis is still erect so she straddles in squat position in between my legs and she slowly sits and inserted my penis inside her vagina,
Delia: I don't know if my daughter did this to you, this is one of the techniques that was passed too all the women in our family. I will make my vagina lips muscles to tighten up and grabs the shaft of your penis and massage it. Thanks to my husband I used him in order for me to master this ritual.
Me: SHIT!! THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME! Your daughter needs to practice more, to do it this way. UGHHHH!!AHHHHHH!! FUCK!!
I exploded never been fucked like that.
Wow, it is good mesmerizing the night my MIL fucked me. Can't wait for her to fuck me again.
to be continued…

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