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tagIncest/TabooWIFE, SIL, MIL Pt. 09

My wife is on maternity leave now, her assistant is the one running her accounting firm. She is more sexually active more now than before, her OB-GYN told me that.
It's the weekend, I am excited my in-laws are coming today. Went I get down to have breakfast, all three of them are there having breakfast. I greet everybody a good morning and pour myself a cup of brewed coffee.
Didi: Just to remind you Babe, Mom's & Dad's flight arrive at 11 am.
Adya: It is ok that you're the only one to pick them up, I will pick up the food & Bera stays here in case Didi needs to go to the hospital.
Me: No problem.
Bera: Just stay in the parking lot, Mom will call me when they're already on the handicap & seniors loading zone. Dad already needs assistance.
Me: Anything else
Didi: Mom & Dad want to spend time with their friends tonight, you're the designated driver.
Me: But
Adya: No but, pregnant women are cranky.
I picked up my in-laws, my MIL, gave the PSA's a tip for assisting them.
Delia: Dady is it ok if I sit in the front, I want to straighten my legs.
Larry; Is up to you, let's go, son, I am hungry.
Delia looks so hot, she's wearing a Hawaiian Muumuu dress. She is not wearing a bra just a chemise under it. She is smiling, she knows my penis is already hard inside my short pants.
When we arrived home, the dining table is full of food.
Adya: Dad we have a very healthy vegetable salad for you.
Larry: What you think of me a cow.
Bera: Mom, don't let him eat those Lechon.
Delia: Calm down kids, let's your dad eat what he wants.
Larry: That's why I love you, Mommy.
Delia: Didi, did you tell your husband that he is going with me tonight.
Didi: Just you, Dad is not joining you?
Larry: No, I don't want to stay late, I want mom to enjoy.
Adya & Bera: Dad, that's sweet.
I got a text from Delia, told me to take a nap, I will need a lot of energy tonight
Me: Babe if you have nothing else, I am taking a nap.
Delia: Me too, how about you Daddy?
Larry: No, I want to watch some sports on TV, go-ahead so you'll have energy tonight.
My wife is waking me up, she said it is the time for me to get ready. While I am waiting for Delia, I am at the gazebo, having a coffee and smoke, with my father-in-law, who is also my former boss. He's having a cigar and cognac.
Larry: How is our business?
Me: Doing excellent Dad, maybe one of these days take a visit, for sure they're happy to see you.
Didi: Babe! mom is ready.
Larry: Drive safely, taker of mommy.
Delia gave Larry a goodbye kiss and I did the same to my wife.
When we are inside the car:
Delia: We are checking in at Hyatt by the bay.
Me: Your friends will call our home and ask about you.
Delia: If they know I am coming, remember this when I want to fuck somebody nobody can stop me. Adya & Bera also admitted to me how you made them happy you're the one that made both of them pregnant. Your wife doesn't know. Also, none of them know about us.
When we got to the hotel, she checks in. We have a suite room. When we are inside the room, she hugs me and kissed me on my lips,
Then she turned around holding, hold both my hands and place them on her breast,
Delia: How it feels to hold feel mommy's breast. Drop my clothes and my chemise to the floor, so you can see your mommy's breast.
Me: How do you maintain the firmness and perkiest of your breast. I want to suck your nipples, feed your baby.
Delia: You do, is my baby hungry?
Me: Yes mommy, your baby is hungry.
Delia: What is that poking mommy's butt? Let me see, oh! I need to remove your pants to find out what's poking mommy's butt. Wow, this is hard, let me taste it, ummmm!! it kinda tastes salty, We need to wash & clean it.
We went to the shower room, cozy we both can fit, it's a ceiling shower, but it doesn't have any chair.
Delia: Soap mommy's body, give your mommy a good bath. I will give you one too. I missed you, baby, two years was a very long time. Did you miss me, baby?
Me: Yes, sometimes when one of your daughters fucked me, I wish it was you.
Delia: Wow! The vibrator that I bought is the same size as your penis. Baby, I missed you so much, I will fuck you as you have never been fuck before.
We both lie down on top of the bed after we're done taking a shower.
She lies on top of me and starts kissing me on my lips while she runs her right-hand fingernails on the head and rim of my penis.
Me: Mommy, the way you're running your fingernails, it is much better than your daughters.
Delia: They can't beat the master, I thought them how to do this. Is that how good I am you already have a pre-cum.
Then she slowly runs the tip of her tongue to my neck, down to my chest, to my nipples, she gently and slowly circles the tip of her tongue on my nipples, at the time she's been circling her fingernails on my penis head and rim.
It feels so good, it is electrifying, I am moaning and my buttocks slowly goes up & down.
Then she slowly runs down the tip of her tongue down to my navel, to the tip of my penis head.
She inserts my hard penis inside her mouth, she thrust her mouth in and out of my penis. She removes her denture that's why it feels so good on my penis.
My penis starts to get harder and harder inside her mouth, she knows my penis is ready to explode. The thrusting of her mouth in & out of my penis gets faster and faster.
My sperm explode inside her mouth, I grabbed her head, she can't move, she hits my legs to tell me that I need to let go of her head. I use my palm to wipe my sperm that overflows from her mouth. Then she licks all the sperm on my palm.
I nave my thumb rubs her clitoris and my index finger in her butthole. I used my sperm as the lubricant. I am sucking her nipple at the same time. She started to attain her vaginal lubrication.
She starts to moan and her buttocks start to move up & down, her vaginal lubricants start to flow to the crack of her butt, she starts rubbing my penis, it did take that long for my penis to get hard so, I told her to bends over.
Then I shove my erect penis inside her butthole. she shouted with pain.
Delia: WHAT THE FUCK!!THAT'S FUCKING HURTS, I never been penetrated in my butthole. I think my asshole is bleeding.
I slowly thrust my penis in & out of her butthole, the same time I rub her clitoris. It seems like, she starts to enjoy being fuck in her ass. She's starting to moan
Delia: Wow! It feels good now, It feels like the night I surrender my virginity. I want to ride your penis inside my butthole, so you can suck my nipples and massage my breast.
I pulled out my penis inside her ass. then I lie on my back on top of the bed, then she straddles on a squat position, she grabs my penis and she aims it on her butthole and inserts the head of my hard penis, then she slowly sits down until all my penis is inside her ass.
Then she slowly thrust her asshole up & down my penis and at the same time, she is rubbing her clitoris.
Delia: Massage my breasts and suck my nipples.
Me: Shit! your butthole is right, my penis feels that it is being choked.
The thrusting of her butthole up & down my penis is getting faster & faster, my penis is getting much harder & fatter. Both of us are breathing faster, our moaning is getting louder and the beat of the hearth is getting faster. Then we both releases our juices.
Delia: Wow! I love it., been wanting to experience being penetrated on my ass. My husband thinks it is dirty and not healthy. Thank you, son. Let's go to the shower room let me wash your penis.
We take a shower again, then she told me to sit on the chair, she kneels facing me and starts licking my penis head like a child enjoying her lollipops.
Me: Ummm!! you like it, Mommy? Are you enjoying your lollipop?
Delia: Yes, son, taste fresh and smell so much cleaner, I am getting addicted sucking your penis. I love the feeling of it slowly starts to get harder inside my mouth.
Me: You love the taste of my sperm, Mommy?
Delta: Yes! but right now I want your sperm inside my vagina.
Now that my penis is hard enough to penetrate her vagina, she stands up and straddles on my lap, then she lowers her butt.
She grabs the shaft of my penis and slowly rubs the rip of my penis head at the entrance of her vagina and clitoris.
I place my head in between her big firm breasts, they are so soft.
Delia: Suck Mommy's nipples, son. Let me feel how much you missed my gorgeous, and beautiful firm, perky breasts.
Now that her vagina starts to generate its vaginal lubrication, she inserted the head of my penis inside her vagina and she slowly lowers her butt until she is comfortably sitting on my lap while my whole erect penis is inside her vagina.
Then she slowly grinds her butt on my lap, She is totally in control, we are french kissing, one of my hands is massaging her breast, and in my other hand the fingers are messaging her clitoris.
She continues to slowly grind her butt on my lap and her butt will go & down in slow-motion to give a sudden thrust on my penis shaft inside her vagina.
Our kissing becomes more passionate and torrid. My hands grab each of her butt cheeks and start to lift her butt.
Delia: Stop, take off your hands on my butt cheeks. Let me dictates the tempo of the rhythm, don't rush, let your penis enjoy inside my vagina. I want you to suck my hard nipples and massage my clitoris with your fingers. Be a good boy, son.
Me: Yes, Mommy
She puts her hand on the top rail of the chair and holds on to it. Then she to move her butt up & down slowly.
The adrenaline in both of our bodies are driving us crazy, we are breathing faster, our heart beating gets faster, we are both moaning loud. Her butt is going up & down on my penis shaft faster & harder.
We both cum at the same time, we kiss passionately and her butt up & down motion slows down until she just sits on my lap and slowly grinds her butt while my penis still inside her vagina.
to be continued…

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