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tagIncest/TabooWIFE, SIL, MIL Pt. 10

My cell phone rings, it's Delia, she told me that there on their way to the hospital. Didi's water broke. I told my secretary that I am on my way to the hospital my wife is about to deliver our child & my assistant will be in charge while I am gone. I change to my casual street clothes before I left my office.
When I got to the hospital, Adya, went out to get food and drinks. Delia hugs me and whispered," I need to fuck". I kiss my wife and she's happy to see me.
Didi: Hi, Babe, the doctors say 6 to 8 hours more before my vagina is fully dilated. But I prefer to stay here. Mom wants to have coffee, accompany her. I the will to gets some sleep to store my energy.
Delia & I left the room, she's holding on to my arm, she's running her breast on my arm as we walk.
Delia: I am horny, where did you park?
Me: I will move it to the parking garage rooftop so we can have privacy. That's good you are wearing a muumuu, easy to access your breast and vagina.
Delia: Can you tell, I am not wearing a bra & panty.
Me: With a big, firm & perky breast like yours it is hard to tell.
When we got to my car, she pulls down my shorts pants, before I get inside to drive and move to the parking garage rooftops. While I am driving she grabs my pens and starts rubbing them, the same as she's rubbing her vagina. When we reached the rooftop parking area it is empty. I parked at the far corner.
I got out of the car and we to her side and open the door, I told her to get out and bend over, pull her dress up to her waist, and inserted my penis into her vagina, which is already wet.
One of my hands is holding on to her waist and my other hand fingers are rubbing her clitoris. I thrust my penis in & out of her vagina.
Delia: Your penis is so hard, it feels so good, Massage my breast, I will rub my clitoris my self. thrust your penis faster in & out my vagina.
It did take that long we both cum at the same time, we wipe out ourselves with paper towels, then we walk to the elevator. to go down to the ground floor of the parking garage.
We went back to Didi's room, the nurse says she still has a long way. Then Adya arrived, she brought us food. So we went to the cafeteria and to eat it there.
Now is the moment, we have been waiting for the doctors, told Adya & Mom to get out of the It will only be me allowed to stay. After about 15 minutes, I am already cutting the umbilical cord. It's a girl. Then the doctor hands our baby to the nurse to clean her.
Then the nurse handed the baby to my wife so that she can breastfeed her. My wife & I have tears in our eyes looking at our baby sucking her nipple for milk. Then, they allowed my wife's mom & sister inside the room.
We are not allowed to sleep in the hospital, my wife & our baby will be confined for three days.
When we got home, Bera is still awake, but dad is already sleeping. I went straight to our bedroom & take a shower.
I am not sleepy so I pour myself a cognac. I watch TV in our bedroom lounge. Then Adya & Bera went inside my bedroom, both of them are wearing a bathrobe. I offered them a drink, but, both of them take off their bathrobe grabs my hands pull me up and they lay me on the bed.
Adya starts rubbing my penis. Bera straddles on a kneeling position above my face and she slowly sits so I can lick her vagina.
When my penis starts to erect, Adya inserts it inside her mouth, then she starts thrusting her mouth inside & out on my penis.
I inserted my two fingers and let them explore inside Bera's vagina same time I am licking her clitoris.
Adya takes out my penis inside her mouth and reverses her position facing my feet, She straddles on a kneeling position between my legs, then she slowly inserts just the head of my erect penis into her asshole. When my penis head is inside, she trusted her butthole down to let my whole penis inside. Then she trusts her butthole in and out of my penis.
Bera: Whatever your finger is rubbing inside my vagina don't stop, keep doing it at the same time keep licking my clitoris. SHIT!!!
Adya: Your penis size is so perfect inside my vagina, it doesn't hurt, it feels good and your penis is so fucking hard, like a steel rod.
Bera: I know, that's why my husband can't fuck me in the ass anymore, since I fucked daddy using my ass. ugh! SHIT!!! you're fucking good at giving oral sex.
Adya's one hand massages her breast the other hand's fingers massage her clitoris.
Both of them are breathing faster & deeper, my penis shaft is getting fatter inside Adya's ass. All three of us are now moaning loud…
Bera grabs my head and rubs it to her vagina it squirts, same time as Adya's vagina voice flows to her legs into my balls. My penis exploded a lot of sperm inside Adya's ass.
Bera: That's was awesome!
Adya: Excellent!!!!
Me: I am tired
Bera: Mission accomplished, let's go, Sister.
They left my room, as I am going to take a shower I check my phone. MIL text me, "I am jealous, you guys are loud".
My wife and our baby are finally home. We both decided to take a month off, Her mom & dad volunteers to babysit for three months, after that our baby is already eligible to go to daycare.
Every Friday night my in-laws go spend time with their friends overnight. So I dropped them. Except this Friday, my father-in-law, does not want to go. But my MIL still going.
Adya: Dad are you not feeling well, why you don't want to go with mom?
Larry: No, I am fine, just not in the mood to socialize.
Didi: In that case, Babe you need to stay with mom the whole time.
Delia: Just drop me off, son. I can manage.
Adya: No mom, from now on, Orly will stay with you guys.
Delia: I don't want to obligate, Orly.
Didi: Mom, you're not obligating my husband, I do.
Delia told her daughters that's she needs to leave around 3 pm, her friend who will host tonight's party needs her to do some errands. My wife told me to take a nap after lunch and she will wake me up around 2:30 pm.
We left at exactly 3 pm. Inside the car she told me to go to Half Moon Bay, By the intersection of Highway 92 & 35, she told me to take the scenic route, then she told me to take a right, there is a sign "No Trespassing, Private Road".
After driving on the road for about a mile, We need to stop, there is a wooden gate, connected to a wooden rail ranch fence. She hands me the key to open the gate. I closed and locked the gate back after we passed through.
After driving close to a mile, we can hear the ocean, MiL opens the passenger side windows, we are getting closer to the shoreline, the breeze becoming to smells like salt, the sound of the ocean wave is getting louder.
After a hundred more yards we arrived at the ocean shoreline. There's a small storage house, I parked beside it. Mil unlocked the storage house, she asked me to unlock the wooden box, inside the box are camping gears & tents, I take out one tent. There is some firewood inside the storage house. And besides the storage house, there is a deep well freshwater hand pump.
We build the tent about 35 yards from the shoreline. Then she asks me to pump air on a double size air mattress.
She removed all her clothes, then she lies down on top of the air mattress:
Delia: Come on son, let's test the air mattress, lie down beside me, but get naked before you lie down.
As soon as I lie down she went on top of me and kiss me on the lips and starts to rub her vagina on top of my penis. When my penis starts to get hard, she reverses her body, she turns facing my feet, and inserted my penis inside her mouth and I also start licking her vagina.
Then she straddles in a kneeling position in between my legs., she is still facing my feet. She slowly lowers her and inserted my hard penis inside her vagina.
The thrusting of her vagina up and down my penis is getting faster and faster. Both our breathing is getting faster and deeper. UGH!!!!! AHHHHH!!!, we both cum at the same time, then she quickly takes out my penis inside her vagina and inserted it into her mouth, and starts sucking it until my penis stops spurting sperm.
Delia: Let's go to the grocery store about five miles from here.
Me: Who owns this place?
Delia: Us, but my girls think we sold this a long time ago after the incident happen here with their friends when Adya is 16 years old, we let them and their friends camp here one weekend, then one of the boys with them for alcohol poisoning. They brought him to the hospital, that's why we found out. The boy survives. Then we told them we are selling the property or their parents will go to jail.
When we got back to the beach camp it starting to gets darker. She went to the storage house, when she got out, she's carrying a Coleman lantern. We light it up then we walk going to our tent.
I build a small fire pit on the sands for our campfire. Then starts to set up the bbq pit. Delia get naked and went to lie down by the sea shoreline and let the small seawater waves gently touch her body.
Delia: Come on lie down beside me. The water feels good to our body. We can eat later. Also, bring me a glass of cognac for us to share. I lighted the fire starter to set the firewood on the fire.
We look like Adam & Eve, naked and just the two of us. My penis gets hard just by looking at her beautiful naked body, so sexy, as she has never been pregnant, her skin is smooth, she doesn't look like 67 years old woman. Now I know-how her three daughters will look like when they reach 67 years old.
We share the glass of cognac, As we sit on the sands, while her head is leaning on me with her breast touches my chest and the seawater touched both our feet and butt by the small sea waves.
Delia: Are you already fucking me in your thoughts right now? Your penis is fully erect.
Me: Any man will have a hard-on right now looking at your beautiful naked body and sitting by your side right now.
Then she lies my body on my back and she lies flat facing me on top of my body and starts kissing me passionately, then she straddles between my legs and grabs my erect penis inside her wet vagina.
She leans her body forward and places both her palms above my chest so she can stretch her arm. She slowly moves her hips side to side while her butt grind.
Both of us are moaning from the pleasure we are feeling. My penis gradually goes in & out of her vagina as she moves her but up & down in a circling motion.
One of my hands is pinching her nipples and my other hand finger rubs her clitoris.
We both feel that we are nearing orgasm, her hips movement becomes faster and faster, she is bouncing on my penis, we are both shouting and moaning, we both reached ecstasy, we just let it go out of our body, to mixed inside her vagina.
to be continued

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