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I still haven't learned how to be a professional writer. (Shocker I know)
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I woke up freezing and in a panic, not quite remembering where I was. As my brain started to wake up, I started to recognize things. I was in a tent, laying on my back, there was a very soft, very sexy body pressed up against my left side with her arm around my stomach, whom I assumed was my wife, but I slowly became aware of another very sexy body being on my right side with her hand down my boxers wrapped around my very hard cock. I gently free myself from what I could only describe as heaven, being between two women, throw on some sweatpants and a hoodie, and step out of the tent. Judging by the lack of sunlight, I figure it was around 5 am. I spend several minutes gathering wood and other material to start a fire, and eventually have a nice fire going for when the girls wake up. While the fire is going, I break out the camp stove, start cooking breakfast and pretty soon, the sounds and smell of cooking bacon and eggs start wafting through our campsite. By the time I finish cooking breakfast, the first of the sleeping beauties comes stumbling out and Jessica comes over, wraps her arms around me with a kiss on the cheek, "Good morning D, I love you." "I love you too," I tell her.
She starts to get food together for herself, while Cindy, the other sleeping beauty, comes out of the tent, sniffing the air, saying "That better be breakfast, or I'm going to be very unhappy with you teasing me with amazing smells!!"
I let the girls eat while I wander off to get more water to clean the dishes since I ate while I was cooking the food. I finally get back around 20 minutes later to find the girls talking to a younger girl, probably around 25 years old, black hair, wearing a blue hoodie and black leggings. "Here he is, this is my husband, D," my wife tells her excitedly. "D, this is Amanda, she apparently is in the next site over and came to say hi."
I tell her hi, and make small talk, while she mumbles some words, and looks away shyly while Cindy and Jessica start to giggle. I put water on the stove to heat up so I can clean the pans while all three girls are making small talk. I add more wood to the fire to keep it going and start to clean the pans and add the dishes and utensils as the girls finish eating. After everything is cleaned, I change in the tent into some shorts and a tank top and go for a run, leaving the girls behind to talk.
I get back about an hour later, only Cindy is there, dozing in front of the fire in a chair. I gaze at her, noting how amazing she looks, just lounging in the camp chair. "Hey Cindy, where is Jessica?" I gently ask her, waking her up.
"She went to get a shower, and Amanda went back to her site."
"Oh, ok. Let me get changed and I'll join you in a moment."
After getting changed, I put on a pot of water to make more coffee and sit in a chair in front of the fire. Cindy looks at me and moves her chair next to mine, saying "I think it's ok to be close to each other after last night," while putting my arm around her.
"I understand, but I don't want to cross any lines or do anything to make Jessica mad."
"I don't think you have anything to worry about. She has been talking about sharing you with Dana and me for years, but didn't know how to bring it up. It just happened the other day was a convenient excuse to make it work."
I sit there in shock, apparently after several years of marriage, there's still things I don't know about my wife. Cindy looks at me when I don't say anything, starts to caress my cheek and tells me "Jessica loves you very much, you are the best thing that has ever happened to her. She just wants to share you with us, we're her best friends."
"And I share everything with my best friends, I tell them everything, they know everything," says Jessica, coming up behind me, kissing me on the top of my head. "You are my everything, I hope you are ok with me sharing you."
"I don't mind the sharing, Jess, but you don't need to, I'm perfectly happy with you. Not to say that I don't enjoy having you with us, Cindy, I'm just saying that having you in our lives is an amazing bonus," I tell them as Jessica comes around and cuddles up to me on the other side from Cindy.
We sit there for a bit, just being content with having each other. Until Cindy's hand wanders down and slides inside my pants and starts to slowly stroke my cock, while Jessica reaches up and starts to kiss me. I feel Cindy sit up a little while she opens my pants and pulls out my cock and starts to stroke it with one hand and rubbing my balls with her other hand. After several minutes, they switch, with Cindy kissing me and Jessica using both hands to stroke my cock for a few minutes before she bends over and starts to lick the tip of my cock while stroking me. She licks up and down my shaft before taking me deep in her mouth, making me moan into Cindy's mouth. Cindy moves to kissing and nibbling the sides of my neck while her hand is on the back of my neck slowly rubbing it and Jessica is sucking the tip of my cock while stroking me with one hand and rubbing my balls. Then they switch again, Jessica starts to kiss me some more, while Cindy slides her leggings down and slowly sits on my cock with her very tight, very wet pussy facing away from me making herself and I groan with pleasure. She starts to slide up and down my very hard cock while she rubs her clit with one hand. Jessica moves between our legs and starts to lick my balls and the base of my shaft while Cindy is riding me. Several minutes later, Cindy cums hard on my cock and collapses against me, gasping for breath while my hard cock is still inside her. Jessica pulls my cock out of Cindy's pussy with an audible pop and starts licking her juices off my cock. Cindy slowly slides over and watches my wife sucking my cock furiously. She finally gets up, rips off her pants and straddles me, sliding down my cock and starts to ride me hard and fast for several minutes until she frantically whispers that she is cumming as I feel her pussy convulse around my cock as she cums.
I let them both calm down a bit, Cindy starts to doze and Jessica's eyes are fluttering from being tired as well. I pick them both up one at a time, with their heads resting against my chest and take them both into the tent and put them on the air mattress and put blankets on to both of them to keep them warm while they nap.
After getting them settled in, I grab a towel and head to the nearest shower building. As I let the hot water wash over me, I stand there just soaking in the heat for several minutes, and hear the door open slowly with some soft footsteps stopping outside my shower stall.
"D?" A female voice whispers.
"It's Amanda, can I come in?"
"I'm naked in the shower, I don't think that's a good idea."
While I'm saying those words, she parts the curtain and slips in anyway, looking me up and down with a hungry look in her eyes. "What are you doing in here?" I whisper, "You can't be in here with me!!"
"I saw what you did with Cindy and your wife, since you didn't cum, I thought you were in here jerking off and wanted to watch."
"Well, as you can see, I'm not jerking off. I wasn't planning on jerking off since Jessica doesn't like when I do that. I will just wait until later tonight or tomorrow for when Jessica helps me cum."
"Oh," she says, with a disappointed look on her face.
She stands there while I finish showering awkwardly as I normally don't have an audience watching me in the shower. As I dry off, I turn around and discover she had slipped out without me noticing. While I'm walking back to the campsite, I find Cindy and my wife sitting around the campfire, talking and laughing. I give my wife a hug and kiss on the top of her head and the same to Cindy, grab a cup to fill with water and sit next to my beautiful wife.
We start to make small talk, normal talking between longtime friends until the time comes to start packing stuff up so we can leave.
Cindy mentions that she doesn't want to be alone in the back this time, so we pack the car so that the trunk is filled and so if the front passenger seat. I take the first shift driving, heading out of the campground onto the main road back to Cindy's house. While I'm driving, I see and hear them whispering back and forth, giggling about who knows what. Inwardly, I shrug and focus on the road, watching cars go by.
Time passes. I'm so focused on driving, I initially miss my wife poking me and telling me that they need to stop to use the bathroom. I finally find a gas station so I can fill up the tank, and let them use the restroom and get some snacks. Before I can hop in the driver's seat, Jessica hops in, saying it's her turn to drive.
I shrug, and hop in the back middle seat while Cindy takes the window seat. Cindy and Jessica start talking again, while I just sit there and listen. Pretty soon, I feel Cindy's hand creep up my leg and slowly start to rub the rapidly growing bulge in my pants. Her hands start to unbutton and unzip my pants, then pulls them down, exposing my hard cock. She gently squeezes it and starts to stroke me slowly, going up and down while she talks to my wife. She takes her hand off my cock, licks her hand and then starts to stroke me again, going faster, making me moan.
"What is Cindy doing back there?"
"I'm jerking your husband's big cock."
I watch my wife adjust the rearview mirror so she can look every few minutes at one of her best friends stroking me. Cindy finally leans over and takes me deep into her mouth, and holds it there for several moments, rubbing my balls, running her tongue along the bottom of my cock, making me moan. She finally starts going up and down, flicking her tongue and stroking me as she blows me.
I tell Cindy, "If you keep that up, I'm going to cum soon."
"Make him cum down your throat," says Jessica.
She squeezes my balls gently one last time, and looks up at me as best she can and winks, which puts me over the edge and I blow 1 then 2 large loads and a final smaller load in her mouth. I sit there gasping for air as I hear her swallowing my cum. Cindy lifts up her head and smiles at me, idly stroking me while she sits back. She continues to stroke my cock slowly the rest of the way home while she keeps talking to Jessica.
After we drop her off, I take over driving to go home, before we can even get out of Cindy's driveway, my wife pulls out my cock and continues where she left off, stroking me and getting me hard again. After about 15 minutes of her jerking me off, I pull off the road into a deserted parking lot. I go around to her side of the car and pull her out of the car without zipping myself back up. I pull her against me with one arm, slowly move her hair out of her face with my other hand and slowly lift her chin to look at me. Gazing into each other's eyes, we gently kiss, slowly becoming more and more passionate until we forget everything around us except each other. Finally breaking the kiss, I move her to the front of the car, turn her around, push her against the hood of the car and pull down her yoga pants and underwear. I reach between her legs and feel how wet her pussy is and slowly slide my cock into her pussy, making us both moan. I start to fuck her slowly and gradually go faster until I'm pounding her hard from behind and making the car bounce. She starts to scream that she is cumming and I let loose another load of cum deep inside my wife's tight pussy. She stands up and gives me a giant hug and we just stand there holding each other while my cum drips down her legs.
Eventually we get in the car and continue to head home, holding hands and just being happy to be with each other. Until we're about 5 minutes from home and my wife gets a text message. She reads it, smiles and responds to it, and puts her phone away and tells me she's making plans for the following month with a kiss on the cheek.
What have I gotten into now.
To be continued again.

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