Wife’s bff blows me and tells me about my wife cheating. Pt. 3 | cheating story from Annonymous5

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In the bldg where we lived, there were 3-4 really good looking young wives. I was talking to two of them by the pool one day and invited them in for some iced tea. I began working on using the Chinese method of hypnosis and soon had them under, in a deep trance. I was curious so decided to experiment. I asked if they liked sex and both said yes, very much, so I started suggesting they were very curious about kissing a girl. Both said they had tried it when in high school but hadn’t continued. I gave them over and over the suggestion that they were very curious about kissing a girl and playing with her tits and pussy. When I brought them up they were sitting very close together and soon began squirming a bit and looking at each other. I asked them if they would like to kiss and both said yes and began hungrily attacking each other’s mouths. I watched them suck each other’s tongue over and over then asked if they would like to see a girls pussy. Both said yes and soon had their shorts and panties on the floor, hungrily looking at each other’s pussy. I soon had the young blonde wife on her knees sucking hungrily at the brunettes pussy and in the door came K. She stood watching the girls take turns sucking each other and came over, setting on the couch with me. She began holding and stroking my cock which I had been playing with and asked if I knew my sweet young innocent wife also sucked girls pussies. I was very shocked and said no. She said she had seen her suck several girls while Joe, her boy friend, was fucking them.
She said Joe and her went to clubs to dance and would single out a couple Joe thought would swap with them. She said my wife would go out dancing with the husband and while dancing would reach down, stroking his cock. She said my wife really talked nasty to the husbands getting them really hot. Meanwhile, she said, Joewas rubbing his big cock against the young wife’s mound, and rubbing her hand up and down his cocktail tell the young wife how he wanted to fuck her. They usually went back to Joes house and when he would take the young wife into a bedroom, my wife would ask the husband if he wanted to watch his pretty, young wife get hotly fucked. If he said yes, which she said they usually did my wife took him into the next room, opening the peep hole and taking out the husbands cock begin sucking him off while he watched Joe fucking his pretty, young no longer innocent wife. K. Said my wife told her the husbands got hard watching their wives getting so hotly fucked and hearing them crying and moaning as Joe fucked them. K. Said my wife also liked to put her hot little ass hole down on the husbands cock and this really made the men hot as they had not usually fucked their wives in the ass before. She said sometimes my wife went into the bedroom and would hungrily suck the wife’s pussy knowing her husband had never seen that before.
After making me cum, K. Took the big dildo “Joe” out of her purse and would push it into one of the wives Prussia saying Joe is fucking your pussy, and Doesn’t it feel hot. She said the girls usually came quickly and returned to hugging and playing with each other’s pussy, making each other cum hard.
K. Asked if I would like to watch my wife being hotly fucked and see her eat a girls pussy? She said she knew as hard as I got hearing her tell about it, she knew his fucking my wife would drive me nuts. She repeatedly asked me to close my eyes and imagine seeing my wife’s sweet, innocent pussy being so hotly fucked. She said imagine my face right close to her pussy, and Joes huge cock sliding by my face going deeper into her pussy. She said to imagine I could hear her crying and begging Joe to fuck her harder. She said if I listened I could hear my wife telling Joe she wished I could see her being fucked so good.
She said she knew my wife had told Joe she wished I could watch him fuck her ass like he did, that she knew I would love to see her get ass fucked. K. Said my wife would always say she was pretending I was in a closet playing with my cock hungrily watching her suck off Joe and take his huge cock in her sweet married pussy. She knew I would love seeing this. Then K. Would ask if I had imagined watching Joe fuck my wife and did it make me chum seeing her tight young pussy being thrilled by him fucking her. I told K.I had imagined watching them fuck and had jacked off to this fantasy. K. Said “Good” and to keep it up. Because she wanted me to see me watch her fuck Joe while she sucked my cock. She asked if I had a large, “Joe” dildo I could fuck my wife with while asking her how Joe felt in her pussy. I said I didn’t so she left me hers as a loaner. But that is another story. She had me get the girls dressed and bring them out of their trance, then she said keep seeing my wife getting fucked and someday i would soon see the real thing. Then she left.
Later that night as I made love to my wife she kept asking me if I had any fantasy of seeing her fuck someone else? I always said no, but knew I was going to give in. But that is another story.

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