Wife’s bff blows me and tells me about my wife cheating pt 4 | cheating story from Annonymous4

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My wife and I went out for drinks after I came back from my trip. I was debating asking her about the things K had told me, but she began to be a bit fuzzy and was obviously getting drunk so I took her home and put her to bed. I started kissing her and playing with her small, firm breasts and then began to play with her pussy. She started really getting hot and rolling around saying oh god fuck me and please fuck me. I decided to see if she would give me an infrequent blow job and raising up started pushing my cock against her mouth. She started fighting , saying don’t make me suck it, don’t make me duck your cock. And as I pressed my cock more against her mouth she started saying don’t make me do it and don’t make me suck you Joe. I froze realizing she was imagining me to to be Joe, Ks boy friend. She pleaded don’t make me suck you Joe oh please don’t make me so I said open your mouth and suck it. She opened her mouth a little saying I don’t want to suck it Joe. Then she began really seriously sucking my cock. She stopped saying my husband mustn’t find out I sucked you and she sucked harder and harder so I asked her if she liked sucking my cock and she said oh god yes I love sucking your cock. Hen she began saying I can’t swallow your cum Joe it’s too much cum for me and at that i started shooting my cum into her mouth. She kept saying don’t make me swallow your cum, and as she swallowed she said oh god I can’ help it I love your cum in my mouth. I decided to push it so reached under the mattress pulling out the 10 inch dildo K had loaned me and when I pushed it against her pussys lips she started saying oh don’t fuck me again Joe I can’t cum anymore tonight. I asked her if she liked my cock and she said it was the best cock she had ever had in her pussy and she wished I could be there to see her getting so,sweetly fucked.Joe began rocking his dildo-cock deeper into her pussy and meanwhile finger fucking her ass hole. And she was begging him to fuck her. Now I was really hard as I knew my sweet, innocent young wife had truly been getting fucked regularly by Joe, Ks boy friend and god knows who,else. S she kept asking “Joe” to fuck harder and tell
his friend to fuck her ass hole harder. I cum like a fountain and as I lay there I knew my wife had betrayed me and our marriage.
The next day K and her red headed girl friend came over and I told them what had happened. K started sucking my stiffening cock like a mad woman, and putting me on my hands and knees the red head began tongue fucking my ass hole, and pouring lubricant into my ass hole. She smeared the lube around the edge of my ass hole asking me if that felt good. I told her it sort of did and suddenly with no warning, the red head pushed the dildo, now a strap on deep,into my ass. As she did K began sucking me harder and the red head said see this is how your sweet wife’s ass feels when Joe fucks het. How does it feel to be your wife and have Joe fucking you. I was surprised that it actually felt good and she said tell Joe to funk you harder and harder. She shoved the dildo,in deeper and I began cumming. Come on and cum, that’s what your wife does. Tell Joe you like his cock in your ass hole. Tell him. So as bad as I felt I said Joe fuck me harder, and cum again. The two of them said now see how good your wife feels with Joes cock,in her sweet, married ass hole. Are you sure you wouldn’t want to see Joe fucking her. Would you like to,tongue fuck your wifes ass after Joe fucks her. She would really like that. She said she wanted to watch you clean her pussy up,after Joe fucks her.
So you stay here at home jacking off and we will all will enjoy your wifes pussy. We get to listen to her tell Joe how he is the best fuck she has ever had, and you get left out.
Well, I soon went tomWest Africa to work on an assignment and after a couple of years my young wife returned to,the states, and we amicably divorced. I never understood what went over her and me during that weird time.