Wife’s bff blows me and tells me about wife cheating | cheating story from Annonymous

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My wife had a beautiful friend who, to me looked like a movie star. No exaggeration. When I met her she wore mink, had a huge diamond wedding ring, and drove a new Lincoln town car. She and I, to make it short, we’re soon fucking regularly. One day when my wife was working, this lady came over and soon she was giving me a great blow job. As she sucked she would stop,and talk dirty to me. One day she stopped sucking and as me if I had ever watched another man fuck my wife. I said no, but the next time she stopped sucking she said “I have.” I was floored. She then said she had watched her boyfriend fuck my wife silly several times while I was traveling.I had heard from my wife that K. (Her friend) had told my wife how he had a huge cock and really knew how to use it. How many times she came as he fucked her etc.She (K.) then told my wife one day how her boyfriend had said he would love to fuck my wife etc.K. Said my wife got really turned on and so one Saturday they went by his house to visit. K. Said he started kissing my young wife and squeezing he nipples so she was getting very hot, so K. Said she pulled out his cock and started sucking it while he kissed my wife.Then K. Said the pushed his cock over toward my wife who grabbed it and started sucking him off. K. Said she got up and left but secretly went into the next room and through a peep hole saw him undress my wife and he was soon buried in her tight young pussy. K. Said my wife moaned and screamed and shoved her pussy up to meet his downward thrusts. After that K. Said my wife went over there almost daily getting him to fuck her, especially fuck her in the ass.I never knew about this until later on when K. Told me. She went on and on describing how my wife loved his cock and every. Day I would be traveling my wife was getting her pussy plowed by his huge cock. K. Kept asking me if I wanted to watch him fuck her, but I declined.

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