Wife’s bff blows me and tells me about wife cheating. Pt. 2 | cheating story from Annonymous3

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The next day I was still in a little shock over what K. Had told me about my wife. She was so sweet and innocent, I never would have believed she let K. S boy friend fuck her.K. Came by the house while the wife was at work and asked if I had talked about it with my wife. I said no, not yet. As we talked she started stroking my cock and soon took it out, beginning to suck it. She looked up and asked if I knew why my wife fucks her boy friend?I said no, so she said she would tell me. She said she knew her boy friend really wanted to fuck my wife cause he asked her all the time if she thought my wife would let him. So while I was traveling, K. And my wife often went to the drive-in movies. That night K. Said she brought some wine so they could drink some and put a ton of ecstasy in my wife’s glass. She said my wife started getting hot flashes, and talking about sex things. So K said she leaned over and gently kissed my wife. My wife was quiet a minute and then said she had never kissed a girl, but it felt kind of good, so K said she kissed her again, only this time with lots of tongue. She said my wife started squirming and sort of moaning so K asked if she liked being girl kissed and my sweet young wife said yes it felt good. So K said she began kissing my wife and as she kissed her she began to rub her tits and even her pussy a little. She told my wife Joe (her boy friend) really wanted to fuck her and she knew my wife would love his big cock in her pussy. She said my wife was really getting hot from the drugs and her kisses so she reached into her purse, pulling out a large dildo about 10 inches long. She asked my wife to hold it telling her this was Joes cock she was holding. My wife started moaning and saying No Joe I can’t do this I am married. But K. Said she pulled my wife’s dress up and pulled her panties off in one yank.She pulled the seat lever letting the seat go back and down, and pushed my wife’s legs open displaying her soft warm pussy. K. Said she just sat there staring at my young wife’s pussy and she said she couldn’t take her eyes off of it. It looked so soft and warm, and she kept telling my wife you are letting Joe see your sweet, married pussy, and he really likes it. My wife kept saying No Joe don’t do this. And I can’t let you touch me there. But K. Said she started rubbing my wife’s pussy saying I am going to fuck you. To my wife.She put the head of the dildo against my wife’s pussy lips, saying see how big it feels.? You will love when I fuck you. She said she started pushing it in deeper and deeper saying your pussy is so tight,I have to go slow. Meanwhile my wife is moaning and saying It’s too big, take it out, I can’t take it. But K. Said she kept pushing it deeper into my wife’s pussy. K. Said the dildo was actually the top of a strap on, so she screwed it,on and began to slowly fuck my young wife going deeper each stroke. She kept saying Joe is fucking your sweet married pussy and you really like it don’t you? She said my wife kept thrusting her hot pussy up to meet his downward pushes and was soon groaning, saying oh god Joe is fucking me. And I’m being fucked so deep by Joe, I love it. Then K. Said, as she’s sucked and licked my cock, how hot she was getting watching my wife think Joe was fucking her. Finally she said she couldn’t stand it so she unscrewed the top of the strap on and went down sucking my wife’s tender pussy. K. Said she had never ate a girl but couldn’t resist my wife’s hot little pussy, so she licked and sucked while fucking my wife deep with the dildo. She said my wife exploded in a huge orgasm saying “Fuck me joe , fuck me with your wonderful cock.K. Said she knew then the suggestion was deep in my wife’s mind to let Joe have her pussy. She raised up and lowered her ass onto my cock and began rocking back and forth saying if I wanted to see Joe and my wife fucking I could. I couldn’t hold off and began filling her ass with cum all the while wondering what it would look like to,see my wife getting fucked so wonderfully. K. Must have read my mind cause she said “Talk to your wife and ask her to tell you how Joes cock feels in her pussy and her ass. She especially likes Joe fucking her ass hole.”K. Said she took my wife to our house and undressed her and as she lay there naked in bed, K. Said she started again sucking my wife’s hot wet pussy, and she swung around lowering her pussy over my wife’s face. She said she started rocking her pussy over my wife’s mouth and my wife, in her sleep, started to lick K. S pussy. Soon she said they had both cum again and fell asleep..K. Said close my eyes and imagine Joe fucking my wife and see how hot my wife’s pussy got when another man fucked her somdeep. I did and soon was cumming gallons into K. S mouth which she swallowed quickly. See how hot you would feel,seeing your wife get fucked by Joe. She then asked if I knew my wife liked to,eat pussy while Joe fucked her and I said no, but could she tell me about it? But that’s another story for another night.

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