Wife’s Niece Kalie Pt. 07

tagIncest/TabooWife's Niece Kalie Pt. 07

It's been about 2 months since the Corona virus started in CT, the first phase of reopening was just announced. Some businesses were able to open with many restrictions and the virus levels at least here seemed to be calming down.
Kalie, Emily & I have just celebrated Emily's first week living here. My bed was the focal point that week as we three made love almost every free moment we had. When I fucked Kalie I pleasured Emily at the same time and visa versa. Times when I was spent, they put on a show for me as they played with each others pussies.
Things changed the following week when my wife Annie called me on a video chat. Annie & I hadn't had time to chat for a few weeks, I assumed she was so busy at work, I thought she was calling to tell us she was coming back home.
Thoughts swirled in my head as I answered the call, so many thoughts. "If she comes home what do I tell her about Emily being here? How do I continue my relationship with Kalie & Emily? What about Annie, do I even want to have sex with her after what I've had the last 2 months? Can I get up the nerve telling her about Kalie, Emily & myself?"
The silence broke as Annie said, "Hey Billy how are you?"
"I'm doing good & you?" I asked.
"Is Kalie around?" she asked.
"No she is upstairs still," I said.
"We have to talk," she whispered.
"Ok what's up?" I asked, as I wondered what was going on.
"Well, uh this is tough for me, you see I have had some time to um think. I have been trying to tell you for several months now, I have been having an affair. I had time to be alone with him at the hotel and I decided I want to be with him. I love you Billy but to be honest I haven't been in love with you for a really long time," She told me as she paused.
"So what are you telling me, do you want a divorce? And just who is it you've been with?" I asked.
"Well you know Dr. Joe, he and I started seeing each other last year at the July 4th party at Dr. Steve's house, you remember I went alone since you had to price a big special order job for a customer? We hit it off that day and have spent every free moment together, which was difficult and very infrequent. But since Covid hit, we have had so much time to spend with each other. I'm sorry but I am in love with him. He's asked me to move in with him, after we divorce we are getting married. " she said.
"Ok so where does that leave me, I guess we have to figure out how we split things up?" I asked.
"I've already spoken to my attorney & you should be getting the paperwork any day now. Dr. Joe has his own house and between his & my incomes we won't want for anything. I want you to have the house, I won't need it anymore. You keep your car & motorcycle and I'll keep my car, we can split what little credit card debt there is, you keep your 401k & pension and I'll keep mine, lastly I want you to keep the money in the checking & savings accounts." she said.
"Well thank you for the house, since it is paid off I appreciate that, as well as the rest. I'll sign the papers when they come & I wish you the best, it's a sad day for me but I hope you'll be happy." I said.
As I sat there looking at the screen I held back the happy thoughts rushing through my mind, "now I don't need to tell her about the things going on here, Kalie will be happy, Emily could now have a permanent place to live if she wanted & most importantly I could have both girls without any guilt. But then quickly a shattering thing entered my mind, would Annie want to take her niece with her?"
"Billy one more thing, could you break the news to Kalie? I can't ask Joe to have her live with us, we are just starting out and when we get married I need time alone with him. Tell her maybe after a while I can ask him if she wants, but it's gonna be a while. Please can you find a way to tell her, I just can't do it?" Annie asked.
"Don't worry I'll do it, I'll tell her she can stay here for a while if she wants. This way she can have time to figure what she wants to do. I need to go now so I can figure how to break the news. Thanks for being honest with me and again I hope you are happy." I said.
"I am really happy, I'll call you in a few days so I can get my things. Thanks again for understanding." she said as she ended the video chat.
Going upstairs I entered Kalie's room finding Emily sitting there talking. As I entered I said, "I have to tell you two something, Kalie your aunt Annie just called and you'll never guess what she wanted."
Kalie looked up saying, "well what did she want, is she coming back home or something?"
"No she called to tell me she was having an affair and wanted a divorce." I said.
With at first a puzzled look Kalie then smiled and screeched out, "You mean we can finally be together like I mean together?"
"Yes after the divorce I won't technically be your uncle & the three of us can be together, at least if you want to live here Emily," I said.
Kalie spun around and said, "Em, you want to live here with us don't you?"
Emily putting her hand to her chin said, "Hmm let me think, hell yes."
Kalie hopped off the bed kissing me saying, "Oh this is going to be so great."
Kalie suddenly had a pouty look on her face and said, "uncle Billy when the divorce happens aren't we gonna lose the house?"
"No Kalie, your aunt is going to marry the doctor she has been seeing and told me I could keep the house she didn't want it. Oh and she asked me to tell you she couldn't take you with her." I said.
Kalie pushed me down on her bed, as I fell to it both Emily & her pulled my pants off and started kissing my cock & balls. Emily kissing and sucking my balls while Kalie kissed and ran her tongue up & down my shaft. Emily her mouth leaving my balls, stood up pulled her underwear down showing her beautiful bald black pussy. Lifting Kalie's head away from my cock she moved now hovering above my cock and lowered herself onto me. I felt my cock slide into her wet pussy as it descended down until her pussy lips met my pelvis.
Kalie moved and was now kissing me over and over her lips shivering as they touched mine parting from our kiss she whispered, "Once the divorce is over I want to marry you, marry you and have your babies."
"I want that too, but one question what about Emily?, I asked.
"I want her to be with us also, but I want to marry you I want you to be mine and Emily to be ours, is that ok with you?" She answered.
As Emily was above me pumping her pussy on my cock fucking me I looked at Kalie and said, "Yes I want that I want you to own me, but I still want to fuck her and watch you two together, I hope she wants that too."
Emily now fucking me harder and faster our talk had to stop, I turned away my face tightened and my cock started twitching as I shot my cum inside her, her pussy tightened around my cock squeezing out every last drop.
As Emily pulled herself off me, I got up still hard, spinning Kalie around I pulled her underwear off and my cock now above her pussy rammed inside her. I usually need time between to build myself back up but I assume this divorce thing was exciting me as my cock was rock hard again as it entered.
"Uncle Billy I didn't expect this so soon," Kalie said.
"Oh baby girl, you can call me Billy now, but I am so excited now I think my cum could shoot thru a steel wall," I said as we all laughed.
While I was still inside Kalie, Emily walked up behind me and I felt her spread my ass cheeks.
"What's going on back there?" I asked.
"You'll see," she said.
I heard a click and then a buzz as I felt a thin vibrator enter my ass, as she pushed it further I felt an arm that extended from it start vibrating against my balls. Pulling it ever so slightly out then back down, each downstroke the arm tickled my balls and my cock would twitch inside Kalie.
"Ooo Billy that feels so good," she said as the first downstroke caused my cock jump against the walls of her pussy.
Finally I couldn't take it anymore, I shot my cum inside my wonderful Kalie. I could see a smile on her face as each stream was being pushed inside her wonderful pussy.
Falling down into her, I pulled myself up and pulled my cock out saying, "God I love you two."
"We love you too," Kalie replied.
"Yea uncle Billy love you too," Emily answered back.
Two days later I was served with the divorce papers. I had already spoken to a lawyer, a woman my boss knew, and called her to inform her they were here. Having time that day, she asked me to bring them to her, asking if I could be there around 2 and I agreed to meet her.
Looking over the papers my lawyer said, "Billy, she is agreeing to you having a majority of your assets, if I were you I would sign these now and hope she doesn't change her mind before it's final."
I signed the papers right there on her desk and asked how long this might take since I wanted it just to be over.
"Well it usually takes a minimum of 3 months probably closer to 4, but if she changes her mind before it's final she may fight for more. With the closures I'm not sure how long it will take to be honest though." she answered.
"Ok well thanks," I said.
As I got home I told the girls what the lawyer said and we all decided to keep our relationship between just ourselves and lay low about it.
We kept our threesome quiet, continuing to sleep together for many weeks. Emily & I were both still working from home and Kalie kept up the house while we were both working. When nighttime came however we fucked, sucked & ate pussy like we were all in our 20's, now I know they are but me however felt like a new man, a new man living his 20's over again.
A month or so later a letter arrived from the courts, they had set a date for our case to be heard on video conference. I thought wow the date is just over 90 days from me signing the papers. I found out later Dr. Joe knew a few judges and I guess that must have gotten it on the docket quickly.
The day finally here, I sat in my lawyers conference room as Annie was with hers, the judge on camera briefly glanced over the papers saying, "well I see you two have agreed on everything I see." Turning his head towards Annie's monitor he asked, "are you sure you are willing to waive your potential rights to all of these things?"
Annie answered, "yes your honor I'm the one leaving and my fiancé has everything we need, so yes he should have and keep everything."
"Well seeing the agreement here I will make an order and the divorce will be final and sir congratulations your ex-wife has been very generous," he said as he slammed his gavel.
My lawyer turned off her monitor and told me, "That was one of the quickest and easiest divorces I have ever been involved with, I should get the paperwork maybe in a week but congrats your a free man now."
Entering our house I closed the door and screamed, "I'm free, girls I'm all yours now."
Kalie & Emily came running down the stairs Kalie jumping in my arms while Emily put her arms around both Kalie & me. Both girls kissed me over and over again as we held each other.
As we walked away Kalie kissed me and said, "I need to tell you something later." as she smiled and winked at me.
Kalie made dinner, a beef stew over broad egg noodles. She has become quite the cook, as she watched so many cooking shows as Emily & I worked from our home offices.
After dinner Emily cleaned up and Kalie & I sat on the couch.
"So what did you need to tell me?" I asked.
"First I love you," she said kissing me on the lips a brief soft kiss. "I think you might want to sit back but I'm late," she told me as she handed me a pregnancy stick showing she was carrying my baby.
"Your um your having a baby?" I asked.
"Are you happy, I wanted to wait until we got married, but are you happy?" she asked.
"I'm stunned but yes I'm happy," I said. "Emily did you hear, Kalie & I are having a baby!" I yelled proudly sticking my chest out.
You see I always wanted kids but Annie didn't want them, she said she did but she never did stop taking the pill so I always assumed she really didn't.
"I know who do you think held her hand as she waited to see the result, I'm jealous, I want one," Emily said as she pouted.
"Don't worry maybe Billy can give you one too, wow imagine that we could both raise Billy's babies together," Kalie shrieked as she yelled back.
Emily ran from the kitchen jumping in my lap saying, "uncle Billy would you give me a baby."
Thinking for a minute I said, "Well I could sure give it a try."
"I already have a baby in me, why don't you two go up and try making one," Kalie said as she pointed upstairs to the bedroom.
As if obeying her order, Emily and I held hands as we walked up the stairs and entered our bedroom. Emily not saying a word took her top off showing her breasts, her nipples already hard extending so far beyond her areolas. I took my shirt off as we stood silently, Emily walked towards me and we locked our lips together her tongue finding mine. Holding our kiss Emily pulled her shorts down exposing her wonderful pussy, dropping to my knees I spread her lips open and start licking her, first up and then down stopping to flick it against her clit.
Emily leaning back slowly lowered herself onto the bed, her legs spreading open allowing my face further in as put my tongue deeper inside her. I pushed it deep, as deeply as possible then slid a finger inside gently rubbing the inside walls of her vagina.
"Oh my don't stop uncle Billy," she cooed.
10 minutes later I would say, Emily's body tightened then relaxed as her pussy juices flowed her hips bouncing up and down with each wave of her orgasm. I gladly lapped up every last sweet drop she spewed out.
"God uncle Billy that was great," she said as she was almost breathless.
"Glad you enjoyed it and I'm no longer uncle Billy now, just Billy if you want to call me that," I said.
"No it's uncle Billy, at least when we're alone, I think it sound hot," she said.
"Uncle Billy will you make love to me now?" she asked.
As I stood up Emily slid up so she was now laying on the bed her legs spread open as if asking my cock to fill it up. Standing up, I took my pants and underwear off, as the material pulled away my cock sprang out, it made me so hard eating her pussy.
"Hmm looks like you really want me!, Emily said.
"You know it," I said.
As I put my cock to her pussy she spread her lips, I could see her wet pussy, it so needed a hard cock inside it. Pushing my hips towards her I slid it inside, she squeezed tightly causing it to suck my cock in even further. I pumped my cock in & out of her over and over for what seemed like hours, although was probably more like 15 minutes. I was squeezing my pelvis trying not to cum yet, but to no avail as I shot it all inside her, my cock jerking each time it shot my load.
Laying in bed together, my cock still inside her, I slowly rose up. Emily spun around on the bed her ass facing me and we spooned for a while, that was until after a bit she started rubbing her ass against my cock. I could feel the blood running inside filling my cock as it grew bigger & harder with each pulse until it was full and hard.
"Would you like to out that in my pussy or ass?" Emily asked.
Fucking either of their asses was never on the table or at least we never did, so of course I said, "I would love to fuck your ass please."
Raising up from our spooning position Emily bend down on the bed sticking her big round beautiful black ass in the air. I stood on the bed, positioning myself above her and slowly pushed my tip inside, her ass walls opening easily, putting my cock in. Pushing little by little I finally had all 6" inside. Pausing for a bit, as I savored the sensation I was feeling as it rested in her warm dark ass.
As I was bottomed out in her ass she said, "will you fuck me already, I want to feel it pounding in and out of me."
She didn't have to ask me twice, I started humping her ass, my cock ramming in and out as her ass was squeezing my cock. Each time I pulled up it squeezed harder as if trying to make sure it didn't pull out. It didn't take long to my dismay, when my cock, I assume from the excitement of fucking her ass, shot my load inside her.
After we both almost passed out and so much time went by, we fucked again then went downstairs to be with Kalie. Kalie patted a hand on each side of her and we both sat down.
Kalie putting her head on my shoulder whispered in my ear, "I can't believe I'm gonna have your baby, I love you Billy."
"I love you too Kalie, I don't have a ring yet," I said as I knelt down and finished "Kalie I know it can't be for a while yet but will you marry me?"
Emily jumping off the couch, her feet going up and down like she was running in place yelled, "answer him girl, say yes or I'll marry him myself!"
Kalie with tears running down her face answered, "yes Billy yes I'll marry you, I love you."
We embraced, as we did Emily put her arms around both of us saying, "Were gonna be such a happy family, Kalie her soon to be husband & me."
"Don't forget our babies once he gets you once his seed plants inside you too," Kalie sobbed.
We went upstairs and the three of us fucked all night until the sun came up finally falling asleep.

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