With my landlord aunty

With my landlord aunty
It happened in 2008, I was 25, working in Chennai at a multinational firm, and residing at Adyar. It was a individual house, with the landlord f****y on the ground floor, and me alone on the 1st floor. They were a Tamil f****y, parents Mohan (52) and Sudha (45) and daughters Vanita (25) and Harita (21) . Mohan was an executive with a big firm, heavy smoker and drinker; Sudha, his wife 5’4”, above average looks, a slightly dusky complexion and little plump for her age. Vanita was married and living with her husband in Bangalore. Harita was in her final year of university.
After I moved in into their house, my relationship with everyone was quite cordial. Because of Mohan’s drinking habit, he and Sudha fought very often, and their relationship was not that great. My room was on the first floor, and the entrance to it was outside. The staircase leading to my quarters was right next to the window of Mohan and Sudha’s room. On occasions when I returned late in the night, I could quite clearly hear their humping while having sex and also an earful of Sudha’s dirty language (Its really sexy when nice women talk dirty!!). The windows were closed, so I could only listen to the fun. From her voice, I understood that Sudha was a tigress in bed and Mohan could not often keep up with her.
8 months later, Mohan had a severe heart attack and he passed away. His relatives didn’t attend the funeral, and I helped them a lot. Since Mohan was in a very high position, they received a very good sum as insurance and they didn’t money to take care of the f****y. Even after 2 months, Sudha was still depressed. After much persuasion, I convinced her to work part-time at my friend’s company, just to pass the time. After she started working, she gradually began to move on with her life. Nonetheless she was still a tad depressed, and I understood only later why that was the case. Once when I was going to my room upstairs, I heard her voice, saying those dirty words. She was lamenting less about her husband, and more about how she had nobody to fulfil her needs and passion.
For her birthday, I gifted her laptop and taught her how to use it, created an email account etc… She was very happy with the gift and thanked me a lot. I created a fake email id and caught her while she was on yahoo messenger. I identified myself as a 50 year old widow from Bangalore. Since she thought I was a woman, she chatted freely with me. Over the next few days, out topic was more about sex.
Me (posing as 50 year widow): Sudha, how do you meet you physical needs?
Sudha: What do you mean? I am a widow, I have to control them
Me: I am a widow too, and I do not control them, but satisfy them fully.
Sudha: Do you use a dildo or something for that??
Me: LOL… No I use my nephew… I seduced my nephew who stays at my house, and he fucks me all day long, and even at nights like a whore. He treats me like a whore and I love it. I am his slut, and he’s my master. He fucks my mouth, pussy and ass… It’s great to be fucked by a younger boy. Why don’t you try it?
Sudha: (Shocked). What are you saying?? What happens if people know about it?
Me: No one will know as long as it is inside the house. Do you have a nephew or any other boys in your f****y that you trust?
Sudha: No… There is a young man who is my tenant.
Me: Seduce him…
Sudha: What?? No… That is impossible; he is a very nice guy and will never accept such bad relations.
Me: Do not worry; all men are hungry for pussy, especially free pussy. I will train you how to do it.
And then I outlined a series of steps to her, to attract a guy. I also sent her some links of sex stories to give her some ideas. Now I had to wait for the game to begin.
Over the next few days I deliberately avoided Sudha, saying I was quite busy. I knew that she wanted to try her new seduction techniques on me. I just wanted to get her all heated up. After 2 weeks, she invited me over to lunch, her daughter were out. My jaws dropped as I entered the house. She was wearing nice make-up, for the first time after her husband’s death, and d****d in a fully transparent yellow sari, low neck sleeveless blouse that accentuated her ripe melons, and a low hip sari. Her sari was so tight fitting that when she turned around, I just wanted to pounce and bite her ass. I never imagined that she could get so provocative and sexy, and I immediately got a hard on. I controlled my emotions and decided to tease her some more.
I commented on her good looks and she blushed. She then asked me a lot about my life, girl friend. I lied to her and said that I had a really sexy and mature girlfriend. She was expecting something from me, but I simply thanked her for the dinner and left. I could see the disappointment in her face. To play a little more with her, I told her that she would look more beautiful in western outfits such as Tank tops, mini gowns etc…
To please me, she bought all these within the next week, and she came around to my room to show her new dresses. She was now really a sex bomb, and it was very hard to control my urges, but I somehow controlled them. To tease her, I told that I only meant as a joke for her to wear all these, and she took me my joke seriously. She was angry with me, and immediately left the place. To soothe her, I apologized to her and asked if she would help me with some shopping. She happily agreed.
That evening I had a great ride with her on my bike, she was sitting behind me and I applied brakes every time so that her boobs crushed against my back. It was driving her crazy. I told her that I was buying some stuff for my girlfriend, and we bought a sexy waist bracelet, hot inner garments, and a really sexy sari.
On the way back, I gave her an even bumpier ride that her boobs were literally touching my back all along the way. When we reached me home, she directly told me, Arvind I love you and want to be with you. I acted innocently and asked what she meant. She said that she was crazy about me, and wanted me to be her lover. I stubbornly refused and told her that such things are not acceptable in our society and left the room.
I decided that I had teased her enough. So I stealthily went to her room, and placed a gift box, with all the objects that I purchased for my fake girlfriend. After she saw my gift, she understood the game that I was playing with her. She came into my room, and gave me a hard slap for teasing her so badly. I apologized and told that by tomorrow it would 1 year of my staying in this house, and that I wanted to coincide my first anniversary her with our first night together. She was very happy with this news. I had already decorated my bedroom with flowers for the special occasion tonight.
She dressed up in all the new clothes and came to my room at 11PM after her daughter had slept. She entered the bedroom dressed like a new bride.
Me: Aunty, you are very beautiful
Sudha: Do not call me aunty, I am your wife from now on, a wife who fulfils each and every need of my young husband, pls call me Sudha
Me: Sudha, I waited so long for this
Sudha: Enna kaaka vakatheengi, evalo naala naa yengaran theriyuma. Seekaram vandha en pundaya kizhinga, unga poola’kaka naan yengi thavikiran (Come on my dear husband, do not waste any more time, I have waited forever. Fuck me as hard as you can, and rip my pussy apart with your pole)
Me: (Avasara padadha di, en thevidiya pondatti. Un kooda konjam velayada poran, nee yenna poola kaka kenjanam, adhuka apparam dhan unna okka poran) Not so fast, my slutty wife Sudha, I am going to play more with you and make you beg for my dick, only then will I fuck you.
Sudha took my hand and placed it on right boob, and she started pressing my hand, and in turn my hand was pressing her boob. She started moaning. I placed my left hand on her lips and felt and rubbed her lips. She started to suck my finger, with another hand playing with her boobies. I then removed my finger from her mouth and replaced it with my lips. We started slowly, I brushed my lips against hers, and she parted her lips in response. We continued kissing for 10 minutes, we started with the lips and I gently inserted my tongue into her mouth and started to explore her mouth. It was a wonderful sensation; she fully coordinated with my tongue movements and used her tongue to play with mine. We continued our tongue play for the next 15 minutes, tongues locked and our bodies pressing against each other. I kissed her on face and lips hundred times and told her that was my dream come true. She blushed.
I then moved below, and unhooked her blouse and bra. My tongue started teasing the tip of her nipple, and Sudha’s body was shivering under me.
Me: Sudha, un kai super’a irruka da, pal panna madhiri iruka.. Idhala irundha pal kudikarthaka kudutha vachirikaanum (You have amazing milk jugs and one day I would love to taste all her milk)
Sudha: Elammey ungalaka dhan ga, neenga edha venna sejinkanga, anna seekaram…mmm (It is all your private property, it would be my pleasure to treat my young husband)
I then started to press her boobies…
Sudha: Velayada nadha podhum… seekaram adha saapadanga…. Nalla nakkanga, nalla sappanga, nalla kadinga (Enough playing with your fingers, pls lick it, suck it and bite it)
I put my mouth on her nipples, although I started slowly, I ended up biting her breasts in excitement once in a while and she was writhing in a mixture of pain and pleasure. I was sucking the right one as I was simultaneously playing and kneading the left one with my hands.
When I was fully satisfied with the right boobs, I automatically switched to the other. The excitement was starting to build in Sudha. My hands were now exploring her bare back, and she wrapped her hands around my torso and pulled me even closer. After satisfying myself with her milk jugs, I reached down and raised her petticoat all the way up and placed my finger on the waistband of Sudha’s panties. I could feel that her cunt was already wet and was overflowing with juices from all this excitement.
Sudha: Amma, ennala thaanga mudila… podhum, seekaram enna kuthanga (Oh, I am dying here, that’s enough teasing… pls fuck me soon)
Me: Iru dee thevidiya punda, rasika rasika dhan rusi adhigam aagum (Stop it you slut… the slower you enjoy, the more delicious it becomes)
I didn’t want to waste any of these delicacies. So I positioned myself firmly in between her legs. Now I targeted her clit, and sucked it deep inside her clit. I started licking and biting her clit, she got had an orgasm. Her legs were shivering with pleasure; her whole body started trembling in state of ecstasy. She was just screaming and groaning, yes my love keep doing it. I like it the way you eat my cunt. Sudha’s pussy was like fountain and every now and then squirting sweet cunt juice which I was swallowing. I kept nibbling her clit for the next half hour; I pushed my one figure inside her cunt. She loosened her grip from my head, so I was thinking that now she is going to release me. In all this pleasure, she was still not satisfied as I did not give her the ultimate gift: my cock. She was begging me to stop playing with her pussy and start fucking her.
I now got on top, and placed my cock at the tip of her pussy. I pressed hard and my penis entered her vagina and rammed against her vaginal wall and she gave out a loud shrill. Her vaginal walls were making wave movements as the sensation in her were raising. These waves were continuously pressing my penis and causing a sensation in me. I bit hard on her nipples and took turn to kiss on her lips and her cheeks. Now I slowly raised my hips and bringing my penis out of the vagina and against with full f***e rammed it into her and she shouted my name. Now I was ramming her in and out like a machine for fifteen minutes and cum was flowing out of us both like river and thereafter I reached my climax and ejaculated loads and loads of sperms into her wonderful reservoir. We were in tight embrace for another hour. My penis had gone limp but still was inside Sudha’s cunt as we held each other very tightly without any gap between our bodies.
We were so exhausted that we spent the next few hours in deep slumber. When I woke up the next morning, Sudha was not there. I went to do my morning ablutions and I heard water running in the bathroom. I knocked and Sudha opened the bathroom door half naked. She asked what I wanted. I told that I wanted my hot wife’s ass, which I did not taste yesterday night. She blushed and let me in, and we had another great romp in the bathroom.
Later I told her that it was me who had chatted with her as a woman. She was initially shocked to learn that, but she said that she was quite glad that it was nice of me to handle in such a delicate way rather than forcing her directly. She thanked me for that.
Now I and Sudha had fully become lovers, and I was still helping her and her f****y like I always did (in a different way. Now she started wearing really sexy clothes at home, including fancy bras and panties whenever her daughter was out, and we fucked everywhere in all kinds of position. But it did not last long as her daughter started doubting why her mother was dressing so weirdly, especially since she was a widow. I hope you people enjoyed this story.

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