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I continue from where I left off in the last story. As long as my wife was in her parents place for her delivery, I and my mother had regular sex. Many a time we slept together on my bed since my bedroom was comfortable with an AC. After having sex once or twice every night we went to bed and slept nude. Early in the morning mother woke up by 5 and sucked my cock to orgasm while I was half asleep. She then went about her works while I slept till 8. Then I woke up and got ready for office. We had sex – mostly oral in the evening after I returned from the office. She used to be ready with tea and snacks and we had light sex along with tea in the evening. Afterwards we had dinner and it was back to bed. This was our routine for about three months till my wife returned and I must have had sex with my mother – I mean fucked her at least a hundred times in these three months. I am not including orgasms I had outside her cunt.

Anyway after my wife came back with the baby, mother stayed on for a few days but since my wife was always around, we could not fuck. My wife was not yet ready for sex and my mother was not available because of my wife’s presence so I was thoroughly frustrated, especially since I had stopped masturbating. I got my mother to suck me off quickly on 2 or 3 occasions when my wife was asleep but it was tense. It would have been disastrous if my wife had walked in and seen my mother and me having sex.

Soon mom went back to our home town and I resumed sex with my wife, but I often fantasized that it was my mother that I was fucking. After a child, my wife’s cunt was of similar size and texture as that of moms and it was easy to close my eyes and pretend I was fucking my mother.

It was after a few months like this that we decided to go to my hometown on a 15 day visit with my wife and child. It was December and winter. My hometown is in the hills and it was really cold there. When we arrived we were greeted normally by mom and dad. I looked at mom deeply to see whether she remembered our sexual encounters of 6 months ago. But she behaved very normally and showed no signs of what happened between us. I was really horny because of the weather and the memories of my sex with mom but anyway we had dinner and went to bed. I was really hard and my wife was surprised that I had sex with her continuously for 4 times in a matter of 2 hours. She even asked me about it but I said the weather was cold and it was romantic, but there were other reasons.

Almost a week passed like this. Every single day I had sex with my wife at least 2 or 3 times. But somehow I was still hard and shooting my juice inside my wife’s cunt may have emptied my balls but it was not very satisfying. I was already planning how I can, in this house where my wife and father were also there all the time; I can enter my mothers cunt once again. I came up with several ideas including taking her out for a day. When I got a chance, I touched her tits or ass and squeezed them. She neither objected nor responded, so I was not sure how I should carry this ahead. But I was sure of one thing. Before leaving, I had to have real good sex with my mother at least once, in all ways – fuck, oral and mutual masturbation. I couldn’t think of any way to do it. Once when dad had gone to the market and my wife was bathing mom was in the kitchen. I grabbed her from behind and kissed her lips. Sliding my hands down the front of her saree, down her petticoat and panties. I reached her cunt and was trying to find her hole with my finger when the bathroom door opened. So I withdrew in a hurry. But mom’s response to my act was not discouraging. She also kissed me and rubbed her cunt against my hand, so I was happy.

But there was no other chance. The time came when we had to leave. We were leaving the next morning. And I could not bring myself to leave without having a full course of sex with my mother. There was no other way. I felt that if I left without hosing my juice in my mother’s cunt I will regret forever.

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As usual, that night I had sex with my wife 3 times, each time ejaculating in her cunt. By then it was 1 in the morning so she turned over and went to sleep. But I still had an erection, which only my mother could bring down. I lay awake till 2:30. My wife was deeply asleep. She never wakes up once she sleeps. Then I woke up and went to my parents’ room. Both of them were soundly sleeping. Dad was on the other side, snoring. Mom was on the side near the bedroom door. She was in a saree, sleeping deeply. I was wearing just a towel. I went and sat near her and slowly pulled her blanket up and slid inside. I was tensed up thinking what would happen if dad woke up because there was a night lamp in the room. But I needed that special cunt urgently. I was now inside mom’s blanket. I could feel her warmth. I had no patience so I immediately started feeling her belly and slid my hand down her saree front trying to reach my goal. She woke up and realized what was happening.

She didn’t panic. She whispered in my ear, “I want you too but dad is just one foot away. Think of what will happen if he wakes up. Think of what will happen if your wife wakes up”

I said, “I am sure nobody will wake up ma. For the past 15 days I have been pouring semen inside my wife’s cunt imagining it is yours. I must have fucked her over 50 times but I am still hard. Before I leave I need to do it with you. I cannot go without wetting your insides with my love juices. I know you want it too. And I cannot lose my hardness without squirting inside you”

“But what about your dad?”

“He will not wake up. We will do it quietly. Or do you want to come out and do it elsewhere? I will be fast. I just want to ejaculate in your cunt. And in this condition I will take hardly 5 minutes.”

”I want you too my son. You know, I started masturbating again after I returned from your place. And 3 days back when you touched me on my cunt 9in the kitchen, I masturbated 5 times.”

“Mom, I want your choot”

“Take it. But be quiet.”

“And can I taste you once?”

“Anything you want but are quick and are quiet”

I have heard of rock hard cocks and steel hard erections, but I have never really had them The fact that I was about to fuck my own mother when my father was sleeping just a foot away and my wife in the other room gave me one of the hardest erections I have ever had. I was afraid my cock would burst. I slid downwards inside the blanket. Mom raised her saree and petticoat for me. I peeled down her panties and sniffed at her cunt. I licked it and slid my tongue inside. I licked her cunt and clit all over for about five minutes when she stiffened. I realized she would cum if I continued so I crept upwards and kissed her lips, sharing her cunt juice. We didn’t talk after that. I pushed her down on me. She peeled back my foreskin and sucked my cockhead. When I though I would explode, I pulled her up and made her nude. I kissed and licked all over her body.

Soon she pulled me on top of her and I slid into her easily. I must have pumped her 5-6 times and I shot a huge huge load inside her. Had she been 15 years younger, I am sure the load of semen would have impregnated her. I lay quietly and had sex with her two more times, much slowly. After the third time my erection finally subsided and I became limp. I kissed her deeply and quietly went back to my bedroom. Dad was sleeping blissfully all the time. The whole encounter had taken over one hour and the time was 3:45. I went back to my bed and slept deeply.

I woke up in the morning at about 5:00 with an erection and had sex with my wife once. She was half asleep and not very responsive but I was satisfied and became limp. We left the next morning. Before leaving, mom took me aside and told me, “This morning I don’t know why, but your dad woke up and had sex with me at 5:00 in the morning. I was still dripping with your semen but he thought I was aroused. This is the first time it has happened in years”

“I will visit you more often now mom”, I said, “I need that cunt more regularly now”

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