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I had just got a job in a bank in Bangalore and to celebrate it I and my parents were supposed to go on a trip to Delhi. My father works in Chandigarh and had come on a few days leave. I had to join duty on Monday and today was Wednesday. We had booked tickets for Delhi the next day morning, but suddenly father received a call from his office. There was some crisis and he had to rush back. Before leaving he said “Son, you proceed to Delhi with your mother. I will join you later if possible.”

So the next morning father left for Chandigarh and my and my mother left for Delhi. We reached Delhi in the afternoon and settled down in a comfortable hotel in the Co naught Place area. We had our lunch and since the weather was pleasant, we went out for some shopping and came back to the room by 9 in the evening. We ordered for a room dinner and having had our dinner, we sat down to watch some TV. Since the rooms were big and comfortable and since dad wasn’t there we had taken just one room.

After watching TV till 11, my mother said that she was sleepy and wanted to change and go to bed. I must describe my mother here now. She is 5’2” and weighs about 50 kgs. She is very fair and has long hair. Her figure is something like 34c-30-36 and I am her only son. I am 22 and she is 41. I have always looked upon her as my mother but today, being alone in a room with a single bed in a strange city, I was aware of her as a woman. Since she didn’t have any inkling of what I was feeling, she was changing as usual. Her back was towards me and as the TV was on the other side she thought my back was towards her too. But I was watching her as she was changing. She didn’t turn back. She took of her saree and her blouse and petticoat. She put on her nighty and then took off her bra and peeled off her panties. By the time she turned back I was watching TV again. She went to bathroom to brush and came back and said, “It’s nearing midnight, and shouldn’t we sleep?”

I agreed and went to the bathroom myself and brushed. I was feeling a little hot so I bathed and noticed I was hard. Anyway I washed myself thoroughly and came out wrapped in a towel. Mom was on bed reading a novel. I also fell on the bed in the towel. Mom asked “Are you not changing into your night clothes?”

“No Mom, I said, It’s warm and I feel more comfortable this way”

Soon, she asked me to turn on the lights, which I did and the AC was turned on to full. We talked for sometime in the darkness about several things and then fell silent. I am not sure if she was asleep, but I was uncomfortable. Here I was, now nude, with a hard cock between my legs, and my mother was less than a foot away from me. True she was my mother, but it was also true that she had something which could bring down my erection which was getting uncomfortable. I took my cock in my hand, opened the foreskin and started masturbating, but it wasn’t really enjoyable. I tried for over half an hour to get some relief but couldn’t. Though there was a night lamp in the room, I was rubbing myself vigorously because mom was asleep – or that was what I thought. Ultimately I gave up.

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After sometime, I felt my mother turning towards my side. “Finished?” She asked.

I was shocked, “What”

“You were doing something”

“Yes, I couldn’t sleep.”

“But I didn’t see any results. You have any problems?”

“I don’t know mom. Normally I ejaculate in less than three minutes. I don’t know what happened today”

The moment I said that, I realized that I and my mother were discussing my masturbation lying in the dark.

She was lying facing me and was very near I could feel her warmth. She was in her nighty and me nude. The light was dim but it was enough to show an outline of my erect cock. It happened so naturally, I turned towards her and we were now facing each other lying on our sides. I touched her cheek slowly and moved my fingers to her lips. Trying to insert my finger into her mouth I pried her lips apart. Also I put one of my legs on her nighty covered leg.

“What are you trying to do Adarsh?” She asked in a normal voice.

“You said you didn’t see any results mom. Want to see it now?”

“Adarsh, you are 22. I am your mother. You know what sex is. You also know it gives immense pleasure both to man and woman. But a son enjoying sex with his mother is not possible”

“Who can have sex mother?”

“A man can have it with a woman”

“And I am a man and you a woman. Right?”

“That’s not a correct argument Adarsh. Yes, I am a woman, you are a man. Sleeping near you in this condition arouses me a lot. You are also hard and ready to have sex. If you see me up close you will see that I am also wet and ready to have sex. But it cannot be done because we are mother and son”

“Mom if you can give me a clear reason why you and I cannot have sex now, I won’t. Otherwise I will”

“Son, I can give you a hundred different reasons why we can have sex now but except that I am your mother I have no reasons to give you why not to have sex”

“Then give me one reason why we can have sex”

“Because I want your cock in my wet cunt right now. That’s why”

This drove me mad. I pounced on her and took of her nighty. Neither of us could wait. I mounted her and my cock was inside her in a second, deep inside. I didn’t pump for a long time. Then she slowly raised herself. Kissing her lips and nipples, I started fucking. Soon she came. I came too deep inside her.

We had sex 3 more times that night. The next morning Dad arrived and we had to postpone our next sexual session to another day.