With skin the color of milk chocolate, the deepest brown eyes, and sexy African featu

The restaurant was lovely I thought, as I walked through the doors with my husband Mujib in tow. We had never been before but it was my birthday and what I wanted.
The interior was dark, dimly lit, and beautiful. Our table seemed to be somewhere in the middle of the open floor space. I liked that my skirt and top complimented the decor.
My hubby wore a black on black Brooks Brother suit that looked like it was tailored specifically for his 6ft plus inch, broad frame.
With skin the color of milk chocolate, the deepest brown eyes, and sexy African features, and his hair cut low showing a his deep waves; I could understand why the women inside the restaurant were turning from their dates to get a glimpse or two.
The hostess led the way to our table while Mujib took my hand in his. I did not mind at all as I followed him; I reveled in the fact that he desired me enough to be affectionate in public.
We had been seated at the table for less than ten minutes. Mujib had pulled at his tie for the third time. I wondered if it were choking him from being too tight.
“Do you want me to help you with that?” I asked him, as I took a sip from my glass of wine. It was delicious but also very strong.
Mujib watched me with those dark sexy eyes that had ensnared me from the very first time that I had seen them. I’d gazed into them from across a crowded elevator and knew without a doubt that I would never be able to deny him anything.
His smile was a bit mischievous as he picked up his drink and took a sip. I watched him and my nipples hardened. He had the most delectable lips. The way they settled on the glass made me feel jealous, the way he licked them right after he swallowed made my sex wet and my clit throb.
“That’s good,” he said, sitting his glass back down, and breaking the spell that had fallen over me. Voices from the restaurant all came back into focus, speeding everything up for me again.
Mujib didn’t answer my question, but he did loosen his tie some more.
At some point while we ate and talked, I don’t know where he pulled it from but he slid my gift onto the table to me. It was wrapped in burgundy paper and had a black bow on it. It was so cute I almost didn’t want to unwrap it.
“Just what I wanted,” I told him as a wide grin split my face upon seeing the e-reader that I had dropped tons of hints about for weeks. He had even put some books on it for me.
As I skimmed through the titles; I was surprised to find that more than a few were about ménages, but then I thought, he did know what I liked to read.
I thanked him with a soft kiss and a promise to do better once we were home alone.
In the car on the ride home; I noticed that Mujib kept sneaking glances at me. I finally had to ask him what it was about. Was there something on my face?
He told me no, that he was just admiring my beauty. I thought I was cute with a bistre-brown skin tone, large expressive brown eyes, or so I had been told, a head full of soft hair kept in an afro style surrounding a heart shaped face.
Mujib really knew how to soften me up. I laughed because he had that lusty look in his eye that told me he couldn’t wait to get me home to do all the naughty things he could think of to me.I couldn’t wait either.
As soon as we were inside our door I noticed the red rose petals that led all the way up the stairs. I assumed they led all the way to our bedroom. A few lit and scented candles and a huge bouquet of fragrant red roses, sat on the small end table to the right of the door.
It was all so beautiful and smelled so nice.
I turned to Mujib and literally attacked him. Being much shorter than him at 5 ft 6 inches; I still slammed him into the door and began to undress him.
He took both of my hands in his as he whispered in my ear while picking me up.
“Let’s take this upstairs.”
“Upstairs? But I want—
He cut me off by kissing me again.
What I wanted was to do him right in the middle of the floor on top of the rose petals.
He opened the door to our room and sat me down on my feet. The first thing I noticed were the scented candles that were lit around the room.
He went over to our IPod dock and pushed some buttons. Soft, classical music filled our bedroom.
“Turn around,” he said to me in his Dom voice. The voice that made me whimper, come on command, scream, and obey without thought.
My heart raced as I thought of what he had up his sleeve tonight. He would tie me up, I was willing to bet. I hoped he was in a rough, kinky mood, because I sure was.
“Drop the skirt,” he said when I faced our bed, and away from him.
I unzipped my skirt and slid out of it. As it fell to the floor, I kicked it across the room.
“What next?” I turned to look at him.
“Face forward,” he snapped. Immediately I did what he asked me to. I couldn’t see what he’d been doing anyway, but his voice made my anticipation that much greater.
Underneath my skirt I wore a black silk garter that I knew my plump ass looked good in.
“Damn,” I heard from behind me, feeling a little tap on my ass. I bounced it some, hoping he spanked me tonight as well.
“Alright enough,” he said to me. “Take off the top.”
I removed my top quickly, tossing it across the room.
“The bra next,” he said, and then I took it off too.
Finally, I was naked from the waist up. His large hands came up around my hershey’s kisses. That’s what he called my medium sized melons with their dark chocolate colored tips.
His hands felt great as they grabbed me, but something about their hold made me freeze where I stood.
I knew Mujib’s hands and the ones cupping my breasts right now were not his.
Before I could move my head to get a look at them; Mujib dictated for me to keep my eyes straight ahead. His voice came from somewhere close behind me.
My heart beat outrageously as the body that the hands belonged to inched closer to me. This is not my husband, I thought. I knew it as sure as I could feel the dusting of chest hair against my back, along with the scent that did not belong to Mujib.
My mind raced as I began to pull away from whoever he was.
“Don’t move,” Mujib barked at me.
My body went completely still.
The hands that cupped me gently, easily held me in place, while his two thumbs and forefingers rolled over my nipples in a way that sent electric currents right into my pussy. I had to bite my lip to stop from crying out at the sensations.
“Wh-what is going on?” I stuttered out to my husband.
Mujib walked over to me and gave me a glass of wine. He looked down at me as I looked back up at him. All of the heat in the world that I could need was reflected in his gaze. I couldn’t do anything less than respond to it as I downed some of the bittersweet liquid.
He took the empty glass from me as he bent his head and took my mouth in a hot and passionate kiss.
I reached up to wrap my arms around him, but as soon as my hand-covered breasts touched his chest; I was jerked back to reality. I looked down in that instant; forgetting Mujib’s order for me not to. The hands covering me were white; large and white.
I couldn’t stop the gasp that escaped my throat.
I looked back up at Mujib. He grinned as the male behind me laughed a little; the sound of which was deep and sexy.
“This is your birthday. Hmm?” Mujib queried, as he went down onto his knees in front of me.
“Y-yes,” I answered, watching him.
“So, I’m giving you what you want,” he told me. His hands moved to the crotch of my panties. He ripped them with one firm tug.
“What you really want.”
He was talking about a ménage. I had never in my life dreamed of telling Mujib about my damn ménage fantasy. We played around in bed of course, but opening my mouth to say that I wanted to do him along with another guy, No fucking way!
My heart skipped beats just thinking about it.
My mind burned trying to process the information I’d just been given.
As my husband’s lips touched my neatly trimmed pussy, I unconsciously leaned back into the broad chest that wasn’t his.
The stranger’s fingers started to caress me, where moments before they had only been holding.
Mujib’s hands moved up my legs while the other set of hands started to move down my sides and I started to lose it.
Mujib began to suck my clit lightly, like he had all day or the rest of his life. I was ready to come so fast it made my head spin. But, I couldn’t. Not with another man’s hands on me. Mujib and I hadn’t talked about this.
“B-baby–St-stop .Pl-please” I pleaded, pushing at Mujib’s head and mouth, when it was the last thing that I wanted to do.
I opened my eyes and looked down at him. He looked back up at me.
“Touch her,” he said to whoever was holding me.
A foreign hand moved down my body. His fingers slid through my wet and heated sex until he found my clit. He rubbed it in circles.
I turned my head to face away from Mujib while I tried to get my bearings from the way the stranger made me feel.
“No. Look at me,” Mujib commanded, while the fingers circling my clit began to dip in and out of me. They felt so good.
Mujib’s eyes were as filled with arousal as I knew mine must have been.
“I love you,” he said to me. “I’ll do anything for you– including giving you the fantasy you’re too afraid to tell me you want.”
“Enjoy this tonight.” he said.
Emotion swelled inside of me. I had already felt like the sun set and rose on him; that he was so perfect. I couldn’t have ever asked for, wished, wanted, gotten, anyone more perfect to love me.
“I don’t know if I can,” I admitted to him, as I managed to still the expert hand that toyed with my pussy, keeping me on the brink of orgasm.
Mujib stood up towering over me again. “I know you want this, but I won’t make you do something you’re uncomfortable with.”
I didn’t even know how to say what I needed to him.
“Look at me,” he said to me, softly this time.
I lifted my eyes to his face again.
“I want you to have the best birthday ever. I want you to be satisfied sexually,” he continued when I just looked at him with wet eyes.
“I am satisfied,” I told him truthfully.
“I know you are,” he smirked. “That’s why I’m okay with letting you have this. And I’m being selfish, some. It’s been a fantasy of mine to watch you get fucked by another man, too.” He winked at me.
The hands holding me started to once again plunge into my sex and circle my clit, with even more enthusiasm. I barely managed to get out the question before I detonated for him, the stranger.
“Can I come?” I begged my husband.
“It’s your birthday. Come as often as you like,” Mujib smiled, going back to the floor where he took over for the hand that was still invading my pussy, further toppling me into an earth shattering release. It felt as if the floor had come out from underneath me and I was floating.
Mujib didn’t stop even though I felt like the intensity of my orgasm was going to break me. The stranger’s hands on me, combined with what Mujib was now doing, had me ready to come again while my sex had only just stopped clenching and pulsing, like it was trying to suck air. It was bad enough that Mr. Muscles behind me had to hold me up. My body trembled against his.
“Oh,” Mujib stated, as he pulled his lips away from my second set, just as I was about to come for the second time. His movements loosened the grip my hand had on the back of his head.
When had I done that? I could barely think straight.
“There is one thing,” he continued.
“Wh-what?” I questioned.
I looked down at him feeling impatient because I knew that tone. He used it whenever he wanted me to play by his rules or he would do the one thing to me that I couldn’t to him, deny me. I was not in a playful mood right now. I wanted his mouth on me. I needed to come.
“Do you know who he is?” Mujib asked me.
The stranger? I shook my head, no.
“Do you want to guess?” he then asked me.
“No I don’t,” I responded.
“Who do you want it to be then?”
There was no way in the hell any name was coming out of my mouth.
“Were not going to get anywhere if you keep denying everything,” he affirmed to me, as he gently tapped my clit with a finger. He leaned in to pull my clit into his mouth to suck on it as a means of torturing me. He pulled away far too soon.
“Just tell me who you think he is. And if you’re right I’ll let him get down here and finish the job on your pretty little pussy.”
Not buying it. “What if I don’t know who he is?” I asked Mujib.
“Then you can go to sleep– just like this,” he stated instantly.
His words pissed me off and I opened my mouth to tell him what he could do with this stupid gift.
Before I could make my reply he spoke first.
“Be careful Nev. I know how bad you need to come.”
No. This definitely would not be the first time that I cursed him out because he was teasing me to frustration and worse. His warning reminded me just what he would do when I finished my tongue lashing. He would do what he always did; take his hands off of me, turn out the light, roll over and go to sleep, hard-on and all while leaving me burning to the point that even my own hands weren’t enough to put out the fire that he’d lit inside me.
While I heeded his warning by taking deep breaths to try and calm down, he pulled two of my fingers through my drenched sex, and then he fed them over my shoulder into a mouth that made a big deal out of sucking and licking them clean.
“He’s hungry baby,” Mujib said, crushing any and all willpower that I had left.
“Kellan,” I said breathlessly. My heart was in my throat. My brain screamed at me to shut the fuck up, though it was too late. What if it wasn’t Kellan? What if it was some other guy?
I didn’t see a flicker of surprise in my husband’s eyes, a look of shock, nothing, as I’d said the name of the male we were both good friends with.
Instead Mujib just watched me for a moment and then asked me if it was Kellan would I let myself go. He said that both he and the stranger wanted to get fucked and come like they never had before.
I agreed, feeling his warm breath on my pussy lips once again.
“Good,” Mujib smiled. He kissed my pussy for another moment, before pulling away. I wanted to scream.
“Kellan,” Mujib said looking up past me, “I think you owe my wife’s pussy a kiss.”
My heart thudded in my chest as Kellan came around to face me. He gave me a small kiss on my lips as he smiled at me. He was as tall as Mujib, with short, Ash blonde-hair, and eyes that were the lightest shade of grey. He was incredibly attractive.
Kellan lowered himself to his knees in front of me. He looked up at me briefly. Too briefly. I couldn’t tell what he was thinking about all of this. I knew that he could see my heart beating out of my chest. I really could have been about to suffer a heart attack it was beating so wildly.
Kellan leaned in to my pussy sweeping it with his tongue. I bit my lip as my husband grasped me from behind.
“If she’s holding back on you then don’t let her come,” Mujib told Kellan, who nodded that he would.
I immediately let out the moan I had been holding in.
A few more swipes of his tongue was all it took.
I groaned as my pussy squeezed and convulsed, while his sweet bubble gum-colored lips made contact with my clit. He was so good, so fucking good. I let my head roll around on Mujib’s chest.
“Back off,” Mujib told Kellan. “She’s holding back.” Kellan pulled away from my sex.
“I-m– I’m not,” I said panting. Lying. Mujib knew me so well.
“Let’s try this again.” Mujib told Kellan to resume licking me.
I tried to hold back, but I couldn’t. I screamed Kellan’s name as I grabbed a hand full of his hair and shoved his face into my coming pussy. Kellan was licking me like he was starving.
I finally came back down to earth, letting go of his hair. He stood up.
“Whew! She is a little wildcat,” Kellan grinned in Mujib’s direction.
Mujib’s hands still held me and ran over my body, stroking, comforting.
“Uh-huh,” Mujib responded to Kellan, deep in his throat. I could tell from the guttural sound of it just how turned on he was.
“Get onto the bed,” Mujib commanded me.
I moved to the bed where he told me to finish undressing. I took my sweet time taking off my torn panties, garters, and heels. They both watched me, their eyes shining with lust and sex.
Kellan growled as he looked at me when I was naked spread out on the bed for their viewing pleasure.
“Who goes first?” Kellan asked, turning to my husband. His deep dimples showed in his face.
“You. I’m going to watch.” Mujib told him.
“Make it good for me baby,” Mujib smiled at me, and I realized just how much he was truly was getting off on this.
Kellan moved on top of me while Mujib moved to take a seat directly across the room from the bed.
Kellan’s eyes traveled all over me as his thick muscular frame came to rest on top of me. He looked down at me for a moment, then turned away and faced Mujib.
“I fucking want to do everything to her man,” he told my husband.
Mujib laughed.
My body heated even more at Kellan’s words. His nearness made me wet and ready.
When he was poised above me, he did look down into my eyes. I felt like I could drown in his deep blue seas. As his long, hard cock began to move inside of me, I knew that I had seen the expression before, in Mujib’s eyes. It wasn’t only lust.
Oh God! I thought, as he began to move deeply inside of me. Was he in love with me? Did Mujib know?
A moment later I dismissed my thoughts as temporary insanity and focused on how great Kellan felt inside of me.
Kellan was a very responsive lover. Every single move that I made; he was telling me he liked it, it felt good, the best. I thought I might develop a complex. My pussy grasped and squeezed him with every whispered endearment.
I didn’t even have to tell him when to speed up, to slow down, to stop, to go faster. He led very well and I followed easily. I was going to come soon and it was going to be like a grenade had gone off inside of my body. I knew it.
As the ripples started through me, I screamed out that I was coming. Kellan hissed as he slid into me to the hilt, and then he was coming too. I felt him spurting, hot, inside of me.
When I opened my eyes from the ultra intense orgasm; Mujib’s huge cock was in my face. I pulled him lovingly into my mouth and sucked him as deep as he would go. I took my time and feasted on him.
He finally pulled away and breathed that he didn’t want to come yet.
“Damn. Is it that good?” Kellan asked Mujib, from his position between my thighs?
They switched places. Kellan moved around to stand where Mujib stood, while Mujib moved between my thighs.
Mujib slid into me and I grunted from the feel of him. It made me clamp onto Kellan’s cock tighter with my lips and tongue.
Kellan moaned loudly as he slid into my throat. His hands were entangled in my thick tresses, holding me to him.
I couldn’t get enough of him. He tasted like my favorite fruit somehow. My tongue was in love.
Mujib continued to pound into me while I devoured Kellan’s cock. He was slightly rougher than usual but I wanted it.
“Fuck! I’m gonna come,” Kellan said as he pulled out of my mouth with a wet plopping sound. He was rock hard and crimson-headed. The screams that I had been swallowing around his dick came out of my throat, as well. I watched Kellan’s entire body tremble as he threw his head back. His come shot directly onto my mouth and chin.
I didn’t think twice as my tongue peeked out of my lips. I licked all of him that I could reach with it. My eyes closed as I lapped him up.
When I opened my eyes again both Kellan and Mujib were watching me, though their expressions were different.
I focused on my husband. I knew he hadn’t come yet. He had stopped moving minutes before. Now he began sliding into me with longer, more powerful strokes. My body was a willing prisoner underneath his. Just as another orgasm ripped through me, my husband leaned down and into my ear he hissed a question.

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