Working from Home with Daddy’s Girl

tagIncest/TabooWorking from Home with Daddy's Girl

NOTE: This is a day-in-the-life snapshot of two adults enjoying a low key DDlg relationship. This story is intended to realistically describe the heightened intensity that psychological kinks can bring to otherwise vanilla relationships. This is my first story, and I hope you enjoy it.
With a sigh of frustration, Samantha closed her laptop and stepped away from her desk. Definitely time for a break. And…maybe more coffee. She made her way downstairs, strolling by Daddy's desk on her way to the kitchen. As she padded by, Daddy swiveled around from his work station, leaning back in his office chair as he addressed her.
"What's shaking, kitten?" he asked, genuinely interested. She stopped and shrugged, sighing in mild exasperation. He patted his thigh, indicating she should come take a seat on his lap and tell Daddy all about it. She reflexively perched herself on his knee, lightly at first (she was a tall girl), then trusting that he could hold her full weight. He wrapped his arms loosely around her hips and turned his full attention on her. Patient and intent, he waited for her to share the mundane vexations of her daily life.
Samantha chuckled a little, feeling her frustrations melt away. It felt good to be held by him, so calming. It embarrassed her to share what she considered to be boring aggravations about her day job. That said, she always felt better after she did. And, he seemed genuinely interested. She cleared her throat and started to explain.
"Well…you know how I've been working with my team to draft amendments to that local zoning ordinance? We had them all ready to go, after hours of consultation and back and forth emails. And now…the chair isn't going to even give it a damn hearing."
There was an edge to her voice, she was clearly annoyed. His hand found the small of her back and caressed her casually, and she responded with an absent minded wiggle. Samantha elaborated on her plight, "and frankly it's bullshit that someone with an inflated ego has so much power over practical matters that will impact the quality of life for so many people. It's SO frustrating and makes NO sense."
Daddy nodded understandingly, his fingers slipping under her shirt so the width of his warm palm could rest firmly against the curve of her low back. It was a small but comforting gesture. Samantha felt her nervous system relax, a layer of tension releasing. She sighed and shook her head, smiling wryly at her situation and letting it go. It was easy to let things go when she was sitting on Daddy's lap, telling him about the petty problems of the world. With him, the world felt external to their existance, and like they were simply observing it rather than getting dragged into it. They sat for a beat in thoughtful contemplation, and he finally asked "Is there anything else you can do to influence the situation? Maybe find a sympathetic stakeholder with a little more clout?"
This made her smile. He was so sweet. Genuine questions like this completely melted her. She loved how he could understand the strategic premise of her problem without being involved in the details of it. This was wisdom at play, and it was a turn on. He worked in an entirely different field, but knew how to apply life lessons to most situations. Feeling like she had a co-conspirator was sexy and reassuring. And, it was a good question that reminded her to survey the lay of the land for a new plan of attack.
"Yes," she said, "There are indeed other stakeholders. I hear the chair owes a lot of his election success to the local healthcare workers union, many of whom live in the neighborhood. I can't imagine they're going to be pleased with his stubbornness on the ordinance." she looked at him, her spark renewed, "I think I've got some phone calls to make."
And that was that. She had gotten her worry off her chest, and had decided on her next move. Now it was time for a little break. She curled gracefully into his arms, which wrapped around her in a knowing embrace. He rested his handsome chin on her shoulder, nestled in her thick hair. He swayed slowly in his chair, rocking her like a small child. This always had a profoundly relaxing effect on her. She sighed and relaxed, wishing they could spend all day like this. They lingered for a minute or two, enjoying their embrace. These fleeting moments were one of the cherished perks of working from home. However, the ability to work successfully from home depended on being disciplined, and Daddy was no slouch. With an inhalation of resolve, Daddy patted her on the butt. Time to mobilize.
"Ok kitten, time for some lunch. What do you say?" She nodded eagerly and hopped up, a little spacey from the sweet moment. She was noticeably more girlish in her demeanor, just from that short time on Daddy's lap.
"What are well having, Daddy?" she asked coyly, playing with her hair. He smiled, inwardly bemused by her ability to get her way without making demands. Suddenly feeling a need for her, he reached out and pulled her back onto his lap. She complied with a hint of mock surprise, throwing her arms around his shoulders and nestling her face into his neck, legs slightly akimbo. She inhaled the scent of him, feeling his warm neck against her cheek. His hands wandered over her ass and thighs as she squirmed subtly in his lap.
"Well…" he growled playfully, "I was thinking of making a sandwich…"
"A sandwich??" she gasped, feigning shock. He always made sandwiches for lunch, it was simply a matter of what kind. Her playfulness inspired his own sense of lightness, which was one of the things he loved about spending time with her. She could make a little game out of anything.
"Yes," he hissed, "a SANDWICH…" his hands were everywhere now, and he could feel himself growing erect under the warmth of her firm, athletic body, "are you hungry, kitten? Do you want Daddy to make you lunch?"
She nodded with a little bob of her head, looking like a bit of a vacant bimbo when she did. The childlike look in her eyes that indicated that she was casually entering a state of willful helplessness. She was quite the little shapeshifter, and authentically so. Biting her lower lip just a little, her innocence was as much a part of her any anything else, despite her age and experience. Instinctually she sent signals to his primal being, urging him to protect and care for her. A surge of desire rushed through him, and his strong arms contracted around her body to hike her up more squarely on his lap. Despite her amazonian frame, being manhandled like this made her feel petite. She relaxed further into a delicious state of vulnerability. The fluidity with which she shifted from a cerebral powerhouse to a helpless babe exhilarated him. Instinctually sensing the shift, he curled his forearm under her knees, planted his feet, and carefully arose from the chair, holding her in his arms. She squealed, staying absolutely still as he gingerly transported her to the couch, which he lowered her down onto. She used to smack him playfully on the bicep after picking her up, chiding him that he would injure himself. He always assured her that he was capable, and she had eventually stopped protesting in concern. Daddy knew the measure of his own strength.
Successfully deposited on to the couch, Samantha looked up at her Daddy expectantly. There was a ghost of devilish suggestion glittering in her eyes. She stretched provocatively, her long body splayed across the cushions. Her hips undulated subtly to indicate she was aroused and ready for whatever Daddy might want or need. He drank her in with his eyes, feeling his manhood surge with need as he followed the lines of her body. He smiled as he started undoing his belt buckle.
"You hungry baby?"
She nodded sweetly, eagerly. He furrowed his brow sternly, coaxing her into playtime while undoing the button of his trousers. "Use your words baby…are you hungry sweetheart?"
She nodded again, understanding it was her turn to electrify the situation. With a slightly higher register than usual, and just a little babyishness in her voice, she answered him simply, "Yes Daddy."
A bolt of arousal shot through him. It was that word. The sexualized context. The sound of her voice, tinged with need. It was like a drug.
Seeing her gorgeous body stretched out on the couch, hips gyrating on their own accord, peering up at him with hopeful eyes…that was a turn on in itself. But when that single magic word escaped her full lips, laced with the eroticism of the moment, his mind raced and his blood surged. The urge to overpower and defile swept over him. Knowing exactly what he wanted, he began directing her.
"Come here kitten, up on your knees," instructing her to a kneeling position on the couch. She obediently got up and folded her long legs beneath her, sitting delicately on her heels. Looking down her backside, he admired the view of her firm ass, noticing that it wagged suggestively back and forth as she awaited her next command. With one hand he cupped her chin, cocking her head up to meet his gaze. The other hand slipped down the front of his briefs and wrapped around his fully engorged cock. It turned him on to feel his erection pulsing in his hand while he held his sweet girl's face, knowing what she was about to do for him.
"Daddy's got something for you baby," he whispered, his voice getting breathy. Her eyes fluttered, entranced. A small desperate whine releasing from her throat. She wanted it. He shifted his stance, allowing his pants to drop enough so that he could free his cock, still gripped in his hand. He started stroking himself slowly, in full view of his darling girl. She shuddered in erotic ecstasy, wanting him, loving the perverseness of his display. He slowly pumped his shaft and kept his eyes locked on her, watching her devolve into an eager, open fuck doll.
"You want it baby?" he breathed, "you hungry for Daddy's cock?"
She nodded again, her pouting full of need "Yes Daddyyyy…pleeeease? Feed me, Daddy…"
He gripped a handful of her hair and gently, firmly, pressed her head against his stomach, stroking himself within an inch of her face. "Look baby" he told her, "look at what you've done to Daddy. See?" All she could do was whimper and nod, her own hands running up his legs, tenderly clinging to him. Overwhelmed with desire, she nuzzled her face into his stomach, kissing him. He groaned and encouraged her.
"Oh good girl, goooood girl…" he mumbled. He sounded almost as if he were speaking to a puppy, which always seemed to excite her. Excitedly, she licked and kissed his belly, nuzzling her way closer and closer to her prize. His grip on her hair relaxed, and he tenderly cupped the back of her head as she explored. She loved the restriction of her movement…she was free to roam and kiss and lick, so long as Daddy's hand was there to gently guide her and keep her focused. Her hands drifted up, framing his hips as her mischievous lips found the base of his penis, planting kisses of adoration. He release his hand from his shaft, surrendering to the intent affection of his precious, aroused little girl. Fully in her element, her delicate hands gently brushed the insides of his thighs. Tongue darting over the most sensitive parts of his shaft, she finally wrapped her hands around him, and gingerly guided the head of his penis into her inviting mouth. He groaned in ecstasy, savoring the first moment of oral penetration. Hearing Daddy's satisfaction made Samantha hum in delight, happy to be so pleasing. She wiggled and closed her eyes, enjoying holding him in her mouth.
Daddy cupped Samantha's adorable face with his hands, holding her still. This was one of their favorite pastimes, holding Daddy's hot pulsing cock in her mouth for as long as he wanted. It took considerably control for him to not thrust, and she enjoyed the tension. Her submission to his pleasure was supremely sexy for them both. Sometimes they would stay like this for a long time, her gently sucking on him like a pacifier while they watched a movie. It could be outstandingly hot to use her like this. However, today felt more urgent. Holding her face in his hands, he started to saw his cock in an out of her.
"You ready for Daddy, baby? Do you want Daddy's cum?"
She sighed and purred ecstatically, wrapping her lips tightly around him to increase his pleasure. Her own hand wandered under the waistband of her pants, and between her legs. She probed the wetness of her panties and expertly moved them aside. She started running her fingers over her sensitive clit, and dipped into her pussy to massage her internal sweet spot. Daddy grunted softly in approval. Knowing his baby was masturbating only added to his excitement.
"That's a good girl, play with that little pussy while Daddy fucks you,"
He held her face firmly and gave her the full length of his cock, which she struggled admirably to accommodate. Whether she could deep throat his entire dick varied from day to day, and on the position. Today Samantha welcomed all of him. He groaned and fucked her face with abandon, egged on by her muffled whines. Her fingers worked her pussy expertly, sliding repeatedly over her favorite spot. He was getting close now. She was, too.
"Oh yes, kitten…Almost there, that's a good little girl for Daddy…oh sweetheart, you make Daddy feel sooooo goooood…such a good little fuck for Daddy…"
Her whimpers became rhythmic, high pitched and needful. She sounded simultaneously ecstatic and a touch frightened. He shushed her reassuringly, deepening the spell.
"Shhh…shh…that's a good girl…suck on Daddy…that a girl…it's ok…"
The heady combination of preceived exploitation and tenderness sent her over the edge. Her brow furrowed and her body tensed. Baby girl was about to cum with Daddy's cock in her mouth! It was a beautiful sight, seeing her verging on climax while he used her. He militantly pumped his dick in and out of her mouth, the pressure of orgasm building in his balls. He shushed her and whispered to her, coaxing her towards climax.
"That's a good girl…playing with your pussy and sucking Daddy's big cock…is Daddy's little baby going to cum? Are you going to cum with Daddy's big cock in your mouth?"
Her cheeks flushed as she nodded one more time before her back arched. He fucked her face steadily as she came. She moaned around his cock and convulsed as she fingered her hot pussy, one hand on his ass for balance, loosing herself. Her throat was red hot and completely open for him, her mind vacant of all thought. She kept cumming, grabbing the shaft of his cock and jerking him off into her mouth.
"Oh GOOD girl!" he applauded, about to burst, "Good girl! Stroke Daddy's cock into your mouth, stroke it and make Daddy feel really good…oh yes, baby…that's it. Open wide for Daddy…"
Her eyes closed as he used her with abandon. She babbled and drooled as he slammed the entire length of himself in and out of her, mindlessly fingering her pussy and rolling through an orgasmic state as he reached his own climax. Gripping her head, he groaned and shot his load into his baby girl. Bliss roiled through him as he pumped rope after rope into his baby's mouth. Shouting in pleasure, he shuddered as she extracted every drop from him, pumping his cock with her hands. She really was a perfect slut for Daddy.
When the frenzy subsided, she had collapsed partially against him, her lips still wrapped around his gradually deflating member. Time had stopped, the room was quiet. It was a marvel he was still able to stand. Coming to his senses, Daddy gently patted the top of Samantha's head. Time to mobilize. Slowly, and with great reluctance, she slid her lips off of his cock, and rested her head against his hips. They stayed here for a moment, basking in the afterglow of a good midday fuck. Ever the taskmaster, he finally shifted gears and gave her a squeeze on the shoulder. She nodded, still stony and in semi-headspace. Feeling deeply in love with her then, he bent down and gave her a long, deep kiss. She smiled as she kissed him back. She was a delighted, happy girl.
"Still hungry?" he asked with a wink. She grinned wryly…he was such a pervert. "Yes…" she quietly admitted. He pinched her cheek and gave her another kiss. "Two sandwiches coming right up. You go clean up and I'll meet you in the kitchen". She nodded dutifully and rose. She padded upstairs to go wash up and transform back into the capable, sexy, fully grown woman she was.

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