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I took a deep breath and collected myself a bit, and then I said, “OK … Thanks,” and smiled. She returned the smile, and said, again in her friendly, but serious tone, “So, Cherry… Let’s get to the point.” She paused and I nodded. She continued, “Your papers fell as you ran off to your desk after you almost crashed into me. I tried to catch up with you, but I only got as far as the reception by the time I saw you rushing off to your meeting. I left you the note and went back to my desk.” She paused, as if in thought, then continued, “I have to admit that I’m nosy, and,” she smiled, “imagine my surprise when I saw all that pornography.”

“Uh … Yeah … I can imagine,” I said sardonically.

She gave me a sly look. “I thought I’d noticed a hard-on in your pants when you left the restroom.” I looked down and groaned to myself. This is embarrassing, albeit quite exciting. “Being curious and nosy, I took your pornography to the rest room myself and I read through it.” She reached in her bag and pulled out a folder. “I like this stuff, Cherry. You have good taste.”

I nervously looked down and thanked her. Did she masturbate in the bathroom like me? Did she just go there for privacy? Did she like the porn for literary reasons, or was it sexually exciting to her? These and other questions raced through my mind.

My thoughts were interrupted as she continued, “So, did you write those stories?”

“Yes, I did. Three of them” I nervously fidgeted around.

“Are they autobiographical?”

I groaned again. This was so very difficult. But this looked like it was leading to something quite interesting, so I pressed on. “Well … Not really … I mean, they aren’t based on anything that really happened. They’re … They’re fantasies … You know, wishful thinking.” I was pained to think that I was insecure that I had no real sexual experiences to match up my fantasies. I was pained all the more because she now could infer that I probably masturbated to the porn, too.

She looked at me for a moment as if sizing me up, and then said, “I was hoping that you’d say that, Cherry.” I looked up at her quizzically, and she continued. “You know, about your wishful thinking.” She paused for a moment and gave me a meaningful gaze and said, “You see, Cherry, I like men like you.”

“Oh?” I said hopefully but also suspiciously.

“Yes, Cherry. I do.” Her demeanor was totally serious. “I can tell from this stuff …” motioning to the folder, “… That you probably could really appreciate a woman like me.”

I was quite happy about how things were working out. This sure as hell looked like she was going to offer herself to me sexually, but I still was trying to not let my hopes get too high. Plus, I was so damn nervous and embarrassed. “Uh, well, I … I mean, well, I do appreciate you, uh, but … But, like … Like what do you mean, exactly?”

She laughed again. “I mean, Cherry that your taste in porn shows me the kinds of things you like, and I like them too.”

“You mean,” I said slowly, “my taste in porn makes you want to … Uh …”

“Makes me want to seduce you? Most certainly. I like seducing men who fantasize about being dominated.” She stared intently at me as I nervously looked down and tried to figure out what to say.

“You’re not going to deny that you’d like me to dominate you, are you, Cherry?”

“Well …”

“Cherry, c’mon. Look almost all your porn … No, I think all of porn has to do with men being seduced, men being dominated, men being made to do things. This is true both about the stuff you cut out of the Human Digest and of your own fantasies, which you yourself have just told me are a product of wishful thinking.”

I felt trapped. This was shaping up to be a fulfillment of the very fantasies she was referring to, but I was scared as hell. On the other hand, I had to keep going … I wanted this to continue. “OK … You’re right. Yes … I do like … Like to be … Like for the woman to be … Be strong and … And … OK, yes, and dominant.” She nodded with a triumphant expression, and I continued, “But being dominated … I mean, I like it … Sort of … I mean, well, it’s not so simple.”

I looked at her pleadingly, but she didn’t let me off the hook. “So why don’t you explain it to me, Cherry? Tell me how you want me to dominate you.”

I groaned and must have looked annoyed, because before I could get out an answer, she said, “If this is too much for you, we can just leave.” I looked up at her. She was serious, but not angry.

It was really happening, right out of my fantasy! I was being seduced by a dominant woman. “No … I do want to continue.”

“Are you sure?”

I thought about it for a second … What a shmuck I am! I almost blew this opportunity. “Yes, I’m sure. I’m absolutely certain.” I looked at her expectantly.

She smiled and nodded reassuringly. “Good. I want it too, Cherry.” She looked at me with a sexy expression for a moment or two, and then she got a bit more serious again and said, “So I know this is difficult, but this really isn’t going to work unless you can tell me how you’d like me to dominate you.”

I sighed, but nodded in acknowledgement. “OK, but please bear with me if I falter or get nervous. I’ll eventually manage to get it all out.”

“Certainly, Cherry. Say it any way you need to. I’ll be patient.” She gave me another sexy, reassuring smile.

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“Alright. It’s like, I don’t … I don’t want the ‘Mistress’ kind of stuff with pain and humiliation and force or anything. I like a ‘gentler, kinder’ kind of domination.” She laughed. I felt a bit more at ease after my joke and pressed on. “You know, the woman being in control …”

She interrupted. “Not ‘the woman’, but me, right now.” She gave me another sexy look. “Go on.”

I smiled and shook my head in near disbelief. This was really happening! “Right … OK. I want you to be in control and everything, but it’s got to be seductive, erotic, friendly … Not painful or anything.” I looked up at her … She was patiently looking at me. She motioned me to go on. “OK … I don’t want you to hurt me … I really don’t want that … I just want you to make all the decisions … To … To make me do things … But … But by seducing me and turning me on … Not by forcing me or hurting me or anything like that … Do you understand?”

She nodded. “Yes, I understand, Cherry.” She started speaking slowly and clearly, making sure I heard and understood every word. “You want to be dominated, but not to be hurt or embarrassed or humiliated. You want to be told what to do, but what you’re told to do is pleasurable, not painful. You want to have things be unexpected, but with a woman who knows or can anticipate what you want or what would turn you on. You also like to be kept in a state of arousal for a long time without cumming, and to be brought to the edge of orgasm and then to not be allowed to cum … Over and over again. You want to cum more than once, but you’re afraid to cum too early because then you might not be able to any more, and the pleasure will be over. You like watching me play with myself for you in many different ways. You like me talking dirty to you. You like kinky stuff as long as it’s done delicately and doesn’t cause pain. How am I doing?”

I couldn’t believe how right-on she was being. My cock was growing in my pants. “My god … How did you know all that …?”

“Oh, it’s not all that hard to figure all this out from what you’ve said so far and from your fantasies, Cherry.” She waved the folder at me. “I read them. Remember?”

I nodded and laughed nervously, “Yeah, that’s right … You did at that. I should’ve figured …”

She interrupted, “No big deal. Anyway, another reason I’m good at anticipating your needs is that I’m pretty much the same as these women you fantasize about: I’m dominant but “friendly”, as you put it. I use erotic persuasion, not pain or humiliation. So, I know from experience what men like you need. Now, you may not believe this, but it’s hard to find men that really want this … Many are threatened by women who want to be in control, and of those who really do want to be dominated, most want the pain and humiliation stuff, which I’m not into that. That’s why I’m glad I found you.” She paused, and I said I was glad I found her, too. She smiled and continued. “I’m quite experienced at this, Cherry. I get turned on making men do things …making you do things.” She paused again and looked at me intently.

“Do you want me to make you do things, Cherry?” She kept staring, waiting for my reply.

I was scared but excited. I did want her to be dominant with me. The combination of fear and excitement was turning me on. My heart was beating fast and I had butterflies in my stomach as she kept staring patiently and intently. Finally, I managed to say, “Yes. Yes … I want … I want you to … To make me do things.”

She nodded and slowly uncrossed and spread her legs, bending her knees so her feet were flat on the desk near her ass. Her dress covered her crotch, but she slowly began to lift it, saying, “I want you to jerk off for me, Cherry. Right now … In here. I want to see you play with your penis.” Soon, her dress was completely up around her waist and I saw the crotch of her red, silky bikini panties. She seductively ran her fingertips up and down her panties in front of her pussy.

“Do you have a lot of cum in your balls, Cherry?”

My throat went dry. My cock throbbed. I had trouble talking. “Uh … I don’t know … I guess … I think so …”

She kept stroking her pussy through her panties. “Did you cum in the men’s room today?”

“Uh … ” I couldn’t speak.

She started massaging her pussy with her flat palm and fingers. “Did you pump sperm out of your dick today, Cherry?”

“No.” I choked.

She started pushing her fingers into her pussy as far as her panty material would let them go. She moved her hips rhythmically to meet the pressure from her hand. “When’s the last time you did, Cherry?” I couldn’t speak. “When’s the last time you pumped sperm out of that hard dick of yours?”

My penis was hard. “Uh … Uh … I think Tuesday … Uh, no … Monday.”

She smiled seductively. “Good. So you have lots for me.” She continued masturbating, her hand and hips moving a bit faster and harder. She didn’t say anything for a minute or two as she kept that up. She never stopped staring at me. Then, she said in a sultry, throaty, seductive whisper, “Take off your pants, Cherry. I told you I want you to jerk off for me.” I got nervous and hesitated. “c’mon, Cherry. Your penis is hard and I can see it throbbing. You know you want to jack off for me now. No one can hear us in here and I have the only key. Just take off your pants so I can see your hard dick.”

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