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I sighed and started taking off my shoes. “That’s it, Cherry. I want to see your naked cock and balls. And I really want to see you jerking off.”

I managed to get out my shoes, stood up, let my pants drop, and stepped out of them. “Ooooooh, good. I want you to stroke it for me …” I started to reach for my penis, but she motioned me to stop, “… But I want you to do it the way I tell you … It’ll be much better that way … You’ll see.” I nodded and managed to choke out an affirmative reply. “Now do as I say. Aim your hard penis at my pussy, Cherry. Here … Closer … That’s it. Now, lick your thumb and index finger and get them wet. That’s it. Good. Lick the area between them … Like this.” She showed me by licking her hand.

“Good … Now, make a ring with your thumb and index finger and encircle the head, right under the rim. No … No, not the shaft. Don’t touch your shaft, Cherry, just the head and the area under the rim. Good, that’s it. Now, jack your head off lightly, up and down from the rim to the tip and back. Yeah … That’s it … Back and forth, back and forth … Good. Keep your fingers wet, lick them when you need to. Keep doing that to the head and don’t touch the shaft.”

I started jacking off that way. The sensations were intense, and I had to keep resisting the urge to squeeze my shaft. It made me moan and thrust my hips.

“That’s very good, Cherry. I love having you stand there in front of me and jerk off like that.” She kept playing with herself and just gazed intently into my eyes. This was really turning me on! After a while, she continued, “Now keep watching me. Don’t take your eyes off me, Cherry.” She got off the desktop and turned around so that ass was pointing at me. Her dress dropped back to her knees again, and she turned a bit so that she could see me over her shoulder.

“Look at my ass, Cherry.” She wiggled it. “Do you want to see it naked?” I always thought Indian woman were embarrassed about their ass and here was a woman who was just going to show me her twin moons. By now I was starting to pant a little bit, as the pleasure in my cock was getting more intense. “Yes … Uh-huh … I do.”

“I thought so. Well, keep jerking off the head of your penis for me. That’s it. Your dick is so nice and hard. Can you feel the cum starting to boil in your balls, Cherry?” “Yes …” I panted. “Good, well, watch my ass.” Never taking her eyes off of me, She slowly started raising her dress. She moved very slowly. Her smile and her teasing, sensuous motions made me even more turned on. My cock was rigid and throbbing, and my stroking was getting more and more intensely pleasurable. I was beginning to pant more deeply and rhythmically and to thrust my hips harder and faster. Finally, her dress was up to her waist, revealing her round, full, panty-covered ass.

She then started playing with the elastic waistband of her panties, slowly teasing them off of her. This was better than any stripper, because she did it so much more slowly. Finally, after many minutes she had her panties down and she pulled them all the way off. She slid both them hands down to her naked ass and started slowly caressing and spreading it open as she languidly gyrated her hips. “My ass, Cherry,” she purred. “Look at it. C’mon Cherry. Tease your meat for me. Your fingers feel so good! I bet you were going to pump all that spunk out of your hot balls when you got home tonight. All that hot cream, Cherry. Just think of how your semen will look and feel when it squirts out of you … And watch my ass.”

My cock was throbbing and I was furiously thrusting my hips and moaning. “Ahhhhhh, that’s it, Cherry. Your penis is so hard. I love making it that way. I want you hard as steel for me.” She continued her erotic motions and kept her eyes on me. I was sweating and groaning as I jerked off for her. The pleasure in my cock and balls kept mounting. After a few minutes she started speaking again. “OK, Cherry. Now stroke your big long prick any way you like. Do it the way you do it at home.” I stopped the teasing motions, took my hard shaft in the palm of my hand, and started jacking off. She started running her finger up and down the crack of her ass and pushing it against her puckered hole. “My finger sticks to my skin a little when I rub my ass hole, Cherry. I wish I had some of your white, creamy sperm there to lubricate it. That hot white spunk will make my ass hole so slippery.” My penis twitched and I started jerking off faster. She bent over a little more and wiggled a little closer to me, so her ass hole was an inch or two from my cock head.

“I want your wet cum on me, on my asshole, Cherry. Creamy cum, burning cum flowing up the length of your shaft.” She spread her cheeks even wider and relaxed her ass hole so it opened a little. Her fingers kept poking and stroking her crack and ass hole. “I want your hot cream, Cherry. I can hardly wait for you to empty your balls on me, Cherry. For you to pump your cum into my ass hole.”

I was jerking furiously, and I could tell my explosion was just a few strokes away. All of the sudden, she cried “Stop!”, dropped her dress back down, and turned to face me. I froze in mid-stoke. “Don’t cum yet, Cherry. Save it for me. Save it. Stop.”

I stopped and sighed heavily. My penis was involuntarily spasming. Sit down and take some deep breaths, Cherry. We’ll do more later. I promise. Now relax, Cherry. Sit down and relax. That’s it.”

She sat on the desk facing me with her legs hanging over the edge, but with her crotch covered by her dress.

“See how hot I can get you, Cherry?”

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“Uh-huh,”, I panted, trying to catch my breath.

“It’s better if you save it, Cherry. Your orgasm will be that much more intense later.” She paused, looking at me with a friendly expression. “Do you like how I dominate you, Cherry?”

“Yes,” I panted. “Very much.”

She smiled. “Well, thank you.” She then got a bit more serious and said, “Now we need to talk.” I looked up, expectantly. “Cherry, I want to do a lot more with you tonight.”

“I do, too.”

“Good. Can you come home with me and stay over night?”

“Well, yeah … Of course … I’d love to!”

“Very good! If you didn’t I’d let you cum right here, but since you do, I want you to wait. You should know that I’m going to drive you wild. You will cum several times, so don’t hold back … Don’t worry that your first orgasm will be your last, ’cause it won’t. I’m an expert at this … I’m probably more knowledgeable about how your sexual organs work than you do. I guarantee that you will cum at least twice and maybe many times more. You will do things you’ll never done before, and feel pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.”

“Well, how could I refuse an offer like that?”

“Oh, it would be easy … All you’d have to do is say ‘no’. But you didn’t, and I’m glad. You’re not going to regret this, Cherry. What we did just now was only a taste. I barely even got started.” She hopped off the desk. “So come on, Cherry. Get dressed and let’s get going. Do you have a car?”

I started putting my pants back on. “No, have a bike.”

“OK. Well, then we will go in my Kinetic. Can you stay until tomorrow morning or afternoon?”

“Well … Uh, sure. I haven’t got any plans.”

“Good, Cherry. You’re going to love this!”

I finished tying my shoes and we left. She unlocked the door and I followed her out to the elevators. “Let me walk in front of you, Cherry, so you can look at my ass.”

Wow! “Uh … Thanks!” She swayed her ass sexily and seductively for me. I could see her ass giggling at me. We took the elevator down to the Basement Parking. Thankfully we were alone in the elevator. On the way down I asked her about herself, where she lived, etc. She’s 28 and married. Her husband was a software geek working in US. She said that she loved him but added that they were sexually incompatible, matter of fact. She was taking me to her flat in Koramangala. She assured me that the neighbors were not too nosy and would say that I am her cousin, if anybody asks.

We got down to the basement parking, which was deserted. She went to a secluded corner and turned to face me. “It looks like we’re alone here, Cherry.” She then unceremoniously hiked up her dress and once again started slowly gyrating her hips. Teasingly she moved her silky red panties aside. She then started rubbing and spreading pussy lips. From where I was standing I couldn’t get a clear view of her crotch area.

As if reading my mind she said “Sit down Cherry. Watch me play with myself.” She was looking into my eye and carelessly stimulating herself.

I was scared as hell. This was a public area. I looked over my shoulder and slowly sat down just a foot away from her.

I could now see her beautiful pussy lips. It was an exquisite work of art. She had cleanly shaven pussy with a patch of hair in the form of a triangle on top. “Cherry, just look at my pussy.” She slid middle finger slowly deep into her pussy. She started fingering herself and spreading her pussy open for me to watch. “Just look at your dish for tonight and feel your sweet cum boiling in your balls.” She silently continued her show for a few moments, and then she stepped forward and extended her middle finger towards my face. I understood what she wanted me to do and licked her finger. Her nectar tasted like honey and I licked her finger clean.

“Good. I can see you starting to get hard in your pants. Feel that hot sperm inside of you.” Then as abrupt as it started she dropped her dress and turned around to start her Kinetic. I stood up and my cock was pushing the front of my pants straight out. “Your prick is sticking out. I like seeing you like this. Now let’s go. I want to get you home and see you nude.” She then started her vehicle and asked me to hop in behind. I was still standing there, dumbfounded. “c’mon, Cherry. Hop in.” I obeyed and we drove off.

After we got out on the road and reaching a safe distance away from office she said “Cherry, come sit close to me.” I moved forward a little and rested my hard cock on her ass crack. She wriggled her ass cheeks to accommodate my cock and enhance my feeling.

After sometime she turned around and asked, “OK, Cherry, how do you feel?”

“Ohhhhh, It feels wonderful!” I sighed with pleasure.

“I’m glad, Cherry. I want you to be this way for me.” She paused for a moment, then continued, “Do you have a lot of cum for me in those hairy balls of yours?”

“Uh … Yes … I think so … I hope so … I …”

“If you think you don’t have enough don’t worry. Think of my pussy and ass, Cherry. I want you to close your eyes again and remember what I looked like in the office and basement parking when I showed it to you. Imagine smelling my ass and tasting my pussy.

“Uh … Yes …

“Cherry, I’m slowly moving my juicy pussy up to your nose. Eat my wet pussy.”

“Ohhhhh … Yes …

“Picture my pussy, Cherry. I want your jizz in my pussy hole. ”

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