Xtasy – 4

“Cherry, do you like my aroma?”

The thought of smelling her sent a wave of arousal through my body, and my penis throbbed uncontrollably. She apparently felt that, because she continued, “Oooooooh, baby. That penis of yours loves my aroma. That smell makes your balls boil. Your cum is filling them up. Lots of creamy cum from the tanky taste and intoxicating aroma of my sex.”

“I can feel how hard your cock is, Cherry. Feel it in your cock and all through you.”

I literally jumped.

After about half an hour drive we reached an apartment complex in plush Koramangala area. Meethi parked her Kinetic and asked me to follow her into her flat. As I was stepping into the complex I was breathing heavy, but the arousal I felt was a strange mixture of sexual excitement and something new and unfamiliar.

The intense feelings I was experiencing weren’t only in my groin, but all through my body. I suddenly became aware of a deep yearning for more of this teasing and talking dirty. I wanted this more than I have ever wanted.

“This way,” she said and walked through a door into a beautiful flat. It was a large, comfortable, upper-middle class home. I followed her into the master bedroom and she turned to me. My penis was sticking out straight. “I like that,” she said. “You’re sticking out really nice.” She walked up to me and said, “Cherry, smell my ass hole.” She turned around, lifted up her dress once again, and spread her cheeks. “Kneel down and smell my anus, Cherry. Smell it. Don’t touch your cock.” I got on my knees and she shoved her open ass in my face. I took deep breaths of her through my nose. Each one smelled of sweat and shit, and surprisingly, each whiff caused hot burning spasms in my cock and balls. She must have noticed these spasms, because she suddenly said, “Yeah, I told you my ass makes your balls boil. Your cock and balls are sputtering. Smell me! That’s it. Every time you inhale me more cum builds up in those hot, horny balls of yours. Your cock is so hot. It’s burning, Cherry. Your hot, burning, long, hard cock.”

I started reaching for my cock, but she gently stopped me. “No. Not yet. Don’t touch your penis yet. Wait … It’ll be better if you wait.” She stood up straight and turned to face me. “Why don’t you get up and take off the rest your clothes and wait for me in the bedroom. I’ll only be a couple minutes.” She smiled, gave me a kiss, and stepped into the bathroom.

I took off my clothes and waited for Meethi in the bedroom. The walls were made of mirrors, and the other wall had a bunch of cabinets behind glass. It looked like the architect of the house designed the bedroom for a lot of sexual play. And it also looked like I was in for the same.

I sort of half-sat on the bed facing the wall mirror. I looked at my penis in my reflection. Amazingly, it was still hard. It was throbbing rhythmically, and with each pulse I felt warm sensation flow from my balls to the head and all through my body, sort-of like a mini-orgasm. I could imagine my sperm shooting out the tip with each spasm. Seeing my naked body in the mirror with my hard cock throbbing really turned me on. God, I wanted to cum! My penis had never felt like this before.

It was scary to think how much control she was having on me. But when I felt the fear, I got even more aroused. I yielded to it. I wanted her to dominate me again. All I had to do is to stroke my cock a few times and I could pump out my sperm. But she didn’t want me to touch myself, so I just kept looking at my rod.

“I want to see your creamy sperm oozing out the end.” I didn’t hear her come in and she startled me. How did she know what I was thinking? I looked and saw her standing above me. She was totally nude except for a pair of plain, white bikini panties that she had changed into. Her breasts were not too large but full and round. She had nice, protruding nipples. She stood over me and lifted one leg up, resting it on my shoulder. I could see all of her panty-covered crotch, which she started rubbing with her hand inches from my face.

“My ass hole can wait, Cherry. Smell my crotch.” She pushed it closer. It smelled of her musk. My cock twitched. “Smell my raw…… , Cherry?” My cock twitched. I nodded. “Good.” she replied and walked over to the glass-covered cabinets. She opened the class and took bottle of something off a shelf in there and then shut the glass door.

She then turned to me, smiled, and said, “Oh honey I am really going to do bad things to you… Really bad things… mmmmmmm.. She sat down beside me and proceeded to wrap her fingers around my hard shaft while she let her thumb tease the swollen tip. “You like it Cherry? She said in a husky voice. “I want to give you a ‘tip orgasm’, Cherry. Do you know what a ‘tip orgasm’ is?” Each time she said “tip” she touched the tip of my cock, which made me moan. I couldn’t answer her.

“Well, a ‘tip orgasm’ is where I make you cum only by touching the tip of your cock. I won’t squeeze or even touch your throbbing shaft. Only the tip.” She touched it again. “I want to watch your gizz shooting out, Cherry. Put your hands on my tits.”I obeyed. We maneuvered around so that the position was comfortable. “Now, when I play with you, you might feel the urge to close your eyes. But you must watch your sperm coming out Cherry. Do you understand?” I nodded.

“Good, but I doubt you can do that without practice. When your cream shoots out squeeze my tits and open your eyes wide. I’m going to touch your cock now and I want you to try it. Here goes …” She squeezed the head of my cock lightly with her fist. I moaned loudly as the sensations seemed to radiate out from my cock’s head all over my body. I closed my eyes. “No, you shut your eyes. Try it again.” She repeated the procedure with the same results except that I managed to keep looking at my cock. “Good. Let’s do it a few more times.” We repeated the procedure several times until I could keep my eyes open. This had a powerful effect on me: I couldn’t keep my eyes off my cock.

All I could think of was cumming. When she’d squeeze my cock head, I would feel the beginnings of an orgasm, but she’d always let go before it could build. I had the sensation that her breasts and my cock were somehow connected, as my squeezing of them and the powerful sensations in my cock were associated.

After more than a dozen of these “practice” attempts, I was panting and thrusting my hips. She reached for the bottle she had taken off the shelf and poured what turned out to be massage oil on her hand. She then seductively said, “Oh, Cherry, I can’t resist any more. I want your cream.” As she said “cream” she squeezed her slick fist tightly around my cock head and tightened it so it slid up off the end. My hips jerked sharply as the electricity shot through me and I screamed. “Ooooh, look at that purple head.” She did it again, with the same results. With her other hand she started pulling the hairs on my balls, and tickling them with her fingernails. Every 5 seconds or so she’d squeeze me cock head like that as she tickled my balls. I was bucking like horse.

All the while she kept up a steady stream of talk: “Yeah … I love to jerk off” (she squeezed me at the word ‘jerk’ and all words underlined hereafter). “Your body is so hot and sexy, it makes me want to cream” (another squeeze).

“Hot ‘cum’, Cherry.” “I love your hot hard penis. It’s burning, Cherry. Do you love fucking my hand? My wet slippery hot hand.” She slowly increased the frequency until she was squeezing my head and sliding her hand off of it about once a second. I could tell that I was going to cum after the next squeeze, but she somehow sensed that, too, and stopped.

She made an open fist around my head but not quite touching. I desperately tried to push my penis against her hand, but she was too fast for me and kept moving it just out of reach. “I think you are ready, Cherry. Look at me!” Every breath of mine was a screaming grunt. As I watched, slowly the realization dawned on me that I was totally out of control. I had never been even remotely as wild as I was then. I could see her power over me and I got scared, because even knowing the effect she had on me didn’t stop me or slow me down, but rather, the intense fear made me even more aroused.

“I’ve barely started with you, Cherry. This is only the beginning. Now watch yourself.” She enclosed her fist around my cock head and this time she did it really slowly while rotation her wrist back and forth instead of squeezing it up off the head. I felt the sperm rising.

Suddenly, she let go of the head and very lightly held the base of my cock so it was pointing straight up. I cried out, but she cut me off sternly, “No! No touching! Do it yourself. Do it with your cock muscles. Squeeze it out. Cover that cock with creamy spunk!” I wanted her hand. I loved that hand milking me. But I was overwhelmed with the most intense orgasm that was building up. “Watch your cock!” she ordered. “More spunk. More! Squeeze it. Squeeze!” Pre cum was dripping from the tip of my cock every time I squeezed my muscles. “Oooooh, Cherry” she continued, “I want you to watch your creamy spunk shoot out.”

I was still spasming and transfixed by the sight of my pulsing, rigid penis. She touched my wrists and said, “Let go of my breasts now, Cherry.” I obeyed. She got up off of me and said, look down at your penis, but don’t touch it.” I looked at it. It looked huge compared to how it looked in the mirror. All the bouncing and thrusting had caused me to slid down most of the way down on my back. She then slid down and kneeled over me, leaning down and holding my arms so I couldn’t lift them. She smiled and kissed me softly on my lips, and then moved down and lowered her head towards my pulsing cock.

She went back to seductively moaning in time with my grunts. The sensations just increased the force of my spasms. She gave me the greatest head in rhythm with my moans and thrusts. “You taste good and I will suck your cock until I make you crazy” I want you to be really crazy for me….mmmm..mmmmm… Cherry, I am sucking your cock now. Look at me sucking this cock.”

All the while she kept saying “I am sucking your balls, Cherry.” Then she would lick my shaft. Then, as if coming up for air, she continues, “I am going to lick your asshole.” She matches words with action. “You like it. You want me to run my tongue around the rim of your asshole…until you can’t take it anymore… beg me to stop. I want you to cum all over my face… mmm… I want you to cream in my mouth.“

This kept me highly aroused and to push me to the edge. “I am gonna shoot” I shouted, just as the first glob of sticky jism fired from my throbbing cock. She sucked on my pulsing cock until my balls were drained. I was still grunting and thrusting, although rather languidly now. My penis was no longer hard. She kept looking deeply into my eyes, and began to talk to me. Her voice was soft and sultry and she continued to speak in rhythm with my moans as she looked deeply into my eyes and mirrored my expressions. It was hypnotic.

Although I felt spent from my orgasm, I was beginning to feel pleasurable sensations again in my penis and balls. “It is still hard.” She squealed as she pulled her mouth away. “My stud hasn’t had enough.” She teased licking her lips. I was ten feet tall. I never imagined I would be hard so soon. I felt like it might stay stiff forever.

Then she put her head back on my shoulder and put her lips against my ear. “Do it for me.” She gasped. “Make me cum.” I pushed my hands past the elastic waistband of her white bikini panties and wormed my hand down until I trapped her slick, swollen clit between two fingers. “Oh….. Yes,” she moaned as she pushed her hips against my fingers. She kept panting and calling out my name. “Cherry, play with my clit. Cherry, touch it. Squeeze it. Yes that is it. It feels good just like that…. Oh, Cherry, don’t stop!”

In the tight confines of the panties, all I could do was run my fingers up and down her slippery slit. A few seconds later, when the fist wave of her orgasm hit, Meethi clamped her legs tightly around my hand and hunched her hips wildly. I let my fingers slip as deep as possible into her hot open pussy and vibrated the palm of my hand against her body shuddering, her breath coming in rapid gasps. I was thrilled that I had made the lady in red, I ogled at in the morning, cum. When she was cumming we were looking right into each other’s eyes. This established a special connection between us.

Meethi slowly sat up with her head resting on my shoulder, trying to catch her breath. She suddenly looked spend and vulnerable. I eased my hand out of her shots. It was covered with her juice. Suddenly I had an urgent need to taste her again. I had tasted her nectar at the basement parking. It was a quickie and was not satisfied then. I put my hand to my mouth and one at a time licked her sweet juice from my fingers.

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