Xtasy – 5

By the time my fingers were clean, Meethi was squirming and breathing like a steam engine. Watching me taste her sweet nectar had again lit her fire. “Lick my pussy, Cherry. I want to cum while you going down on me.” She commanded. She was not vulnerable after all. My hands went immediately to the waistband of her bikini panties and pulled it down in one swoop as I worked my body into a position with my face hovering over her trembling twat. Meethi’s wet, open pussy glistened in the bedroom light. I could inhale the musky aroma of her womanhood

I let my hot breath cover the swollen wet lips and felt my cock jump as I watched her pussy lips pucker…. They begged for my tongue. “Please” she pleaded. “Don’t tease me. Eat me….Cherry lick my pussy.” As she begged, she lifted her hips and kissed my mouth with her pussy lips. Automatically, my tongue shot out of my mouth and plunged into her tasty pussy. I guess she wanted to be in control but later she just let her emotions take over. I was grunting as I lapped up every drop of her pussy juice. Every time I grunted, she panted in rhythm along with me. I could see her eyes roll back and forth as if she was unconscious.

At first she’d moan words like, “Lick it!” and “More” and “Eat me.” The juice poured from the trembling gash. I rammed my tongue in and out of her quivering pussy hole while my nose rocked against her sensitive clit. After a while, her panting became wordless, and she said things like “Ahhh” and “Ooooh” and “Yeah” when I dug down and rimmed her anal opening. Her voice was a seductive, throaty whisper. I lapped up every drop.

Once she started cumming, she couldn’t stop. I didn’t time it, but I will bet she came for ten minutes. I couldn’t get enough of her pussy nectar. She kept grinding her hips against my face and I kept stimulating her sensitive clit and intermittently thrusting my tongue deep into her love canal until at last she could take no more and pushed my head away.

I sat up in the bed, with my face covered with her hot juice. I was shaking all over. My cock jumped like crazy as it still hung out. Meethi cupped my face in her tiny hands and covered my mouth with her sugary lips. She maneuvered herself around, made me to lie down, threw her legs across my lap and pressed her slick slit against my throbbing cock. Between the long hot kiss she mumbled, “Fuck me… Fill me with your dick.” She then raised her hips up a little and I pointed my weapon at her slippery target. I hit bulls-eye on the first try.

She gasped for breath as my cock entered her surprisingly tight hot tunnel all the way to the hilt. Meethi wrapped her hands around my neck and began sliding up and down on my twitching pole. On each up thrust, she would let my cock slip back until only the tip was in the hot entrance to her pussy and then she would drive down with all of her weight as my cock stretched the tight slick walls of her velvet tunnel. We continued the game for about ten minutes before I erupted into her soaking pussy. She groaned with pleasure as my hot cum spurted into her tight little pussy. My climax set her off, and as the last of my semen was shooting into her, I felt her pussy contraction around me. When it was over we both were exhausted. My cock at last shriveled and slipped from her juicy box with a plop.

We lay in the bed for a while and then Meethi broke the silence “See what I can do to you, Cherry?” I nodded weakly. “This is ‘ECSTASY’”

I then realized we both were still light headed, but not the least confused. Or guilty. This was exactly what I wanted. I was now sure it was exactly what she wanted. She continued “I love getting you this way … Making you cum my way… I can make love to your body and mind… And Cherry, I will teach you to be the best lover…. Cherry… Yeah… Better… All forms of sex… “ We slept of in the nude in each others arms after we promised each other that this wild night and many more to come would be our secret.

Next morning, when I work up at 10, I couldn’t remember right away what had happened, but I knew something special was going on, and I was filled with excitement and anticipation. Then I began to get my bearings. I could slowly remember the previous night and recognized the nude body beside me. I started to became really horny and slid down the bed and buried my head between Meethi’s legs. I held her pink pussy lips apart and started liking her slit lazily as I waited for her to wake up. When she began to stir, I started jabbing at her clit, licking it hard and fast. She started smiling in her sleep as if she was having an erotic dream.

Her first sensations of the day were pleasant to say the least, and she let me know by greeting me with a loud groan of pleasure. Soon I felt her hands on my head. She held my face close to her pussy and licked her. I made her cum hard with my tongue before mounting her and we were at it again. I stayed with her till Sunday evening.

As for Meethi and me, we became lovers and indulged in a variety of imaginative sex games and kinky stuff – erotic foreplay, intense kissing, petting, oil massage, licking honey, talking dirty, mind control, fantasy fulfillment, role-play, oral sex – like everywhere, you name it.

There is no point in going into the how’s and why’s of splitting up nearly one year after our first encounter. Suffice it to say that we both knew when it was time to call it a day. We both sure will always be glad for what we had.

Every lady/girl I sleep with tells me: “You make love to my entire body.” “You give terrific head.” “You are very imaginative when it comes to sex” Or even better yet “Who taught you how to fuck like that!” I wink at them and say “If you only know.” Somewhere, Meethi is smiling!

The End.

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