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This story revolves around fictional and exaggerated ideas.
Things that this story will include is: Excessive cum, Excessive dick size, Sleeping sex, Incest, and a submissive mindset.
The story, as all my stories are, is in female perspective. If you like, please leave feedback for me to work on in future stories and/or points that you specifically enjoyed.

The sun was bleeding through the curtains, casting it's warm light on my face as I woke up. I couldn't help but wince as I sat up in my bed, the sheets falling off of me as I did. I sat there in my bed and reached forward as if to touch my toes to stretch my body, letting out a soft groan as I did so.
Slowly, as I shifted my legs off the bed and stood up, I felt something between my legs. I looked down and felt between my thighs the familiar dried cum that had always showed up every morning. Jake, my brother, had come into my room again and came on me.
Jake was my twin brother, he was born only minutes before me. He was always protective of me and caring like any older brother would be. It wasn't until a couple weeks after I turned 18, that I started to notice that Jake would sneak into my room while I was asleep and masturbate next to me and finish onto me. Sometimes he would finish on my face, sometimes on my stomach, and usually between my thighs.
Typically, It depended on what I was wearing to sleep that decided where Jake would cum. If I was wearing something that covered my body, then he would decide to cum on my face. But other times, if I was wearing just my underwear to sleep then it would be a gamble on where he would cum since more of my body was exposed.
I never confronted Jake about it, and I'm not even sure if he knew that I could tell what he was doing. After all, my entire family knew that I was a deep sleeper considering that I exercised a lot throughout the day and was always tired after.
In the beginning, Jake would only come into my room about 2 or 3 times a week but slowly it increased to almost every night. Deep down it made me a little excited knowing what he was doing to me while I slept. I saw my big brother differently than most other sisters would.
Jake's well built body and sculpted face always attracted girls left and right of him, myself included. He had a deep voice that could make any girl melt just from him talking and his personality fit well with him. Other girls would always try to talk to him but he would always seem to be uninterested, which is why it was a nice feeling that he took interest in me instead.
Jake would always tower over me when we stood next to each other, he was 6'5" where I was only 5'4". I was proud of my features too though, I was skinny and athletic, my tits were at a perfect size and my body was curvy. After years of working out, my ass had grown nicely and stuck out, surprising most guys who looked at me. I had light brown hair that cut off towards the middle of my back.
A lot of guys tried to talk to me but I was usually uninterested because compared to Jake they were nothing. I knew that it was wrong considering that he is my big brother, but it was impossible for me to just think about any other guy except him.
As I stepped into the bathroom, I quickly stripped off the short shorts that I wore to bed, along with my t-shirt. I looked at myself in the large bathroom mirror and admired myself as I stood naked in front of it. My hand slowly felt between my thighs to where the patch of dried cum had stained on me and I smiled.
I walked into the shower and stepped in, turning on the water as it flowed down my body. My hands automatically went between my legs and a tingle of pleasure shot up my spine as my finger grazed my clit, a small wisp of a moan escaping my lips.
I closed my eyes and thought about Jake in the shower with me as I continued to slowly play with myself. Slowly escalating as time passed, I rubbed harder against my clit and gently felt my climax building inside of me. I imagined Jake holding me against the bathroom wall and fucking me with my legs wrapped around his body.
In a couple minutes, I found myself leaned against the shower wall as moans escaped my body. My fingers quickly massaged my clit as the warm water continued to wash down my body. My climax crashed down on me soon after, shooting waves of pleasure up and throughout my body. My breathing was ragged as my legs felt weak under me when my climax passed through me.
As I finished my shower, I stepped back into my room with my towel wrapped around my body. I realized in the shower how much I wanted Jake and I couldn't wait any longer. I thought about what I could do to slowly get Jake to take things further but I didn't want to scare him off.
I dried myself off and quickly put on some clothes to go downstairs and eat breakfast. I looked at myself in the mirror as I slipped on a matching pair of lingerie, a black lacy bra with similar designed panties. I threw over a white crop top t-shirt that hugged my body tightly and exposed most of my stomach along with a pair of black spandex shorts.
As I headed downstairs, I reached up and tied my hair into a ponytail. I turned the corner and saw Jake sitting at the table on his phone. Mom was at the stove cooking away and the smell of breakfast foods filled the air. Jake looked over at me and glanced at me up and down, he quickly turned back to his phone to not overstep.
"Morning, sweetie." My mother said to me as she saw me step into the room.
"Hi, Mom." I replied back, I glanced over at Jake and he was still staring into his phone.
As I sat down at the table, I purposely sat next to him which was unusual because I typically sat across from him. He looked over at me with a little hint of confusion but he didn't argue.
"Morning, big brother." I said to him with a small tease in my voice when I referred to him.
"Morning, Yin." He replied back.
Mom continued to fill the table with plates of food as the morning went on and we ate in silence for the most part but with some small conversations about the coming day here and there. As we ate, I noticed that Jake would gradually glance at me here and there thinking that I didn't notice. I knew that the outfit I put on would catch his eye since it exposed a lot of my skin.
After breakfast, we all went on with our day. I went to exercise and practice volleyball at my school and Jake went to hang out with his friends. Mom and Dad had left for a business trip which wasn't unusual because they have to always travel around for weeks at a time leaving the house to just Jake and I. They used to hire someone to take care of us while they were gone but now that we were both over 18 they trusted us enough to leave us on our own.
As the moon rose in the sky, I parked my car in the driveway and noticed that Jake was home considering his car was in the driveway as well. I walked into the house and headed upstairs towards my room to take a shower. As I walked down the hallway, I saw Jake's lights on in his room from under the door and I stopped to see what he was up to. I cracked the door open and poked my head inside, seeing Jake laying in his bed on his phone.
"Hey, big bro." I called out to him with a smile on my face.
He was shocked by my voice and almost dropped his phone down onto his face, "Uh.. Hey sis." He replied back to me.
I let off a little chuckle when I saw him get surprised and I opened the door wider. I stood in his doorway wearing a black sports bra and black spandex since it's what I usually wore after volleyball practice.
Jake sat up in bed and stared at my body as if I wasn't looking at him. He came back to reality when I asked him if I could come into his room and he stumbled on his words.
"Oh..Uh.. Yeah. Come on in, Sorry." He replied hesitantly.
As I walked into his room, I could smell the cologne he wears and it was very appealing. He always kept his room clean at all times. I looked at him as I stopped only about a foot away from his bed, he was wearing gray joggers with a tank top that really helped his muscles stand out.
"How was… volleyball practice?" He asked me, his eyes still peeking at my features here and there.
"It was good." I replied, "Coach really worked us today so I think I'm gonna shower and just head to bed."
The second I finished what I was telling him, I noticed a little change in his expression when I said I would be heading to bed soon. My plan was slowly moving along and I knew that he would be visiting me in my sleep tonight.
I reached down and gave him a hug which surprised him, I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought his head close to my shoulders and I stood back up. I knew that he liked what I did because looking down I could notice a tent growing in his joggers.
"What was that for, sis?" He asked me with a surprised tone in his voice.
"Nothing, can't I hug my big brother?" I asked him with an innocent tone in my voice.
I turned around and walked out his door, purposely swaying my hips a little more than normal knowing that he was watching me. I closed his door behind me and headed to my room to shower.
I closed the door to my room behind me and I let out my breath. My heart was pounding after what I had just done to Jake. I had never thrown so many signals at him at once and it felt exciting to me.
I stepped into my bathroom and threw my clothes off into my laundry basket and showered. I couldn't have been more excited to "fall asleep" tonight. As I finished my shower and dried myself off, I walked back into my room and threw my towel off to the side once again. Instead of my usual routine of slipping on some comfortable clothes to sleep in, the plan was to surprise my brother by "sleeping" naked tonight.
As I slipped into bed, I felt the soft blankets and sheets rub against my skin. I turned the lights off and pretended to fall asleep. An hour later, I heard my door creak open gently. I heard Jake walk towards me and soon enough could tell that he was standing right next to me by my bed. I laid there still under my blankets, my back against the bed. I felt him tug at my blanket gently as he lifted it off my body, the cold air causing my nipples to poke out a bit.
I could hear Jake choke on himself for a second when he saw me. I pretended to move in my sleep and I shifted myself to turn away from Jake, laying on my side with my back faced towards him.
After a minute or so, I heard him wrestling his joggers off of him and letting them sit on the floor. Eventually, a hand landed on my waist gently and trailed down slowly to my hips then my thighs. I heard a faint groan escaping from his lips as I heard him jerking himself off behind me.
"Sis, you awake?" He whispered gently, testing to see if I'd respond.
I kept quiet as his warm hand continued to explore my body. Eventually, his hand found it's way between my thighs, slowly inching closer to my slit. I could tell I was getting turned on when I felt warm down there. His breathing became rougher as I heard his hand stroking his cock get louder behind me.
I wanted to see it badly, I couldn't wait any longer and I wanted him to just fuck me. He was hesitant about how far he could take it and I was impatient for him to just take it a step further already. His hand slowly lifted between my thighs and I was confused why he stopped. Soon enough, I realized when suddenly I felt him getting into my bed behind me. He turned onto his side to face the same way as me. His cock rested against my back but something was off, it reached all the way up to my lower back.
Curiosity filled my mind and I couldn't take it anymore, I wanted to push him over the edge but at the same time not break my act. I turned back around so that I was on my opposite side, so that I was facing him now. I could tell he was holding his breath since he was worried I had woken up. A minute after, he slowly calmed down and assumed I was still asleep.
I felt his cock rest on my stomach this time, it was warm and was pulsating a little bit against my skin. I felt him slowly cock his hips back and slip his dick between my thighs and slid it along my slit. A moan almost broke out between my lips when his cock rubbed against my clit.
His hips slowly began to rock back and forth, sliding along my wet slit, coating his dick in my juices as he slowly got comfortable and moved faster and faster. I could feel his breath on my face as his breathing became rougher, his cock felt thicker than it did in the beginning.
I had to use all my power to keep my moans from escaping my mouth as time went on, his cock wasn't even inside me and it already felt amazing rubbing against my clit. Soon enough, I felt him slow down and pull his cock slowly out from between my thighs. I felt him shift around in front of me and I was so curious to see what he was doing, I almost wanted to open my eyes and take a peek when suddenly I felt something pushing against the entrance to my tiny slit.
"He's really going to stick it inside of me!" I thought to myself in my head.
I felt his cock slowly push inside of me, he was moving slowly to make sure I didn't wake up. I could feel every detail of his cock as it came inside of me, slowly parting my slit open. Inch after inch of his cock, he filled me up and I eventually felt his hips rest against mine, his arm reached around me and I felt his hand grab my ass as a handle to keep me pressed up against him.
I felt his throbbing cock inside of me, it felt hot and I almost climaxed just from him sliding inside in me. He was massive, his thick cock felt amazing inside of me. Suddenly, his hips began to rock back and forth gently, I let out a soft moan from the pleasure and he suddenly stopped. He froze all movements to make sure I didn't wake up and stayed still for about a minute.
"Yin…?" He whispered into my ear.
His deep voice sounded so seductive in my ear, I was in heat and his voice didn't help me. I wanted him to keep fucking me so I could cum already and his throbbing cock that was still deep inside of me didn't help my thinking.
"Just fuck me already." I moaned out gently, slowly opening my eyes. I quickly leaned forward and locked our lips together into a kiss. I could tell he was surprised when I looked into his eyes but soon enough they filled with lust just as mine were. His tongue pushed into my mouth and danced with mine as his hands grabbed my waist and picked me up to straddle him. I sat on top of his hips with his cock still deep inside of me and our lips never breaking apart.
I slowly rocked my hips back and forth at first, moans escaped from me but muffled from our kiss. His hands stayed on my waist and followed my movements as I slowly sped up when I felt his cock throb harder inside of me. I broke our kiss and leaned forward more towards his ear and whispered seductively into it.
"Is my big brother about to cum into his little sister?" I moaned into his ear.
Suddenly, as if I started something I shouldn't have. Jake's grip around my hips tightened and he picked me up and shifted his hands to my ass and gripped them tightly. I wrapped my legs around him instinctively and my arms wrapped around his neck. I felt him push me up against the wall and he suddenly began to thrust hard inside of me. I kept my head next to his with his ear directly in front of my mouth.
Moans filled the room as his thrusts forced his cock inside of me, he groaned into my ear as he grew close to cumming and my moans did the same back to him. His cock throbbed harder as it continued to pump into my tiny slit, my hand held onto the back of his neck.
"Cum inside of your little sister, big brother." I moaned into his ear.
I felt my climax crash down suddenly and a loud moan escaped my mouth. Jake took this as an opportunity and began to fuck me wildly, his thrusts pounded me against the wall. I felt him suddenly bury his thick member deep inside of me as it pulsated and throbbed in my slit. His cum quickly filled deep inside of me, there was so much that I could feel it coming out of me as well. He groaned into my ear as he came and after his climax slowly settled he turned back around and set me down on the edge of the bed on my back.
He slowly slipped his thick cock out of me, inch by inch. It was still throbbing as he pulled out and cum slowly dribbled out of me. I sat up and took my hands and wrapped it around the base of his cock, I stuck my tongue out and licked under the tip of his cock and kept my mouth wide open as I began to stroke his shaft. I swallowed the remaining bits of cum that shot out of his cock and licked it clean while looking up at him with innocent eyes.
Once I was done, I laid back on my bed and caught my breath. My clit was still tingling from my last climax and I gently rubbed it between my fingers. Jake stood at the end of my bed still in front of me, his cock still stood tall.
"What are you doing?" I asked him, my fingers still between my thighs.
"Uh.. what do you mean?" He asked me with a confused look.
"You obviously still have energy, big brother." I smiled and gave a wink at him.
Jake let out a little chuckle and grinned at me, his eyes were focused on my hands playing with myself and gave off a dominant gaze. He stuck his finger in the air and twirled it in a circle and I immediately knew what he was implying. I turned over and got on my knees in bed, into a doggy style position and arched my back downwards.
"Please fuck me with your cock, big brother." I said, as I wiggled my ass teasingly in front of him, keeping my face planted against my bed.
"I wouldn't have it any other way, little sis." He said with his intoxicating deep voice from behind.

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