Yoga teacher

Hai, I am vignesh from vignesh. I am 19 years of age. This is a real one. This happened three months back. I am studying in a computer company. This is my first affair, that too with my yoga teacher. Her name is swathi, married lady of 30 years of age. Whitish in color with nice & well shaped boobs.

I was very regular to my yoga classes. Always I used to ask one or the other thing in yoga & so I was bit popular over there. Often I used to visit her house at least weekly… Once I don’t have any intention to have sex with her nor to look at her boobs or curves. This happened on weekend in the evening… I was bit lazy in doing yoga. As usual I started chit chatting… & asked about her husband & she told gone out of station with office colleagues & then started discussing about yoga. And that day she insisted she will make me perfect in yoga at any cost. So immediately she changed her cloth & came back. But this time she was in t-shirt & shots…. Her boobs are clearly visible. She was sitting closer to me but this time I was not able to concentrate on yoga classes… Just started looking at her boobs which were visible clearly… I started sweating a lot… She noticed it. She asked me what happened….

At the beginning bit hesitated to talk, I kept silent and watching her lip movements. Then she asked me that “do you have any relation ship with any of girls or ladies before”. I was bit shocked & suddenly said no….. She asked whether you had any sexual experience with any one of them. I said cleverly no but watched some sex movies & love English movies…. Then she made me a cup of tea & sat next to me… Asked do you want to have sex… She closed her eyes facing towards me… I gathered some courage and kissed her on her lips, she responded by hugging me and running both her hands through my hair… I lost control and started pressing her breast with one hand and my other hand started feeling her ass and I started kissing her near her ears and down below near her neck. She later caught my hand and pulled me to the bedroom.

Immediately she went to fridge & bought some honey & cup of ice cream…. I was thinking what she is doing with that…. First she applied honey to my lips & we both started licking it like a dog… It was wonderful kiss for 10 minutes… She asked me to call her by her name, we were hugging…. I removed her nightdress and put it aside and started caressing her boobs. She was wearing a tight sexy transparent white bra holding her boobs, which were waiting to come out. Then taking a little courage I undid her bra strap and removed the bra. She was very beautiful topless. Then she made me remove my shirt. Now she had just her sexy white panty on. Then slowly I pulled her panties down. Now she was fully nude before me. She told me I was the first male seeing her totally nude after her husband… She then made me remove my pant and underwear and made me nude. Now both of us were nude. Then I laid myself over her sucking and caressing her boobs while she was caressing my cock. We were kissing each other with our tongues. By now my pole was real hard.

Her nipples were getting hard. Then she took a cup of ice cream & applied to her breast & nipple & told me to suck it hard…. Then I was so happy started sucking & eating ice cream… It was really wonderful… Then I took one boob in one hand and the other inside my mouth started sucking it while crushing the other. Her tits began to harden as I sucked them and chewed them. Then I changed boobs and started sucking the other while crushing the already sucked boob. All the time she was moaning. Now I move down and started with her belly button and then moved a little to reach her pussy. It was so cute. I nibbled at it a little and then ate her pussy. She started cumming profusely and started saying “please make love to me now. I slowly moved my body around and between her legs, which she immediately wrapped around my body.

My hard dick found the opening to her wet, hot pussy and very slowly I moved it across her slit, up and down the wet lips of this beautiful cunt, and then slowly let the big head of my thick, long dick enter her vagina. I moved it gently in and out, an inch at a time, while whispering in her ear just how beautiful she was. She pressed hard up against me, letting the entire length of my shaft fill her waiting pussy. Beginning very slowly, I slid in and out, giving her the full feeling my cock, and then increasing the speed a little at a time. I let the tip of my dick press inside her vagina going deeper with each stroke, hitting her “g-spot”. She began to shiver and I felt the contractions of her orgasm. Floods of vaginal fluids surrounded my cock making it even hotter, and slicker than ever. I remained inside her while I gently kissed her lips. Soon, my dick began to grow inside that and this time we fucked again as if there was not tomorrow. After five minutes she took my dick in her hands & applied some honey to it & started sucking it like a real bitch…

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