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She closed the door, put down her purse, and let out a sigh. Cody could hardly miss that something wasn't right.
"What's wrong, baby?" he asked.
Ginny sighed again, and then came over to sit down next to him. He slipped an arm around her and caressed her shoulder. She leaned in against him. "I'm worried about Ava. She's just so depressed."
"From what, Tom?"
She nodded, and pushed an errant strand of blonde hair back behind her ear. "She barely goes out, and… She's just not herself."
"It's been like two months, hasn't it?"
There was a touch of irritation in her voice when she answered, "They were together for three years, and then she walks in on him getting his dick sucked on their anniversary."
"Yeah, you're right," he said, though he still thought it was more than a bit excessive.
"It totally destroyed her." After a few seconds, Ginny asked, "You think she's hot, don't you?"
Warning alarms went off in his head, and Cody didn't answer. She turned to look at him, and after a moment, lifted her eyebrows. "Come on. You don't really think I'm jealous like that, do you? Seriously. Just tell me."
"Yeah, she's hot," he admitted, and felt a great swell of relief when she smiled.
"You'd fuck her in a heartbeat, wouldn't you?"
He was quick to reply, "Nope. You're the only one I want."
That made her smile, but she immediately asked, "But what if there were no consequences? You'd fuck her silly if you had a chance, right?"
"What, like if we were both single?"
"Yeah, something like that."
He hesitated, but then answered, "Yeah, I guess so."
Ginny snuggled up against him and said, "I think that's what she needs more than anything — some hot guy to fuck her raw and leave her breathless."
"Surely there's guys hitting on her."
"Yeah, but she's so down that she pushes them all away. I think she needs someone she's already hot for to just pull it out and say here."
"So, who has she got the hots for? If you think that will work, I'm sure you can find a guy who will do it."
"Well, there's you…"
Ginny let out a little laugh at his shock. "Oh yeah. She practically has to change her panties every time she looks at you."
"Well, that doesn't help much."
"Or, maybe it does."
"What are you talking about?"
Ginny sat up straight, locked eyes with him, and said, "I want you to fuck her. I know she won't be able to resist you, and you'll make her come so hard she can't see straight."
Cody blurted, "You serious?"
"So serious. You're exactly what she needs."
He shook his head. "No way."
"Look at me. I mean it. I want you to."
"And what happens a few months down the road when we get in a fight over something, and that's the first thing you think of? I don't want to mess this up."
"You won't."
"You say that now, but…"
"Look, I told you that I'm bi-curious, right?"
"Well, Ava's the one I'm curious about."
Cody sat back, trying to absorb what he was hearing. It was too much, too fast, and he didn't know how to process it.
"I'm pretty sure she's hot for me too, but I don't think she'd go for it if it was just us. Now, if I had the right bait…" She reached between his legs and squeezed.
Cody let out a little grunt when her touch sent a rush of blood down below.
"Just imagine that. Slamming this big cock into her little shaved pussy while she's going down on me. Both of us moaning. Her little pussy squeezing around you as she's about to come. Mmm… I can feel you getting hard.
She wasn't wrong. His protest didn't change that when he said, "There are so many ways that could go horribly wrong."
"It can go sooo right though," Ginny said while caressing his almost fully erect cock through his shorts. "Imagine pulling out of her and me sucking all her pussy juice off your cock. I can almost taste it."
"That's one thing," he said. "You're turned on by the idea, but it may be something completely different when it's real."
"Trust me. I want it bad. When we were in the shower at the gym this morning, I almost got on my knees and buried my face in her pussy."
"God," Cody groaned as her fingers tightened around his erection and began to stroke. "Or, she may not be into it."
"Well, then I'll just watch you fuck her and get my taste off your cock afterward."
He knew full well that might not happen either. Ava could balk at doing anything. His ability to protest was fading, in light of the images her sexy talk and stroking hand were conjuring up.
"Just say it. Say you'll fuck my BFF for me, so she'll stop being so down on herself. Say it. Say it. Say it."
Cody groaned and said, "Okay."
"I want to hear you say it. Say, you'll fuck her until she can't walk."
"I'll fuck her until she can't fucking walk," he said in a rush of growled words.
Ginny giggled, pulled her hand out of his lap and popped up from the couch.
Cody blew out a long breath and let his head thump against the cushion behind him. He gave his throbbing cock a squeeze to dull the ache she'd aroused in it.
When she pulled out her phone and sent a text message, he wondered if she was trying to set it up already. After sending, she stared at the screen until the message alert sounded. Ginny let out a little squeal and said, "She's on her way over."
"Right now?"
Ginny finished typing her reply and said, "Yes. Right now. And if she doesn't hurry, I'm going to be sitting on your face when she gets here. I am so turned on right now I can't stand it." She walked over, grabbed his hand, and guided it up the leg of her shorts to her crotch.
The damp spot on her panties confirmed that she wasn't exaggerating. That spot undoubtedly got wetter when she forced his finger into the cleft and ground against it for a second. She let out a long, deep moan, pulled his hand away, and said, "Go change into those orange basketball shorts. No underwear. Put on a shirt that's easier to get off, too."
Directions given, she pulled off her top, and slid the bra straps off her shoulder. Before reaching around for the clasp, she gave him a look and said, "Well…"
Cody got up from the couch and headed for the bedroom. Ginny's bra landed on the bed while he was stripping down to change. He was pulling on an old, comfortable t-shirt when he heard her call, "Hurry up. It's only going to take her a few minutes to get here, and you need to be in place."
He wondered how long she'd been planning this when he entered the front room and saw that she'd filled the other two chairs with laundry baskets, leaving only the couch as a place to sit. She'd spread a faux fur blanket over the couch as well.
"Sit, right in the middle," she directed.
Cody took his place as the doorbell was ringing. Ginny gave him an excited look, and then composed herself as she headed for the door.
"Heyyy," the girls greeted each other, and then hugged. Even Cody could tell that Ava's greeting was less exuberant than he was used to. The brunette was smiling, but it looked forced.
"Sit down, I'll go get it," Ginny said, and then headed to the bedroom.
Ava hesitated briefly upon seeing the two chairs occupied by laundry, but then sat down next to Cody on the couch.
"Hey," he said, and nodded as she sat down.
"Hi," she responded, and for the first time, he noticed a glint of something in her eyes when she looked at him that spoke of attraction.
Ginny didn't leave them alone for long. She emerged from the bedroom with a book and said, "Here it is."
Ava accepted the novel and asked, "Thanks. Is it good?"
"So good," Ginny answered as she sat down on the opposite side of the couch, with Cody between them.
Ava read the synopsis on the back, and while she was distracted, Ginny grabbed Cody's cock through the thin shorts. He'd lost most of his steel by that point, but that changed rapidly from her touch and the sultry look she gave him.
Holy shit, she's not fooling around, he thought as she hooked her fingers under the stretchy waistband of his shorts.
"I want to show you something," Ginny said.
Ava turned her eyes away from the book just as Ginny yanked away the obscuring cloth. The book tumbled from her nerveless fingers as she gasped, and covered her mouth with both hands.
She didn't avert her eyes, though.
His blonde girlfriend held the waistband of his shorts out of the way with one hand, and stroked his rapidly hardening cock with the other. Ava gave a shake of her head, as if she was coming out of a trance, and tore her eyes away to look at her friend.
"Mmm hmm," Ginny moaned while twitching her eyebrows, and then she looked down at his erection.
The brunette's eyes darted down twice to the bobbing organ before she stammered, "I… Wha… Uhm…"
Ginny said, "You seriously need to get laid, sister. Since you're not doing anything about that, I decided you needed some help."
Ava's mouth worked, but no sound came out. She looked from the blonde, to him, to his rock-hard cock, and then back to her friend again. The next thing Cody knew, his girlfriend was leaning over him, and grasping her friend's hand. Ava seemed to resist a moment, but then allowed the blonde to pull her hand into his lap. She drew in a shuddering breath as Ginny closed her fingers around him.
"I want you to fuck him. And I know you want to," Ginny said.
Her tone was so sensual and aroused that it gave him chills. A shiver rippled through the brunette squeezing his cock as well.
Ginny leaned in and whispered, "Kiss her."
Cody looked at the brunette, feeling a little uncomfortable taking the aggressive action despite the fact Ava's fingers were wrapped around his cock. Though her eyes had drifted back down to his throbbing erection, it was as if she sensed his eyes on her and looked up. She sucked in a brief gasp when he tentatively touched her arm, and she shuddered as his hand glided up to her shoulder.
Ava's lips parted as he looked into her eyes, and moved his hand to her neck. When he leaned toward her, she let out a quiet whimper, closed her eyes, and leaned forward to meet him.
The kiss was absolutely electric, and seemed to shatter the brunette's inhibitions. She kissed him passionately — her tongue caressing his lips. The hand not between his legs settled on the back of his head, and she entwined her fingers in his hair — but only briefly.
The next thing he knew, she was bunching his shirt up. Ava pulled away from the kiss and yanked his shirt off. As soon as it slid down the back of the couch, she reached for her top and began to pull it up. As the bottom of her bra came into view, she seemed to remember her friend sitting on the opposite end of the couch, and paused — her eyes going wide.
Ginny moaned her approval and tugged on the back of Cody's shorts.
Whatever passed between them must have been enough for Ava, because she quietly muttered, "Oh god," and finished ripping off her top.
Cody put one leg on the ground and lifted up long enough to slip his shorts the rest of the way down, which prompted Ava to lick her lips as she dispensed with her bra. Ginny had always said they wore the exact same size in everything, so he assumed she had C-cups as well. Her tits were gorgeous. She had slightly larger and bumpier areolas than his girlfriend, with smaller nipples.
Ava wasted no time in unbuttoning her jeans as soon as her breasts were free. Attempting to wriggle out of her pants was more involved, and pulled her panties low as the denim slipped over her butt.
"Get them off," Ginny said in a husky whisper.
Cody reached out to do exactly that, and Ava quickly spun on the couch with her legs facing him. While he tugged the denim down to her knees, his girlfriend grabbed the legs and pulled as well. Soon enough, the brunette's jeans landed on the floor with a whump.
He remembered what his girlfriend had said when he saw the darker patch on Ava's panties, which confirmed just how turned on the brunette was around him. Caught up in the heat of the moment, he didn't need any instruction to pull those panties down and toss them away.
Ava obviously wasn't depressed enough to quit shaving her pussy. Her pink folds just peeked out of the cleft until the brunette scooted back and parted her legs. Cody moved in, but paused when she suddenly put a hand between her legs and locked eyes with Ginny.
"Are you sure? I…" Ava asked, her voice husky with need.
Ginny answered with actions, rather than words. She slipped off the couch, sat down on the coffee table, and took his cock in hand. She aimed it between her friend's legs, and the two shared a glance. Ava moved her hand, and the blonde guided his tip to the parting of her folds.
Cody groaned and Ava whimpered as Ginny rubbed his glans through her abundant wetness. The brunette took a deep breath when her friend centered the head of his cock at the entrance of her canal.
He was hardly one to argue when his girlfriend pushed on his butt. A grunting growl escaped him as he sank into her hot, wet pussy.
"Oh my god," Ava exclaimed in a high, squeaky voice as he filled her. Her back arched, thrusting her marvelous tits skyward. Though it was delightfully tight, she was so wet in anticipation that he was able to bury the full length of his cock inside her in one thrust.
Ginny encouraged them both, "Give her what she needs."
Cody pulled back, and thrust again, drawing a yelp from Ava, followed by a gasp. The brunette said, "He feels so good."
"I know," Ginny said, and then reached out to take her friend's hand. They both giggled and blushed, though Ava's giggle was cut off by a grunt when his cock sank into her depths again.
Ava's free hand moved to her clit and three fingers circled over the little button. Cody could barely believe he was fucking his girlfriend's best friend while Ginny was sitting there holding the brunette's hand. He glanced at his girlfriend, and she gave him an excited nod.
"Fuck her, baby. Make her come hard," the blonde told him.
"Oh fuck yes!" Ava cried out in response.
Cody took it slow, reveling in the feeling of her pussy, and letting her feel every inch of him.
"Mmm, she feels good doesn't she?" Ginny asked.
"Fuck yes," he answered.
Ava said, "So full."
He kicked up the pace, which caused Ava to yelp and squeeze Ginny's hand tight. Her other hand slammed into the back of the couch and clawed at it. That was when his girlfriend decided to make her next move.
Ava's eyes went wide and she gasped as the blonde took over rubbing her clit. Cody felt her muscles tense at the same time, and thought it was going to be the bridge too far he had expected. After an anxious second, Ava's eyes rolled up in her head, and she let out an incredibly sexy growl.
Cody drank it all in. His girlfriend's fingers circled over the brunette's clit. Ava writhed in pleasure. One set of tits quivered from his thrusts, and another from the motion of Ginny's hand. Ava whimpered with every thrust, and his girlfriend let out excited moans.
Before long, the quiet clap of colliding bodies joined that symphony. Ava's breasts went from quivering to bouncing. Her cries grew louder. Ginny shifted position and her fingers flashed even faster between the brunette's legs.
"Y-y-yes!" Ava screamed from the surge of stimulation.
"Come for us. Do it," Ginny demanded in breathless excitement. She was looking right at her friend's flushed face.
The two girls' eyes locked and Ava squealed, "Oh! Oh! Oh my god!"
"Mmm hmm. Yeah," Ginny responded. Still staring deep into Ava's eyes, she said, "Fuck her hard, baby. Make her come."
Ava loosed an ear-piercing screech when he followed that instruction to the letter.
Cody pounded her pussy and grunted with exertion. The flush in the brunette's face seemed to deepen every time he slammed into her. Then he felt the first warning tickle. He quickly lifted his eyes to stare at the wall, but it did nothing to hide the sound of his cock plunging into her tight, wet pussy, or the pleasure-filled cries bursting from Ava's lips. He clenched his teeth, summoned up his will, and prepared to fight.
It wasn't necessary.
He let out a surprised grunt when her pussy ferociously constricted around him. The sound could hardly compete with Ava's wail of sweet agony. Cody thrust against the resistance of her climaxing pussy, causing her to suck in a ragged gasp and scream again.
"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Ginny squealed in rapid succession, her fingers still a blur between the brunette's legs.
A few more thrusts pushed him just a little too close to the edge, and Cody buried his cock one last time. Pinned to the couch by his throbbing cock, Ava bucked and lurched. Her arms flailed and clawed at whatever got in their way. It had been quite a while since he'd watched another woman come, and it was thrilling.
Ever so slowly, Ava drifted down from her peak. Ginny's fingers left her friend's clit, and she looked up at him with a beatific smile while caressing his leg — leaving triple slippery trails of the brunette's juices in the process. Ava's eyes were still closed from the electric jolts of climax rushing through her body.
Ginny pushed on his hip, and he pulled out. A wet slurp accompanied his cock slipping from her clinging embrace, though the sound was quickly overshadowed by a pained whimper from Ava.
His cock was still touching her folds when Ginny curled two fingers and a thumb around the base, pulled it toward her, and engulfed it in her mouth.
Ginny moaned with every suck of his pussy-slick cock. The itch of impending climax, which had begun to ebb, reasserted itself rapidly in her knowing mouth. He was on the verge of warning her that he was close when she let the head of his cock pop from her lips and she gasped. She immediately turned toward Ava.
The brunette's eyes were filled with wonder as she panted and gasped from the aftershocks of her orgasm.
"Mmm, you taste so good," Ginny said. She ran her fingers over her friend's abs, never losing eye contact.
Cody had just a millisecond to see the fire rise in Ava's eyes before she grasped Ginny's hand, and pulled the blonde toward her. He quickly discovered that at least most of his fears were unfounded. The two women kissed with desperate passion, and Ava yanked up Ginny's top within a second of their lips touching. After catching a foot to the ribs from his squirming girlfriend, he moved to the arm of the couch to enjoy the show.
Ginny's top didn't last long, and since she'd already removed her bra, their breasts were soon squished against each other as their tongues wrangled. Ava pushed up on the blonde's shoulders, and wrapped her lips around Ginny's nipple. His girlfriend let out a high-pitched moan from her friend's ministrations.
Though she was apparently paying plenty of attention to what she was doing with her lips, Ava was also multitasking. She was doing everything in her power to hook her toes beneath the waistband of Ginny's shorts, to get them out of the way as well. Cody was glad to assist her, and moved to simultaneously yank his girlfriend's shorts and panties down. Ginny lifted each knee in turn, allowing him to remove the final barrier between them.
His girlfriend pulled her nipple from Ava's lips, but only so she could take her turn. The two women ground their bodies against each other, moaned, and gasped. One of Ava's hands roamed over Ginny's back, while the fingers of the other entwined in blonde tresses.
Ginny let her friend's nipple go, and Ava whimpered in protest. A moan rapidly followed when the blonde planted a kiss just below Ava's breasts, and then another a little lower.
"I've wanted to do this for so long," Ginny said before moving to another kiss, closer to her friend's sex.
Ava responded, "Oh my god. Me too."

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