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A young teen gets into beastality and get the neighbor dog to fuck him

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im now a 50 yo adult male. This took place when i was 15. My father back in the 60s had one on those old reel to reel projectors. He would watch porn videos on it but never out in the open. Of course being 15 i WAS horny all the time. I really wanted to see these tapes . I had no idea what was on them . One day my parents went out of for one day. I finally had my chance to see the tapes I set up the projector and started watching the tapes one by one. Most of them were just straight sex between a man and woman.Of course i jack off while watching them . i liked girls but dldnt have a girl friend. The last tape i started was something different . iT showed men and women getting fucked by dogs. I got so turned on seeing this tape. I watched it over and over . I jacked off alot. I became obsessed with dog fucking. My neighbor had a large golden lab named Ginger. I started by just jacking him off and him cumming on the hand. His cock was a far 8 inches and his knot quite large. I then progressed to have him lick by cock. I would cum and he would lap it up. i some started letting him fuck my mouth and feed me his cum. He shot a big load and i swallowed what i could The knot wouldnt fit in my mouth. After doing this i decided i wanted Ginger to fuck me. It seem so taboo and i was crazy with lust over being dog fucked. So the next time my parents left i made my move. i brought Ginger into the house. He was very excited knowing i was going to make him cum. I removed my clothes and put plenty of lube around and in my ass. I got on all fours and ginger came behind me and started licking my asshole. I was loving the feeling of him licking me. But i wanted his cock in me. I reached back and pulled him onto my back. He stayed on my back but wasnt humping. i reached back and jacked his cock . He began humping my hand. He then got the idea and started humping on his own. Searching for a hole to fuck and breed his puppies. He found my hole and slammed all of his 8in cock into me, IT really hurt and i tried to pull away, but he held me tight and i think his knot was already in me. HE slowed down with smaller jabs as his knot grew in me. It was very uncomforable . He was so deep and his knot held us tight. i know he was filling me with his sperm. He stayed on my back and loosen his grip on me . He knew he had his bitch and i wasnt going any where for a while. He turned ass to ass with me and i thought i would pass out , it hurt so bad. He remained still and was still putting his cum into me. After about 30 mins. his cock became small enough to pop out. A large amouint of cum ran out of my ass. Ginger came back and licked and cleaned me up. I was so sore and his tongue felt good. From then on i let Ginger fuck me when i could. He knew i was his bitch and he would let me know when he wanted to mate with me. If i was sitting out he would come over to me and do a moaning sound. I would fuck him when i could. He fucked me until i moved out of state. i was now 19yo but still into having a dog fuck me. I
So i got my self a dog that looked like Ginger . He would fuck me when ever he wanted. I stayed nude at home so i was available when he wanted to fuck, sometimes 4 or 5 times a day. i was always full of dog cum. All through my life i had many dogs fuck me all sizes and breeds. To this day i lust for dog cock.

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#Gay #Teen #Virgin #Zoophilia