Young widowed, no work skills. I sold sex with me

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I was only 25, husband was 32 and died. No skills at all except for sex. I joined an agency and started selling my body to others for sex.

I went to the interview at the agency. I made it clear that I knew what escorts did. The questions were very direct and covered everything possible. There were two men, brothers, in their late 30’s. I was 25, tallish for a woman I guess at 5ft. 9in. good body, C cups with pink nipples, my pussy my ex used to say had pouty little lips. My outer lips extend down from my body, creating a “pouty pussy”. I was for the interview trimmed on my black pussy hair. The brothers agreed I had the body and looks for their agency, it was very very upscale, and they had very exclusive clientele. Questions were covering all bases.

Have you every had lesbian sex? – Yes in high school with one girl about 10 times.
Did I eat her pussy and let her eat mine? – Yes
Was I willing to take client who were lesbian? Yes
Was I willing to work with another woman/girl in a f/f show for clients? yes
When did I lose my virginity? – age 20
Did he break my hymen? – yes
Did I bleed? – yes
How many cocks have fucked me? 4
How many cocks have I sucked? 6
First blowjob? 16
Do I do anal sex? Yes
Was I willing to do anal sex as part of my work for them? Yes
When did I do my first anal? age 22 with my husband
How many cocks have buttfucked me? 1, my husband many times so I’m used to it
Have I ever done sex with more than one guy at a time? two guys once with my first lover
Would I do more guys at the same time, gangbang? – yes
Would I do a M/F couple, married or together? Yes
If the clients are tested and proven safe would I allow cumming in my mouth and pussy? Yes
Do I swallow or spit? swallow, have spit on occasion
Facials? – need an explanation but said yes
Titty fuck? yes
willing to take clients for a whole night? yes
Willing to go on travel stays with clients? yes

Then of course I had to suck them both, they didn’t cum in my mouth. One fucked me in my pussy, the other in my ass. I acted my little oscar worthy ass off for them. I was hired.

I waited a week, then called them and they said they were waiting for a specific client. I told them I needed money right away. So they called me the next day and told me to me Shari at a specific bar, then the two of us would go to a clients together and perform with each other and with him. I met her she was a natural blonde, we went to the rest room and she had me show her all my personal parts, touched me everywhere and I did the same with her. We kissed several times, and she felt we were ready. We couldn’t look like we didn’t know each other for the first time, we needed to act like a lesbian couple who were letting a man share us for a special treat. It went fine, it lasted the whole afternoon and evening. The man was insatiable, he fucked her twice, I sucked him off, I ate her pussy out cleaning her creampie, and he fucked me and he had me sit on top of his mouth and got all his cum from my pussy, and then kissed Shari and gave it all to her. He kept our panties as souvenirs of sorts I guess, Shari before we left, pulled down my blouse, and took off my bra and threw it to him, then we walked out of his hotel room waiting till we were in the hallway to pull up my blouse and button it. The take on my end? $ 2,500. I was in heaven. Yes, I’d let a strange woman have sex with me, and I with her, a man I had only known for an hour or so before, fucked me bareback. But I knew this was the cost.

I had a little guilt, then later than night, I had a midnight call. One guy, he just wanted a guick BJ. His instructions were very specific. I come in, don’t say a word. The money is on the table, I put it in my purse then strip totally naked. I take his hand, walk him to the bed. He will sit on the edge of the bed, I unzip his cock and suck him till he blows in my mouth. During that he will play with my tits, and at the end I’m not to swallow, rather he will lay back and I push it out of my mouth onto his cock and public hair. All the time I don’t say a thing. I put on my dress or skirt and blouse, shoes, and tuck my garter, hose, panties and bra into my purse and leave. all the time not saying a thing. The money he had was $500, $150 went to the agency. I got the rest. He came in less than two minutes of my giving him head. The whole time from opening the door to closing and walking out? 12 minutes. I got $350 for 12 minutes. Just for sucking a little, hairy cock of a fat guy in his 50s.

It’s been a year now, I have some regulars, a few are really rich guys, mostly married. Some take me on trips all over the world. Some just want their same thing over and over. I have two women, one a CEO of a major company who is 52 and doesn’t have time for relationships, and doesn’t want anyone to know she is lesbian. She treats me so well, like a real girlfriend. I see her two to four times a week. At least once a week I spend the night, she has taken me on island and European vacations several times. Her most outrageous lesbian self came out when we spent 4 nights on the greek island of Lesbos.

One of the oddest is a husband/wife couple. She is 39 he is 51. She is a beautiful woman, brunette, with a perfect body. He “forces” her to make love to me, to satisfy me, while I’m sucking his cock. Then he fucks me, makes her clean me with her tongue and swallow. Then she lays back naked, and he wants me to suck her tits, kiss her, play with and lick her pussy, and smack her really hard, across the face, her D cup tits. Then I have to smack her swollen lips and once there is blood, he makes me take a switch to her ass. 50 lashes. The first time I saw her ass I was shocked. She has permanent marks across her ass where the switches have left marks or broken the skin. The first few times, she just kept whispering to get it over with quick, to just do it, it’s ok.

I am making a ton of money, I do confess to liking one of my younger male regulars and the 52 year old woman. But I get paid a lot, and treat everyone like a king or queen. Or in that couples case, a slave bitch whore of a wife.

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#Abuse #BDSM #Group #Threesome