Younger brother’s late night affair

Hi readers,
Narrating an true incidence needs lot of energy as well as patience and enjoying physical love while writing about it isn’t possible. So what happened when I got physical with my brother Nilesh at rooftop is not new to me as I have had sexual affair with him but a teenager of 17 years will be so hot and will give me immense pleasure on bed is totally unexpected and as both brother and sister walked down, I moved towards my room and first entered the washroom with my short dress cum night wear as I first removed my clothes and than have bath, now feeling fresh as I put a panty and short dress on my sexy body as I am tired also. So I am on bed as I slept soundly but soon mom came there and screamed ” baby, wake up it’s time for dinner ” and I left the bed to have meals as I walked towards dinning space where dad and brother was sitting, so we all have our dinner together as I can see brother’s eyes staring at my boobs, so I kicked his legs with my leg to show him my sexual desires and after a while I am in my room with my door closed. Ritu now put night bulb on as took my mobile and starts watching a porn video as in the evening I have enjoyed oral sex session with my brother Nilesh as I need a deep penetration but my body is in pain as I am tired. So enjoying a porn video with my one hand holding my breast and squeezing it hard but soon I received a message on whatsapp, so I can see it send by Nilesh ” baby, your door is closed, please open it as I want to be with you ” and my hot mind replies ” yes ” as I walked towards door and opened it, so replied him ” it’s open dear ” and his response have made me crazy, he is in my room with face on smile as he closed the door and looking at me he came to me as I am still watching porn video. Nilesh stand near my face as he said ” what you are doing baby
( I just turned the screen of mobile to him ) see it, Mia Khalifa is getting fucked ” but Nilesh hold my mobile as he put it on table and now sits on bed, brother and sister is facing eachother as his mouth smells alcoholic and than he put his hand on my shoulder as I moved closer to him. Ritu sits on his lap with legs wrapped on his waist as like a kaam dev and devi position and as he starts kissing my face, I put my hand up to give him sign of my desire as he removed my tops fast and my lovely boobs are nude as Nilesh put his lips on my lips to kiss and while holding him hard I just shoved my tongue in his mouth. Nilesh is sucking my tongue as I starts rubbing my boobs on his chest wildly and both are getting hotter, so tasting his mouth saliva with alcoholic tastes made me feel uncomfortable, so took out my tongue and than slept on bed as Nilesh than removed his clothes and my eyes stuck on his cock as it’s have dense pubic hairs, so brother’s hand now hold my breast as he is squeezing it hard but soon he leaned his face on my breast and looking at me, he swallows my breast in his mouth and starts sucking it as Ritu is semi nude but his other hand pulled down my shorts, so I just throws my legs to take out my shorts and he is sucking my breast wildly as my nude body is in fire, so my sexy voice ” uh oh ah um Nilesh don’t put your teeth on it ” and my wet breast is out of his mouth as he is in drunken state, so hold my right breast and swallows it to suck but Nilesh is on his knees and his hand is rubbing my vagina hard, so feeling on top of world with my body in sensation I am screaming louder ” uh oh um dear leave my breast auch ” and as I hold his hairs so I pushed his face to free my breast from his mouth. Nilesh is fully aroused as he starts kissing my flat tummy to waist and now his one long finger is inside my soft vagina, so rubbing it fast as his lips are sealed on my thighs and now going to cum soon with my hot vagina getting fingered ” uh oh lick lick it dear ” and now my brother’s face is in between thighs as he starts licking my vagina fast while his finger is also rubbing the cunt and as he took my fleshy labia in mouth I felt it’s cumming ” uh oh ah um it’s cumming dear taste it ” and my vagina got wet, so Nilesh tastes the cum….. It’s an intermission not the end….

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