Younger Sister Diya – Part I

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Hey hi my name is Raj this is my first true story I am from Mumbai. This happened between me and my sister Diya few months ago. Let me tell u something about my sister she is a cute sweet looking girl with a great curve and the most beautiful thing about her is her ass and breast. She looks like actress Shurti Seth. Well let me start the story I am 24 year old and my sister is just turned to 18. Well I am a Maharashtraian guy and she is a Gujrathi.
We become friend through a common friend and our bound turned much closed and we started to treat each other as brother and sister our parents know about our relation as brother and sister and last 4 year she is tying me rakhi. We share everything between. Let me start the story and these incidents happen in my life few months before.
I use to meet my sister Diya every day and we use to go to each other home regularly. Not being a blood relation we had a bond more than true brother and sister until one day. My parents decide that I need to get married and they found a very good looking girl name Nikita for me, when my sister Diya came to know about this news she was very happy and she was like I will have a sister in law now.
Then very soon I got engaged with nikita and I started to talk to her in phone almost 2 to 3 hour in phone and use to meet her almost daily. I was very happy to get a beautiful girl like nikita we both where working for a call center industries. In this process I started ignoring my sister I rarely use to meet her or call her. Almost in 2 to 3 weeks I cancelled many plans to meet my sister to meet Nikita.
It was Ganesh utsav in Mumbai and my sister Diya parent bring idol of lord Ganesh at their place I got a call from my sister’s mom about pooja at their place for Ganesh utsav so I went to my sister’s home. I knew very well that my sister is angry with me. As soon as I entered their home she gave me an angry look and left inside to her room and I started to chat with uncle and aunt for a while and then the Pooja took place and after the Pooja my sister.
I was giving Prasad to everyone nut when she approached me she never gives me a smile. I knew the reason and wanted to apologies her for that but she never came to me. So I went to aunt and told everything so aunt called Diya and told her to go out with me and asked her to sort out issue with me. I tried to explain her thing but she was very angry with me than I asked her for a coffee. So my sister went to change she wore a tight jeans and a sleeveless sport t-shirt.
I took her to coffee shop but she was very quiet and angry with me I almost lost hope then all of a sudden my sister told that she want to see a movie and she had not seen movie for many weeks now as there was no one to take her. I felt little relief and we went to see bodyguard movie in in-orbit but the movie was sold out. But she insisted to see any movie so I brought two tickets for Murder-2 which had few hot seen in it before.
We enter the theater she asked for some popcorn and Pepsi which I brought for her. Once we were in the movie started and there were some hot erotic scene in it. After those scenes my sister asked me so u forgot your sister. I said no. was little busy and didn’t had time because have to meet nikita every day. To which she say so u love nikita more than your sister I was in a dilemma but to keep my sister heart I said no.
I love my sister more than anyone after listing to my answer she rested her head on my chest and start watching the movie. I was holding the popcorn in one hand and kept the other hand on her shoulder after some time my sister started feed me popcorn and Pepsi. During the interval I went to have a smoke she asked me to bring popcorn for her. So I came back with popcorn but I realized that my sister had removed
The seat partition she came close to me her thigh was touch mine and she kept her shoulder on my chest and started watching movie. I between she was feed me popcorn and Pepsi. My sister diya asked me when you think nikita my fiancé look most beautiful and hot. To which I replied in saree as I like women in saree that to in chiffon our wedding saree.
Then she asked me what your plan for honeymoon do she has any plan I said we are planning to go to some hill station. Then I got little free and said would you help me out for my honeymoon shopping I need to buy some satin silk lingerie and clothes for her as it makes me hot. Then she said ok we will buy after two days as I want to shop for my birthday I said ok that will be a great idea after sometime the movie ended.
I drop her home while leaving for her home she hugged me very tightly which very unusual for me. Then after two day she called me up for shopping we both left for shopping the she brought two pairs of jeans and top for herself and then my sister told me she want to buy a saree as there is a traditional day in there college sent went to saree shop and brought a green color chiffon saree and a red color bride saree.
Then she told me let shop for my bhabhi now so we went proper girls section of the store. There I took few pair of two piece satin silk rode for Nikita. Then my sister told me that she like the material of the cloth a she would like to buy few of those and she brought herself one sleeveless robe and almost 5 pairs of two piece robe and all of them were very seducing color she also brought different color satin lingerie at that.
I came to know her size is 28b which was great for a girl who will turn 18 after few weeks. Then we paid our bill and had our food while going home she hugged me very tightly in the bike as soon as I dropped my sister she hugged me and kissed my check and said thanks and ran inside her building I was surprised by her act. Then after two day diya called me to pick her from her college once I reached her college
I realized that her college was celebrating traditional day as soon as my sister saw me she came towards me she was looking like a sex goddess in those red bride saree. She asked me now who look beautiful in saree your sister or your fiancé and i said absolutely my sister. I said you look sexy and you are a sexbomd my rdx to which she blushed after listing to my words.
Then she wanted to see a movie so we went for bodyguard as soon as we entered the theater my sister kept her head on my shoulder and start watching movie. There was song in a movie in which Karenna kapoor was wear saree during that song I told my sister you looking more beautiful than her to which she hugged me very tightly and kissed me on my check she almost hugged me till the song got over I felt something different toward her.
Then after the movie I dropped her home and she kissed me and this time I also kissed her check in return and she said I love you brother. After that day I started spending more and more time with my sister and we use kiss and hug each other frequently and use to avoid my fiancé. Then came the biggest day in diya’s my sister life her 18th birthday she told me that she just want to spend her birthday alone with me and I should be the first person to wish her.
I took her to popular disk in the town she was wearing a sexy sleeveless striped tank top with sexy denim hot-pants till her thighs we both had a great time dance booze and then it was 12, I wished her and she hugged me very tight after few min we released each other and started dancing she kept head around my shoulder and hand around my chest in a hugging position. I was slowing caressing her hair and then I started to play with her hair and back and she started to caressing back and chest with one hand
We both were almost losing our control at the same time my fiancé nikita called me I attended the call and she was wishing my sister. My sister started moving ahead to speak to nikita my fiancé I hold my sister by her waist and pulled her very closed to me. I could fell her ass on my dick and I could sense my dick started growing. I put one hand on her belly region and started playing with her and slowly moved other hand from one side of her armpit and hold her other side of her shoulder.
I was feeling her tits and moved forward and started smelling her hair. My sister started dancing slowly by moving her ass which made me hotter and all this while my sister was talking to my fiancé my sister with her one hand tried to reach my head. To which I moved closed to her kept my head on her shoulder and she was caressing my hair and face and to which I lift my sister body little on air and she balance herself on
My toe and our body was touching each other’s from toe to head and I started kissing her neck and her to which she held my hair tight and said bye to my fiancé and kept the phone and she with the other hand hold my hand and kept I one her breast and I started pressing her breast and started playing with her tits. I moved my other hand from her belly and started to play with her sweet cute ass.
I moved my hand towards her thighs and rubbed her thighs and slow moved up toward her pussy and she was moaning very loudly. Then we moved toward the couch in the same position and I made her sit on my lap my dick could feel her ass and I slowly moved my one hand from her belly region toward her pussy she turned an little and stretched her head and our lips came into contact with each other for first time.
We were kissing each other madly and I could fell my sister’s saliva. we were in that position kissing each other for more than 20 min and I realized that we are in a public place and I released her but she wanted more she was kissing me on my lips and she removed my top button of my shirt and kissed my chest I never thought that my sister could be so desperate for me. I allowed her to play with as it was her birthday but after some time broke free.
We looked into each other eyes and she hugged me and started to say I love you bro I also said I love you sis. Then we sit there for some time and decided to go back home. while going we were kissing and playing with each other body as soon as I reached building she told me her parent are going for a wedding by 5 and she want her birthday gift so come home on time .She asked me to leave her till her house we enter her left and started kissing each other and once the life stopped at her place.
I left to my home I understood want gift she wants so I reached her place by 4:30 after few min her parents left the place. She asked me to leave her till her house we enter her left and started kissing each other and once the life stopped at her place I left to my home. This is my first part of my experience not still done with my sister birthday I will be very soon update my birthday gift to my sister.
Read my experience and let me know about your feedback. Hope you enjoy my experience with my sister. From love by my sister to all who is sitting on my lap now and very excited of sharing our experienced in this site  so that people accept brother sister relation. Thanks for reading