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I had to take my summer vacation with my parents. There was nothing else for me to do. I had wanted to go with a couple of guys from my university dorm, but couldn’t afford what they wanted to do. So, just to have a vacation and get away for a while, I went with my folks to the mountain lake they liked so much. The home that they had bought was quite big; it looked just like a cabin, really. It had a veranda that also served as a boat dock. It was a neat place; I liked the solitude. But, there was my sister.

Two years younger than me, she always wanted me to take her out on the lake in our small rowboat. I actually thought about taking her out there and leaving her on the lake, swimming back, it irritated me so much. I hated her always hanging around. That is until one day, I really began to love it. It was hot; the air in the low mountains didn’t get as cool at night in the higher elevations. The lake was large. I couldn’t even see one end of it from the other. I wasn’t having one hell of a good time, but I wasn’t actually unhappy. Boating was interesting. My sister, payal, would simply lie back in the boat and get some sun. She was going to burn, and refused to put on any suntan lotion.

One day in particular, she was really, really red, but insisted on going out to the middle of the lake to jump off the boat and go for a swim. Actually, I liked it a lot out in the middle of the lake. I could relax in the sun. It was a particularly hot day. I had worked up quite a sweat rowing out to the middle of the lake. I lay there, in one end of the boat, eve in the other. Today, she wore a bikini type of bathing suit that really showed off her body. There were stripes all over the place on her skin from wearing different bathing suits. She looked like a bowl of mixed ice cream – strawberry in one place, vanilla in another, and chocolate here and there. She was a mess.

“you’re going to burn, payal. Let me put something on you.”

She shook her snotty little head. “I want a tan, an all-over tan.”

Ha, I thought. “you’re not going to get an ‘all-over’ tan wearing that suit,” I said. “it’ll leave stripes all over you, just like you have now. You should see yourself. You’re a mess.”

She looked at me. She blinked her eyes rapidly and her chest heaved, the nipples on her tits showing through the material.

I had hurt her feelings. I could see a tear gathering in the corner of one eye.

“really?” she asked, choking back a sob.

I shook my head. “not really, I’m sorry.”

She looked down at herself and then, without another word, reached behind her head and pulled off her top. I was surprised by the sudden display of naked female flesh. She was beautiful. Her tits were big, perfectly round melons, centered by dusky red nipples each sticking out firmly. Her tits were upright, jutting up in the air a little.

I looked around to be sure that no one was approaching. Off in the distance, I could see another boat, one with an outboard. It was heading in the other direction.

To my total surprise, payal bent forward and hooked her thumbs in the band of her bikini bottoms and slipped them down to her ankles, and then she kicked them toward me.

“there,” she said. “no more striped tan lines.”

There was a sudden lump in my throat, and one in my trunks. I tried to swallow. That took care of the lump in my throat. The other lump would have to wait, I figured.

“put some lotion on me now,” she said looking straight at the bulge in my trunks. Without saying anything she lay back in the boat. There wasn’t a whole lot of room to stretch out; she had spread her towel across one of the seats and turned on her stomach, her tight little ass up in the air.

Her legs were slightly parted. I could see her pink rosebud of an asshole, and beneath that, her pussy lips were parted. Each lip was peppered with light brown hair. The inner lips were visible, wet and pink. God was I going crazy, or was my own sister making me horny?

“well?” she asked, looking back at me. “are you going to, or not?”

I reached down and picked up the suntan lotion. With shaking hands, I squirted some into one palm, and then shakily maneuvered myself closer to her. I glanced around, no one in sight.

I began by spreading the lotion on her lower legs, lifting one and rubbing it in as quickly as I could.

My blood was racing; I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. This was amazing, I thought, my sister’s beautiful naked body right in front of me, and with her cunt as wet and spread as that, I could see everything.

“ah, that feels good,” she said.

I rubbed her legs for a few moments, then I moved my hand up to her thighs. I rubbed the lotion on her thighs, and then moved toward her inner thighs with both palms, my hands shaking even more.

I gently moved one thumb toward each of her spread pussy-lips. I made contact, and she quietly moaned. “mmmm! Yuvi, that feels so good! I don’t believe it!” she said.

I needed no further encouragement. I moved one hand completely across her downy pubic hair, running a finger along each lip. She shivered and took a deep breath. Then she turned to look up at me and I’ll never forget what she said, “yuvi, umm… Can I touch you, too?” she suddenly asked.

I looked into her bright blue eyes and was lost, “I need to spread this all over you,” I mumbled, not knowing how to answer her.

“well hurry up then, and after that, take off your trunks,” she said with a giggle.

Mesmerized by the sight of my sister’s butt stuck up in the air, my cock was thrashing around in my trunks. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Moving my hand away from her pussy, I rubbed the lotion into her ass, squeezing to see how soft and plump it was. My hands moved to her back, stroking gently and spreading the lotion.

When I got to her neck, I gently stroked the lotion all the way around, feeling her throat vibrate as she breathed heavily and enjoyed my touch. I asked and she flipped onto her back, showing me her whole naked front.

I moved my hands to her face and gently massaged the lotion into her skin as she smiled lovingly at me. I moved down her body, squeezing more lotion straight onto her skin. I squeezed at her tits, rubbing the lotion onto her nipples and red disks. She squirmed beneath my hands and gasped as I gently squeezed her hard nipples.

I moved onto her stomach, circling the lotion around and into her navel. I soon found myself at her pussy again, but now it was even wetter than before. Again I moved one hand completely across her downy pubic hair, running a finger along each lip.

She shivered and took a deep breath, “hurry up, yuvi! I want to touch you so much!”

My cock thrashed harder inside my trunks, so instead of cumming in them, I quickly shifted my attention to her legs. As I went up and down and around her thighs and her calf muscles, payal moaned gently in appreciation. I massaged her feet for a minute, playing with her toes and tickling her to make her laugh, distracting myself from her crotch for a moment.

I bent and took off my trunks, my hard-on jumping up in the air. I touched her inner thigh gently and she turned, looking at me again. Her eyes went wide and she sat upright, staring right at my cock. “now can I touch you?”

I nodded, not able to speak.

She leaned forward. I kept my hand on her inner thigh, and as she leaned, my hand brushed against the downy softness of her pubic hair. She touched the head of my dick with one finger.

I gasped. I wasn’t expecting it to feel like that, and I felt my cock jerk.

“you have a nice one,” payal said. She wrapped her fingers around the base of it. “nice and long and thick!” she exclaimed. She put her hand on my thigh. “I like the way the head is all purple when it’s hard.”

Her touch did something to me, sent electric waves of sensation all over my body. She heard my intake of breath and reached out a finger and very gently rubbed it up and down a small portion of the shaft of my cock. The contact sent shivers of delight up and down my body. I gasped at the feelings and the sensations. I loved it. But, it scared me. I wanted to touch her too.

I sat down in the little swaying boat and reached over and cupped one of her tits in my hand. It was warm to the touch, and the skin was smooth, like velvet, like silk. I squeezed gently and stroked upward, and when I reached the nipple, I rubbed my thumb very gently across the erect, red tip. Payal moaned with pleasure.

She began stroking me then. I moved a hand down to her bush, finding the twin lips wet. She spread her legs a little farther apart. We leaned closer to each other, and soon, our heads were touching, each of us staring at the other’s sex. I kept my other hand on her tits, and moved from one to the other and back.

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She bent forward and, moving down with her tongue, she licked my chin, my neck, and then began kissing my nipples. I kept stroking her gently as her mouth opened and she took one of my nipples and sucked on it.

I was in heaven with those sensations. She traveled further down, continuously licking and sucking, probing my navel with her tongue. The entire time, she kept stroking my shaft with one hand and fondling my balls with the other, kneading them, caressing them gently. My cock came into contact with her cheek, and she turned and put her tongue on it. She licked down the shaft of it, and I had to let go of her now, because of the twisted position our bodies had assumed.

She looked up at my eyes. “lay back,” she whispered.

I did as she asked. Then, I felt her tongue on my balls. Warm and wet, it flicked out and licked every crevice and hair on my balls, down beneath them even. The entire time, she kept stroking, speeding it up. She increased her speed and pressure, and I knew I was going to cum.

She must have known I was going to cum. Maybe she could tell by the way my balls elevated and my hips began to gyrate. I shot my load as she continued licking the

Base of my shaft and my balls. She stroked and squeezed harder and faster, and I shot load after load of hot cum onto my belly.

I lay there for a minute trying to catch my breath as my sister’s hands began to roam over my cum-covered stomach. Finally I took my towel and wiped myself clean. She leant back in her seat, and I reached over and once again cupped her tits with my hands.

“just lick,” she said.

“ok,” I said, my voice shaky and thick.

She lay back and I leaned over toward her midsection, placing both of my hands on her cunt. I began moving my fingers up and down the inner labia, feeling the wetness there as she writhed around.

I was now stroking it steadily, and I was so close, I could count the light brown hairs in front of my eyes. I put my mouth on the lips, and flicked up with my tongue, touching her clit. She moaned with pleasure.

I moved my mouth upward, flicking my tongue across her navel, then up to her round tits. I moved my mouth up to one nipple, caressing it with my lips, letting my tongue run across it as I took it in my mouth. She writhed, her legs jerking.

“I love that, yuvi.” she purred.

I moved my mouth to the other nipple, slowly, my tongue blazing a trail from one to the other. I continued gently moving my fingers around her pussy lips, feeling

The fine downy hairs running down each side of her cunt. She moved one hand down to her pussy, and I looked down and watched her fingering her hairy bush, the light brown hair wet and dark from her juices. She spread her legs wide. I dropped my head down, sucking first one nipple again, and then the other. I swirled my tongue around each pink-red nipple, then traveled to her other mound, and did the same to it.

Her face was flushed, and her body began to writhe under me. I could feel the spasms in her legs, and I moved my fingers back to her clit, touching it lightly. I inserted one finger ever so carefully into her cunt, remembering that she said she had never done it before, with anyone. Inside her, I could feel her muscles grasping my finger, trying to hold on to it.

She began to moan, and then with a shout, her whole body jerked. “I’m cumming,” she cried.

I stroked harder and faster, and her body gave one enormous spasm, and she shouted, and then laid back, eyes closed, gently shaking as her orgasm faded.

Grabbing my cock, I half-leaned, half-stood over her, and jerked off on her tits. Load after load of hot white cum shot over her, splashing on her chest and neck.

I leaned back onto the wooden bench separating the parts of the boat. The boat was rocking back and forth dizzyingly.

“sorry about that, sis,” I said. “I got carried away.”

She looked at me and smiled as she reached up with her hands, massaging my cum into her tits. She shook her head. “oh no, yuvi, that was great. Mmmm, I loved it.”

We sat silently for a few moments, each of us looking around the lake. Then she looked over at my crotch again. “you have a nice body, yuvi,” she said.

“yours is great, sis, even though it does look like Neapolitan ice cream.”

She smiled. “I think that sitting out here and sucking one another will take care of that before the summer is over.”

We sat there quietly; my cock suddenly jerked upward and throbbed as I looked at my sister’s tits and cunt spread before me like that.

“let’s fuck,” she said.

“I thought you wouldn’t want to,” I said.

She didn’t answer, didn’t even say a single word. She reached over and grabbed my cock, fondling and stroking it to full erection. Then she moved over, and with the boat rocking crazily back and forth, threatening to throw us into the water, she sat on my lap and guided my cock into her hot cunt. I buried my face in her round melons as she carefully lowered herself down onto my cock. I slid in easily, her cum acting as the perfect lubrication, and the fact she was not a virgin was soon obvious to me.

I could feel the wet smoothness of her hot cunt surrounding my cock. She moved up and down slowly, carefully, not wanting the boat to rock too severely. She gripped my cock with her internal muscles somehow, squeezing my dick as it moved in and out of her. I knew that I wasn’t going to last very long. I was too turned on. It was the excitement of doing it out in the open like that, and especially doing it with my sister so unexpectedly.

Her pussy was warm and tight around my cock. Her juices flowed down, wetting my crotch and my pubic hair. She jerked and cried out, and I knew that she had cum again.

I grabbed her ass and lifted, fucking her from below, holding her ass in the air as I did so.

“oh payal, I’m gonna cum!” I moaned

“do it baby!” She gasped, “squirt your hot cum into your little sister’s cunt!” I did as she asked and came again, great globs of hot white cum shooting into her and running out of her cunt onto my lap.

As I stopped we just sat there, my cock still inside her, the boat rocking back and forth. I used the muscles in my cock to make it expand and contract as she sat on top of me with my cock still impaling her cunt. She used her internal muscles to squeeze it, milking my cock dry. We just sat and smiled at each other for a while.

Slowly, she pulled off me and sat at her end of the boat. Both of us were naked and had each other’s juices all over us, along with the suntan lotion I had spread on her.

The sun was high overhead, and I knew that it was time for us to be heading back for lunch.

“we gotta get back,” I said.

“aw, do we have to yuvi?” she moaned.

“it’s lunch time,” I said.

“we can bring lunch with us tomorrow,” she said.

“yes, and stay out all day, and get really burned,” I answered.

She spread her legs and rubbed her pussy lips with her fingers, spreading the cum leaking out of her all over her cunt. “this is the only thing that’s going to burn you,” she said.

I could feel my cock getting hard again. “payal, we have to get back.”

She smiled and said, in a matter-of-fact tone of voice, “I know.” she bent and began putting on her bathing suit. After she had it back on, she turned and looked at my hard-on.

She climbed over and positioned herself right in front of my crotch. As I rowed, she took my cock slowly into her mouth.

I could feel her hands on my balls, caressing and fondling them. She went down as far as she could on my cock, and I could feel it at the back of her throat.

As she moved her head faster and faster, she sucked hard and stroked the exposed part of my shaft as she squeezed it. I could feel myself getting ready to cum again. I stopped rowing and put both hands on the back of her head, holding my cock deep in her mouth. I shot a load of cum in the back of her throat as she moved her tongue around the shaft of my throbbing dick.

A cool glass of iced tea awaited us, along with cold sandwiches for a quick lunch.

“you guys enjoy your boating this morning?” mom asked.

“uh,” I answered, “it was ok.”

“well, it’s not so bad having your sister along, is it?”

I shrugged. Payal winked. “not so bad at all, I think,” she said.

And, it wasn’t so bad at all. Hell, it was great! I couldn’t wait to do it again.

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