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My mother in law, a lovely lady of 42 years old, came to see my wife, as she was not doing well at Madurai. After a week she was to return back to Chennai. As she had to go alone, my wife asked me to go with her to Chennai as I was having an office work at Chennai that week and after dropping her I planned to come back to Chennai. We booked our tickets by a Volvo bus of Yogalakshmi travels.

When I boarded the bus, to my surprise and irritation, our seats were not together. I thought, she being a lady, may have been allotted a seat along with a lady. But it is not so. She was having a window seat and the aisle seat adjacent to her was allotted to a young boy of 25 years. My mother in law is a beautiful lady of 42 years and with gorgeous dimensions 38-26-38 and golden color and looking like an angel and no man will never to take out his eyes from her body and his mind will become mad after his first sight falls on her. This I have noticed on each and every occasion. She will look like a college girl and her breasts will impress anyone as a sexy goddess. I could not tolerate a young man to sit near her as it was a night bus and at least 12 hours that boy will sleep near her, and in fact, I will have a sleepless night, thinking that what will happen to my mother in law.

At last, I asked that man to interchange my seat with him. As I was sitting two seats behind him, he simply refused to go back. Anyone will say like this only. But, I assumed that this fellow, sitting near my mother in law, an angel, refuses to come out of that seat. Then I approached the bus conductor, to change my seat so that I can sit along with my mother in law. My intention was that that young boy should not sit near my mother in law Radha. Then, I sat nearer to her. I myself was trembling that she is my mother in-law and I am her son in law. She felt very shy due to respect she has to give to me. But I explained her that the seat where I sat was not comfortable, as the hand rest was broken and the spring system was not working properly. But, the truth, is not so.

I was keeping my hand in the hand rest in between us. My mother in law was not feeling easy and taking her hand away from the rest keeping on her lap for a long time.

Then, I took away my hand and asked her to keep it on the hand rest. She said that no problem. I was having a long term desire on her. At least to touch her body at any point of time in my life and I thought that today, the god has opened his eyes for me. I thanked all the gods and waiting for the lamps of the bus to be switched off. After half an hour that also happened. Then, I kept my right hand on the bars of the window, stretching my hand behind her head. And as if sleeping, I put her hand on her right shoulder and started sleeping. As it was totally dark, no one could watch this, except her. I thought, she will feel shy, or say something, or remove my hand from her shoulder. Nothing happened. What a luck in my life? I was very much worried, whether she knows this or not and whether is sleeping or awake. Then time was running away. Slowly, I was moving my hand right side down, so that I can reach the right breast of mother in law. After a couple of minutes, I was able to see the size of that Salem Malcova variety or Alphonso mango and started squeezing it. There was no objection from her. I was seeing that her breast was getting erected and the nipple becoming hard, I didn’t want to waste or miss this opportunity and removed the hand rest in between us. She encouraged me to put my head on her pussy and I felt it was oozing out honey and her saree was wet by that time.

When, I lifted my head, she put her head, in between my thighs, in my sitting posture. I didn’t hesitate to remove my zip of my pants in no time and released my cock which was springing like a rod. She started sucking my cock with great interest.

When it was twelve o clock in the night, the bus reached Trichy. Even though, our tickets were for Chennai, we got down at Trichy, telling the conductor that I received a SMS message to get down there.

We stayed in a five star hotel and our first night was really wonderful. Next day morning we left for Chennai. As my mother in law was a widow, she enjoyed me very well. She wearied her same original Kalyana Saree when she married my father in law twenty four years ago and asked me to marry her at Parthasarathy temple as if she was planning the same inner heartedly and waiting eagerly for a long time. I was 25years old, but as she looked as a college girl, we looked as like a great match for each other. I started visiting Chennai, quite often, and lived together. What a lovely achievement; by end of tenth month, she delivered a boy. The reason behind her marriage was she was having four daughters all got married and settled in States, other than the fourth daughter in India, Rani, who is my wife. As she was having vast wealth and real estates, she felt unhappy throughout her life without a son and that also fulfilled through me.

Once all this information, came to the notice of my wife Rani, she wholeheartedly welcomed her mother cum sister saying the entire property, her mother has handed over to her and thanked her. Now my wife is having a brother which was also her longtime wish and sometimes it can be said her son but through her mother. Nowadays we are living together in T, Nagar and Rani and Radha has become sisters by look and fuck. You will be keen to know my name. My name is lucky Rajasekar, a handsome boy of 25 years, tall, and fair, living at T, Nagar, and the Singapore of India.

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