Google TV Gets Adult Video Channel From Vivid Entertainment

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Let’s all be mature adults about this topic, okay? After all, I think there are some interesting implications for the video industry as a result of this news. What news, you ask? The news that Google TV is getting a dedicated adult video channel from adult video production company Vivid Entertainment, giving existing Vivid subscribers instant access to their library of adult content through the Google TV platform.

There’s not even any extra cost for the app, as long as you’re already a customer. If you’re not already a Vivid subscriber, then this app won’t work for you–and for concerned parents, the Vivid website membership is limited to individuals 18 and older. Don’t forget Google TV has its own parental controls as well, so those who choose to purchase this app should have no problem keeping it away from youngsters.
As you might expect, Vivid is doing a lot more to promote this than Google is. They have even created a video to publicize it–unfortunately, it’s not exactly the kind of content we want to share here at ReelSEO.
But here’s a quote from Vivid co-founder Steven Hirsch:

“[Vivid for Google TV] is a central part of our making Vivid available everywhere concept, which gives fans unified access to our content through their personal computers, mobile devices, tablets, television sets and DVD players.”


I know nobody wants to talk about it, but there’s a huge audience online for adult content. Huge. So Vivid is actually pretty smart, if you ask me, to be moving in this direction. The future of entertainment video content is in platforms and services like Netflix, Google TV, Hulu, and the like. So making their content ready for that future is a progressive tactic from the publisher.
What does it mean that adult entertainment companies are moving into mobile video, tablet content, and now streaming video services? It means we’ve reached the tipping point, doesn’t it?