Loneliness Brings Us Together

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My name is Punita Devi. I have been a widow for the past 10 years. I live in Gurgaon and I am a teacher by profession. I have a son Varun who married a beautiful woman Kumud. Varun is a doctor in Delhi and Kumud is a house wife. Varun tod me on the phone,’Mom, I am going to the USA for four weeks. Kumud would be staying with you. She doesnt want to be lonely. In fact we have not been separated ever. I hope you will love her presence. She is a damn good cook.

I smiled at my son and daughter in law. Kumud came in the morning and I told her that I was going to take a shower and she should get tea ready for herself. I must tell you my daughter in law is a wheatish complexioned beauty. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall, well built, medium size tits, muscluar legs, nice thighs and a firm ass. Her hair is cut like a boy’s and her lips are thick, almost pouting. I felt a hot wave run through me as I saw her for the first time.

Kumud is a real darling, to be loved and adored. I prayed to God she would accept me as her lover as she has accepted my son as her lover. When I lost my husband while Varun was still a boy, my colleague and best friend Jaya had spent a lot of time comforting me. It started innocently but things soon took a romantic turn and fell in love and spent several years kissing, licking, loving, playing with each other’s bodies and screwing each other with our tongues and fingers.

Jaya had never married in her 30 years of life. I really enjoyed time in Jaya’s company and more over my physical lust was quenched very well and there was no risk ofgetting my name attached to any male. Best of all I could not get pregnant. Later Jaya moved into our house and we managed to keep our steamy lesbian affair a secret Jaya was a lesbian and she introduced me to new heights of lesbian pleasures. When we were together, she would eat my pussy and lick my 36 D boobs.

The feel of her warm breath on my pussy would make me tremble with lust. We were wife and husband both. She was my wife and I was hers. It went on for three years. Then two things happened. Jaya was transferred to Surat and Varun got admission in Delhi. I was lonely once again. I missed my lesbian pleasures with Jaya and spent sleepless nights with an itching cunt. I missed my lover terribly, but then a young girl rented a room in my house. I had developed a craving for pussy and so set to work seducing her.

She was very young, no more than 19. When I began to touch her on every possible chance, she fell in my lap like a ripe fruit! I was able to bed Namita, a lovely little teenager and discovered we became lovers. I had developed a real taste for young pussy. Oh, I loved that girl although she stopped paying the rent with money. She paid it through her cunt and all the while, I did not let my son realize that his mother was a lesbian pussy eater. Now I was eyeing my daughter in law to bew my lover. I have to have Kumud.Standing naked under the water;

I felt my pussy throb to life as I slowly caressed the soap on my shaven and sensitive pussy. I was horny and the realization that I was alone with my son’s wife made me fingers my pussy. Closing my eyes, I fantasized Kumud was in bed with me as my latest lover. In 15 minutes I stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my hair like a turban and another around her naked body. Kumud came to a sudden stop and just stared at me. Although I am 46, my body is in good shape.

I have been blessed with a set of large breasts and dressed in just a towel was showing a lot of my wet cleavage and thighs I knew instinctively that my daughter-in-law seemed interested in my naked flesh. Kumud stared at me. She looked absolutely dumbstruck. Yes? Are you ok? You look you are surprised I said smiling at my daughter in law. Kumud was flushing hotly as she realized that she was staring at her mother-in-law.

Ohh I am sorry. I am blocking your way. But you look, look sexy I mean beautiful I never thought you were so beautiful! She tried to apologise. I paused and stared at my sexy daughter in law, wondering what was going on in her mind. I could have sworn from the look she had that she was sexually aroused on seeing my semi naked body. It was the same look that I had when I met Jaya for the first time. I could hardly believe that it was possible for me to possess my son’s sexy wife in bed.

I had not thought that I could see such a look of lustful look in my daughter in law’s eyes. Then I remembered that I was standing there wet and half naked and so she hurried to dry myself and get dressed. Kumud, you may take a shower and freshen up. You must be tired from travel. A bath can do wonders to your young beautiful body. There is imported shampoo, soap, razor and shaving cream. Use everything you may want to. I want my Kumud to be fresh and relaxed.

Ok Mom, I will take a shower and be back in 5 minutes she moved towards the bath toom. Take your time darling. Today Varun may not be waiting for his wife to come out of the bathroom but his mother will be waiting and I promise you wont be sorry, my darling. You will love it here” I said meaningfully and wondered if my daughter in law got the message. I hoped she got it beacause she caught me staring at her boobs. She blushed and looked at her feet.

I moved towards her and took her face in my hands and looked into her eyes as my lips brushed against Kumud’s soft rosy lips. She closed her eyes and stood there and I was certain that she trembled as I kissed her full lips. I pushed my tongue into her wet mouth. She seemed to resist but only for a moment. We were kissing each other in a full blooded lesbian way. Our kiss turned more and more passionate as our tongues met and were wrestling with passiony.

Kumud’s hand had been on my arm, stroking up and down as my hand cupped her breasts as she entered the bathroom. I rushed to the keyhole to see my daughre in law undress. Ohh! Kumud undressed and I burnt with kust for her Ohhhh Bhagwan, Varun’s mother is a sexy woman! Mother in law, you arouse me Kumud took off her gown and stood in white lacy bra and panty which were see through. I swear I could see her cunt lips which formed a big mound between her legs.

My daughter’s tits were struggling to get free from their confines. She took off her bra and cupped her medium boobs. She wenton playing with them and I saw them harden. “So my daughter in law indulges in self pleasuring too! I was aroused and my fingers found my pussy tp play. Kumud now slipped her panties off her sexy ass. Ohhhh, what a pussy! Thick pouting lips of dark skin almost smiled at me. My daughter had stubble of black pubic hair on her pussy triangle.

Mama wants her Pussycat to be bald, my cunt! She muttered as she patted her puffy cunt. Then she sat on the floor and spread her legs wide and took some shave cream and applied it on her cunt area. Then come the razor to mow the small grass from my daughter’s lovely cunt. Every hair disappeared from the sex triangle. Then she began probing her wet cunt with her fingers. Kumud played with her pussy and a deep, hungry moan escaped from her mouth. I moved away from the keyhole as I did not want to be caught peeping on my son’s wife.

In less than 15 minutes, Kumud came out. Ohhhh my darling daughter was in towel, water drops still falling from her wet sexy body. She came straight to my bed room. “Mom, my clothes are still in my bags. Can I borrow one of your nighties or gowns? I dont need anything as it is already quite hot but I dont want to look shameless before my Saasu Maa. It is not proper, is it? She looked straight into my eyes, trying to send a message.

My next words broke all tension, not if Saasu Maa decides not to wear anything at home. Saasu Maa will like to se what her son has been keeping for himself! I dont see why mother and son should not share my darling Bahu. She is so hot! Saying this I made myself naked. Wow, my Saasu Maa is unlike those conservative creeps. I love you Punita! Kumud came to call me by my first name. Distance had been covered faster that I had hoped. I found Kumud staring at my naked breasts.

It seemed that she was being consumed with the some forbidden lust and the look in her eyes caused my pussy to quiver. I went to her and pulled the towel away. She smelt of soap and shampoo. I must admit that my daughter-in-law was a beautiful sexy woman. The thought kept rinfging in my mind that she was my son’s wife and that I should not take her to bed but my lecherous hands itched to touch her. Come to bed Kumud. I was thinking it was time you and I got to know each other a little better. You are lonely and so am I.

Let’s be together and let nothing come between us, not even our clothes. Come darling, join Mama in bed! Invitation could not have been motre clear. Kumud stepped towards the bed smiling. All right, Mama, she said with a nod. That sounds like fun. Let me see if I can get 5{041eef37a7f5b4db29dcc3cd09231a71295f4b2233e89afb6c97dccfcef67ea6} of my husband’s fun fron Varun’s mom. I must say Mama turns me on like your son. Only you dont seem to have your son’s tool. Feeling very naughty I hugged my-in-law and began a passionate kiss on her lips and my hands roamed over her breasts,

Kumud kissed back and our tongues met and played with each other, sucking each other. To my surprise her hand reached down between my legs and started to touch my wet pussy. In no time she pushed me down on the bed and began to stroke my clit. She fingered herself to one of the biggest orgasms of her entire life. Beautiful, my darling mother in law, you are beautiful! Kumud spoke in a deep, husky voice as she broke the kiss only for a second. My Bahu is so very beautiful.

You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, Kumud! I complimented her! Your body is so sexy Varun is a lucky bastard to get a girl like you! I am jealous of him! Now let me show you what Punita Devi can do without your husband’s tool. Let Mama show you heaven, Bahu! I said and my daughter in law blushed. Yess Mama before she could say anything else, I brought my mouth down on her honey coloured body and began kissing her stomach, my lips were nibbling on her deep navel, my warm breath touching her bare skin close to her cunt.

I heard her gasp, her arms went around my neck as she tried to squirm away, but I held her tightly. Her hands pulled my mouth towards her pussy and I gave her hot pussy a long, firm lick, and then another, feeling her cuntlips opening under my tongue. Maaaaa kisss me aaaahh fuck, she gasped again please, Mama I love it. She surprised me with her loud moaing noise as my tongue found her clit.

She shuddered as my tongue lapped into the young pussy that my son had been fucking every night. I thought that I was licking the walls of Kumud’s cunt which had been rubbed by my son’s cock. This realization made me hot and I ate my daughter inlaw’s pussy with greater enthusiasm. The heat my almost incestuous thoughts and the way my Bahu trembled as my tongue explored her cunt sentme crazy. I was lashing my tongue over her clit.

Kumud wriggled on the bed, her body squirming wildly. I felt her shudder again and again and my own arousal was throbbing within me as I burried my tongue deeper, dipping it inside her burning cunt. Then her sweet flavor hit my tongue. Her body trembled wildly as shekept cumming ooohhh cumming mom cuming fuck me eat my pussy. Her body stiffened and I continued to run my tongue from the top of her slit to the bottom, rubbing it from side to side, exploring every little nook of her pussy, finding sensitive spots .

I felt her shaky breathing and little gasps of pleasure. The way she came I knew that I could do this to my Bahu forever. I let my tongue slide deep inside her, as she moaned loudly, her scent filling my head and my mind. Her hips jerked several times and I drank deeply of her nectar. Finally, she relaxed with a deep shudder, her body going totally limp. Do you think Mama can please you without Varun’s tool? I asked. You are better than your son.

I never expected that it could be this fun with my mom where did you learn it? I want to tell you Mama, your Bahu is one hell of a bitch and I want to taste my Mama I want to lick the cunt my husband came into the world from. I know you are wet and ready for me. Yes mumy I love your pussy and can’t wait. Please may I lick and suck Varun’s mother’s cunt? I did not reply, but just nodded and kissed my Bahu. Kumud ran her hands through my hair and replied

You’ve done a wonderful pussy licking me and you deserve a nice reward. Kumud began kissing my nipples but I wanted her hot mouth on my hungry pussy, Bahu, kissing can wait till night. Mama is burning for you. I can’t wait. Eat mummy’s cunt my darling. Suck it dry and then lick it all up. She opened my legs and found her horny mother in law wet and ready yes. I began fingering my own pussy as I could not wait.

My Bahu looked right ar my soaking cunt with a wicked smile on her face. I needed to cum so bad. She seemed turned on as she saw my pussy leaking. She hugged me and we kissed. Our tongues entwined and we sucked on her tongue. Then she pulled away from my mouth and bent her lovely lustful mouth to my dripping pussy, Go on and lick it Beti. I can see it in your eyes that you love my. Go for it Kumud; eat my cunt.

Your mom is is ready to give you a delicious pussy juice. I know that you want it so bad. The look in your eyes tells the whole story! Kumud stuck out her tongue and tasted my wet pussy. She moved her tongue all over my slit. The more she got the more she wanted. Soon she had trouble breathing as she had her whole face between my legs and she licked greedily at my dripping, and juicy hot cunt.

With out being told she lovingly ate my pussy sending my higher and higher on the clouds of pleasure. I tightened my thighs around her ears and exclaimed breathlessly you were fucking fantastic. My dear cunt lapping daughter, you are the best! You were born to pussy, especially mine. Your husband’s mothers, I was in a state of bliss as Kumud took me to one orgasm after another. She held my buttocks tightly and plunged her tongue into my cunt.

I watched as my daughter’s face was dripping pussy juices from her lips and her face was glistening and red from pussy licking. She slapped lightly across my buttocks, therreby increasing my excitement manyfolds, Slap my ass harder eat my cunt drink my juices you are good at it you are an expert lesbian slut. Do you want to remain Mama’s lesbian lovert? Kumud lifted her mouth but for a moment and mumbled, Yes Mama

And combined to give me the best cunt lick of my life suddenly I found her finger brushing my asshole. I had never felt anything like this. She read my mind and inserted her finger while she kept eating my pussy in frenzy. She licked and sucked with fervor. I began cumming and she savored every drop of pussy juice. My cuntjuices flowed and I cried out, “Oh Beti. Oh, oh oh, yesssss! It feels so fucking good.

Don’t stop, keep fucking my cunt and ass with your sweet mouth and make me cum. Oh, where did you learn that? You are making me cum again. You eat pussy soooo fucking good yeahhhhhhh. She had begun fingerfucking my ass harder and harder. She kissed every inch of the white girl’s body then probed her pussy with her long, thick, and talented tongue. Also the Mexican girl stuffed three fingers in Cathy’s horny hole and one up her ass. Cathy was in carnal bliss as her pussy leaked like a hose with a hole in it. She cried out, Carmen I never felt so good before.

Your tongue is so long and thick! Your fingers feel soooo divine. Oh my god, I’m going to cum again. Yes! So fucking good don’t stop, please don’t stop, oho! I thrashed my body wildly as huge volcano of orgasms hit me one after another. Kumud was doing a job no first times lesbian could possibly do. She had two fingers up my quivering ass andfucked me furiously. I was soon spent, tired and calm “That was great really great. Ithink you are not new to lesbian love, darling. Are you? No mom, I did do some naughty things in hostel and now you have rekindled the old fire. We can have a nice time when Varun is not around.