Me and My Boss

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I (Divya – name changed) work as an executive secretary to a very senior officer in a Private sector multi-crore company. I am very tall, well built, fair & beautiful – a very presentable person with pleasing character. this started while his wife went for delivery. I was working with him for many years; in fact, he recruited me. Of course, I am reasonably efficient in work and very friendly to other and sincere to the organization. Our department comprises of 5 people and we all decided to work on a Sunday for completing some back log. For lunch, Sir instructed me to get some special non-veg biriyani and some other dishes for all. General staff the pantry is separate and Sir has a separate Pantry & ante-room, attached to his cabin, along with an exclusive toilet. Usually, I help him to serve his food, almost every day. That day, Sir developed a very bad headache. Sir called and told me that he is going to take some rest. He went to anteroom. After a while, I went and asked whether Sir needs any help. Sir asked me “Why can’t you apply some balm and catch my head for some time. Obediently, I brought some Vicks and started applying on his fore head. That day, I was wearing a white top, tightly covering my body, exposing all my curves. I noticed that his eyes were glancing on my body, especially on my breasts. He offered me to sit by his side, I sat t& continued pressing his forehead. After a while, he kept his hands on my shoulder. I removed his hands – telling, please sir. Then he held me with his hands around my waste – NO, Sir, somebody may come. Sir told me to go & bolt the cabin & come (many days, we work from his cabin, keeping it bolted for hours). Although, I told no, but sir compelled. Half halfheartedly I went & closed the door, very slowly. While returning, I went to toilet and came back. Again I started to massage his head. All of a sudden, he got up and hugged me. I tried to cancel his attempts with hands and many words. But he requested and pleaded. Then, without waiting for my answer Sir started kissing me strongly. Although, not new to me (my father’s brother -Uncle-has done many things to me – with whom I am staying) I got a shock. So far, he was a very decent person and I never expected such a turn from him. He was very hot. Passionately, he continued the wet kiss, while his hands were massaging my neck. Slowly, his hands crept down to my breasts. Now, I struggled to leave, which he did not allow. Forcefully, he started unbuttoning my blouse. In a short time, he managed to open my blouse. Then his hands started to play with my breasts, which my uncle only has touched. But his style was different. Over my bra, he played for some time. I too was becoming hot. Suddenly he unhooked my bra and my breast, which was exploding, came out. Sir started tickling my nipples and squeezing both the breasts madly. Then he started sucking it with heavy force, making me lose all controls. He was a real suck master! He pushed my breast out, protruded his tongue and played on my nipples – and told me to see it. I was getting intoxicated!! He forced me to lye-down on the bed. I was out of my own control. I obeyed just like a doll. He too followed me. Lying on my left side, Using his right hand he lifted my Saree. I could not do anything – I was also hot and he was strong. He managed to remove my panty in no time. Leaving my breasts, he went down and started kissing on my thighs. I got a shock sprang up. I strongly caught his head, but he forcefully pushed his head towards my already wet pussy. He forced his tongue into my pussy. I could not control – I further lost control and moaned. He looked at me. He continued sucking for some time and I was almost to get an orgasm. Now, he got up and took his tool out which was very big (much bigger than my uncles)! He forced my hands on that and shook it. I obeyed. After a while, He stood up and asked me to open my mouth. Even before I realised for what he has me to open my mouth, he quickly introduced his tool into my mouth. I shook my head (I hate taking cocks in my mouth – uncle has tried many times – I have never agreed). But he forcefully pushed it in. Since I did not had any option, I kept it in mouth for some time. He pleaded me to suck it. Mechanically, I did it for couple of time and I pushed it out. Then he came down and kissed me again. He came on me and positioned him cock to enter my fully wet pussy. Although knowing the consequences, I accepted, as I too was very very hot. He started lowering his full erect cock into tight pussy. I started crying, but he continued pumping. It started coming in, bit by bit. I was feeling me getting filled. In a few minutes, he filled in my pussy. ISSSSSSSS..what a great feeling. I started moaning and he started asking sexy questions & made sexy comments. He told I am really beautiful and my Breast & pussy are really good, much better than his wife. I too was enjoying. He started pumping. He was so wild, may be since he has not fucked his wife for long time. Like a horse he pumped for some time. During this enjoyable pumping, I got three orgasms and then all of a sudden he increased his speed and told he is going to come. Then also, I pleaded not to leak in me. He did not listen. He poured all in me. He held me like that for 10 mins, again started squeezing my breasts and kissing me. The he left me. I had to take tablets to avoid pregnancy, which he bought for me. Although his wife has come back, after delivery, still we continue – but we really take precautions. He really gives me a lot of pleasure, much above what my uncle gives me. Liked? Then give your feelings to me