My first time

Beep Stories

So here it is, this first time happened when im just a simple 4th year high school, my parents went to Canada for business so mom left me, i thought i was alone but im wrong, that day im currently watching some movies when suddenly Mike my boyfriend and a childhood friend visited me.
As usual he cuddled my favorite cat and teased me that my cat is much cuter than me so i pretend mad and throwed him a pillow as hard. He just laughed and dodged the pillow. And then he sat beside me and quickly kissed me at lips. Of course im shocked but felt somewhat a pleasure. So we kissed and explore together. “Mmmm, i think now i know how i will make you cute as your cat”, he smirked then i blushed. I let my body lie at the floor while tom removed his t-shirt and unbuckled his jeans. My heart skipped fast. Then after he showed me his body he sat beside me and started massaging my thighs. I moaned “Ahhhhhh. . . “, i moaned then he licked my earlobe.
Then next he unbuttoned my blouse revealing my lacy pink bra. He playfully grinned and gently caressed my breast. Oh my gosh he’s touching my breast, then tommy finally clasped it tearing it apart and revealing my breasts. I blushed then he fondled both of it, squeezing it and i gasped.
“T-t-tommmmy, ahhhhh i want t-that”, i squeled then he sucked my left breast while the other squeezing the other nipple.

Nice breast sweatie”, he whispered then he removed his brief revealing his very erect penis. I gasped its too big.
After that he removed my wet panty from my already cumming cunt then licked it. I moaned for pleasure then i widely spread my legs while his cumming member pointing to my entrance.