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Hi Readers, I am Sneha, age 27 married and my husband is a businessman well built body good looking and good in sex too. Thanks for your all lovely mails for my previous stories. I really like some of your comments like renuka nair, arun and sumitha. Let me come to the story.

That day my hubby was out of town so that I don’t need worry about him. After we reach my home it was already 09.30pm.i asked about him. He said that his name is sham and doing final year ug. He is about 5’11 and 57kg.but he is looking very nervous so that ask him not to afraid any more by holding his hand and took him to my bedroom but I don’t switch eon the lights its seems dark and cool due to rain. After that he keeps his both the hand on my shoulders and pressing them and moves his hand to my face and kisses on my lip very slowly and made me lay on the bed and kissing me. while kissing me his hands were placed on my thigh and folding them and after some times his hand moves to my breast and started massaging in this time I moved my hands to his pants and rubbed his cock gently and after some More kissing…more fondling…more cock rubbing. Now we were both starting to get hot. He took my saree off and come to my stomach kissed for wile and licking my navel for very long time and undid my petticoat knot and took off it and his tongues comes to my low stomach and licked it for while. I cant cont control this sensation and pulled him up and give a nice kiss. He moved his hands inside my blouse to feel my warm tits. “Ah lovely, ” he murmured. I too heaved a sigh of pleasure. He kept kissing my lips and kneading my breasts. Then he slowly lifted my open blouse over my tits. What a sight it was! He quickly closed his mouth over my erect nipple while still holding and caressing my other breast. I meanwhile caught hold of his dick which was now in its full form he then took off my blouse, bra and panties. He made me nude. He was very crazy in sucking and folding my breast. It’s my turn to took off his shirts and pants. Now he only with his jockey and his cock was tore in it. I ran my fingers around the edge of her jockey to pull it down. Our conditions were now totally out of control. Now we both were totally nude. I just holds his cock in my right hand. It was hard rock and cant control and I slowly tasted his pre cum and give him a good blow job for 10 mins after that he took me up made me lie on the bed to prepare to fuck me.

He spread my legs in air and sat between my legs on kneeling position. I took big cock on my hand and placed that at the entrance of my cunt. His lovely cock was tasted my pussy tip and I moved it up and down for while and he placed his both hands on my buttocks. He slowly pushed his hips and buttocks forward, simultaneously pushing my ass towards him. He entire 6″ thick cock slowly went inside. Suddenly he gave hard push. I gave a slight moan. His entire massive pole was inside my cunt. He started fucking me. First he was fucking me slowly. He pushed his cock deep inside my cunt. He will pullout such that only a little portion of about 3″was inside.

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Again he pushed deeply. He was repeating the actions. My cunt never experienced the pleasure of stranger’s long cock sliding inside. Within few strokes I started moaning loudly. Now I started to move my hips and ass according to his to and fro movements. When he pushes his cock, I would lift my buttocks upwards to get maximum of his cock inside my cunt. When he pulls back I would pull down my ass. Both of us were doing the fucking with a rhythm and perfection giving the best enjoyment and pleasure to each other. I raised both my legs and placed them on his buttocks. Then he increased the speed. He was totally a different man from that moment. His face expression changed.

He started fucking me like an animal. My moaning increased. I was receiving the hard thrusts of sham’s big cock with great pleasure and enjoyment. I wants a man fucking like a beast. He is ideally suited for my taste and needs and exactly gives what I want. I started moaning loudly. He trusted his cock deep and deep inside my pussy. I closed my eyes and was moaning increased. The speed of fucking increased and so the pleasure. With great enjoyment I was receiving his savage thrusts. We started moaning and blabbering.” ah.ah.oh my great fucker. What a man you are fuck deeply, keep on fucking. I will show my cunt anytime, anywhere you want. Just fuck, fuck, fuck me. Keep on fucking me entire life. “Mmm” ah, a fuck me with your mighty pole. I love your big cock. My cunt wants that day and night. Just insert that in my cunt and fuck me whenever you want, my mighty pole hero, keep on fucking” Like that both of them were moaning and talking. He fucked me like that for twenty minutes. He then made my both hands on top of my head and licking my armpit which was fully shaved. He goes mad licking, sucking and baiting my arm pit. while he was fucking my cunt he slide his right hand in my ass and inserted his middle finger in my ass hole and his left hand was folding my right breast and he was sucking my armpit. I felt great pleasure in this position while he was folding my breast, its. He was sucking my armpit and his finger was fucking my ass hole. He started banging me with a very great speed. His made me cum and after some mins he also blasted his sperms in my cunt and I made him lay on me. We are almost fucking for 35 mins after 15 mins I got up and went bath room to wash. When I came back the lights were on and he was sitting with a water bottle. Then I move close to him. When he saw me in the lights again his cock was erected and we go for another shot. In that night we had 5 shots in different positions.

And after that ill call him daily in phone and I ask him to come my place at least 3days in a week. If he fucks me in day time he’ll take 3 shots b’coz the timing was sort. If my hubby was gone for out of town we’ll fuckin for whole night. Some of u will not believe me is it? After that night he was improving his self by learning about like, G-spot, how to lick and position. This can twist the inner parts of counts. I already have affirm in my college days his name was raj. He too a good fucker but not like this boy and my hubby is an tall and fair and nice fucker and he too not good than this boy. If he takes 5 shots. He takes one shot how he like and another four how I like. He we’ll always ask me how I want. He was learning lots of theory and making the practical on me

This guy is having more than enough in every thing like his size, timing(50mins) at least, giving pleasure.(if any girls or auntys want a good time with him mail me ill tell u about him) my [email protected].