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My elder sister Rakhi is 38 yrs old, divorced, and lives with her 15 yr old daughter in a large house not far from mine. There is lot of work to do around that house, and a for the last 8/9 yrs, I volunteer or am asked to help out with ‘yard work, maintenance, and other stuff.’ During this period of time, my sister and I have grown much closer and she’s a lot more comfortable talking to me about things than in the past. Last couple of years, our topics of conversation have been how lonely she is, how much she ‘needs a man around to fix things, take care of her and other stuff’.

Late last summer, I was over at her house helping weather-seal her back deck. My usual ‘payment’ for the work I do for her is a case of beer; after a couple of hours of working and chatting, we had both developed a decent buzz. Sis asked if I would mind if she took a break; the sun was perfect in her fenced-in back yard for sunning herself. I told her no problem and kept working. When she emerged from the house, she had what I guessed was a pitcher of margaritas, but was also sporting a flowered French-cut bikini and a pair of sunglasses. ‘Whoah!’ I said, shocked and a little bit embarrassed. ‘Ok; guess I’ll take that as a compliment,’ she responded. I had never seen my sister in such a revealing outfit; and the man in me couldn’t help checking her out: Long, tanned legs, 34-b tits (nice!) Ass a tad big, but the total package was awesome. The thought crossed my mind that if I weren’t her brother and I was working on this hot divorcee’s house, it would be hard to keep my mind on work…I forced myself to stop thinking like this. She was my big sister! Maybe it was the beers.

She set up her chair directly facing and laid on her back with her legs ever so slightly spread. I couldn’t help feeling a little uneasy; I had the feeling that she was looking at me as she sunned herself, but she had shades on and I couldn’t tell. If I looked at her, she could tell right away. ‘How’re things?’ she asked. ‘Oh, they’re fine’, I replied. She asked about my wife and I said fine again; though things weren’t fine there and Sisi knew it. ‘Been a while?’ she asked. ‘What do you mean?’ I knew exactly what she meant. I knew only too well that I hadn’t gotten any sex in around 6 months. ‘Been a while for me, too…’ she said. I couldn’t believe where my sister seemed to be taking the conversation. But something inside me was intrigued.

Some time passed, the radio played, I worked and she sunned herself. I couldn’t help but sneak a peak when I thought it was safe, but I never really knew if I was busted or not. Sis seemed to have a wry smile on her face. I was surprised to find I was getting turned on. Once, when I was sneaking a look, she reached down to adjust the crotch of her bikini and I caught a glimpse of closely-shaven dark brown pubic hair. I started asking myself if I was wrong to be so turned on by this situation; she was my big sister!! Then, as if on cue, she really shocked me: ‘No peaking, now! Promise!’ I glanced over to see my sister removing her bikini top. ‘I usually sun myself this way.’ I wanted to look but I just couldn’t; I opened a fresh beer and swallowed half of in one gulp. I tried frantically to busy myself.

She was obviously up to something, and the brother in me didn’t want to disappoint her, but… ‘Ahhhh….that’s better.’ A pause. ‘ You know, I was only kidding. You can peek if you want.’ I slowly turned to see my sister slowly caressing her beautiful breasts, pinching one big brown nipple occasionally and arching her back slightly as she did so. I was transfixed; I couldn’t tear my eyes away. She had reached the horny man inside me and I was helpless. I stared at the show she was putting on for me for at least 5 minutes. Her left hand moved across her stomach toward her groin. ‘You know, you’ve been such a good brother coming over here like you do to take care of things for me…But there are other things that need ‘taking care of’ too…’ Her hand had slipped under the top of her bikini bottom. ‘I’ve been wondering if you’d be willing to help me out with some of my other needs, too.’ She looked at me over the top of her shades as she began to finger herself under her swimsuit. I was breathing heavily and simply couldn’t speak.

My cock was painfully hard and a little piece of me was feeling shame at my arousal, but I was astonished to realize that a much larger part of me was dying to fuck my beautiful sister. It was clearly what she wanted, too. I killed the 2nd half of my beer and swallowed hard. ‘I’ve always said I would help you out with anything you needed, Sis. I meant it.’ I went inside, with her following close behind. She stopped me in the front hall and started feeling my body up and down; I could hear her practically panting. I kicked off my sneakers and took off my t-shirt; I could tell that smelled slightly of the stuff we were working with. ‘Lets get in the shower,’ I suggested. Before we started for the bathroom, however, Sis grabbed my face and forcefully tongue-kissed me. I have never seen a woman so intensely turned on.

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In the bathroom, I turned on the shower and Sis took off her bottoms. Nude, she was a vision. As I removed my shorts and briefs, my hard dick sprang to attention against my stomach. ‘Ohhhh, it’s beautiful…’ she said desperately. We got into the shower and instantly our hands were on each other. I found some soap and in seconds we were covered with slippery lather. We did not fuck, but simply enjoyed each other’s bodies sliding against ourselves. She stroked my cock and I squeezed her boobs hard; she was moaning like an animal. We rinsed off and she said ‘come on.’ She led me to her bedroom.

Sis immediately fell to her knees and grabbed my dick. She slowed down a bit here as she proceeded to suck, lick and jerk-off my cock. Thoughts of shame and guilt were irrelevant; she gave great head and I could think of nothing else. I bent my knees slightly so my groin was more in line with her head and put my hand on the back of her head, guiding her warm, wet mouth while she very loudly made it clear that she was enjoying herself as much as I was. When I was close to coming, I stopped her. I did not want this to end. I found myself feeling that part of why this was so great was the fact that this was my sister; someone I’ve been close to all of my life, and if I can bring her pleasure, then why not? In fact, who better than me? Some loser she dates who only wants one thing and doesn’t care about her as a person? My wife was not interested in sex with me; and this didn’t feel like cheating because she’s my sister! This was not an ‘affair’; I love my sister and I was showing her how much. If she found me attractive and vice versa, what’s the problem? We’re family, we would never hurt each other. This seemed like the greatest gift we could ever give to each other.

I guided her over to the bed. I lay her down on her back and she spread her legs wide. I maneuvered in so I was face to face with her wonderful cunt. As I started licking up and down, it opened invitingly. She tasted great, she smelled so clean and fresh; but I could also smell the aroma of her pussy juice; she was dripping wet and quivering. As I ate her pussy, she said, repeatedly ‘This is not wrong!’ It’s not wrong!’ It’s so good! It’s so fucking RIGHT!’ When I sensed that she was about to come, I slid myself up to her face and said ‘It’s OK, Sis, I know it’s right. It is SO FUCKING RIGHT….’ And with that, I plunged my cock into her soaking hole to the hilt. She let out a long, loud yell and we started to fuck like animals. As I pounded away, she uttered through clenched teeth, ‘My man…My man. Are you my man? Huh? Are you my man?’ ‘Yes, Sis, I am your man. Anytime. Anytime you wanna fuck you come to me. I promise.’

For the first time since we came into the bedroom, I noticed pictures in frames placed around the room. One of them was a picture of us taken 3 years before at a family gathering. How long had she wanted me? How hard was it for her to get up the guts to make this happen? I felt more love for her than ever; this couldn’t have been easy for her.

I could feel my sister’s pussy juice all over my balls and thighs. She came 2x; shaking and moaning each time. She practically pushed me off of her and on to my back after the 2nd orgasm; she looked at me with hungry eyes and started to suck my cock again. I leaned back, smiling, watching my sister suck my cock. Watching my sister’s tits swing back and forth as she moved her head up and down her loving brother’s dick. I found that if I looked into the large mirror over the bedroom bureau (which had once belonged to our parents), I had a perfect view of her glistening ass and pussy from behind.

I thought of how right and good this was and how we would always be there for each other whenever we needed. I could hold back no longer. I came in 3 or 4 gushing spurts; one shot into her brown hair and one onto her left cheek. She tried to lick and suck the remaining cum from my dick and swallowed every drop. She fell over to the side, exhausted. We both slept for a time and woke up in each other’s arms.

When we woke, I was immediately worried about her reaction to the whole episode; did she mean what she said? Did she wonder if I meant it too? After some cuddling, she asked ‘You OK with this?’ ‘Absolutely. You need some ‘work’ done around here, you call me. Anytime. Promise.’ We kissed long and hard; we slept some more

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