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I was studying M. Tech, and to our shock and surprise one of our classmate and friend Gandhi, was found dead in his room, obviously committed suicide taking arsenic poison. Gandhi was married six months earlier; his wife Madhusmitha was studying M.A in English literature at Andhra University. We couldn’t understand the reasons for his suicide.

We informed his parents, and they arrived next morning by car from Vijayawada. His father went along with the Warden and some of our friends to the mortuary to complete the formalities and take home his son’s body. Gandhi’s mother was crying continuously, and I was left to take care of her. I took her to the Guesthouse, urged her to take bath, and brought some breakfast and coffee from the hostel mess. She refused to have breakfast, but on my insistence had a cup of coffee. She was still crying. I was at loss, not knowing how to console a grieving mother. Involuntarily, I placed my hands on her shoulders. She leaned on to my chest burying her face and hugged me. I put my hand on her head stroking to console her and thought, “Let her cry out.” My fingers ran into her thick hair.

Her crying, gradually reduced to sobs, but she was holding me tightly, her large breasts pressing at my chest, her whole body touching mine. I couldn’t control myself, my cock became hard and erect, since I was wearing a lungi, and my hardness was apparent making a tent. I was embarrassed; my body chemistry was beyond my control. But to my surprise, Gandhi’s 44 yr old mother was pressing her self, against me and my hard cock, I looked at her back, there was no doubt in my mind, that she was thrusting her self against my hard cock. I could feel my hard erect maleness against her soft mound. Her body was on fire with desire, I cupped her soft big enormous wide protruding arse cheeks, pressing and kneading with my hands. Her fingers were digging into my back. Her hair knot got untied, her beautiful soft thick knee length hair spread onto her back beyond her thunderous thighs. The soft ness of her silky hair touching my hands further aroused my carnal desire. I took hold of her face into my hands. She was looking into my eyes. I could sense the animal desire in her eyes; I licked all over her face, her cheeks and finally ran my tongue over her thick pouting lips. She parted her juicy lips as I inserted my tongue into her inviting mouth. She took my lower lip into her mouth and started kissing, sucking, all the time pressing herself against me.

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There was no need for words, and there was no doubt in my mind, I led her to the bed, and we lay on the bed facing each other, as I was feeling her big breasts, she removed her blouse and bra, and thrust one of breast into my mouth. I sucked on her engorged hard jutting nipple, while stroking the other nipple and squeezing it. Her hand reached between my thighs and took my long thick cock into her hands, feeling its hardness. Oh! Shiva, I can’t wait, dear do it. Do it to me. I got up, took off her saree and petticoat, as she raised her bottom, spread her fat thighs wide, and entered her inviting juicy cunt with all my energy, savagely, opening her cunt, filled her deep cunt to the bottom, and looked into her eyes. The banal desire in her eyes was unmistakable, her hands on my hips pressing me against her. I took her breasts into my hands fondling them. She urged, “Fuck me”. I started fucking her savagely with all the force and energy to rip her cunt apart, to go farther and farther into her depths. Oh, my son, fuck me fuck your mother, fuck me, my son, she was repeating the same words again and again, while moving her self up to meet each of my stroke. She came, finally, as if a volcano erupted, as if an earth quake occurred, her whole body in frenzied uncontrollable spasms, as she dug her nails into my back scratching, drawing blood. I said “amma, amma, ammaaaaaaaa, as I ejaculated my hot loads of sperm into her cunt. We lay still, till our bodies returned to normality, kissed me all over my face. She went to the bathroom and came back hugged me kissing me all over my face,

“Shiva, You filled me, filled the void in me, and fulfilled me. I sat on the bed and she put her head in my lap and lay down on the bed, my hands caressing and fondling her big breasts. Do you know, what could be the plausible reason for my son to end his life?”

I said, “I don’t know.”

Padma said, “He couldn’t fuck his wife, the first night”

“Is that so? Amma” I said

“It is. He is not like you. I wish he had a cock like yours, so big, beautiful, and virile. I wish you are my son.”

“Yes, I am your son now, amma”. If I were your son really, I would not have married any other girl” I said.

“Why, Shiva, “she asked taking my already erect and hard cock in her hands.

“Because, if you were my mother, I would have married you”

“You, silly, you can’t marry me if I were your mother, but you can have me, son

She asked, “Do you like me so much that you want to marry me, son?”

Padma was 44 yr old, tall, very fair, with oily smooth unblemished skin, beautiful oval face, high cheekbones, full lips, her beautiful big 42DD breasts still firm, conical, extending out of her small frame, narrow waist and wide and big 46” bottom. Her long hair was thick, oily, curly, soft, jet-black, lustrous, shining, reaching her thunderous smooth banana trunk like thighs.

“You are beautiful and sexy and exciting Amma” I said stroking her hard jutting big brown nipples with my tongue and fingers. Her breasts became hard and her nipples grew bigger and hard. “Shiva, do you think I am crazy woman, giving her self on a day, when my son is dead” No, Padma, You are not crazy; I understand your need to have your son in you, Do you really, Shiva, I could have helped him, my son, with love, I could have taught him to fuck. It’s so simple; because he couldn’t fuck his wife that first night, he thought he was impotent. He should have told me, come to me, I would have made his cock big and hard, and he could have fucked me. How do you know amma? He wrote a letter to his wife, a week back. My cock was hard again, She kneeled down, took my cock into her hands kissed the beautiful pink knob ran her tongue along the shaft , licked my scrotum and balls, then took the cock into her mouth sucked , “ Shiva, Your cock is so enormous, magnificent, long, thick and beautiful”

“Amma, I want to fuck you,” I said

I pulled her up by her hair, asked her to bend. She obeyed, bent, her ass high up, her legs spread wide, resting her hands on the bed, and her hair fell down on both sides of her face touching the floor. Her cunt spread wide and inviting. I entered her inviting juicy cunt, doggy style. Oh! Shiva, you filled me up to my belly button, fuck me. Fuck me my son. I fucked and fucked leisurely enjoying each and every stroke. She orgasm violently, her whole body in ecstatic spasms, her cunt muscles all of a sudden gripping my cock, squeezing my cock, I stood still, allowing her to enjoy the long drawn multiple orgasms and then allowed my self to ejaculate hot loads of thick juice into her cunt. It was the lunchtime, I went out brought lunch for both of us, had a light lunch, and while we were talking, her husband came. They took Gandhi’s body in a taxi, to their village.

I went to attend the thirteenth day ceremony, and stayed. After all the guests went Padma came to my room, in the night and we fucked. Two days later, Padma sent her widowed daughter-in-law, 20 yr old Madhusmitha, who was still a virgin, dressing her up like a bride, in traditional way for the first night. Padma decorated the bed and the room as if it was the first night. Madhu , 5”6” tall, lean, beautiful round face, with large expressive eyes, juicy lips, 36-26-38 figure, long smooth hair arranged into a single plait and decorated with jasmine flowers, wearing her wedding kanjeevaram silk saree, was brought by padma to my room with a glass of milk .

Padma said, make her happy and make her pregnant. I deflowered Madhu, that night. And after Madhu slept, I went to Padma, who was waiting for me and we fucked till wee hours. I stayed for 10 days, fucking both mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, day and night and returned to the college. I got a phone call from Padma and her daughter-in-law Madhu informing me that both were pregnant, impregnated by me. Both were happy. People thought it was Gandhi who made his wife pregnant. Padma and Madhu both delivered male babies. I went there; both Padma and Madhusmitha were proud mothers. And that night I was breastfed by both mothers and my cock was sucked dry. I visited them often, enjoying them. Padma’s husband knew about our secret affair.

He got interested in his daughter-in-law and she willingly got fucked by him. He was happy to have both the women. Later on we had foursomes. Padma and her husband adapted Madhu as their daughter. I still keep in touch with them, visiting them whenever the occasion arises. Secretly, I was the son Padma lost, I was the husband Madhu lost, fulfilling the vacuum left by Gandhi, and filling the void left, both physically and psychologically. Madhu is now an English Professor in a reputed college, living with her in-laws (adapted parents) and our children. Send ur comments [email protected]