Sex With Brother’s Girlfriend

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Hello friends this is my first story for you all if you find some mistakes please let me know. This story is about me and my brother’s girlfriend. My name is Babu I am from Cuttack I am 6.2 feet tall with average figure and this incident happened one year ago.One morning she called me and told me to pick up her from the Bhubanesar station but I was in Balasore for my work Balasore is nearly 160 km away from Cuttack. 
It was not possible for me to go and pick up her from Bhubaneswar station. So I told her to leave the train at Balasore and she agreed. I finish all my works and reached Balasore station at 6 pm the train was late by half an hour. The train reached Balasore at 6.30pm. I went near her compartment and waited for her. She came out of the train big bag. She was looking sexy as usual. Now let me tell about her. Her name is Munmun. 
She has a great figure I mean you decide whether her figure is attractive or not. I will tell more about her later. Then we moved towards the parking. After a drive of 3km I stopped my car to pee. She asked me what happen I told her I will be back in 2 minutes.She told me not to stop because it was a dark road. Then I told her not to get worried after peeing I came back and drank some water and start the car. 
We were chatting about her vacation. Suddenly I don’t know what happen to me I slow down the car from 100 km/hr to 40 km/hr and I told her to close her eyes. She asked the reason? I answered I have some thing 4 her. Then she closed her eye because we were friendly to each other. Then I placed my left hand on the headrest of the seat for few mins. I gather some courage and pulled her towards me and placed a kiss on her cheeks. 
She suddenly throws my hands from her. She didn’t able to understand what happened with her everything became quite for 5 minutes.Then I again put my left hand on her face and pulled towards me and this time I kissed on her lips. She didn’t respond the kiss and broke the kiss. Then I again pulled her and kissed her and continued to kiss her for 5-6 times. She started responding my kiss. Then I placed my left hand on her left boob during the lip kiss ohhh my god it was so soft and so juicy that you can’t imagine. 
My penis started growing his length. Then I asked her to remove her t-shirt but she denied after pumping for few min I stopped the car in the dark place and switch off the lights except parking light .Then I tried to remove her t-shirt but she denied and told me everything will be visible from outside.I told her nothing will be visible as my window glasses are silver after listening this she lifted her t shirt and opened her left boob. She was wearing a pink color bra. 
I pumped her left boob so hard that she started shouting with pain. Her face became red. Then sucking her left boob for 5 minutes I removed her t shirt completely. She was in bra only. I unhooked her bra. She didn’t regist that and hugged me then I kissed her on lips and started to pump her boobs with two hands. Her nipples became harder. Now she was moaning with aahhh uughhhs. I thought it’s the right time to make her more excited. 
Then I broke the kiss and started to suck her left nipple. In the mean while I was rubbing her right nipple. Then after few mins I started to rub her thighs. She opened her legs. I pulled her hand and place it on my penis. Then I removed my pant and boxers and wore shorts. Now it was easier for her suck my penis. Then I removed her pant. Now she was only in panty. I started to rub her pussy from her panty. She got mad and moaned loudly. The words aahhh and I was sounding like hale. 
Then I told her to go to back seat and she did that. Then I drove the car for few more mins because it’s not safe to put the car for a long time in a single place by the time of driving I was rubbing her pussy from her panty her panty was little wet due to her cum. Then I stop the car and went to the back seat and told her to put my penis in her mouth but she denied. I agreed because I didn’t have time for argument. Then I pulled her panty and started to pump her boobs in two hands.
Then I put my left hand’s middle finger in her pussy a sound came from her mouth sssshhhhhsss after few minutes I rub my penis on the lips of her pussy. Due to her pre cum my penis slipped inside her pussy. She shouted loudly. Then I removed my penis from her pussy hole. Due to my height I was not feeling comfortable. So I changed the position. I sat on the back seat and made her sit on my laps facing towards me. 
Then I inserted my penis in her pussy due to her weight and pre cum my penis went smoothly in her pussy. She shouted in pain and hugged me tightly. Then I hold her hip and jerk it. Initially she was in pain but after few minutes she started enjoying with some noise inside the car with aaahh uuuuffff. Then she started moving her hips up and down faster then initial stage after 15 minutes we reached seventh heaven.
I mean I covered her pussy with my cum. Then I wore my shorts and drove the car. She slept after few minutes in the back seat of the car. We reached her hostel at 11.30.due to late night hostel gate was closed. We decided to stay in my friends’ house as my friend was out of town. I fucked her 4 times that night in my friend’s house. I will tell you what happened that night in another post.