Sudha’s Experience In A Bus

Hi guys I am Sudha again.  Hope u people have enjoyed my earlier stories and I would like to continue narrating my stories.  Once I had to go to Bangalore from Chennai.  I have booked ticket well in advance and when the day come I have gone to bus station.  I entered the bus and sat in my seat. To my surprise no lady is there in the bus except me.  When the bus about to move some guy has entered the bus and sat beside me.  Initially I felt little bit tension because I am only lady in the bus that too sitting next to a stranger.  When the bus started moving I wrapped bedsheet around me and went to sleep immediately as the bus will take hardly 6 hours to reach Bangalore.  After some time I felt some uneasy feeling.  I realised it was someone’s hand touching my left boob.  I understood that the person who is sitting in the next seat is touching my boobs.  then I have opened my eyes and saw his face.  He was acting like sleeping. 
Then I drank some water and again closed my eyes.  After 5 minutes again he has kept his hand on my boobs by thinking I am sleeping.  Still I have closed my eyes and acting like I am sleeping.  By seeing no response from me he again became bold and slowly fondling my boobs.  within no time my nipples have erected and started enjoying his acts.  He was circling around my nipples and firmly pressing boobs.  my god I was out of control and turned towards him but still acting like I am sleeping.   as I have wrapped bedsheet around me no body can see what is going on inside the bedsheet.  He got some courage and started opening my blouse buttons.  
Slowly he has removed all the buttons.  now he has put his hands behind me and removed bra hook .  slowly he has lifted my bra and started fondling my boobs very hard.  Still I am enjoying by closing eyes.  Suddenly he has put his mouth on my erected nipples and started sucking.  I was in seventh heaven and I am not able to tolerate for any movement .  maximum I tried to control my moans but I could not control it.  by hearing my moans he got some more encouragement and became very bold.  By tht time I was fully aroused.  Slowly I have put my hand on his tool.  It was very huge.  
Slowly I have removed his zip and taken out his tool.  As he too has wrapped bedsheet around him, no body could observe what is happening inside the bedsheet.  I have taken his tool in my hands and started doing to and fro movements.  Slowly he has lifted my saree and kept his hand between my legs.  Slowly he has inserted his middle finger into my pussy and started moving.   Both have done same thing for 10 minutes and  cummed at same time.  We have adjusted our clothes and started chitchatting.  He told me that he is coming to Bangalore for some project work.  Within half an we have become very close.  While talking in between he used to touch me which was again aroused me.  Slowly I too have started touching him.  He understood my feelings and told me that in one hour the bus will reach Bangalore, if I am interested he is ready to book room in a Hotel.  Initially I have refused for the proposal as my husband knows that I have already started from chennai and he will be expecting me to reach by 6 AM at home.  Finally I got convinced by him.  
Then when the bus reached Bangalore he has taken me to a Hotel and taken a double room.  immediately after entering room he went to bath room for fresh-up.  Then I called my husband and told that bus got some repair and it will reach by afternoon.  He enquired whether he need to come by car.  I said not required I will be reaching by afternoon.  I too got fresh-up and had break fast.  After having break fast immediately without wasting any time he has put do not disturb board at door and taken me to bed room.  as he was hungry in eating me from the night he has not wasted any time and removed my night dress.  No I stood before a stranger with a bra and panty.  He too removed all his clothes and made me to lay on the bed.  As I too got aroused fully I asked him to fuck immediately without wasting any time as I have to go home by afternoon.  
Then he has removed my panty and inserted his dick in my pussy and pushed hard.  As I was fully wet It has gone very easily without any restriction.  His dick is very big and thick also.  As he was moving it in and out very fast and was in 7th heaven.  I was moaning very loudly.  I have never enjoyed sex like this before.  As it is AC room and no body can listen my moans I have enjoyed sex thoroughly.   He has fucked me in missionary position for 15 minutes and with a big moan he released his entire load in my pussy.  I hugged him very tightly and kissed very passionately.  We were in that position for half an hour and finally got up.  We have dressed up and ordered some milk.  After having milk again taken me to bed room and this time he has started very slowly.  This time he started licking  my boobs and slowly went down.  By the time he reaches my navel area I again got aroused.   He has put his tongue on my pussy and started licking like a hungry dog.  I like this very much but my husband never did it. actually this is my dream from the day I saw BF when I was in Hostel.  Really I have got heavenly feeling.  Really I could not control my self and pressed his head very hard towards my pussy and started enjoying it.  within no time I have cummed.  He has swallowed all my juices and laid on the bed for taking rest.  Now this is my turn.  
Slowly I have moved towards his tool and taken in my mouth.  Really I have never tasted anybody’s tool.  I have done it for 15 minutes and stopped it for his turn.  Now he made to  bend and inserted his dick from my behind and started fucking in doggy style.  He has fucked me in all angles at least for one hour and finally released entire load in my pussy.  As I have strained fully I have slept for some time.  By the time I woke up he arranged lunch and invited me.  After having lunch I have taken phone to call my husband.  To my surprise there were five missed calls in my phone.  Then I called my husband and told him that in two hours I will be there.   Before leaving hotel again he fucked me one more time and called a cab.  Finally we have exchanged our phone numbers and still kept in touch with each other.  We have met many times when my huband was out of station.  I will narrate my another story in next episode.