The IT Girl – For Promotions – Part I

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Friday evening and it was almost seven thirty, normally by this time on Fridays Taniya would have been off for good. But all due to some last minute changes she was still at office working her ass off. And finally when the clock struck eight, she decided to call it a day. She shut down her computer, arranged her bag and headed for the toilet before leaving the office. Most of the bays were empty, Friday syndrome, and she started sulking herself for still being at office. Hurriedly she picked her bag and headed for the elevators.
She hurried to the elevator floors and the last thing she wanted was to wait, but the one thing she never could have imagined was waiting with her manager. When she reached the elevators lobby, her manager Mr. Roy was the only person standing, and before she could have thought of anything he smiled at her. She had to smile back and wait along with him. They never had any casual interactions before, but that day on their way down he seemed quite casual and free when it came to chatting. Both talked about the weekend plans, weather etc.
And when they reached the ground floor he asked her whether he can drop her home. She was aware that he lives at the same direction but was not sure where, but the offer seemed quite irresistible given the time of the evening and the possible traffic situation. And both boarded his car from the basement parking and were on their way. Initially they talked about their normal lives, what they do apart from work, each other’s likings etc. But suddenly he told her that her supervisor has recommended her name for the promotions that year.
A topic which would have interested any one even at the worst of the times, but still she tried to look uninterested wanting him to direct the course of the discussion. He looked at her once to gauge her reactions and then continued. He said that there are only two scopes of possible promotions and already more than five recommendations have been made to him. Taniya’s heart started having a sinking feeling as it seemed to turn out like a “sorry we can’t promote you” type of a discussion. And to make her fears worse he added that others quite deserve the promotion too and some of them are in the queue for even longer.
He glanced at her once again to gauge any reaction and this time her face must have betrayed her true feelings to him, and she saw a faint smile at his face while he continued. “But I can’t judge you until I know how you perform” he added. A flicker of hope suddenly appeared from nowhere. “But I don’t have the time as the list is required to be finalized quickly” he added further. And before she could suspect where this discussion was going, he himself added “But obviously we can meet tomorrow at my flat and have your appraisal discussion in private” and he looked at her with a large grin.
For a moment she stared at him blankly, she was not of those kinds who would value ethics and values more than tangible success but still the blunt approach almost amazed her. Moments later she recovered back to her senses and nodded her head slowly in agreement. A broad smile spread on his face as he excitingly explained to her how to reach his flat, and by the time they reach her home, he bid her farewell and once again reminded the way to his flat.
Back at home Taniya reflected back at her decision. She had been pretty bold in her entire life and thought no harm in a small compromise for such a big gain. A promotion can really place her well in the long run of her career. And so she went to sleep in good spirits thinking of promotions and hikes and all the wonderful and rosy future plans after that.
The next day she took good care of herself and her body so that she can present herself at top form. The toughest decision she had to make was choosing the outfits. She wanted the clothes to be sexy, revealing, yet comfortable and teasing enough. Exploring through her wardrobe for a number of times and for some long hours she finally decided to go with a V-necked body hugging top, the tight top would complement the shape of her body perfectly, and the V neck would give a clear and deep view of her cleavage. Being sleeveless it makes her shaven armpits look even sexier.
To go with it she selected a pair of tight denim low waists, which not only complements the shape of her beautifully toned legs but being low at waists exposes a portion of her belly too. Underneath she chose an uplifting bra which made her breasts look so full and juicy and making the view through the V-neck even more sumptuous. With it she paired a g-string thong, something which she picked during one of her short foreign trips. It just had a string running down her ass crack, exposing the cheeks, and then expanding at the front to barely cover her neatly shaven vaginal mound. The strings tugged at the sides which she fastened lightly for easy removal.
Once fully done Taniya looked like a killer, paired with a nice pair of sandals, and some light make up she decided to start for Mr. Roy’s flat. Whistlers and teasers followed her along until she took a taxi and quickly made an exit towards the explained route. And within moments they reached the posh society. The guard checked the visitor’s log book and found her name as an expected visitor and let her in. The guard also called Mr. Roy at the intercom to announce her arrival. Taniya found him waiting in front of the elevator on his floor, he smiled but it quickly got replaced by an expression of amazement when he scanned her from top to bottom.
Never before she dressed like that in front of any of her colleagues, “My God you are looking so stunning.” he said. Taniya smiled and thanked as they approached his flat and got in. A posh looking upper class residence, he asked her to sit and enquired whether she mind a glass of wine. Upon her confirmation he went inside and fetched a bottle of white wine and 2 glasses and while he poured at the 2, she asked “So what do you think about my chances for the promotion?”
He completed pouring the wine and extended one to her, “Well you certainly have moved up a few places” he added sipping at the glass. Taniya too took a few sips too before adding “I am sure I will end up getting it by the end” and winked at him playfully. It gave him a slight hard on as he completed the glass at one go “I must say you are one confident lady, and beautiful too” he smiled back pouring another glass. And before he could finish pouring Taniya extended her now empty glass for another round.
“I wonder why I haven’t met you before” he remarked pouring her another glass. “Well I sure must have been recommended earlier I guess” she said and smiled in reply. He nodded and extended the glass “well now that you have been recommended, you haven’t secured it yet” he said a bit seriously, enjoying his sips while his eyes strayed at the V. Taniya smiled and added “We surely have a long way to go still”, he smiled and leaned back at the couch. They finished 2 more glasses while at casual discussions and while at the third she felt to use the toilet.
“Well yes, you might want to get fresh also” he remarked while pointing towards the toilet. Taniya smiled and headed towards the toilet. Inside she quickly took a splash of water, actually because of the 3 glasses she was feeling her head growing a bit dizzy, and didn’t wanted to lose her wits at that moment. At this rate she might soon get drunk and out of her wits, so she needed to shift the focus back at business. Drying her up she spotted a bath robe hanging from the hook and a bold idea struck her.
She took off her top, jeans and bra, and then put on the bath robe. She left the panties on intentionally for the kind of effect it normally has on men. She checked herself at the mirror before leaving, the robe was secured at the middle such that the clothes parted towards the top revealing her cleavage quite deeply, also her nipples were so prominently visible over the silken clothe. Towards the bottom it created a mystique feeling as her bare legs were often exposed while she walked.
And as she walked out of the toilet she found him staring at her. He again had that stunned look that he had when he saw her coming out of the elevator first. “Sorry I used the robe, hope you don’t mind” she said to bring him back to his senses. “Oh no problem, you are anyway looking so sexy” he remarked. Taniya looked questioningly this time “and that’s why the wine’s getting more attention than me?” and asked playfully. He was completely taken aback and was almost at loss of words. But he quickly recovered “Well then why don’t you sit beside me?” he said.
Taniya looked at him and then walked up and sat next to him, he quickly leaned forward and sniffed at her neck, “mmm you smell so good”. She looked back at his eyes intently and said “I taste even better”, her heart started racing faster expecting some action finally. He held her cheek lightly “is it? Let me find that out for myself then” and both of them leaned forward. Their breaths collided in a flurry and within moments the lips met each other. He didn’t wasted much time and started sucking her lips, and the hand which held her cheeks slowly explored down, making way through the robe and stopped on her breasts.
Gently he started pressing her breasts, her nipples were getting erect and upright, he would touch the nipple making it tighter and even more upright and occasionally he would pinch on the nipple to make her gasp. And whenever she gasped he would bite on her lips making her shiver even more. Soon he started toying with his tongue by pushing it in her mouth while he continued feeling her soft breasts. His cold hands made a sensational feeling on her breasts and a chill of desire ran across her body, it aroused her even more and not only she welcomed his tongue in her mouth but also started sucking it whenever she could.
At least for fifteen minutes they sat sucking each other’s lips while he played with her breasts all along making her nipples hard like a rock. Finally he stood up and pulled her up too, pulling her closer and started kissing at her neck, shoulders, ears, pulling her even closer and squeezing her breasts between them. Taniya wrapped her arms around him in tight embrace as she was thoroughly enjoying the squeeze of her breasts between each other.
She felt his hands lifting the robe from behind and grabbing her ass, he was delighted to find her ass bare and started squeezing the cheeks. Quickly he slid a finger to feel the ass crack and gently removing the string of her panties aside he started rubbing the crack with his fingers. Taniya closed her eyes in excitement and squeezed between even further. He would rub down the entire crack and rest on the ass hole rubbing the sides with his finger. Her ass hole would detract in excitement as his fingers caressed it and teasing as if trying to enter. Again he would go back up and back down rubbing on the crack while kissing and occasionally biting at her neck.
Her cunt was started to get wet by then and some of the pre cum would drip down towards her ass, which he rubbed on his fingers and rubbed across her ass crack too. She had her eyes closed and was enjoying the wonderful feeling she was being subjected to. Even he was excited to feel her juices started flowing already. He turned her around and grabbed her from behind and started kissing her neck and ears and shoulder again. He wrapped his hands around her and fondled her body for sometime before getting hold of the string of the robe.
Gently he pulled at the string and let it unfurl and then slowly pulled the robe off her body leaving her naked except the thongs which barely covered her cunt. Once again he hugged her from behind, cupping her breasts and started pressing them with both hands. Taniya threw her head behind, leaning against his body as his hands kept pressing her breasts and arousing her to unimaginable heights. Even she started moaning lightly and then embarrassed she turned back and leaned against his body hiding her face.
He held her lovingly and then kissed on her lips, this time she started sucking his lips. Once again he pulled her closer but this time his hands ventured to her hips, undoing the strings of her panties. Taniya spread her legs a little to let the panties fall off from her body and then pushed him slightly to free herself from his arms and then went down on her knees, rubbing his body with her hands. She stopped at his cock, which had already been huge and throbbing inside. Taniya rubbed it over his shorts to tease him a bit before pulling his shorts down.
His eight inches cock flung out, it was already oozing some of the pre cum and throbbing. She looked up at him and smiled before she took his cock in her hands and started stroking it. He went a bit behind and sat on the couch, she followed him on her knees before stopping and assuming a comfortable position to grab his cock in her mouth. And she stroked it a bit more with her palm before wrapping it with her tongue and started sucking it.
He started moaning at this point and stuck his hands out to play with her breasts again. Taniya could feel his cock jumping in excitement while she kept rubbing it with her tongue. A salty slimy mixture of his pre cum was getting ejected continuously which made her all the more excited and mad. She grabbed his balls with her hand and played with them while his cock was at the mercy of her tongue. She could feel him growing so restless, he grabbed her head and started stroking his cock in her face at various pace. She could feel his restlessness by the vigour with which he grabbed her head or banged his cock in her mouth.
But before he could climax he forced his cock out of her mouth and pulled up from the couch. Then he picked her up and made her lie on the couch. Then he spread her legs to expose her bare cunt, pulled one of her legs on the top of the couch rest while the other leg was pushed aside to allow a good, vulnerable view of her cunt. Spreading her legs he sat between them and started pressing her breasts and playing with her nipples. Taniya threw her head back and closed her eyes enjoying all along.
He traced his finger along her body to her pussy to rub the outer labia. Her pussy was so exposed that the clitoral hood hung freely in view and the outer labia was completely opened up with a clear view of the inner labia. He rubbed the clitoral hood making her jump and giving her goose bumps. And before he could settle back, he bent forward and started teasing her clit with his tongue.
Taniya started moaning while she grabbed his hairs and started playing with them. He kept teasing her clits by rubbing his tongue against the hanging hood and making it swing with the effect. And as her clit swung against each rub it send a goose bump across her body. She started shifting her ass not able to hold on to a definite position, but he kept her secured in the same position so that he can continue playing with her cunt and making her restless. Occasionally he would make his tongue venture in the inner labia, rubbing its walls and making her grab her own breasts tightly but not wanting the torment to get over.
He started pushing his tongue deep inside her cunt and then withdrew back, that made her so restless and made her thrust her pussy more towards his tongue and he started enjoying that. More she pushed towards him the more he would tease her. Taniya was nearing an orgasm and realised that she cannot hold it any further inside. By then he had switched from his tongue to fingers and now 2 of his fingers were entering and exiting her pussy very rapidly.
Taniya was moaning quite loudly while she could feel an enormous amount of load building up to get released. Her hands were in tight fist while she was teething one of it trying not to squirt her load all around while he kept rubbing her g-spot with his 2 fingers making her squeal like a goat. Suddenly all the barriers seemed to have exploded while juices from her cunt started running out madly while she experienced her first orgasm of the day.

He withdrew his fingers and stared at her cunt which was now dripping wet and juice kept running down without any end. It made her feel so much embarrassed that she closed her eyes again. She felt his lips nearing once again and taking her lips he started kissing her deeply. Once again he pushed his tongue inside making her taste some of her own juices. Her cunt was now in a complete mess, but he positioned himself well to prepare entering it.
Taniya wrapped her hands around him as she felt his cock poking at her cunt and rubbing at the sides. He rubbed her pussy for some time with his rod making her aroused once again, and when he sensed her restlessness again, he pushed his cock slightly and the rest was done by her already slippery pussy. Her cunt sucked his cock inside and it rammed past the entire length. A little chill ran down her spine but vanished when he withdrew his cock back.
But he rammed it back soon and kept ramming it at a constant pace. Taniya wrapped her legs around his waist and thrusting herself against him letting him ram his cock even vigorously. He bent forward to kiss her and suck her lips and pushed his tongue in, tasting her once again while his cock kept churning her cunt from inside. Once again she was nearing a climax and so was he as she realized from the intensity with which he was banging her now.
Suddenly he became very firm and grabbed her wrists tightly. His moans were turned into grunts as he rammed his cock real hard now. And within moments he released his load and the intensity decreased rapidly. As soon as she realized he had ejaculated even she let out another round of orgasm and grabbed his pale body in her arms as he collapsed on top of her.
“That was awesome” Taniya remarked and he looked at her and kissed on her lips again, gently this time and said “that was divine”. “So did I get promoted?” she asked playfully. He smiled while touching her pussy all over again, “with that kind of a performance I am sure you are going to be due for the next pretty soon”. Taniya smiled and then got up to get washed and leave.
They headed to the bathroom together and washed each other. They kissed each other again and then rubbed each other with soaps. He took extra care while rinsing her breasts and pussy, while she took good care of his cock. After an hour of bathing together she dried herself, got dressed and finally left quite late at the night. While on her way back home she was confident that he did enough to secure the promotion.
End of Part 1.