The vision of Pam, sweaty and breathing heavy, with her fair skin and auburn hair

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The bell rings loudly, signaling the end of another long, tense day at school. Not necessarily for the students, but for one particular teacher. Pam has always been as straight-laced as they come at school. Arriving early every day to make sure everything is in order. Dressing in conservative tweed skirts and cardigan sweaters. Always wearing her long hair tied up in a bun, so tight that sometimes it appeared to cause her eyes to squint. Nothing ever fazed her and she was always prepared for whatever came her way. That all changed about six weeks ago when Thomas arrived.
Thomas had recently completed his graduate degree in education and was still full of energy and spunk. He was brought in to the school in attempt to better connect with the students. Pam’s school was on the south side of the city, next to the industrial districts, and the majority of her student was black. ; As were most of Pam’s fellow teachers. Hopefully Thomas could help the teachers reach the students better. Even though Pam was almost twenty years his senior, they seemed to hit it off right away. Sharing a table at lunch in the teacher’s lounge. Discussing their thoughts on different common students. Pam could see his potential as a teacher. It wasn’t until a few weeks after they first met that she really saw his other capabilities.
It was fairly common for fights to erupt in the hallways at Pam’s school. Usually they were mostly verbal skirmishes and they were easily dismissed by a few detention threats by one of the teachers. The other day, however, the threatening words turned to blows in the hallway outside the gymnasium. Pam usually tried to stay out of the fist fights for fear of getting hurt herself. This time, she made an exception though. One of her better students, Sam, was involved in the fight and wasn’t doing too well against one the well know class thugs. Pam stepped in separate the two boys, but it was bit too late. Sam’s nose was bleeding badly and needed immediate attention.
Pam quickly grabbed Sam and pulled him away from the scuffle. Squeezing his nose closed to keep the blood from running freely. With blood still leaking out and Pam wearing her usual cream colored cardigan sweater, she knew that she needed to get Sam a wet cloth quickly to help stop the bleeding and save her prim & proper attire. Without even thinking, she pulled Sam into the adjacent locker room and headed right to the sinks. As a veteran teacher, she had been in the boy’s locker numerous times, but usually she announced her entrance loudly and often employed the help of a male escort. This time was a medical issue which captured her attention. That is until she turned her focus away from Sam briefly and towards the nearby showers.
She felt her grip on Sam’s nose loosen and a sudden warm sensation flow through her body. Stepping out of the shower was Thomas. Gracefully and dripping wet. Fresh off a workout that showed on all of his muscles. Time seemed to stop briefly as she stared at the physical specimen before her eyes. Every inch of his toned, dark body was exposed for her view. She knew she shouldn’t look, but she couldn’t help. Broad shoulders giving way to long, lean, muscular arms. She had noticed his large hands before, but never next to his toned thighs. As he reached for the towel in his locker, his sinewy muscles seemed to flex with each movement. His perfectly round ass hardened as he lifted his legs, one by one, to dry them off. Even his calves were toned. His dampened skin glistened in the bright lights in the locker room. As he raised his left leg, she could help but catch a glimpse of his sack hanging from his crotch. It hung low and stretched under the weight of his balls. Next he raised the towel to his shoulders and head. Then he slowly turned and moved the towel to his back, fully exposing the front of his body to Pam. Her eyes fluttered as she struggled to focus on each part of his sculptured physique. The smooth head. The pronounced cheek and jaw bones. His framed pectorals flowing into rippling abs. That tight belly button seemingly held in place by his obliques. Next she felt her breath leave her body and she grew a bit weak. Below those toned abs laid a small, unassuming patch of curly pubic hair. From that dark grove hung the biggest cock Pam had ever laid her eyes on. It literally swung to and fro like a jungle vine as Thomas gently moved the towel to dry his back. It seemed to almost reach his knees. The head was slightly lighter than the dark skin of the endless shaft and she could distinctly see the veins running along its sides. From that distance it appeared to be thicker than her garden hose. She could only imagine how big and thick it actually was close up. She now got a full view of his sack as well. Behind that hose hung two balls the size of plums, wrapped in wrinkled skin that seemed stretched nearly to a point of rupture. She could almost feel the weight of those balls in her palm. Perhaps even on her face. Just as Pam narrowed her focus further on each of Thomas’ movements, he looked up and caught her stare.
Pam gasped. She knew that she had been caught red handed and was mortified. She turned her gaze downward briefly to break the eye contact. She couldn’t stand to not look back at Thomas though, so she turned her gaze back to him once again. Thomas, who had wrapped the towel around his waist, acknowledged Pam’s gaze and smiled coyly in her direction. She nervously turned her attention back to Sam and his bloody nose. After a few minutes longer, the bleeding had finally stopped and she took Sam out of the locker room.
She carefully guided the boy to nurse’s office, thinking not about the poor boy’s nose, but about Thomas’ cock the entire time. The way is swung from side to side. The girth of that organ even in its flaccid state. The soft, creamy color of that cock head next to the dark, chocolate hue of his shaft. Suddenly, like the rush of an ocean wave, a sense of obsession flowed through her skin. The hair on the back of her neck stood up. She noticed that her head was feeling hot and she reached up to undo the bun in her hair. For the first time in twenty years, her long, auburn hair was able to flow free as she walked the halls of her school. It felt exhilarating. The stoic facade that she had maintained for so many years began to crumble. All because of a brief glimpse at a dark Adonis in all of his beauty. With that glimpse burned in her memory forever, it all seemed worth it at that moment.
Once Sam was safely in the hands of the school nurse, Pam headed back to her classroom to gather up her belongings and head home. As she walked down the long, wide hallways from her classroom, her mind drifted back to the scene in the locker room and to the vision of Thomas’ bare, toned physique. As she turned the corner to head to the main entry, Thomas emerged from the locker room, this time fully dressed. Pam stumbled as he came into view. There was no way to avoid him at this point, so she addressed him head on.
“Thomas”, she said, “I have to apologize for the scene in the locker room before. I really needed to attend to Sam and the men’s locker room just happened to be the closest option at that time. I had no idea that you would be in there.”
“There’s really nothing to apologize for”, Thomas replied. “I hope I didn’t embarrass you. I don’t usually take so long to dry off and get dressed, but when I saw that you were enjoying the show, I couldn’t help myself.”
Pam’s face grew bright red. She now knew for sure that he was fully aware of her ogling stare.
“I’m really sorry” she said again.
“Don’t worry about it, Pam. Let’s just pretend that it never happened.”
Pam knew that there was no way she would ever forget that image. But she had to keep up the act for the sake of her job and their professional relationship. Pam was just about to agree and excuse herself when Thomas spoke again.
“Since my girlfriend and I are new to the area, we have talked about inviting over some friends for dinner at our house this Saturday to get to know people a little better. If you and your husband are free, we would really like if you could join us.”
Even though she felt very awkward at the moment, she also felt obliged to accept the offer. After all, she had essentially just violated Thomas’ privacy and had created an uncomfortable situation with a coworker that she genuinely respected.
“We’d love to, Thomas. We’ll come over around 6:00 and we’ll bring some wine from my husband’s wine cellar.”
As Pam drove home that evening she contemplated about whether to tell her husband what had happened at school that day. There was really no way around it though. She didn’t want her husband to find out from Thomas at dinner on Saturday, so she would have to tell him. At least the basics of the story. When they sat down for after dinner, Pam began to tell her husband, John, the events that occurred that day. She left out the details of Thomas’ amazing physique, even though she could clearly see every curve, vein, and ripple in her memory. Her palms began to sweat a bit as she relived that scene in the locker room once again. Her husband’s response was not what she expected. John began asking Pam questions about Thomas and what she really saw in the locker room. He asked her to describe Thomas’ body. Then he really surprised her and asked her if she was turned on sexually by Thomas. Pam wasn’t sure how to respond, but she wanted to be honest with John, so she described Thomas’ body carefully for John. Very carefully. In a style similar to that in a medical school anatomy class. Very straight and dry. She also told him that of course she was turned on by a body like that. No different from looking at a hot model in a fashion magazine. Then she returned the inquiry and asked John why he was so interested in the details of her experience today. It seemed a bit odd to her. John paused as he seemed to be carefully thinking of how to phrase his response. He told Pam that one of his secret fantasies was to watch her as she was fully pleasured by another man. Specifically, a black man.
He couldn’t explain why, but the vision of Pam, sweaty and breathing heavy, with her fair skin and auburn hair, being taken and used by a muscular, black stud excited him greatly. An opportunity like this had never really presented itself to John (or Pam) before, so John was extra interested in Thomas and the possibilities. Pam didn’t know what to say at first. Then she coyly told John that if watching her have sex with a black man would turn him on, she would happily indulge his desires. When she really thought about it, Pam had always been curious what it would feel like to be stuffed by an enormous, black cock with the staying power to last for hours. She had never had the opportunity before. Now John was giving her the chance and she wasn’t going to pass it up. The real question now was what would be the next step in this little opportunity. And with whom.
As the rest of the week passed in blur for Pam. She couldn’t get the image of Thomas’ body out of her head and she was both confused and excited by the proposition that John had presented. Naturally, she put the two thoughts together in her imagination and began fantasizing about Thomas. Sitting at her desk, all buttoned up and proper, she was secretly running her hands up and down his toned abs and chest. Reaching around to grab his muscular ass. Then firmly caressing those enormous balls in her hands. Trying unsuccessfully to get her pale hands around his dark, monstrous cock. Stroking that muscle as it slowly grew firmer in her grip. Then opening her pussy lips wide to let him fill up her entire mid-section. She thought she could even feel her muscles tense up as her fantasies got move vivid. She noticed the sweat begin to lightly build up on her lower back and the juices between her legs begin to flow. She had to stop this or she would never be able to concentrate at school and certainly never be able look at Thomas again in the same way. She just couldn’t help herself. He was all she could think about for the next three days.
Saturday finally came, and it was a beautiful fall day, sunny and unseasonably warm. The morning went by very quickly for Pam as her focus was squarely on the upcoming event that evening. As mid-afternoon came on, John asked Pam if she would like to join him for drinks on the back deck in the sunshine. She thought that it might help her relax a bit so she agreed, even though she rarely drank during the daytime. Lounging in a sling-back chair with her feet kicked up and a margarita in her hand definitely helped ease Pam’s tensions. The warmth from the sun, along with the tequila, made her feel cozy and loose.
With her eyes closed behind her sunglasses, she started to drift into daydreams. Of course, these involved Thomas once again. The image of him slowly toweling off his toned body crept into her consciousness. His muscles flexing and relaxing as he bent and twisted to dry off his beautiful mocha colored skin. Watching his dangling manhood swing to and fro, hiding behind the towel, and then bursting out as if to say “touch me; try me”. She could still see the details of each vein along the length of his cock; even in her daydream. Again Pam could feel the juices start to flow and her lips slightly swell. She took a sip of the icy drink which seemed to shake her awake and she looked over at John and smiled.
“So what are you going to wear tonight for the dinner party at Thomas’ house?” asked John.
“I’m not sure”, replied Pam. “I thought I might wear that long gray skirt and one of my black sweaters.”
“I think maybe you should dress a little more sexy tonight”, said John. “Maybe even break out one of your old ‘school-girl’ outfits that you used to wear when would go clubbing. Remember those? Do you still have those? Oh, I just loved that outfit. Got me fired-up every time you wore it.”
“I’m sure I have those somewhere back in my closet” said Pam, “but I don’t know if that would be appropriate. There will be other teachers from school there too, you know.”
“So what”, said John, “let them see the other side of Pam. That kinky little vixen that likes to come out and play every now and then. You don’t have to be that buttoned-up literature teacher when you’re not at school. Besides, I love how long those stockings make your legs look and I like to peak at your tits between the buttons on the blouse. Turns me on every time. Especially when you bend over and that short skirt rides up just high enough to show off those panties.”
Pam did enjoy how sexy that tight and tiny little outfit made her feel. It had been a long time since she tarted it up a bit. Who really cared if some of those stuffy old teachers thought less of her anyway? Most of them would be retiring in the very near future.
“Alright, John. I’ll find something a little more ‘ambitious’ in my closet and surprise you tonight. You go grab some wine for us to bring over to the party. I’m going upstairs to shower and get ready.” Pam’s juices began to flow as she envisioned some of her sexier outfits – high heels, fishnet stockings, miniskirts, tight blouses, open cleavage, deep red lipstick. Her mind raced as she strode up the stairs. In her heightened, flush state, even the plush feel of the carpet on her bare feet turned her on. She was hot and feeling very physical now, and she intended to let a little of that sexuality show that night.
Pam took a little extra time in the shower that night, thoroughly enjoying the steaming hot water beating on her flesh. Slowly scrubbing every curve, taking a little extra time to make sure every crevice of her swollen cunt was clean and well attended to. Her nipples were perked up and very sensitive. She made sure they received lots of attention from the slippery shower sponge. It all felt great and warm.
After getting all of her juices primed in the shower, Pam decided to step out and finish getting ready. John had left a glass of white wine by her make-up mirror, just to help loosen her up and shake off the nerves she had about the other teachers at the party. Pam would not be wearing her hair up tonight. She set it up for those deep, sweeping curls that she could playfully twist and coyly hide behind. When she was sufficiently primped and checked herself in the mirror for the third time, she headed downstairs. Not before she took one last look at her ass in the mirror, just to make sure. She still had the same perfectly rounded cheeks she did when she was twenty and the long, toned thighs the results of countless hours on the treadmill. She looked good. And enticing. She turned and headed downstairs.
John felt the blood swirl through his body and flood to his cock as he eyed Pam strutting down the stairs. Black patent high heels, short white socks with frills around the top, long, toned legs bars as a baby’s ass, disappearing into a short black red plaid skirt. A fitted white blouse that tightly tapered around Pam’s supple breasts. Having left the top few buttons open, John caught a glimpse of the cleavage between those tits he had come to love. He even caught a peak of her white undies beneath that short skirt as she took the stairs seductively. His cock was growing and beginning to push the seams of his boxer briefs. He stood there silently, adjusting the bulge in his pants as she downed the last of her wine and set the glass on the table next to the front door.
“Grab the wine, John” she said. “I’m ready to go”.
She sure was.
John was secretly surprised that Pam had taken his advice and pulled his favorite outfit out of her closet. Surprised, but happy. He happily walked all the way to Thomas’ house with a boner the size of a Louisville slugger.
They arrived at Thomas’ house and Pam eagerly strode up the stairs and rang the bell. Suddenly, flashes of her experience with Thomas in the shower earlier that week. As she heard steps coming closer to the door all she could envision was his toned, dark farm slowly coming across the floor, bare for all to see. His muscular thighs flexing with every step. His powerful arms and chest pumping full with every movement. And of course, that monster cock and huge those huge balls swinging back and forth, banging off those buff thighs, begging to be held and protected from the beating. As the door opened and bright light engulfed the stairs, Pam flashed back to reality and Thomas’ body faded back into her memory for later reference.
There in the doorway stood a beautiful, black woman with close cropped hair in a flowing cream colored dress. With the bright light from the house shining through the shear material of the dress, every curve of her tall, slender framed was exposed in silhouette. The dress tapered to a more fitted shape around the ample breasts of the enchanting figure in the doorway and stopped high enough to expose lean, toned legs and large, bare feet.
“Welcome,” she said. “You must be Pam & John. Come in, come in. I’m Nira, Thomas’ girlfriend. I’ve heard much about you, Pam, and have been dying to meet you. Come into the living room here and have a seat. Thomas is still getting ready, but he should be down in a few minutes.”
As we walked through the hallway towards the living room, they noticed the erotic black & white photos framed on many of the walls. Exquisitely toned figures, mostly black, in soft light and compromising positions covered the walls. John had to stop and admire the physiques on the models and their poise in such precarious positions.
“These are amazing photos”, noted John. “And the models are beautiful.”
“Why thank you”, said Nira. “Most of those are from a few years ago when I was in better shape. Of course, Thomas hasn’t changed a bit from when those photos were taken. It’s really unfair.”
John took a closer look at the faces of the models in the photos and recognized Nira through the shadows and dim light. He was even more attracted to her physically now that he could see every inch of her body. Every inch. The soft curves of her bare breasts and hips. Those large, dark areola and a high, round ass that reluctantly gave way to those long, lean legs. He also stopped to focus on the male model in many of the photos. If that was Thomas, clearly he could see why Pam was flustered earlier when recounting her story of seeing him in the shower. He truly had the body of an Adonis. A cock long enough to hang near his kneecap and not an ounce of fat concealing anything John had also never seen a ball sack that big and low-hanging in his life. Truly amazing.

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