Unexpected Fun with Mom And Daughter – Part I

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Hello this is Rohit from Bangalore I am an architect by profession and 42 years old weatesh on the darker side and handsome with looks of 32 married with two children me and my wife have a healthy sex life which we enjoy on week ends let me come to the unexpected episode of my life it was the summer of may 2011 my wife and children had gone to there parents place in Chennai leaving me alone for 15 days 
After work  as there was no other I would go to the malls and pass time in the flood courts and theatres I would just eye the girls and ladies ho come to the mall just for time pass enjoying there beauties first day passed of peacefully and I did not go for the movie and came back home early and slept the second day was the best day I went to forum mall in Koramangala and was was in landmark shopping for cds and books 
I saw a mom and daughter both identical as twin sister they were so beautifull that I forgot my shopping and just staring at them mom was fair about 5 feet 3 inches fair slim must be around 55 kgs was wearing a white jeans and a purple and green kurthi to compliment her beauty and the daughter was wearing a chudidhar which was a very tight fit one showing her curves and structure and she was a beauty like her mom
I was just dreaming about them and even thought if I can talk to them and spend time with them it would be nice and my evening would be great and after finishing the shopping I missed them again in the bill counter and I went to transit to have my dinner i ordered for a veg sub and a salad in subway and picked up my food and was searching for a place and I was surprised to see the mom and daughter sitting in one corner of the food court luck was on my side 
I think  there was a table for two in front of them that is a different table facing them I occupied that table and started having by enjoying there beauty I was just seeing them when the mom saw me and our eyes met and I smiled at her. I don’t know why she also smiled  and after that was just seeing and smiling I was staring at her boobs lips eyes everywere once when I was staring at her boobs she saw me seeing and just lifted her eyebrow like asking what I said nothing and put my head down and after that
I finished my dinner and came out and both of us came near the esculater and I was following them and  was thinking of how to talk to them when I rushed to the esculater both of us came to gather and it was difficult for us to enter and by mistake banged into her and said sorry and again she smiled oh the million doller smile  and just started to talk to her like I simply to start I said I think I have seen you somewere and asked if they steyed in j p nagar to my luck there answer was yes then  
I said even me I also stay in j p nagar in brigade millinium apartments and she was staying in a individual house hardly about 500 meters  from my place and we had come out discussing about these things the time was about 8:30 and they said they  will leave now and I suddenly asked them how they are going  and she told in an auto I told if they don’t mind I can drop them in my car that was the first time I heard 
The voice of her daughter she said its ok uncle we will go in an auto I again insisted them and told that anyhow I am going alone they were a little scared then I told them a prominant persons name who steys near there home and he is my friend they somehow agreed to come with me, we went again to the 2nd floor were my car was parked and got into and being a gentleman I opened the back door for them both of them 
I got in and and occupied the back seat and I started my car and came out I started asking about the neighborhood there neigbors who I know and about her husband  she said her husband is working in a MNC and is in the united kingdom from last six months on a project and expected to come in another 90 days I also told them about my family my wife children so they became confidant about me and I don’t know when we reached our home time flew like that in a second and when getting down 
I asked them if we could share our mobile numbers so that we could keep in touch as good neighbours, we exchanged our numbers and after reaching home I sent a sms saying it waas nice meeting them and a good night and I was tence if they would return wish my sms and after 1 hour I got sms from both mom and daughter wishing me good night sweet dreams in the morning I sent wishing them good morning with a messege got reply from both and again around 12 
I was free in office I just sms a joke to only the mom and started to chat over sms and I asked if I can call her and talk I got a sms saying yup I called her and we were just talking general things about her daughter her education  she said her daughter is in final year engg  and has gonme to collage and will be back by 4 in the evening I asked who else is at home she said she is alone I asked if she has a computer at home  and gave her my id on yahoo [email protected] 
And my gmail id [email protected]  she added me on yahoo and we started chatting online after lunch we had 2 hours before her daughter came I forgot my office work and was chatting with her about everything hobby family timepass movies her fav hero heroine  and slowly topic changed to her personal life I asked her if she is feeling lonely with her hubby working abroad she shot back at me asking how do you feel with out your wife I casually said that she has gone only for 15 days and 
More over I have a good friend to chat with now she asked me who it was and I said its you and the chat ended that day as her daughter came back from collage again in the night I wished both of them good night and they wished me back I asked the mom if I could call and talk she said no as both she and her dotty were sleeping together and moreover she dose not want to talk to a guy late in the night I being a naughty 
Guy sent a sms asking what is wrong if you talk to a friend late night she replied that there is nothing wrong but she is scared to talk to a naughty guy like me who was seeing her in the wrong places in the food court and that was the starting point for the future relationship I again sent back saying that over phone I can’t see na I can only talk and nothing can happe by talking  
She told me hmm talking to a naughty guy is like falling in the fire she told me that my eyes is very naughty and it dose many things I sent her back an sms saying see weare alone and we could atleast talk for 5 min just for time pass and then disconnect now she agreed I called her she had come out of the room and put on the tv before attending my call and started talking to me I started by asking her
Me – what naughty did you see in my eyes
She – laughing your eyes were seeing what just think wasnt it naughty
Me – no no it normally happens it is natural to see the most attractive parts places
She – do you mean it is the most attractive part
Me – it’s not like that from above the table what ever was visible that was attractive by the way ur eyes and lips are also not less attractive you have a very good eyes and a lush kissable lips
She – hmm full stop fullstop that is why I told you talking is dangerous with naughty guys
Me – what is life without a little fun and naughtyness yar
She -give me your wifes number I will talk to her
Me – hey am I your enemy yar
She – hey no just kidding yar
Me – were was your honeymoon
She – we had been to kullu manali
Me – mine was in kodaikanal
She- when is your second honeymoon
Me – hmm now I am alone and cant think about it what about urs
She – now all that interest has died after 22 years of marriage yar
Me – hey I don’t think so you seem to be a very romantic girl
She – I am not a girl a lady for your kind information
Me – but you don’t seem to be one you still look like you’re in early 20s
She- hey no I am 42 and my daughter is 20
Me – you look like twins really and you look hot you know your hubby is a lucky guy
She – life is boring yar
Me – yes when your alone you will feel like that so you have my friendship, what do you feel are you still bored
She – laughing but today only we are talking na let’s see
Me – hey don’t laugh your laugh makes me crazy to
She – crazy to what ok I won’t laugh
Me- hey no your laugh is so cute and sensious that I feel like I will do some thing wrong
She – innocently what wrong can happen over phone I won’t meet you next time na
Me – ummma I kissed her and told that this mistake might happen
She – hey full stop fullstop
Me  – did you take it or not dint you like it I kissed you on ur closed eyes
She – no I didn’t like it I didn’t take it
Me – then return it back to me if you don’t want
She – oh see see your the naughtiest flirt I have seen 
Me – no no I am not flirting I am serious return back my kiss or agreee that you have taken
She – hey go man dont play fool with me laughing
Me – if your not returning back I will have to give you much more of those sweet kisses
She – give give u can give it your phone only na not me
Me – hey i feel like seeing you and talking to you come online na
She – hey not at this time my daughter is there and she may doubt
Me – ok yar it is already 2 am we will sleep we will chat tomorrow good night umaaaaa
Me – hmm ok good night sweet dreams with lot of butterflies and teddybears hugging and kissing you and she thank you same to you, next day again started with morning sms wishes it was Sunday asked her what plans she had I asked them out for lunch if they were free and did not mind  she said she will conform and I got a missed call at 11.30  I was still in bed and I called her back
Me – hello good morning what’s up desided
She – hmm talked to my daughter were can we go what are your plans
Me – you suggest can we go to leela palace for lunch buffet
She – it’s too far na we haveto start immmidiatly
Me – ok I will be ready in 20 min after shower and shave what about you
She – we just have to get dressed
Me – what are you wearing something special
She – what do you want me to wear sny how it’s a surprise
Me- hmm ok meet you at 12 were do I pick you up from
She we will come to jp nagar ring road you can pick us from there it won’t be good for you to come home in day
Me – oh so I can come home only in the night and just laughed
She – chup yar naughty then I got ready came down and took my car and went to ring road I could not find them when I called them she told that she is inside a shop and came out she was stunning in the black and red designer saree tied under the navel and her pally was showing half of her right boob it instantly made me hot her daughter was in jeans and tshirt and got into the car, we went for the lunch finished 
I asked them what next she told she had some things to buy from commercail street and they will go there  I suggested I will also go with them and went along and finished shopping it was almost 7.00 pm they purchased some dresses and footware  which they were trying and i was the judge desided which looked better and stunning it was great to see them display themselves in beautifull dresses again it was dinner 
time we went to a resturant in forum only at the back of my mind I had worked out to take them to a movie we were having dinner and I suggwested that we should watch a movie and the daughter was intrested so they agreed and we went to a telegu movie the daughter was in the corner next her mom and next to her mom me she was to my right and I was to her left the movie started and slowly 
I touched my elbow with her elbow on the seat rest and slowly rubbing her hand slowly she was seeing me with lot of naughtyness in her eyes and smiled and slowly pinched me everything was understood without words she brought her hands a little forward so that a gap was created from her body and hands I just slowly inched my elbow towards her body and slowly touched her left boob with my elbow she started pressing against the elbow 
I saw her through the corner of my eyes she was pressing herself biting her lips and half closed eyes I started rubbing slowly as no one could make out as her palllu was covering her boobs it was soft and her nipples had become hard now I had courage and slowly took out my hand and sat straight and slowly with my left hand fingers touched hand rubbed her nipples and her tummy 
She could not control and signalled me to stop showing her daughter and the crowd I stopped and sat quetly and did nothing crazy after that after the movie we came down and got into the car I slightly pinched her bums when she was getting into the car without her daughters knowledge and then when we reached her place it was 12 30 I had a surprise she gave her daughter the keys and asked her to open the door. To be continued on the part II. Thanks