A Great Secretary

Beep Stories

2 days ago:
My boss thought I was doing too much to handle and needed a secretary to help me with that and as the HR department was too busy with knocking off (read firing) people this task was given to me. I had a list of 8 candidates with me who were called for the interview. I was fairly excited as I had those filmy thoughts in mind that a sexy girl would walk in the door and would satisfy me blah blah. 
My bad luck only 4 turned up and I would rather not describe them ) also had weak communication and aptitude. So finally I decided to wait and carry on alone.
The next day as I was entering the office my boss Mr Bhatia was punching his ID, he asked me about the interviews and I told him everything. He thought for some time and when we were in the lift he told me Vikram
My daughter is also eligible for this job and has been arguing with me almost every day to post an application but I refused”. I told him to let his personal insecurities aside and trust me to take care of her after some die hard efforts he was finally convinced. I was personally very keen to see her daughter as she was praised by many in the staff for her curvy looks and pretty face.
Present Day:
The next day, that’s where the story started, as I was flicking through a business report which I had taken upon myself to analyse as it seemed so easy and now I was battling my way through when somebody knocked at my door, I looked up and saw a girl in her mid 20’s  knocking at my door. Let me describe her she was around 25-26, wearing a red satin finish top, untied straightened hair, black skinny jeans. 
She came in on my approval and gave me the file she was carrying which had all her academic qualifications. I looked at them and asked her “you are overqualified for this job”. She told me she had been fired by her previous employer and she was looking for a temporary job only after I promised her I won’t tell her dad she told me. Her name was Sofia and I appointed her after a rapid fire question answer round. 
She started her work from the next day and was more than efficient in it. I couldn’t help but notice her figure was far more attractive and sexy than the people used to talk. She had near perfect sizes 34-26-34. I was the center of jealousy of my colleagues but Sofia and I shared a professional relationship as I myself was a little apprehensive due to my boss being her father. 
One day I had a lot of work to do so I decided to extend my time in the office and Sofia followed suit. We worked till about 11 when I called for a coffee break to which she agreed as we were coming back from the machine, the heel of her left feet broke and she twisted her leg I immediately grabbed her and prevented her from falling. She was wearing a black office skirt that was a finger length above her knee and a white shirt. 
She was in a lot of pain so I offered to massage her feet. She refused initially but after she tried to walk and couldn’t place her leg straight she asked me to do it. She sat on the chair and I kneel down in front of her kept her leg in my hands and gently started massaging her feet (as I have a lot of experience in foot massaging details in next story) after some time she placed her head on the back of the chair and stretched both her legs towards me the right one was so close to my crotch that I had to replace it on my knee. 
Now I was starting to feel the heat as she was slowly moaning and I bent my head and kissed on her feet, she did not say anything but only grabbed the chair arms I repeated that again and she still did not react. This gave me the courage now I started gently massaging and kissing her feet after some time I stopped she looked up and asked me why did I stop? I got up took her hand and asked her to stand she slowly stood up but as I left her hand.
She fell stumbled and I held her this time by the waist almost in a tight embrace. I looked I her eyes and then her red lips which seemed to be inviting to be kissed and as I was observing them she suddenly dragged my face forward and I barely realised what was happening when I felt something warm and sweet on my lips (that was our first kiss) I closed my eyes and clasped her upper lip between mine and then repeated this on her lower lip. 
I took out her shirt which was tucked in her skirt in between all this. Next she grabbed my hair from the back and gave the most sensuous lick on my lips. She separated her lips from mine and asked maza aaya? (Having fun?) To which I just smiled in agreement. I went again for her lips she withdrew and when I looked up she had a notorious smile on her face and made me try 3 more times with the same result but the next time she attacked (literally) 
My lips and was like she wanted to ravish me rather than me ravishing her. We were kissing so passionately biting each other on the lips and then I licked her upper part of the mouth she responded by licking my tongue and then it was like a tongue war between the two of us after kissing for about 15 minutes, I withdrew and this time she had a disappointed look on her face as though.
I had snatched something from her and I had the smile. I undid her tied hair and unbuttoned her shirt; she was wearing a white bra inside. She took off my shit and I was not wearing anything inside. I kissed her cheeks took off hair from her ear and placed them behind it and licked her earlobe she dug her teeth gently into my shoulders I lifted her up and took her against the wall so that she could stand with support.
She turned around and the only thing I could make out was to untie her laced bra. I did so but did not turn her around. I put her hair and placed them in front so that her gorgeous back was fully visible and I kissed her on the back of her neck where the spine starts she shuddered and I licked where I had kissed I kept moving down her spine kissing and licking at the spot and was loving the variations in her breathing and her shuddering.
I turned her around and took off my pants and gently removed her skirt I lifted her in my arms and took her to the reception couch. She took off my undies and looked at my dick which was fully erect and 8 inches she rubbed it gently in her hands and kissed its tip. Then she took it in her mouth and what surprised me was she took it all at once and immediately makes me feel weak in the knees as she was so good at it.
I held her head with my hands as she was doing it after she was finished I kissed her and asked her if she wanted me to fuck her she agreed though I warned her I do not have any rubber, to which she retorted you are scared like child. I pushed her back on the couch and started kissing her neck in a mad aggression that just came over me I kissed her creamy white boobs; bit, licked, chewed her erect nipples. 
I squeezed her boobs for some time while kissing her again and then I kissed her stomach licked and played with her bellybutton and moved towards her pussy. I removed her panty and smelled her pussy (it wasn’t the best but it was definitely awesome) I inserted my index finger and she moaned slowly I finger fucked her and by the time she cummed I had all 3 of my fingers in her love hole. Now she asked me to fuck her in doggy style.
I made her get up and put her in the position I inserted my dick inside her and I got a huge aaaahhhhhhh in reply. I moved to and fro very slowly for some time and then I suddenly with all the force pushed inside her she screamed and I held her hair rotated my hand to make a kind of knot of her hair on my hand and pulled her up her nose was all red she was gasping for breath and I kept pushing inside her till I cummed inside her. We finished the work and I dropped her at 3 in the morning. She left the job 2 months after this but we were through with each other by this time do not forget to send in the feedback