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I am rocky, 18 years of age. I belong to the north eastern Indian state of Manipur. My dad is an engineer in oil and natural gas and my mom is a teacher in a Christian mission school. I just completed my high school in a public school in the beautiful hill resort of Darjeeling. I have a sister, who after her graduation from college joined a private airline as a stewardess. She is 21.

We are a close-knit family and when I got back hole during vacations, we used to have lots of fun.

Being from the north eastern state, we have mongoloid features. That gave me a perfect fair skin, muscular body. Though I had an average height, my regular soccer games kept me muscular and fit. I was all muscles and no fat. I also used to work out. My dad is also a physically fit man, and so is my mom.

Life in imphal – the capital of Manipur is quite laid-back and relaxed. When I visited home, we used to have parties, dances and picnics and my family used to join with the neighborhood and we used to have overnight parties. I was only allowed to drink beer, as my dad always said spirit is for the grown-ups. So my dad, mom and sister Nina used to have their wines or even hard liquor, but I had to be content with beer.

After my high school, I had applied for joining an engineering course in Calcutta. I was called for the interview.

It was an afternoon flight. My sister was also flying in the same flight, and dad and mom dropped us in the airport. It was a Friday and my interview was scheduled for Saturday. Even my sister was supposed to stay back in Calcutta and come back the next day in the same aircraft which would fly to couple of more destinations and get back to imphal via guwahati.

We checked in, although my sister checked in through a different gate and went ahead of me into the aircraft. I boarded a while later. The flight started off, and my sister with her other colleagues were demonstrating the safely measures. And then they served food as the flight started cruising. I got the full attention of all the cabin crews being my sister’s brother and was feeling very proud of being her brother.

The flight was uneventful and we landed in Calcutta and went to the hotel. My sister was supposed to share the room with another friend of hers. But her friend was kind enough to say that she would share it with someone else, and left us alone in the room.

My sister went into the bathroom to change from her airlines uniform. She came back from the washroom after a few minutes in a pair of loose white long pants tied with a string and a printed sleeveless top. She had taken off her formal skirt stockings and blouse. She came and jumped onto the bed.

Let me describe you my sister here. She is petite. Just average height at five feet two or three inches. Very slim. Her breasts are small, but firm and a shapely buttock – which was also not very big. She had a wide than usual mouth. Her hair is brownish black and straight falling below her shoulders. Her nose is not as flat as others; it was small, but perky and sharp.

She switched on the TV and placed some pillows below her back so that she was lying with her upper body up; leaning against the pillows stacked one above another. She was surfing the channels when the phone rang. She picked up the phone. She was silent listening to whatever she was hearing from the other end, and then she uttered, “Ok sir, I shall see you soon; but I have to be back for dinner.”

“I have to go for a meeting of the cabin crews,” she told me.

She opened her trolley bag and took out a pair of her clothes and went to the washroom again to change. This time, when she came out, she was in a nice skirt and an off-white top. The skirt was quite small, considering what she wears in the aircraft, and had a slit in the back between her legs. The slit rode up almost to her ass, but with one flap above another, it did not reveal anything.

“I shall be fine, you carry on” I told her and I went to the washroom to change myself. I got into a pair of Bermudas and a t-shirt and came out. She was gone by then.

I started surfing through the channels, and all of a sudden saw topless girls marching on the TV in skimpy panties and high-heeled shoes, or girls dressed in transparent gowns or tops parading. It was fashion TV showing a program on Victoria’s secrets and other lingerie. My eyes glued to that, and I was watching the sexy girls parading one after another. As a teenager with high levels of hormone, I got hard immediately, and pushed my Bermudas down and took out my cock. My long cock sprang out of my Bermudas and I went on jerking it imagining myself with those beautiful and sexy models. Soon after the lingerie show, there was the Rio carnival, where absolutely topless models in groups were parading on the street, and there were some with body paints all over their body making lewd gestures.

The Rio show was breathtaking, as girls in skimpy thongs were dancing in public and scores of people surrounding them were enjoying the show. I rushed to the bath room and picked up a small towel and started jerking myself to the beautiful sight on the TV. When a girl was displaying her sexy ass, with the camera focusing on it exposing her huge butts clad in a thong which made it invisible between her butt cheeks, I came. My cock spurted out hot cream and as it started to spurt I put the towel over my cock. In a few moments I was relieved of the sexual tension. I wiped my cock dry and kept the towel where it was folding it exactly the way it was folded when I took it.

I changed the channel and was pretending to watch discovery when there was a knock. I opened the door and it was my sister.

She came in and sat down on the huge cushioned sofa. She looked tired and famished. Almost run down, not her bubbly cherubic self. Her skirt looked crumpled, and so was her top. Her lipstick and makeup was gone. I was wondering to myself what sort of meeting was it!!!

Realizing she was tired, I asked her, “Do we ask for room service or go down to the restaurant for dinner?”

“I think I shall prefer room service”, she replied appreciating my suggestion, “I need a drink, and I can drink now, as my flight is scheduled more than twelve hours later.”

“Can I have a drink as well?” I asked her in a pleading tone.

She thought for a while and replied, “well, may be one or two drinks, but do not tell any one I let you drink!!”

We asked for steak, French fries and gin with tonic. The room service was quick. It came in soon.

Before I could finish one drink, my sister had already polished two. And by the time I had two, she had four large pegs of gin. We ate as we talked about our plans for the next day.

“My flight is at noon tomorrow.” she said, “and I can sleep late tonight.” her voice was slurred and drunk.

I replied in the same tone, “my interview is at two o’clock – afternoon and I too can sleep late.

“No my dear brother, you have to check out when I check out, she corrected me, “and attend your interview and take back this flight in the evening. This flight will go to Delhi and comeback to leave for imphal in the evening.”

“Yes, I remember it.” I said.

I noticed her face flushing red after the drinks she took, and her voice was kind of slurred. Her talk was getting incoherent. When she bent down to keep the glass or pick up something, I could see the upper portion of her breasts through the wide neck of her top. I know I should not look at her like that, but the image of those models I saw sometime back on TV flashed in my mind.

While playing with the remote, she switched on to axn, which was now showing hot and wild show. She paused there for a moment and it was showing some place in Las Vegas. Brooke burke was the anchor, who herself was in a tight golden skirt, that clung to her lower half, showing her panty lines, and a top tied in the front below her breast. The top was almost like a bikini top which revealed her shapely breasts. But that was booting in comparison to what came next. It showed exotic dancers dancing topless all clad in electric pink thongs only. And then there were interviews with them, and the hot and wild show was driving me hot. And to top it all, my sister was watching it quite intently. When they showed a dance club, and a lady dancing with a pole, rubbing her pussy on it clad in a black leather thong and nothing else, she asked, “Do they really have such shows there?”

“I think so, otherwise, how would they show these.” I replied.

“I mean in public, can people just flaunt themselves almost nude? It is ok if it is a dance bar – but look at those people, the audience who are also stripping and dancing.” she pointed her finger at the TV and showed it to me.

“Please change the channel,” I told her as I knew it was turning me on and I did not have any underwear, and my hard-on was obvious.

“Why, don’t you like to see girls? You are eighteen now, and have become a man;” she was talking in a slurred voice. “Every guys likes watching it I know!!”

“But not with his sister,” I replied quite sternly.

“Ok…” and she changed over to some music channel.

“What meeting did you have in the evening?” I asked her.

She sounded a bit nervous, but the booze had its effect when she blurted out, “no meeting man and the captain called me to his room.”

She went to the washroom and came back. Water had splashed on her top making it quite transparent as the shirt clung to her bra and the flesh of her breast which was uncovered by the bra. She did not get bothered about it, and came and sat down where she was sitting – facing me.

“It is what we call ‘meeting the captain after flights’ – I went to meet him in his room with another crew. She replied.

“But why were clothes crumpled and make-up gone and hair disheveled when you came back,” I asked her not very innocently.

“My dear brother, when an airhostess goes to a captain, it is only to please him…” she said nonchalantly.

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“Please him??” I repeated questioningly.

“Yes, please him. And I hope you are old enough to know how a man is pleased … “she paused for a while, “you have to have sex with him and please him… And for your information, every airhostess sleeps with the captain, and there are times, when even the male crews and the female crews gang up in the captain’s room for fun.”

“Fun…? Of what kind…” my voice trailed off.

“What do you expect when there are young boys and girls – all adults having fun?” she questioned me in turn.

“You mean you all have sex in a group?” I asked surprised.

“Yes, we have what one calls orgies…” she said in a proud voice. But I was sure, it was her inebriated state which made her talk uninhibitedly and she was blabbering like that.

Imagining my own sister taking part in sex, I was getting excited. I was ogling at her firm conical tits which were quite visible through the wet top and her lovely smooth legs and thighs which were taut and muscular.

“What did you do now, same thing?” I asked to get some more details of her adventures.

“Yes rocky, I gave him head – that means I sucked him, I mean I sucked his prick and made him come in my mouth. And then there was the usual orgy with others, but as you were here, I had to excuse myself. Actually, this particular pilot likes to have sex with me specifically as according to him I have the tightest pussy – but unfortunately, I had to leave without letting him put his prick inside my cunt.” my sister was talking dirty now, and I think with every passing minute, she was getting more and more unstable and uninhibited.

My cock was about to burst hearing her escapades. I knew most airhostesses have a promiscuous life, but realizing my own elder sister leading similar life turned me on. She was always friendly with me, and talked nicely, but never did we discuss matters relating to sex. And her blatant expressions of her sexual experiences were making me horny. I looked at her, she opened her bag and brought out a cigarette and lit it. She inhaled it deeply. As she inhaled, her cheeks went in, as I was imagining her cheeks must be looking like that when she sucks cock.

“Do you have any boyfriend?” I just asked him out of context.

“Yes my dear brother, I have a boyfriend, he is also a cabin crew in my airlines. But he has gone on a different flight.” she replied.

“Is he aware of all these you doing?” I asked

“Of course, and let me tell you something, we have been in orgies together many times, when we fly together and have night halts. And we have a very open relationship. He also understands I have my needs and when I am without him, I have every right to get my quota of sex, and do not stay deprived. And he also does not miss any opportunity when he gets a pussy.” my sister was trying to convince me about her sexual relations.

Nina got up and stretched her arms, and as she did so, her breasts jutted out – she bent back and sideways to stretch herself, but suddenly while doing so she fell down. I outstretched my hand to hold her. But I could not prevent her from falling. She fell right on my lap, her face slamming on my lap, her mouth banging against my hard cock, which was dangling inside my loose Bermudas. I shrieked as involuntarily she bit my cock.

It was incredible, and I went out of my senses. I just could not imagine what was happening. I even did not know what is going on with me. I did not have to pinch myself as something sharp was already pinching me in my most private part to make sure it was not a dream. My sister’s mouth was open and my cock while still inside the Bermudas I wore were partly in her mouth and she was gently biting on it with her teeth. And she was moving her head to and fro slowly.

It was a point of no return for me. My mind was under turmoil. There was my moral value at one hand, and the built-up sexual tension. One part of me was telling me to stop all these. But my cock was fully erected, as for the first time, a feminine entity touched it. I was convincing myself – what is wrong if she does to me what she does to others? But the other I was telling me – do not forget, she is your own blood, your own elder sister.

All this turmoil ended when my sister’s hand went inside my Bermudas through the loose legs and took possession of my cock. “You must be a virgin,” she said more as a statement than as a question.

“Yes…” I whispered.

“But you will not be a virgin after tonight…” she said as she took my prick in her mouth.

She first took the bulbous head, which was red, and slipped the foreskin back. She licked it from the base to the tip with her tongue. Her dainty lips pursed as she planted a kiss on its head. Then she took it in her mouth and started sucking it.

My mind had shut off. Now there was no coming back. There were no more contradictions in my mind. I knew it is going to happen. And I wanted it. I wanted it badly and desperately now. My cock was engorged to its maximum size by now. Without uttering a word, I reached for her breasts. Her boobs were not as small as they seemed. They were firm and tight. I reached under her top and started caressing a breast over her bra.

She lifted her mouth form my cock. “You got a good one… ” She said referring to my cock. “Let us go to the bed. I was left high and horny after giving head to the pilot, and I was soaking wet. I did not want to come back, and when I had to return I was actually cursing your presence. But now, I realize, I am back with a cock which is fresh, unused and untouched.”

I guided her to the bed, and as I went I took off my Bermudas and t-shirt and my cock was standing erect perpendicularly to my body. My balls were tight.

She caught me by my cock and fondled my balls. “It is so beautiful, your balls are so shapely and so fair, I feel like chewing them, swallow them…” she slurred. “You got a firm ass, it is so muscular and shapely…” she said as she caressed my ass.

I tried to lift her top off. She smiled and took it off herself. She opened the buttons of her skirt and it dropped by itself.

My sister was looking like a goddess. She did not have bib boobs or a large ass which attract me normally. But she had a very proportionate body. Her boobs were absolutely firm and were large enough to fill her bra. They gave suggestions of spilling out of it. She had a padded bra. The dark shining purple colored bra made a contrast against her spotless fair glowing skin. Her matching panties were quite small, and started where her pussy lips started, and the satin panty covered her ass, but being quite small, left a lot of her ass uncovered. She held my cock and dragged me to the bed laughing.

“I am catching the bull by the horn,” she commented. “I shall teach you how to enjoy sex and how to give pleasure. But listen to me carefully and obey whatever I say.”

“Ok Nina, I will do whatever you say. You know I never touched a girl.” I said obediently.

“Do not worry, you are in good and experienced hands, you will learn quickly and well if you obey your teacher…” my sister said as she pushed me down to the bed.

“Now tell me, does a nude woman attract you more or a woman in sexy undergarments attracts you more?” she asked.

“Hmmm… I think … Well, you keep wearing your undergarments…” I stammered.

She chuckled. “Now, when we start off, you may come very quickly. You will come – that means – your cock will ejaculate your sperms – very quickly. It is quite normal. That is because, you are very excited and you are inexperienced. A little touch or friction by female will make you come. It is natural. But then, slowly and slowly, you will be able to stay longer. And more you have sex, more will be your stamina.” she was talking to me like a high school teacher.

“Why do people suck each other? Does it feel better than having intercourse?” I asked her.

“You will find that out yourself my sweet brother,” she said playing with my hard cock and kissing it once again. ‘Yes, sucking or blow-job is preferred by most men. And many of them come harder while being sucked than having vaginal sex. And when man and woman suck each other laying opposite to each other it are called sixty-nine.”

“I know that” I said as if I was answering to my teacher in kindergarten. “But what about anal sex? Do only the homosexual men do it or even a man can have anal sex with a woman?” I asked yet again.

“If done with care and love, even anal sex is quite a good experience for the woman. And many men find it exciting too. Actually most men I have met like anal sex and oral sex more than vaginal sex. But for a woman, having all her sex-holes filled is having complete sex. I prefer to have my man come in all the three orifices I have.” she said while fondling my balls and cock.

“Do you mean having sex with three men at a time having all the three holes filled or the same man making love in all the three holes?” I asked.

“Both ways. If I am alone with my boyfriend, I would let him fuck in all my holes, starting with my mouth, then my asshole and then my pussy. But it is group sex, well, you are lucky as all your three holes may be serviced at the same time.” she said as her hands traveled up to my upper body and caressed and tickled my nipples.

“That is funny. I woman can have sex with three men at a time, but a man can have only with one woman – ” I was telling myself.

“Well my darling brother – it is not so. You can also have sex with multiple girls. You can suck one as you fuck one. Or finger some one else. It all depends on the participants. Do not worry, I will let you experience everything about sex in due course.” she said and bent down to take my cock in her mouth.

“Why not we get into a sixty nine?” I asked as I wanted to feel her pussy.

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