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Amazing Fuck with my teacherI have fantasized many times about this Math college teacher of mine, her name Miss. Giles. She had been a teacher of mine for just over a year and I hadn’t really taken notice of her wonderful body until recently.
It was yet another boring lecture and as time wore on, I began to check out my teachers’ body. I began by looking at her wonderful 34D breasts; they were large and looked perfect through her tight top. Miss. Giles was 26 years old and about 5’3 and had short brown hair up to her shoulders. She had a pretty face and she was quite slim, she had a beautiful ass and fleshy thighs. So, as I stared at her body, we made eye contact as she talked. She had realised that I had been staring at her body, especially her round breasts. However, I continued until the end of the lecture and as I walked out the room, she passed me a note that she must have written just a few minutes ago.
As I walked along the hallway, I opened the folded piece of paper and it read: ‘I saw the way you were looking at me, and I liked it. Come to my room when your lectures finish.’ Now, that had made my day and as I thought of her sexy body, I immediately had a hard on. I was looking forward to meeting her after college but if anything were to happen between her, and me I intended it to be in private.
It was now 3 o’clock and all my lectures had finished. I walked quickly to Miss. Giless’ room and knocked on the door. I heard her sweet voice, ‘Come in.’ I walked in and she was sat at her desk. I went towards her desk and sat on a chair opposite her desk. She looked up at me and smiled, teasingly. I decided to partially ignore the note I received earlier and started a conversation relating to the novel we were reading in lectures.
‘Miss, I think I need a bit of help with the book that we’ve been reading this week. I just wanted to know if you had any spare time in which you could help me?’ I said.
She replied ‘Well, as college finishes early tomorrow, I guess it would be alright for you to come to my house and we could study there.’
‘Oh really, that’s great. When shall I meet you?’
She said, ‘Meet me in the car park at about 1 o’clock’
‘Ok’ I replied and left her room, staring at her beautiful breasts.
When I got home, I realised that tomorrow was the chance to fulfill my fantasies about her. As the evening flew by, so did the night, and I woke up with the feeling of excitement of going to my teacher’s house. I decided not to go to college and masturbate at the thoughts of Miss. Giles. As my cock became swollen, I let it free and stroked it slowly and softly. I imagined that my index finger was her tongue and ran it up and down the length of my hot 6-inch cock. I stroked it slowly for about an hour, thinking of her, as I knew that vigorous masturbation would make me cum quick and I wanted the sensations to last as long as possible. When I was ready to release, I went to the bathroom, and as I sat next to the bath, I stroked my cock harder and climaxed. As thick cum spurted out, I realised it was the best orgasm I had ever had. It was all due to the thoughts of Miss. Giles and yet it could become a reality later on.
As time wore on, I set off to meet her in the car park. As I got there, her timing was perfect and she saw me and came towards me.
‘Hey, follow me and I’ll show you where my car is,’ she said.
‘Hey, ok,’ I replied.
I followed her up to her car and as she opened the door, I got in. It was a short ten minute drive to her house, we didn’t talk much during the drive.
As she got out of her car, she smiled at me and I helped her take some books from her car to her house. We still hadn’t chatted much but at least I knew she was happy. As she carried a few of her belongings into her house, I couldn’t resist looking at her ass as she walked. It was beautiful and that gave me a slight hard-on. We got in the house and she said ‘Just sit down and relax, I’ll just have a shower, get changed and be back in a bit.’
‘Ok, but don’t be too long.’ I answered.
She walked off with a teasing smile. I sat down on the sofa and looked around. Her house was nice and she had worked hard to decorate it. I was imagining her in the shower and began getting hard when I thought of those lovely breasts again. As I began to get increasingly hard, I heard her coming down the stairs. I turned my head and saw that beauty coming down the stairs. She looked hot. She was wearing a tight black top, tight black trousers and her hair was done up high, so sexy. She walked over towards me, ‘So get your book out and then we can start’ she said, as she sat next to me.
As I hadn’t intended to do any study with her, I hadn’t brought it with me and answered, ‘Oh . . . I forgot my book.’
She knew why I hadn’t brought it, due to the note she had handed to me yesterday. However, I was surprised when she said, ‘Well, atleast I have a spare,’ as she stood up and walked over to the small pile of books underneath the table in front of the sofa where we were sitting. She slowly bent over to find the book we were studying, and as she did, she revealed her black lace thong on her hips. I immediately felt my cock harden and it was rock hard in a few seconds. She knew that I was looking at her thong, as her low cut jeans revealed some of her lovely ass too. As she pretended to look for the book, she turned her head and gave me a seductive smile. ‘I found it, she shouted,’ and came and sat next to me. As she sat down, I’m sure she had noticed the bulge in my trousers, and I spotted her having a little stare, which made me even harder.
I knew she likes it when I look at her, as she had written on the note the day before so I made the first move. ‘That’s a nice thong,’ I said. She gave me a wide-eyed stare and then said:
‘Oh really, I was hoping you had noticed, it’s my favourite thong. It’s so soft against my skin,’ she said as I spotted the dark lipstick on her smile. Then, I was surprised, as she moved her left hand to my inner thigh, and moved it slowly towards the bulge in my trousers. Then, our eyes met and we endulged in a passionate kiss. Then, we parted and she said, ‘I’ve brought myself to cum over you ever since I noticed how you stare at my body. Do you ever think of me?’
I answered, ‘You were the one that I was thinking about as I masturbated this morning, and it was the best ever. You are the only one I think of lately.’
She said, ‘Oh, really, I wanna see you masturbate over me, I wanna see your cock. Take it out for me.’
And so that is what I did. I knew she wanted my cock and so I undid the zipper on my trousers and released my hard cock. As I wrapped my right hand around the shaft, I looked at her and she smiled and giggled excitedly. She started talking seductively, ‘Oh, you cock is lovely, do you like to masturbate? I want to see you masturbate over me. Tell me what will make you cum, what shall I do for you?’
Now I knew that I was in control and I could tell this beautiful woman to do anything for my cock. She had beautiful breasts and I wouldn’t mind seeing them so I said, ‘Well, you have lovely tits, and I love seeing your nipples poke out of your top. Can you take off your top babe?’ ‘Oh yeah,’ she answered as she slid her top over her head.
She stood up and sat down on the table in front of me. Now I knew the gems she had been concealing under her bra for the past year. Then, she began playing with her lovely bra-less tits as she smiled and teased me. She giggled as she tickled her nipples and I could see the pleasure in her face. Now, I was masturbating vigorously.
‘Oh let me see you cum, I want to taste your juice,’ she said as I continued masturbating. She stood up and kneeled down in front of me and I was over-delighted when she cupped her breasts and placed each on one my thighs. She grabbed my right hand and moved it away from my cock and she placed her tits around my cock. Then she slowly began rubbing my cock with the groove between her tits. ‘Oh yeah, rub it good,’ I told her and she gave me an amazing titwank. ‘I’m coming,’ I warned her and she laughed at me and placed her lips around my cock. She wanked me off and then I climaxed. I spurted hot cum into her wet mouth and then she took me deepthroat, swallowing fast, as she continued to wank me. As she continued to swallow hard, my cock slowly stopped cumming, and she lifted her head up and licked my shaft with her long, wet tongue.
That was amazing. I had just experienced how naughty she could be and it was great. She stood up, topless and said ‘Oh, you taste so nice, oh, I want to feel you inside me, in my pussy.’
‘Your tits felt wonderful around my cock and now that you have sucked it so good for me too, I think I should repay you by….’
And she came over and straddled me, with her legs around mine. I could feel her lovely breasts against my chest and we indulged in a long passionate French kiss. I could taste the salty cum still on her lips and she began sucking my tongue faster. As I sucked on her bottom lip, my mouth slipped down her neck and onto her chest. She leaned backwards slightly and my eager mouth was now at her right nipple. I sucked long and hard and then she stood up in front of me.
She decided to remove her tight trousers whilst twirling around. Her trousers were off and her ass was facing me. I could now see her bare ass as she wore a thong, and it was amazing. She had round, soft butt cheeks that were so smooth. She turned around and said, ‘Lets take it slow.’ I was happy to agree with that.
By now, my dick had begun getting harder again and she loved the sight of it. Her nipples were still stiff as I looked on. She told me to stand and as I did, she led me upstairs, towards her bedroom. As we got in, she said, ‘I want to feel you inside me, you can do whatever you want.’
I replied, ‘Well, lie on your back on the bed and we can have some fun.’
And she was happy to oblige. She quickly jumped on the bed with her bouncing tits. I kneeled on the side of the bed and stared down towards her crotch, with her legs either side of me. I neared my head towards her pussy and licked her thong. I could taste her juices through her thong and they tasted so good that I eagerly slid her thong off and saw her pussy. It was tight, with full lips and a bit of hair above her slit. As she lowered her finger into her pussy, she moaned, ‘Oh yeh, fuck me good, I want your cum.’ I replied, ‘Oh baby, you have a tight pussy’ and I lowered my cock towards her open pussy as I stood up. I knew she wanted it in quickly but I wanted to tease her. Her pussy was now getting wetter and I now that the better lubricated my dick became, the longer I could give her pleasure. Now, we were both eager to fuck so I lifted her legs around me and as she squeezed her legs around my waist, my hard cock entered her juicy pussy and I began sliding it in and out. Her juices enhanced my enjoyment as I neared orgasm. She was moving around on the bed vigorously too, as I felt her pussy tighten around the base of my cock. As the base of my pussy rubbed against her clit, I reached orgasm. My warm cum spurted out into her love tunnel and as she came, she screamed in pleasure and we were both satisfied. I continued sliding in and out of her pussy as her right hand rubed her clit as she continued giving herself pleasure.
With my dick still inside her, I leaned over on top of her and then we rolled on the bed. Now I was lying on my back on the bed with her on top. She began, ‘Oh, that was great, I want more of your cock, oh….’ And she sat up and rocked her hips back and forth. I was again hard and as her pussy lips rubbed against my dick, the sensations began getting better. As she continued rocking back and forth, I played with her lovely breasts, and she cupped them too. As we both neared orgasm again, I rested my hands on her tanned thighs and pushed and pulled her hard. She shouted, ‘Oh, uh, fuck me hard, I want your cum inside me’ as my cum spurted in her cunt. She came too and I could see her glistening pussy, tightening the grip around my hard cock as her cum dripped slowly down my cock.
Then, as we were both exhausted, she lay down on me, my semi-hard cock still in her and I just caressed her ass cheeks as we lay there. ‘That was the best sex I have ever had, you were so good, you are the best, I loved the feeling of your hot cum inside me,’ she said.
After a few minutes she said ‘So, you have fucked my tits, I sucked you off, you fucked my tight pussy too, and now I want you to fuck my ass real hard, and give me a pounding.’
I replied, ‘Yeah, I always wanted to do that,’ as she began to get up and got on her knees on the floor, next to the bed. She was now positioned with her tits and head on the bed. I got up admired her ass for a second, then she spread her cheeks for me, I know she wanted me bad so I pushed my cock in and she screamed as i penetraded her tight ass. As I started pumping in and out, she picked up the rhythm and started moving her ass so I went in quicker and harder. As i spurted my load in her tight ass she moaned, I leaned over and cupped her lovely breasts and played with them momentarily.
As our evening of passionate sex came to an end, she assured me that she wanted more, sooner rather than later and I was happy to come over to her house anytime for fun.

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