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For the third time this month, Brad was boffing Charlene, the office manager at the real estate office where they both worked. At first glance they seem to be an incongruous pair. Brad is a handsome, athletic, preppy type in his early 30s, while Charlene is a 52 year old, trying to cope with the consequences of a stale marriage. Far from athletic, Charlene has a soft, doughy, slightly overweight body, bright red hair that she got out of a bottle of Clairol, the sexual appetite of a nymphomaniac, and the disposition of a rattlesnake. Brad is engaged to the owner’s daughter and is being groomed for a top management position in the firm. However, Brad has another side to his personality that few know about. He has a penchant for older women and indulges himself every chance he gets.
Sunlight streaming through the motel window dappled the pair as they made love. Brad knelt behind Charlene and slowly thrust himself in and out of her, doggy style. Sensing that Charlene was nearing climax, Brad tightened his grip on her chubby hips and thrust faster and deeper. Charlene gasped and ground herself against him.
“Ahhhhhh,” she moaned as she buried her face in a pillow, tossed her head from side to side, and spread her hips wide to accept every inch of Brad’s member.
Brad felt himself begin to cum and drove himself deeper as he loosed his load inside Charlene. She cried out and begged him not to stop. Brad spasmd for a minute, then slowly withdrew and sprawled on his back. Charlene snuggled tightly against him. Grabbing a towel from the night stand, Charlene mopped up the sperm beginning to ooze out of her, then gently wiped down Brad’s semi-stiff member.
“That was really, really good, sweetie,” Charlene said. “I’ve been needing that bad.”
Brad licked at one of Charlene’s nipples. “Glad you liked it.”
Charlene sat up in bed and folded her arms across her chest. In a petulant voice she asked, “We’re still gonna be able to do this after you get married, aren’t we?”
“Of course we will.”
“You promise?”
“I promise,” Brad sighed. He glanced at his watch. “Uh oh, it’s after 1 o’clock. We better get back to work.”
The two hastily got dressed and sped off to their office in separate cars.
When Brad got back to the office, he slipped in the back door and into his office and began the tedious task of reviewing sales contracts negotiated by his agents the day before. He was so consumed with what he was doing, he didn’t notice Barbara, one of the account clerks, enter his office. Sensing someone staring at him, Brad looked up.
“Hey Barbara, what’s up?”
“I need your signature on these checks.”
“Sure thing,” Brad said as he took the stack of checks from Barbara, scrawled his signature on each one and handed them back. Flashing a broad smile, Brad’s eyes scanned Barbara from head to toe. He didn’t try to conceal the fact that he was leering at her. Wow, he thought to himself, how did I overlook this treasure. Barbara is a short, bespectacled, thick-set black woman in her mid-50s, given to wearing short skirts that show off her ample butt and legs to full advantage. Brad’s interest was clearly aroused.
“Anything else on your mind,” he asked.
Barbara stared right back at Brad. “Yeah,” she shot back. “You got a real nasty looking hickey.”
Pointing at the pink smear on his neck, Barbara said, “Hmmmm. Looks like the same shade of lipstick that Charlene is wearing today.” Brad looked like he had been punched in the stomach.
Brad stuttered something unintelligible, trying to come up with a clever response.
Before he could come up with anything, Barbara told him, “Don’t worry about it. I’m not gonna drop a dime on you. But you better tell your girlfriend to stop giving you u hickeys where folks can see them. Might piss off your boss – not to mention his daughter – if they found out you were fuckin’ the hired help.”
Recovering quickly, Brad shot Barbara a grin. “Thanks, I appreciate you not saying anything.”
“No problem,” Barbara said as she turned and walked toward the door.
Brad noticed how her large, round rump bounced as she walked. “Wait,” he said.
Barbara turned and faced him. “What?”
“Can I buy you drink to show my appreciation?”
Barbara stared at him incredulously. “I’ll be damned,” she said as she shook her head in disbelief. “You’re hittin’ on me.”
“Sure am,” Brad smiled and leaned back in his chair.
“I’m twice your age, and I’m married.”
“That doesn’t bother me. Charlene is too.”
Barbara laughed. “Well, I’m flattered, but I gotta pass on the offer.”
“Cool,” Brad said. “The offer still stands if you change your mind.”
Rolling here eyes and chuckling, Barbara walked out of the office and back to the accounting section. She went straight to her girlfriend Kathy’s cubicle. Sliding into a chair next to Kathy’s desk, Barbara told her, “You won’t believe this, Brad just made a pass at me?”
Kathy’s eyes widened.
“Wow! He did?”
“Ooooooohhhh, honey, that youngster is FINE! So, when you two gettin’ together?”
Barbara scowled. “I’m not gettin’ together with him!”
Kathy couldn’t contain herself. “Damn, are you a fool, or what? You been complainin’ you’re not gettin’ anything at home, this fine young man is hittin’ on you, and you’re gonna turn him down.” Barbara didn’t respond, just stared back at Kathy.
Kathy told her, “You better think about this before you decide to pass it up. Besides, you been curious about white guys for years. Here’s your chance to give it a try.”
“OK, I’ll think about it.” Barbara got up and wandered back to her cubicle, lost in thought.
By 4 o’clock, Barbara was in a turmoil. Conflicting emotions as well as sheer animal attraction and chemistry were pulling her from pillar to post. She finally made her decision. Throwing caution to the wind, Barbara made her decision.
Brad was just about to head out the door when his phone rang. He snatched up the receiver. “Hello?” he said, a tinge of impatience in his voice.
“Hey there, playboy, this is Barbara.”
Brad sat back down, no longer impatient. “Hi there. I didn’t expect to hear from you.”
“Yeah, well I’m kinda surprised that I’m calling too.”
“What’s on your mind?” Brad asked.
“Still wanna buy me a drink?”
“Sure. Maybe more than one. When is a good time for you?”
“How about tonight?” Barbara replied.
Brad hesitated for second, obviously surprised at this turn of events. “Uh, OK. Where should I meet you?”
Barbara hesitated for second, “Ummmm, I don’t know. Got any suggestions?”
Brad thought for a minute, then replied, “Yeah, I’ve got a terrific idea. To hell with going to some bar. Why don’t you come over to my apartment and I’ll mix up a pitcher of Margaritas?”
Barbara mulled that over for less than a minute. “I like that idea. What time?”
“Make it about 8…1156 Westchester Avenue Apt 17.”
Barbara wrote down the address. “See you then.”
“Bye,” Brad whispered.
Brad made a quick trip to the liquor store and bought some tequila and lime juice, then headed straight home and straightened up his apartment. Promptly at 8 o’clock, Barbara rang Brad’s doorbell. He ushered her into his apartment and offered her a seat on the couch. Brad walked to the bar and mixed a pitcher of drinks and filled two glasses. Returning to the couch he sat down next to Barbara and offered her one.
She took the glass, sipped, and then downed the contents in one long gulp. “Ahh, now that was tasty. How ’bout another?”
“Sure thing,” Brad said. He went to the bar and retrieved the pitcher. He filled Barbara’s glass again, set the pitcher on the coffee table and rejoined her on the couch.
Barbara got up and stolled to the stereo cabinet.
“Mind if I check out your CD collection?” she asked.
“Help yourself.”
Brad eyed her from top to bottom as she sorted through a stack of CDs. He was getting aroused by what he saw. Barbara wore her hair pulled back in a short, straight pony tail that stood out straight behind her. Her large horn rimmed glasses gave her a slight owlish appearance, but didn’t detract from her raw sexuality. Her hairdo set off the large gold hoop earrings that dangled down to her bare shoulders. She wore a low cut yellow tank top that exposed a dark ebony muscular back and shoulders and just a bit of skin between the bottom of the tank top and the top of her short, tight skirt.
Brad stared transfixed at the bulging outline of Barbara’s round, jutting ass. It seemed to Brad that it was straining to escape the clutches of the green silk skirt that contained it. As his gaze wandered south, Brad took in the bare, thick, stocky, but still shapely legs that emerged from the short hemline of the skirt.
Barbara turned and walked back to the couch and sat down, this time sliding a bit closer to Brad.
“How about another drink?” she cajoled him.
Brad filled her glass and watched as she quickly downed the contents. He felt a warmth and slight swelling in his crotch. Can’t take much more of this, he thought. Might as well make my move now. “Keep slamming those Margaritas like that you’re liable to get drunk,” he teased.
“Yeah, I might,” Barbara replied, staring him right in the eye.
“Then I might take advantage of you,” Brad said with a grin.
Barbara let her gaze wander to Brad’s crotch. “Maybe. Or, I might take advantage of you.” Barbara set her glass on the table and stared at Brad as if to say “balls in your court, whatcha gonna do?”
Brad didn’t hesitate a second. He slid across the couch until their knees were touching, slid his hand into the small of Barbara’s back and pulled her to him. She responded by wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him full on the mouth. Brad tentatively flicked the end of his tongue against Barbara’s lips. She opened her mouth and sucked lightly on Brad’s tongue as he slid it in her mouth, then pulled it out and let her run her tongue inside his mouth.
“Nice,” Brad whispered in Barbara’s ear as he came up for air.
Barbara purred in reply as she nibbled at his neck and let her hand stray gently across his crotch. Feeling the bulge in Brad’s pants begin to grow, she gently massaged it. “Gonna let me give you a hickey, baby?” she giggled.
Brad moaned. “You can give me anything you want.”
Brad slid his hands under Barbara’s blouse, cupped one of her breasts and gently squeezed the nipple through the thin bra material that covered it. That got Barbara going. As she thrust her chest toward Brad, inviting him to rub some more, she raised her arms over her head. Reading her signal loud and clear, Brad pulled Barbara’s top over her head and tossed it behind the couch.
“Get rid of that,” Brad said, struggling to undo the bra.
“Hold on,” Barbara said. She untangled herself from Brad’s grasp and stood up. She turned her back to Brad and he unhooked the bra. Barbara tossed it on the coffee table and turned to face Brad.
What a rack, Brad thought as he got his first close up look at Barbara’s breasts. A hint of sag, but still perky. Not too big, about a 34B cup he bet. The dark ebony skin was framed by coal black areoles and nipples the size of large raisins.
Barbara unzipped her skirt, let it fall to the floor and stepped out of it. Kicking off her high heels, Barbara stood in front of Brad.
“Want me to get rid of the panties, too?”
“Yes,” Brad answered in a hoarse voice.
Barbara slipped her thumbs under the waist band of the jet black bikini panties and wiggled her her chunky little bottom out of them. Twirling them around her head a time or two, she let them fly across the room and land by the bar.
Brad stared at her dark hefty figure for a moment, then grabbed Barbara by the waist and pulled her toward him. He buried his face in her thick, black bush and flicked his tongue across her labia. Barbara gasped and her knees buckled.
“You like that?” Brad laughed.
“Yes,” Barbara gasped.
Brad pulled Barbara back onto the couch, knelt between her knees, spread her legs and began to lick her pussy and run his tongue in and out of it.
A couple of minutes of that, and Barbara went into a spasmic orgasm that seemed to last forever. When she finally finished, Brad hopped back on the couch and snuggled with her.
“I’ve never had anyone do that to me before,” Barbara said in an adoring tone of voice. Brad just laughed and began playing with her breasts again.
Barbara grabbed his belt buckle and began struggling with it.
“No fair,” she said. “You still have clothes on.” Pulling at Brad’s belt again, she whimpered, “Lemme see!”
Brad stood up, undid his jeans, and stepped out of them. Peeling off his briefs, he tossed them aside. Barbara stared in wonder at the size of his member.
“Damn, you’re huge!” she cried.
“It’s not too big I hope?” Brad teased as he sat down next to her on the couch.
Obviously pleased with what she saw, Barbara grasped Brad’s shaft at the base and slid her hand up and down it. “It’s perfect.”
The two lovers embraced again and swapped tongues as Barbara continued to fondle Brad’s oversized organ. Staring at it, she told Brad, “I can’t wait to feel this inside me.”
Brad stood up and pulled Barbara to her feet. “Then let’s do it.” Leading her by the hand, Brad led his new lady friend toward the hallway.
Just then the phone on the bar rang. Checking the caller ID, Brad swore under his breath, “Shit!” It was Heather, his fiance.
Motioning Barbara to be silent, Brad sat down on a bar stool and hit the speaker button. “Hello,” he said.
“Hi there,” Heather replied.
“I thought you were in Las Vegas until next week.”
“I cut my trip short. I just can’t bear the thought of being away from you so I’m flying back tonight.”
Brad rolled his eyes, “What a pleasant surprise,” he answered, barely concealing the sarcasm in his voice.
“My flight gets in at midnight, so I’ll just come over to your place and spend the night, then go home in the morning.”
Brad felt panic beginning to set in. Before he could answer Heather, Barbara walked up to him, grabbed his now half-hard rod and began to give him a world class hand job.
Brad was unable to conceal a gasp of pleasure. “Aaaaahhhhhh.”
Heather sensed something was wrong, “Are you OK?”
“Uh, no, actually I’m not,” Brad told her, trying to concoct a plausible story. “I’m coming down with a bad case of the flu. That was a gasp of pain.”
“Well, I’ll drop by and nurse you back to health,” Heather said.
“Naw, not a good idea. I’m contagious, and I don’t want you to get this stuff.”
“You sure?” Heather questioned.
“Absolutely. Thanks for caring, but I’ll just take some more aspirin and get to bed early.”
Heather sounded doubtful, “OK then. See you tomorrow?”
“First thing tomorrow,” Brad shot back.
“K, then…Bye.”
Brad leaned back on the bar stool as Barbara continued to work her hand up and down his shaft. He gasped in pleasure as her ministrations gradually brought him back to a nearly full erection.
“That was torture…You’re really bad,” Brad gently chastised Barbara.
She tugged at him and motioned toward the hallway. “C’mon.”
Before they got across the living room, Brad’s cell phone rang. Damn, Brad thought, who is it now? Grabbing the cell phone, he snapped,”Yeah?” It was Charlene.
“Hey, there. My hubby’s gone to LA for the night. Can I come over?”
Brad was not very cordial. “No, sorry Charlene,” he snapped. “I’m sick.”
“Let me bring you some hot soup.”
Brad felt about to burst. He got short with Charlene. “No thanks. I’m in bed for the night. See you tomorrow.”
Brad hung up and tossed the cell phone on the bar. Charlene’s feelings were hurt and she pondered what she should do about Brad’s rebuff. She began drinking and lapsed into a foul mood.
Back at Brad’s apartment, Barbara was more than a little bit irritated. She strode purposefully to the bar and unplugged the telephone. Snatching the cell phone off the bar, she made a point of turning it off and removed the battery. Tossing them on the bar she turned and faced Brad, hands on her hips in an aggressive stance. Brad had a half-grin on his face which seemed to further irritate Barbara.
“It’s either that or the next time one of those bitches calls, I’ll get on the phone and explain why they can’t come over.”
Brad laughed, reached around Barbara’s waist, cupped one of her hefty ass cheeks in his hand and steered her across the living room.
“C’mon, let’s go play.”
She let Brad guide her down the hallway and into the bedroom.
Barbara grabbed the comforter and tossed it on floor. She hopped on the bed and nestled into the dark crimson satin sheets, purring like a kitten. Brad strode to the sliding glass window and opened the shades. Moonlight flooded the room, mixing with the soft glow of the fluorescent bulbs above the floor to ceiling mirror on the wall opposite the bed and the dim light cast by the bedside lamps. Brad slid onto the bed next to Barbara and pulled her to him. They embraced and fondled each other.
Brad rolled onto is back and lay spread eagled as Barbara continued to work both hands expertly up and down his shaft.
“Ever been with a black woman before?” Barbara asked him.
“No,” Brad answered. “How about you? Ever been with a white guy before?”
“No. I’ve been curious for years.”
“Me too,” Brad told her.
“You know my girlefriend, Kathy?” Barbara asked.
“The account clerk? Sure, I know her.”
“Well…She dates white guys all the time. She says interracial sex is really, really hot.”
Brad grinned. “Let’s find out if she’s right.” Gripping his stiff, bulging tool, Brad motioned Barbara to get on top of him. “Wanna ride this?”
“Mmmmmmmm, I’d like nothing better.”
“I don’t use condoms,” Brad told her. “You cool with that?”
“I hate the damn things,” Barbara scowled. “Bareback is the best.”
Eyeing Brad’s stiffy, Barbara told him, “I’m gonna need some help gettin’this monster inside me. Got any lubricant?”
Brad reached into the night stand drawer and retrieved a bottle of Motion Lotion.
“Here ya go,” he said, handing the bottle to Barbara.
She took her glasses off and tossed them on the night stand. Taking the bottle of lotion from Brad, Barbara drizzled some on Brad’s erection. As it trickled down the shaft, Barbara poured a generous amount into the palm of her hand and handed the bottle back to Brad. He set it aside on the night stand. Barbara slowly massaged the lotion onto Brad’s throbbing cock, then rubbed some on her crotch for good measure. Brad moaned and squirmed, “C’mon, you’re torturing me,” he begged her.
In one deft move, Barbara straddled Brad. She grabbed the base of his cock and brushed the head of it against her clit as she prepared to mount him. Barbara guided herself onto Brad’s stiff, rock hard cock and gently worked the tip of it in. She gasped as she moved her hips back and forth, gently working more of that huge tool inside herself. It was slow going at first. When she had taken about half of Brad’s boner, Barbara relaxed and let gravity do the rest. The Motion Lotion worked like a charm. In an instant Brad was buried deep inside her. The sensation was so intense, neither one could do anything but gasp for several seconds.
Barbara broke the ice. She flexed her ass and rocked back and forth on Brad’s cock. She slowly began to move up and down on him, riding his cock. “Now…Let’s fuck,” she snarled.
And fuck, they did.

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